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How to Get Big and Strong (JUST DO THIS!)

How to Get Big and Strong (JUST DO THIS!)19 Jul. 2020
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If you want to get big

If you want to get big and strong you must do one thing in your workouts. You have to remember to make progressive overload the guiding principle of your training. You simply cannot force your body to build muscle if you are keeping the status quo on the effort you are putting into your workouts. In this video, I’m going to dispel the myth however that progressive overload means simply adding more weight to the bar. There are many more ways to achieve this, and in doing so, many more opportunities for you to build muscle and get strong.

That said, it is important for you to first identify what your specific goal is. Are you looking to just get strong, just build muscle, or both? They both can be accomplished simultaneously, it just means that each will be compromised somewhat along the way. We can minimize the compromises if we know how to get big and strong the right way.

To illustrate the differences in approaches we are going to take a classic bodybuilding exercise for building bigger biceps like the dumbbell curl and pit it up against one of the most classic and effective compound lifts - the deadlift. As you’ll see, many of the techniques can be applied to each lift in a slightly different application but with the same end goal.

We know that the easiest way to create progressive overload and build strength and muscle size is to do exactly what we said however and add weight to the bar or dumbbell that you are lifting. As strength increases, often times, so too does muscle growth albeit at a slower pace (especially at the beginning of your training).

Next we can increase overall volume as long as the volume is of sufficient enough intensity to push your body to adapt in the form of increased muscle size and strength. The key here is to not confuse junk volume for effective volume. Lifting sub maximal weights that are greatly beneath your strength capacity is not going to trigger enough of a response to get either stronger or bigger.

Which brings us to effort level. Not talking about intensity as defined in the realm of strength as a percentage of a max but rather simply about the amount of effort you are directing into your training. If you are lazily lifting your weights rather than attacking them with a focused intention, then you are likely leaving many gains on the table and missing an obvious opportunity for overload.

We don’t always have to focus on how much we are lifting to ensure progressive overload. We can focus on how long we rest between sets that we are performing to achieve an progression as well. If your sets and reps are the same and the intensity is consistent but you decreased the rest time between sets by even just one minute, your second workout would serve as a form of overload and drive positive adaptations.

Range of motion is another way we can increase the effectiveness of an exercise from workout to workout without having to change the amount of weight on the bar. Performing either a deficit deadlift or a one and a half rep curl are going to increase the travel of the bar or dumbbell respectively on every rep and therefore create more work for the muscles you are training.

The range itself however does not always have to be lengthened. You can increase the “effective” range by taking advantage of accommodating resistance and overlapping strength curves. The inclusion of a band on a dumbbell curl or chains on a deadlift will help you to better match the strength curve of the exercise for a longer part of the range - thereby increasing it’s overall effectiveness.

Speed and momentum are also methods that can be manipulated for overload and are discussed in more detail in the video.

The key is that thinking that adding more weight to the bar is the only way for you to achieve progressive overload and get bigger and stronger is a myth. The schooled strength coach will be capable of steering you away from this and show you how not only to increase your lifting capacity but also to build size and strength through other methods.

If you’re looking for a step by step program for building bigger muscles and getting stronger, you can find them at athleanx.com via the link below. All of the plans are presented in a step by step, day by day manner so you can follow along and make sure that you never miss a beat on your way to making improvements and training like an athlete.

For more videos on how to get strong and how to get big muscles, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below and remember to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published.

Build Muscle in 90 Days - http://athleanx.com/x/my-workouts

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Comments (100)
Shahab Ebr

Getting big is the easiest, do 4 sets of 8, 4 different exercise for one muscle, 2 muscles per day. Shoulder/bicep. Chest/Triceps. Leg/back( lats included). Do 100 sit ups every time at the end , also at the end one day traps one and day forearms, 2 sets of 20 , 2 different exercise. The key here is 4x8 (hypertrophy/ strength).?

Si Parry

Jeff your a great trainer. Respect man!
That was a great video! The knowledge you shared was great! It’s helped my training! I feel stronger and fitter after following that video. I have reconvened it to all my mates! And included it in my judo classes: best trainer on you tube by far’


How is 30" 10% more than 28"?

Patrick Anderson

haha good intro with Jesse yelling about giving you gains haha


Add a band to your dumbell workout..... This dude is a beast


Holy crap! How is there soo much information on this topic!! I love learning new things from all your videos Jeff!! Thank you soooo much!!!

fred lacroix

newbies only look at the amount of weight they wanted to lift..arnold 'your muscle doesnt know what weight youre holding'

Lelouch Lamperouge

1-2 rep max form isn't going to look like regular deadlift form. When was the last time power lifters had perfect form? Unenlightened comments. Literally idiots who I doubt have touched a bar in their lives.


Jeff my dude, I know you know how to dead lift. You even have videos that provide tips on how NOT to do what you did on that last 2-3 sets; started @315 if you pay attention. Why give yourself a pass and include those clips in this video? I've followed you for a while now and lots of ppl will follow what you do and tell them. You need to take this more seriously. One 20 something kid at my gym was trying to DL 225 with that form and when I try to give him some tips, he said he saw you do it this way so it should be fine. Smh. Come on brother, I know you are better than this...

Nubbs Galore

how to get better in the gym - work hard, smart. how to get better in life - admit mistakes, apologize.

Car Porn

Does snorting protein do anything?

Chris 7

Jeff can you explain why I did 4 sets of 12 bench press with 135 and I did 4 seconds down and 2 seconds up and I felt so burnt out when I usually do 225 for 4 sets of 8-10 reps on chest day. I felt so weak when I was done ✅ same thing happen to me on bicep curls slow and controlled way less weight but slower up and down and I was smoked.

Raul Rojas

"train harrderrr!!"

Luca Forni

Jeff, I definitely love you...but PLEASE be mindful that many of your fans and followers are from foreign countries and your talking speed might be a real challenge....please slow down a bit! With the greates respect, best regards.

Ross Riley

Hey Athlean-X. I appreciate all the videos, and it's definitely helping with my posture and lower back pain. So thank you very much. I was wondering, would you ever be able to make a video on positions of rest? I sit down a lot for work, and am trying to find the smartest position I should sit in. Standing as well. Thank you!


Soy el único que vino aquí por lo del dilema del peso de jeff

Frank Yuan

I have the same issue of having a some what rounded lower back when I deadlift even with lower weights that I’m sure I can handle. I feel fine and do pay attention to other aspects of my form. But making my lower back absolutely straight just feels unnatural for me. You briefly mentioned in another video that the arching/rounding of the back may have to do with you torso-to-leg ratio and the anatomical variation of the hip joint- would you mind elaborating on this? Thanks and would love to work with a PT like you.


I have a sixpack

Antonio bryant

There is something that I have never understood, and that someone explain it to me. If the rep range for hypertrophy is 8 to 12 with the weights. What if I do some archery push-ups and I get to failure about the tenth (10) repetition with body weight. Am I working for hypertrophy?


CATlean - X

Jim Walker Archery & Videography

This should be a required "class" at all gyms.


Damn Jeff that bro in the beginning was going to hook you up with GAINS and you passed it up.

Chris Gardea

Man I used to love these videos when I started training, but now that I’ve accrued info from practice and other sources I can not take any of this seriously. “Wanna get bigger/stronger? MAKE IT HARDER” well yes thank you for that. This all seems like advice I’d get from someone who’s pretending they know what they’re doing. Sorry Jeff.




I love the amount of keyboard warriors saying Jeff isn't strong and his form blows!!!!

Abdul Vahid

3.11 where u at haters


Should we alternate over under grip with deadlifts or is there no danger if imbalance with that?

How Cares

7:17 the first 8.5 inches do not count in whole trip call me nerd


Jesse moves both of his hands equally when he talks.. I guess you already know why..


Legitimately curious, why is your back so rounded during that deadlift? Literally everything you read/hear says do not do that.


The beginning was funny as hell lololol

Connor Worsham

Imagine only being able to deadlift 290 and calling out Jeff for having bad form with 405?

Joshua Franco

Jeff. You make great vids and give priceless knowledge. Good to see you moving some heavy weights but that’s not why most watch your videos. You show how to train smart and stay injury free. Don’t sweat criticisms from channels using your name for click bait. Rise above it and don’t waste your energy or time addressing them. Your strength is giving quality info.

gus montes

I law a video about fake weight plates and you being accused. All I can say is that I been using your videos and taking advice from your videos and I been seeing results and I think your the man and I truly think you know your stuff. Thanks for your advice Jeff.

we are the creators of our destiny

wow.........best video on muscle building.
can you please make a series on this. you have explained it so well.
what if we do explosive lifts like weighted jump squat
and what if we do very slow squat
which one is good for muscle size

Don Thompson

My neighbor has that fanny pack haha..

Richard McGuire

Jeff sounds black at 1:56


LMAO the amount of people saying his deadlift form is bad.

1. It's fine. There is going to be a degree of flexion in heavy deadlifting it's unavoidable. However, there is a neutral zone for deadlifting. Slight spinal flexion is okay but when you start rounding out looking like the hunch back of Notre Dame... That's when you should stop.

2. For those saying he'll incur low back pain, have you seen his pull-up game? The man does weighted pull-ups for reps. His lats are going to buffer the net forces applied through his thoracolumbar fascia.

If we had ribs that went all the way down our hip low back pain wouldn't exist. So since we cannot rely on our structure for stability we are going to have to rely on core, glutes, and lat function to stabilize the trunk.

Not trying to be a fan boy here in defending Jeff. I'm just making an observation of the lifts and post my thoughts on the comments.

As for the video itself, I think it's ok minus the chain setup for the deadlift and the bands for the curls.

Edit. Okay I skimmed his 4 plate dead... His 4 plate dead is pretty shit. Everything before 365lbs was ok.

Travis Ellison

Going from 28” to 30” displacement is 10%? Maybe I am being nit picky.

Peter Jones

Why does not Jeff age?

Terry Wix

Rock head said "auh, I pick things up, auh, I put them down. Auh...

Conor Condon

Why is one hand in front of bar one behind

Jay Buckets

Shit bro’s I need help I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I been working out for 3 years I’m 18 and before this corona shit started around March I was 193. Now I’m 180-181. 2 weeks ago I been keeping track of my macros eating about 3600-4000 calories a day CLEAN and still working out in my backyard w weights that I got and been getting great workouts and still haven’t changed in the weight scale a bit. Am I doing something wrong?


So suddenly everyone's a expert at this shit. Some negative feedback and everybody becomes a bitch tryna bite your back, talkin'shit. No wonder he's censoring the comments because some criticism ruins all of your credibility you've built. He's still the best, he's still the most knowledgeable trained and physical therapist so no I'm not considering the opinions of these gym bros, I'm good.

Black Son Goku

Noted 9:30


Gain within your means. Enough said.


Fake weights lol !!!!!!!!!

I have been following Jeff I think since 2014, and at the begging, I was shocked by the videos of people saying Jeff was lifting fake weights.
I watched it and I laughed, it’s so easy to see envy in their eyes and jealously in their choice of word. And the lack of experience.

I wouldn’t say its hate, anyone in the fitness industry knows that the industry has changed. It’s no longer about health and fitness but it’s about lifestyle.
Jeff is probably the only remaining from the golden age about fitness, he is fitness not cars and houses and lifestyle.
He still cares about people and tries to help them. And I believe he will keep doing so till the end of the line.

They made videos trying to call Jeff fake and it was a failed attempt, I know I have been wanting to do this for a while and I think it's about time.

Soon I will be sharing my story on my channel on how I fucked up my life and went up to 160 KG and by just following Jeff Training I went down to 100 KG With Top Athletic performance and how as football fitness coach I use Jeff training to make my boys better than others.

Jeff = King Of Fitness

BenjAmin ProductionsHD

Pucha en este canal tienes 10 millones de subs :o

Martin Petrov

all of the sudden 2,4 thousands of deadlift "experts" in the comment section lmao


Jeff That Cavalier Being Athlean Said X dot com

Fernando Angelone

3:10 to the haters!??️‍♂️??


Fuck the haters bro. No doubt you can hit the weights lile the rest. You helped me safely build muscle since college after a shoulder injury. I now love my body, and love how I treat my body with the food I put in it.

You are a no bullshit kind of teacher. So I have no doubt everyone is just trying to beef with you so that they can become relevant. Fuck em

Yusuf Mogra

Jeff. The ultimate troll!!

MyLee 989

Damn Jeff! If you continue to let your ego guide you through your life you will end up in snap city even before you should. Use your brain! Among all fitness youtubers out there, I thought you had it. Now I'm not sure about that anymore.
Sometimes it is more important to let go of the ego and stay healthy. I know it’s hard, especially when you’re wrong and you want to prove you’re not, because your ego doesn't let you do the opposite and actually do the right thing. Why do you allow your ego to present you as an unintelligent person when I’m pretty damn sure you’re not one of those people?
You make moves that are completely illogical and childish for a person like you. Or rather said for the person I thought I knew mainly by your preaching (like you always say).
You and your videos were my motivation and firm support whenever I needed help or when something was unclear to me. Now that I'm literally bedridden every now and then and I can hardly move at all, due to degenerative discs disease in my early thirties, I wonder what happened to you...
When the vast majority of you fitness youtubers already preach about how consistency is the key then I wonder if this kind of consistency is good? If consistency is in constantly pushing your way, not lowering your ego and thinking that the vast majority of people should just close their eyes and say; "O.K. Jeff, you're right. You're the MAN!" Then you are mistaken. There is a very thin line between which that (your) kind of consistency turns into stupidity. You better watch on which side of the line you're on. Although I think you've been on the wrong side of the line for a long time. But hey it's never too late to say one simple humble SORRY...

Adam Khan

Best way to gain strength is to wrestle bigger and stronger guys. Simple.

Rahul Patwadi

If people started fitness channels based on how heavy they lift, then God save the people who go to the gym to copy that. Thanks Jeff, u gave more emphasis on how to do the excercises. Ignore the naysayers. Bastards

Kwadwo Banahene

If you want to gain muscles at the same time lose body fat should you concentrate more on strength training or cardio?

craft 1234

Next video:How my power level is over 9000.

Reps For L

my back started to hurt watching those last few DL reps....

Don Thompson

Jeffs Has me Supenating My soups


I think the ego found it's was inside this time.


Jeff, can you do a video about the actual science of those Blood Flow Restriction Bands? Thanks

Habib Al Balushi

I build my body by watching Mr
Jeff. I wish I was there

Johnny Grepp

What happened? Suddenly everyone wants to teach Jeff how to excercise?

Bart Christiansen

Great video. You really go into the nitty and gritty of lifting!

Amaechi Emmanuel

Nice video learned something

Tom Lambo

You need to speak slower

Shealyn Millay

all these other youtubers still tryna pick a fight after you show your strength lmao

Instant Cancer 911

Who else clicked because they thought it was Michael Phelps in the Thumbnail

Izak Greywolf

Jesse you nailed that one bro


This guy is ripped! ?

taxation is theft memes news & more

Can you show us how to do catback deadlifts?


As usual, Great video!

Smartgamingpotato Potatoz

New title: how to get bik and stronk

Slurpy derpy

Obama be getting buff during quarantine

Trippy Bruh

One thing I’m learning now is don’t over complicate the gym.


Everyone needs to chillout here. Bet we can say the same about your form when handling your 1-3 rep max. His shoulders didn't seem to collapse, or torso caving in. Even elite competitors have lifted with slightly rounded (slightly rounded!) backs.

King of Killers

247365 what is this


Jeff how can I become big and strong at home,cause I have no gym equipment at home

Leigh Millward

11:23 Jeff swore at me!

Aaron Leach

I have maybe 100sqft. Available for a home gym area.
What would you suggest as the best type of equipment I can get?

Hope you see this!!!

Just an clown

*8 year old me watching this to fight off the oldest kid in class be like*:???


NEW “FAST ACTION” Q&A - Got a question about training or injuries that I didn’t cover in the video? Leave yours (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!) below and I’ll pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!


Bicep 21s. With a bar, curl from bottom to mid for 7 reps. Then immediately for 7 mid to top, then immediately full ROM, for 7. major pump. Old school BB exercise, that arnold, franco, lou, zane, etc all used.

Steel Beast Gym

2:07 do barbell with it.


killerr intro!!!! XD

Erick Jerson Gil Castillo

Esto está en español?

Adam Morgan

Is that the buffalo bills sweats? Mafia!

Psycho RC

Sir how old are you plz reply

Kevin Rafael

Everyone critiquing the deadlift cant lift more than a plate. No person that can actually lift weight gives a shit


I can't believe how many people spend their time trying to discredit him. If you don't like his shit then don't watch it!!!!

Sam Will Reach It

Wow! This video blew my mind! Thank you Jeff!!!! Awesome!!??

Stanley Sandeep

Coach Greg recently did a video about this and went full monty ridiculing Jeff in every possible way. Therefore, I wrote a comment criticising how he was no better by trying to cash in on the situation to increase his sub count, sell cookbooks and s#@t. Guess what happened to the comment? He deleted it. And, the other day he was preaching how Jeff shouldn't be deleting comments on his videos and should come out and apologize to his audience etc etc. Truly hypocritical if you ask me...

User 118

Your form is terrible


Love 90’s Jesse

Grace Hayles

My first time here!! I’m definitely motivated to get back into the gym after I recover from knee and shoulder surgery from falling down some stairs.

Black Magician

Now that's a man....that gets alot of return phone calls.


One of these days Jeffs biceps will explode

Gecxid Rureel

First...years back I ws told before you go for body building, go for strength for the first year. For years three sets of ten were preached to me by everyone involved. But they were all of the Body building crowd. So I started out doing three sets of 6 with the heavyest weight that I could use and still make all three sets. This has progressed till I now do six sets of 6 lifts.
When I go to the next higher weights I start off with four times four lifts and increase the number of lifts till I can get six sets of six. Then it is time to raise the weight.
When the "Y" shut down because of the Carona I lost a lot of what I had gained. Since it opened back up I am now almost back to where I was when they shut down. I have to be careful because twice I have gotten sprains because of adding too much extra at a time. Is a one min break between reps too short of a time span ? I use one min on most but one and one half on one of my exercises. You mentioned three min and four min is why I asked.

SH Videography

2:45 - 3:05 apart from his form, it's more the face transformation to a tomato that got me.

How To Get Big In 3 Steps | The Science Of Getting Bigger Part 1

How To Get Big In 3 Steps | The Science Of Getting Bigger Part 126 Nov. 2017
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5 Mass Building Exercises

5 Mass Building Exercises You're Not Doing - http://youtu.be/sA1Wqab9Lx0

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Too skinny? Want to get bigger? Today, Troy Adashun joins us to talk about the science of getting bigger. This is part 1 of the series.

Troy shows us how regardless of your genetics, there are only 3 things you have to get right to build muscle mass fast.

In this video, he covers these 3 major points, which are:

- The 3 main ways to train to build muscle

- Your anabolic calorie surplus

- The X-factors to maximize anabolic hormones

He also takes on a trip to BodySpec in Los Angeles, CA to use the famous DEXA scan (DXA scan) machine to measure all kinds of cool stuff, like body fat percentage, lean body mass, total mass, fat tissue, lean tissue, bone mineral content, etc...

Troy shows us his total body weight, along with all of his DXA Scan measurements, so he can put his muscle-building protocol to the test and see how much muscle he can pack on over the next few weeks.

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Comments (24)
Tivon Sanders

Welcome back, Troy! Glad to see you.

Maurice Cooper

This is awesome! Can't wait to get that Hulk Juice and get more gains! Nice tips on getting bigger! My bro Troy!???

Deshawn Tsenuokpor

The three steps are to

Read more

Michael Jordan

Can u dunk troy ??

ASAP Dolphin

Lmao brad castlebarry in de back

Anthony Tran

Glad to have you back!

Robert Vincelette

I look forward. I am two weeks from an OCB contest for men over 60. I have been training more than 20 years. I will include more buckwheat next week.

Wenit Bewood



More workout or tips for athletes would be cool though, those Westbrook, LeBron James, etc workouts .. do they ever comeback or tips?

Because I don’t only want to be BIG, but also move as an athlete (LBJ lol)

Sager William

Wow. Thank God! You are back bro.

Weight Gain Network

How To Grow Muscle Faster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eCEdRbo-wg

Jake Rebel

I thought he was fr about the blue man group???


If you pick a scab everyday it will never heal.... If you train everyday....

Thivanka Wijesinghe

bro im 21 years old height 5'9 and the weight is 132.277lbs
im doing 3 day split workout routine i workout each muscle group for two days i'm trying to gain some muscle actually bulking so here is my workout

1st day - Legs and rowings
one arm rowings 8 x 3
cable rowings 8 x 3
squats 10 x 3
leg press 10 x 3
jumping squats 10 x 3
lunges 10 x 3
calves 10 x 3

2nd day - Bicep and tricep
dumbell curls 10 x 3
hammer curls 10 x 3
single arm hammer curl 10 x 3
one arm tricep 10 x 3
kickbacks 10 x 3
skull crushers 10 x 3
diamond press ups 10 x 3

3rd day - chest and shoulders
bench press 10 x 3
incline press 10 x 3
peck deck 10 x 3
dips 10 x 3
traps 10 x 3
shoulder press 10 x 3
dumbell flies 10 x 3
shrugs 10 x 3
i follow this workout on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday and i repeat it on Thursday,Friday and Saturday and Sunday is the rest day
bro according to u'r knowledge is this workout really help for me or not to gain some muscle mass ?
looking for an answer and thank you! :)


Troy, how tall are you? You look way bigger than 183, We weigh exactly the same weight, I haven’t been training nor dieting since i’m in my R&R period, i’m 6’3 (6’2 3/4) and still extremely lean(6pack and vascular in my arms), yet not my leanest (8pack, vascularity thru chest, shoulders and forehead). I want to know your height because I want to have an equivalent size to my physique as you do to yours. I had also just turned 20, help me out! Also, do you do anything specific to make sure your arms are completely symmetrical and even


Brad Castleberry is a little nervous behind lol at 2:56

Jeffrey White

183 lbs ??? You look like a big guy (muscles) I would think you weigh more...how tall are you?


Great video!

Komrade Nikolai

i was about to say, SERIOUSLY? they are frickin awesome. and the gymbackground noise is "Jump" by Van Halen, just noticed that.


Hey man , how many days do you take stereoid in your body ? Because i saw your shoulder vein ,it is not natural body . Tell the truth bro.

Bobby 2000

4:20 It's Brad Castleberry...!


okay i need to know more
how does emotional trauma and stuff similar to that can affect (or defect) your physical health?


easy subscription


if no one is telling you that your hoodie with the sleeves cut off looks retarded, you need better friends.

Get Big On A Budget: Walmart Grocery Shopping

Get Big On A Budget: Walmart Grocery Shopping6 Jun. 2019
449 017

By popular demand, 5%ER

By popular demand, 5%ER Big Dru goes grocery shopping at Walmart for cheap bodybuilding meals. Are you trying to get huge but just don't have the $$ to eat 6 to 10 meals a day? Find out how to get big on a budget!



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5percentnutrition

Instagram: http://instagram.com/5percentnutrition

Twitter: https://twitter.com/5PercentNutri


#Walmart #Bodybuilding #RichPiana #5PercentNutrition

Comments (100)

Good video but 120 a week ain't cheap lol you could definitely get more bang for your buck at Costco and shopping at the 99 cent store

Francis The Predator 2.0

Only 5% of this list was nutrition. Haha, Nah, for real good post.

Nick B

Rich piana got dark. Right babe??!!


Best bulk shopping video out there?

Lulls Baby

Ground beef, pasta sauce and pasta. So basically getting big = eating a shitload of spaghetti.

Patrick Park

5 percent dropped the ball on him

Ian Wilson

Does he mean he's huge, and eats oatmeal, or he eats allot of oatmeal?


lol we're just tryna fucking get big!

Dbz super

It trips me out how body builders are able eat so much and stay looking buff. If i ate the 2 big mac meals he ate in the beginning id gain 20lbs lol

Axel's DDO Channel

Pretty sure using egg whites as milk in cereal or in shakes isn't a good idea. Aren't you supposed to cook those or risk salmonella?


not a chicken eater? wtf

Boss man Sidhu

This guy is such a inspiration let’s go champ

Smile Receive

Works out at 3 bucks a meal. Amazing. Thanks for the tips big Bru. You forgot the anal lube...

Shahid Khan

Sir plz tell me how to growing height plz tell me my height is short any solution? ?

Michael Davis

He just gained a new follower , one of the most straight forward guys.


Can someone tell me the final ingredient to the shake?
2 cups oatmeal
2 cups egg whites

coolio broski

Your a dumbass if you think egg whites has protein, the yolk has the protein dumbasses

Jefferson Fernandez

If u use egg whites as ur milk u know ur fucking huge


Cheap to get big, expensive to get cut.


Kimbo Slice 2.0

Tom Davies

More Big Dru. Rest In Peace Rich

Body By PT

When his pre-shopping meal is more calories than my whole day! ?

Smile Receive

I nut 6 times a day. What do I need to eat to replace lost goodness? I ain’t eating my own nut, my boyfriend does that! ?

john doe

Kimbo Slice 2.0

Josh Kever

If Drake and Kimbo had a kid. Dudes a boss tho this helps a lot!

Icee Yoyo


steph g

oh man, thats still $500 a month, i need that for bills, damn, so close

Allan Benoit

11:21 thick ass

Radicool Gaming

Subs also at 123k


This dude is clearly concerned with not chewing and getting tons of food down his gullet as easy as possible lol.


Rotini is my pasta of choice too. Good texture.

Galaxy and beyond

Dude is easily spending in the hundreds per week. How is that a budget?

Heru Ra

This is how you invest in yourself...

Joe Britten

My genetics won’t let me get too far and other genetic things can get toned and in great shape for my size but never able to get bulked up kinda sucks lol

Matt C

This ain't Kimbo Slice what the f#*k


Does he need to microwave the porridge oats


My man getting cage free eggs, but eating pop tarts and fruity pebbles. ? and I thought only Islanders ate eggs and rice. Lol??

Sancho Loko

Lmao eating like straight shit. How's your heart big dawg?

David Martinez Villegas

This was great, I've been looking for "do i need a wholesale license to buy wholesale?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Lanreenan Foremost Leverage - (just google it ) ? It is a good exclusive guide for discovering how to find luxury or designer goods at wholesale or lower prices without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

Brandon O

What was the last ingredient in his shake? Eggwhites, oats, cinnamon, honey, and what else?


If your really and truly flat ass fuckin broke, drink a gallon of milk a day on top of as many decent meals as you can afford


So how much for steroids

Red Scorpion

Blood pressure is going to Be High as Fuck Eating That Cheap Shit


120 dollars a week....480 a month....I’ll buy a new car instead ?

General beastmode

I see dru almost everyday at the gym lol

LaTonya Jackson

Your nice looking man

1Herbsforlife/ Entrepreneur


Graffiti Masters

did they ask to see your receipt when you where leaving the store?.


egg whites as milk in cereal......OMG

Shahid Khan

Sir body how to growing height plz tell me sir my height is short any solution ??

Jr Garcia

Bro not hating but Walmart be expensive asf

Carlos Melendez

It's good to learn from others thank man.

Geith Abdul Majid

I always shop when I'm hungry so I buy more food

Fendii Ronn

$400 a month on food. Hell no. Thats stupid if bodybuilding isnt a source of income for u

Tom Barnes

Generally thought it was kimbo slice

HB Dismuke

Guarantee you what he bought, for $123, it may last a week for him, but for those who eat like 3 meals a day, that can last em a whole month!

Motivational hustler

Big Mac wtf hell no

Silver ImpAct

Sheeet, Sounds good.

ohcysp 024

Clicked on this cuz i saw kimbo slice.rip

mike smith

Good Stuff~~

Archie Danesh

Me and my family shop at Walmart, we get the same eggs too their only $5-$6 for that big box.

Luke Senisi

is it safe to eat the egg whites raw?

Jason Paeth

He eats the sugary cereal cause he is stack insulin you people know nothing about what your preaching look how fat his face is from roids he can’t hold that mass with out not stoping his gear body wouldn’t allow it probably on a 20 year cycle

Michael Prout

Lol that CT Fletcher diet tho

Titus Bianchi

That bigmac looked like a cookie in his hand

Alex Howard

This is the heart attack diet y'all don't it.

Michael Prout

Lol that CT Fletcher diet tho

Jonas Jefimovas

add deca and testo to your shopping trolley

Smile Receive

Great that Dru represents the gay community. Thanks. I would not anal him personally, I like Asian anus, but the does not mean I don’t respect him. I might let me rim me though. Peace.


$123/week? And you call that cheap?! Damn!

Tech Gang


Reality Chess

No being fat too expensive

B-DuB 813

Thats the walmart I shop at!

kyle baysinger

If rich saw this video he would ask him why he backed into that parking space.

Tyler Kerr

This guy hates everything lolol

David Schiumerini

"This should last you about a week." I'm dead

Mike Love Thyself

Finally somebody grocery shopping I can relate too ?

JC 40324

Must have edited out picking up the case of Charmin he will need during the week.


a week!??
ya crazy, that would last me a year bro

Piper O

I see ya hmm?

Indigo Child

Respect for keeping Riches 5% alive! Damn man you big as hell! Thanks for giving us game on how to get big! Getting cut is easy getting big is the challenge! I eat a whole 20 piece kfc meal with sides and biscuits to get like 5-1000 calories but this here is healthier than dirty bulking! Thank you!

Jason Yap

Low sodium Peanut butter and Jelly? You should worry about the sugar instead of the sodium!


Some great info here, nice job. Subscribed!



Bradley Gorda

That pre-meal Mcd was my budget


Ewwwwwwwww noooo not the eggs and cereal ????????

edgar brown

Thank you sir


Egg whites Cage Free
ground beef chuck 80/20
brown rice
ground turkey
pasta sauce
pop tarts for carbs
gluten free bagels
peanut butter jif brown top


egg whites

Scott Snow

great video brother. the chewy steak and dried chicken breasts has been killing me time to switch it up

jacob gutierrez



What does he work as? I'm not sure he goes to college.

landon Murphy

Can u use alfredo sauce instead ?


I eat muesli to get big. His shopping makes me want to workout


I absolutely love the video!!! Please though, understand the difference between caged free and pasture-raised. Caged free isn't bad it's just not what you really think.


Thanks for the tips.Are you natural ?

Anthony Martinez

Imagine this guy buying just top ramen and eggs.

Mike Samuels

This is my exact grocery list when I'm trying to put on weight.

zach axmaker

He said don't eat organic

Sip Advisor

Egg whites DONT taste like skimmed milk


Rip rich