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Joe Rogan - Tyron Woodley on Fighting GSP, Conor McGregor

Joe Rogan - Tyron Woodley on Fighting GSP, Conor McGregor12 Jan. 2018
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Joe Rogan talks to Tyron

Joe Rogan talks to Tyron Woodley about wanting to fight Georges St-Pierre. They also discuss whether Conor McGregor will fight Tony Ferguson or Khabib.

Taken from JRE MMA Show #10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOSEE09BkFY

Comments (100)
cory gill

Is he this stupid

Boot Strahps

Tyron “I think im an intellectual” woodley

Jesus Christ

Darren Till will retire the boring one Tyquil.

Ramon Dimas

Tyron looks like Peanut from PB and J Otter.

Boot Strahps

Tyron “the racist” woodley

michael irizarry

Now look at Tyron ?

Shane Edmundson

I feel like Woodley would KO GSP in the 2nd or 3rd round. I feel like Conor wont ever fight in the UFC again, likely ducking GSP, Diaz III, Tony, Khabib, ect. IF He comes back, I see only Nate Diaz getting a shot at McGregor. Conor doesn't seem to care about being a champion, though he is, with or without belts. His MMA skills are incredible. I just don't like what he's done, in the public atleast, as a person

Juan Alcantar

All about the pay day


Woodley needs some help with himself.

Xapis A

This guy is delusional. He is never gonna be a superstar, he has no charisma.

Bianco Nero

It’s not cuz your Black it’s cuz you’re fucking WACK!!!????

David Macleod

I feel like this podcast was done out of pity


the thing is with all that power, he is still not a knockout artist.. he got like 6 knockouts in his 18 wins... and we shouldn't even consider the condit TKO... the thing is people don't like him whining about not getting the respect while he on the other hand doesn't deliver... we are not here to see you defend in boring ass fashion, we as spectators want to see some action... he could have finished maia in the last 2 rounds if we wanted to but he chose not to... fought like a pussy in his 2nd fight against thompson (thompson fought like a pussy too)... aldo, RDA,frankie they have all been champs but they never fought being afraid... look at stipe.. he is the heavyweight champ and he got everything to be afraid but he is isn't... look at max.. he fights like warrior... all of them were technical but gave us fight fans some beautiful fights... whereas all woodley cares about is himself and not the fight fans... and that is what irks the fight fans including me

Paul Smith

Tyron is obsessed with what other fighters are doing, and comparing his stack against theirs. Its a really ugly trait have, fans hate that shit. We want to see fights and here fight talk, we don't care about business and shit, leave that behind the scenes.

Nasty business.

hate the sound of his voice


If Whittaker wins against Gastelum I'd want to see GSP vs Whittaker. I'd also want to see GSP vs Woodley

Empgrenade21 Pedraza

Woodley is right joe doesn’t seem to understand watt he’s saying I agree that the politics of the ufc is stupid n shitt

Oreo Teabaggins

Or he will get mauled on the ground


Fighting a fight with 1 fight in four years and beating him doesn’t make you the greatest welterweight. Especially after his last two title performances where nothing happened


On another note. It's pretty ignorant to say GSP looks like shit when he took 4 years off. You say Bisping looks like shit, you ever think GSP made him look that way? Bisping said he couldn't get synched with his movement and that caused problems.

daniel scanlan

GSP kills Tyron

Phill Brown

All I see is a couple of cunts..


He just feels entitled to certain things because he is the champ. He has to realize that he has to continue to put on exciting fights and that Conor's attitude and personality got him those big money fights, that along with his performances. Woodley just doesn't not have the charisma that Conor has. Most fighter's don't! He just needs to STFU and get back to knocking people out!

Oreo Teabaggins

Plus he fought in august he’s had 4 months to work on his ground I feel he’s gonna be better he has to

M. Bison

Crazy cause everything Woolley says is true and y’all still hate him


I liked this guy before he played race card, he's just starving for attention

Zeko F

you won't reach what Conor reached because you take your fights safely "Boring".


Hello freak bitches

Michael Brisbane

Woodley will never be a superstar. What he doesn’t seem to understand is becoming a superstar takes more ha just winning. He doesn’t have any charisma or ‘it’ factor. Just passive aggressive, sour grapes. Kind of like a Donovan McNabb.


Tyron, quit looking for super fights and money fights. There are plenty of legit contenders in your division. If you defeat them all, people will call you the GOAT. That simple.

Oreo Teabaggins

Y u all think Conor’s ground is horrible

Kody Walker

GSP would whoop his ass and then vacate the belt again leaving the division dead. that is why GSP will not fight woodley. woodleys only records are 1. LEAST STRIKES THROWN IN A TITLE FIGHT. 2. ONLY UFC CHAMPION TO KEEP HIS BELT FROM A DRAW.

cedric stmichel

Who the fuck is that wining lil bitch.....look dumbass nobody fn care bout a fight between you and gsp, but gsp vs connor or gsp vs khabib, thats where the money is....not you fn pussy


You're not going to be a superstar if you keep putting your back against the cage and throwing 1 punch per round.


Dudes talking about age between Tyron and GSP don't realize fighter age is much different. Maurício Rua is also 36yrs old, but dudes like Shogun and GSP have been involved for a long time in the fight game and it wears you down overtime. Still would love to see GSP shutdown woodley's game.

Matty Ice

Lets be honest GSP looked better against Bispings than Tyron has since hes got the title

Cairney Sa'u

??? [email protected]*# Dreaming Mate

Guys, Space is Fake

Who’s here after woodley on 3 fight losing streak?

jsjaodf fklaadsf

Tyron the victim Woodley


You are a clown, you will never be considered as a great. While other people are putting there heads down and fighting you are bitching. And you don't get the draw because your boring as fuck to watch. GSP would walk right over you. Here's the best piece of advice I can give you, stop playing cards, shut up and train your ass off. And when you do fight, actually fight. Then you will be marketable. Until then your just a poor me guy. If Joe sees it, what do you think Everyone sees.

Martin Rodriguez

I honestly believe Tyron has the potential to be a star, it's exciting watching someone with that kind of muscle and wrestling background dominate an opponent. We just haven't seen enough offense from him, especially his great wrestling. Look at his debut KO against Jay Heron.

Red Devil

The dude really talked about GSP? !

kevin White

When you are the WW champ and you beg you are a beggar.When you fight so tacticallly aka N=Maia fightZZZZZZZZZZZSorry T Wood you will never b that guy.

Jimothy Snooker

doubt we see him back ever again. he's in denial, sounds entitled, and won't stop interrupting


Tyron "everyone and everything is racist" Woodley

Lane Shaeffer

Hate tyron


«If i was Conor.. Wich i’m not!» wow thanks Woodley, thought you were him for a second there

Johnny's Fight Palace

Tyrion lannister would knock mcnuggets block off,

Craig Simmons

Tyron "Chip On His Shoulder" Woodley

Red 91

Tyron is actually cool and chilled is a good Christian guy almost a role model UFC fighter... Hes tough and a real professional. BUT he plays the pussy race card. So I can't wait for him to get smashed.

Boot Strahps

Tyron “I constantly fuck up ordinary colloquialisms” woodley

Oreo Teabaggins

I mean it’s not the best but he can still choke u out

Mr knuckles

Racism racism racism whaaaaa waaaaaa

Andrew Huntington

Tyrone has proved himself but to say he has no competition in the top ten is crazy.

Cameron Little

Unlikable, jealous prick lol.

Andrew Huntington

I think RDA and Colby should fight and the winner gets to fight Tyrone.

Little Jimmy Scumbag

The UFC is star-based right now. Way more than boxing. They just want stars to attract people and to one day maybe eclipse boxing in ratings and pay per views. Tyron Woodley is not the star Conor McGregor is. That's why the UFC is letting Conor go so long without defending his belt. He's the main star of UFC and is a big pull to the sport. Honestly right now if it wasn't for Conor I wouldn't know anybody else from UFC. I'm a casual fan who got into the sport around February 2017 when first starting to learn about Conor. There's no cards against you Tyron, you're just not a star. Also one thing I don't understand about UFC is how everybody has like 3-4 losses on their record but yet people still talk about their favorite UFC star as if they're unbeatable. Tyron included.

Justin Bruner

Woodley....You couldnt whoop GSP the time he fought bisping....even not in perfect shape. His stand up was too good.

You dont like to punch people


Joe Rogan doesn't like black people.

Hugo Pereira

And that's why I cannnot WAIT for him to lose the title. He's playing the Bisping game (will hang on to this title by whatever means for as long as humanly possible). Hated when Bisping did it, hate it when Woodley does it and hate that Connor gets away with the same bullshit.


The problem is everybody sees the things conor does and they think "i want that" so they think they have to act all spoiled and shit to get it. But conor even though i hate his stupid irish guts. Has got a certain "thing" and that thing is people think he is funny. I know for sure that if conor didnt had that mouth on him he would not sell 1million PPV.


Tyron knows his deck of cards... and he knows what card to use... THE UNSTOPPABLE EXODIA!

Michael Galt

Pretty simple. Give us exciting fights and maybe we will get excited about seeing you fight. Say what you will about Conor, his fights are exciting, even when he loses. Lawler never has a boring fight.

I fully grant that Tyrone is an amazing fighter, and for his own health and longevity, he's doing the right things. But, no one wants to watch him fight because he fights safe. Doesn't take risks. Decides to take it to the scorecards when he knows he is ahead. No one wants to watch that.

Jo Mama

fans want to see gsp vs tyrone. give the fans what they want or go away George.

Jason Romeo

Your not a superstar because you have zero charisma.

Daniel Sepulveda

Russians don't buy PvP. They pirate the events. Khabib is not a draw, his fans have goats to milk and shit.

Christo Fortune


Chris Hunter

This interview hasn’t aged well at all. Even before the decision against Usman, Woodley never had a shot at greatest welterweight of all time. When GSP owned the division, it was the best division in the UFC and one of the deepest ever outside maybe LHW around the time aJon Jones was beginning his climb. WW is a shell now and beating an aged GSP wouldn’t change Woodley’s standing anyways. Hell, he isn’t in the top three WW of all time. That’s assuming he would beat GSP now and I don’t think he would. Not to mention, if we talk hypothetically and say prime GSP vs prime Woodley. Woodley loses that bout.

J. Imler

Geez Louis.....

Hug Savage

Tyron Woodley's a fucking idiot if he thinks he's ever going to get to fight GSP or Conor McGregor lmao

Radames Vaz

If I were Conor....Which Im not.

Well you got that right...


He seems to not think about the longevity of these people he talks so negatively about. Tyron has been called a boring fighter since 2012. He cries about racism pretty much non stop, or alludes to it. The man is holding him down and he can’t get no respec’. Tyron needs to hold that belt and get wins.

Orion films

I think GSP could have won

Matthew B

Woodly IS annoying as the boiling lava inside my hotpocket I just grabbed out the micro... you just wanna throw it in the trash after a bite... but damn Joe was like calm down buddy .. he deff has some being relevant issues mixxed with no one wants to watch your fights because they are boring as fuk

Stank Planks Skate

GSP vs Woodley would be a killer fight, make it happen UFC


Woodley is WAY in his own head too much. He's very much his worst enemy.

And sorry to the fanbase, but Woodley isn't gonna be the greatest welterweight of all time just by beating George unless he absolutely PISSES on him. He's gotta humiliate his whole division twice like GSP, Mighty Mouse, and Silva.

Allom Ali

Originally, I thought Dana is a prick for not sticking to his word of TW fighting GSP..... but TW needs to man the fuck up and move on... never seen a guy so butt hurt


Fuck Tyron Woodley

Jimothy Snooker

Tyron is so fucking delusional he doesn't even realize how much of a victim mentality he has



Amir Taleb

Let's be honest Bisping and GSP would absolutely dismantle woodley


All this hate for Woodley - I think hes a superb fighter that has a tremendous anount of respect for every fighter in UFC. He isnt arrogant and only speaks the truth.

Andrew Huntington

Wonderboy needs somebody to beat Tyrone than he would get another title shot.

AFC Is Ours #BombsAway

STL stand up bout to roll up a fatass blunt and watch this


Tyron is exhausting to listen to


Woodley vs till or RDA ???

Paying For Free Speech

He’s so desperate for attention!

daniel scanlan

Some young kid will step up & Get Woodley's title then he'd have got no superfights because he's a boring fighter who ran his mouth.

Gassy Jalapeño

Yawn....Tyquil is sooo boring. Fights are boring. Him talking is boring. Boring!


He’s only defended his belt successfully two times. And one draw. GSP defended the belt 9 times. I’d still put tons of money on GSP to win. He’s too smart in this game

Candle Ankle

Conor isn’t fighting anyone anytime soon so get over it.

Damon 2A

Tyrone demands 2 things for an interview a bottle of water and a box of tissues.

CJ Julian

I'll be the only good comment I guess , shout out to t wood for putting it all out there wish this episode was longer


where u at tyquil?

cory gill

God he's dumb

Oreo Teabaggins

Man I’d love to just talk to Rogan he talks about the things I think about

kiddreckless 99

Tyron woodley the best trackstar in UFC


I think Tyron is a great dude and incredible fighter but he’s just gotta go out and have at least 1 incredible title defense before he gets any accolades as a champ. He arguably tied both fights against Wonder boy, and had the most boring fight ever against Damian Maia. I don’t know what he expects?

Ben O’Neill

"Boogywoman is coming for you" - Tyron 'the victim' Woodley

David Ekerö

He is over analyzing everything. What he really should be doing is to take risks and knockout people.

GSP Coach “Advanced Breakdown” Conor Mcgregor Knockout Loss...What Really Happened

GSP Coach “Advanced Breakdown” Conor Mcgregor Knockout Loss...What Really Happened25 Jan. 2021
201 273
MMA TODAYSubscribe 438 721

GSP Coach Firas Zahabi

GSP Coach Firas Zahabi explain what happened during the Conor mcgregor vs Dustin Poirier 2 at UFC 257

Full Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDSXqLS68aE&t=822s

Comments (100)
Steven Sheldrake

Too much whiskey!

glenn yarzagaray

Connor is done

Greatbig Swinging8—D

Zahabi has his own podcast? What’s it called?

Dan Mc

Seems like Connor is a little too predictable in that boxing stance. His arms don't come from weird angles anymore..

Assane Wade

I feel like everybody is doing the most to explain Connors loss lol. Dustin was just better

J Pweek

You guys aren't sleeping on Poirier. You're imagining power in Conor's hands that has never ever been there at 155. There is no evidence for it and yet everybody believes that somehow it transferred from 145 to 155. It did not.

auto blipper

Dustin did shaori with conor’s punch. That saved him lol

Confident Proactive

Lifting too much weights makes you flat footed and you lose punching power, I’ve personally felt this and so have many others that I’ve spoken to.


Conor looked stuck in the mud...i saw stiffness

mike ijsendijk

He lose to fast ?

Ricardo DeMatteo

Another strat vs a power puncher is to slam their guard with hard head kicks.

Dodgy XD

...dustin even said Conor had him rocked...if conor woulda followed up dustin said he woulda been in trouble

Nestor Palacios

Conors power did seem gone, as did his reflexes and speed in general.
Judging by training videos I suspect Conor went hard on aerobic work which can have this affect.


The hunger thing has no relevence. By that account no ahtlete in any sport would make records, they would just quit after they made millions. Fact is he came back really hungry and he said that, another fact is he just isnt better than anyone no more. The sport has evolved and all the dights between top guys are 50/50 now. Look at Chandler fight, he won but who knows if they did remarch what would have happened.

Albaro Mena

In my opinion, Connor was fighting on one leg for the last minute to 30 seconds of that fight. That's why he got knockout. I thought he won the first round but his timing was also off. He wasn't setting up his strikes, which allow Dustin to read Connor. I agree with Connor's analysis of his own fight...He was rusty. The question is can he get sharp again or did we witness the decline of Connor.


I love Conor but this fight unfortunately confirmed that he's missing an essential thing which is that once he faces true adversity... he just gives up. From now on every opponent he'll be facing knows for certain that if only he can take his left hand shot and doesn't get koed, and bites down on his mouthpiece and it comes down to the actual heart and will to win even if it means to suffer... eventually the tides turn and once it is Conors turn to be the nail and not the Hammer that he usually always is.... it's gonna be only a matter of time and Conor will give up cause of his biggest detrement.... his lack of heart.

The Don

I called it I knew Dustin was going to walk him down, comer was completely drained when you party and have the time off this man didi don’t care who you are you can not compete whit the best in word, every fighter has the blueprint now

Andrew Slatcki

I think Dustin just has a better chin and is just all around better. I mean he did KO Cowboy with his shoulder not even a year ago. How did he go from “the best and most motivated Conor ever” to “stiff and weak” in less than a year? That’s ridiculous.

marcelino K

I think it’s still 50 / 50 on who wins a trilogy. to many variables

Susan Appleby

I will give Dustin full credit for the way he handled Conor in that fight but I am not sure if he can use those same tricks again to beat him in a trilogy. Conor learns lessons very well, however Dustin knows he can knock him out now. Him and the rest of the fighters. Conor was best when he had that bad ass karate stance, he looked like he was having more fun too.

Jack Yeates

This guy was lucky to have GSP

akshay sahay

Flat foot. Not bouncing on his feet.


MMA Evolution: the first generation was all about toughness, 2nd generation was jui jitsu, 3rd generation was wrestling, 4th generation was specialized striking. We’re at the dawn of a new generation: Volkanowski, Figueiredo, Yan, Oliveira, Edwards.. in this generation, it’s about specialty plus something else almost as equally special.

paul french

Im a casual and I knew Dustin would win

brad pearson



No man can take these shots without getting down. Maybe Nate Diaz. But he certainly didn’t give up, he just got tagged. He couldn’t circle out, head movement was good but Dustin landed some shots and The key shot was the one between the eyes. Then he was done.

Christopher Misajon

“One HANDRED percent warranted” indeed

John Beatty

It's spelled: Conor McGregor.

Adam Soto

Firas can you put something in the background some pictures a banner a blanket a green screen or blue screen please do something the white background is just so plain

POWERFUL Furtive Pygmy

Firas has always been rather biased hes not the best coach either. Hes got many people that havent won anything major other than GSP. GSP is a class act. Its not Firas.


8:33 "Rocky BalboLa"...

Helicopter Rides For Communists

Conor didnt lose his power. He changed his fight style and became more of a hunched over boxer. He neglected his other weapons like kicks and faints and distance control and position control. This is a good breakdown of Conor over the years until now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rETB0EfPEOA


Conor's a politician, he let fight go without 100%, cas he nU he got oOt slikerd with the leg kix, so was LreD planing 2 step back & atMpt to come back cleverer on match 3. IdOnO hUs gonna tAk that 1 if it hapNs.. just sAN Y he accepted loss eazLE. hU wud win 3rd match?, hUevrs mOr rubRE(mNtLE & phisicLE in tOtL)??

Bashir ElChamaa

I think he landed more leg kicks than u said personally. Didn't look like conor checked those leg kicks properly so they were still hurting. You could tell when he planted his feet after the check he was heavier on it from the kick

Bay Bye

he had no heart.... just gave up and needs to retire as he is finished... KJhabib choked him out and Dustin kicked and knocked him out... it was a KO not a TKO...

Aaron Mead

Two questions. 1. How much power would have been taken out of the left hand of McGregor due to the prior calf kicks that meant Poirier was able to withstand the punch he was hit with in the 2nd round. 2. When McGregor was dropped by Poirier he ducked into the uppercut. Would that have created additional force resulting in getting dropped?

John Hoops

Conor doesn’t have heart. The going gets tough and he looks for a way out.


some jackasses are talking shit because firas zahabi got his protection wrong, bro, look at his other predictions, it's almost always right. for this one everybody expected that Connor would win. i WANTED poirier to win, i don't like Mc Nugget. even khabib who's probably the one with the most dislike towards connor while he has a lot or respect and love for poirier, he could only say that if poirier can survive round 1 and 2 then he has the POSSIBILITY to win...even khabib didn't think it's gonna end up like it did.

some people are also hating on him because they think he has a "pseudo view" on science...you dumbasses, all that he said on the joe rogan podcast and what he says every now and then on his live stream is mainstream philosophical views not from his own ass like some of you who only know to talk from ur ass.

I'm sorry that people lied to you to make it simple and ur mind can't accept the reality of things. and btw, he repeatedly says he isn't against science but what he does say, is that you shouldn't take it as a gospel with 100% truth when the science in it's nature is always changing and advancing as we advance further and he gave the example of Newtonian gravity as it's fundamentally different that the theory of relativity yet even though it's fundamentally wrong, the math works out unless it becomes too big or too small, we even used them to go to the moon.

Big Animal Vinny

Conor if he wants to reinvent himself he should change camp and humble himself and join Firas team..


Conor is an exceptional counter puncher with excellent precision extraordinary timing great sense of distance management and great precognition as well as very high fight iq and amazing reflexes especially in avoiding Head strikes. His hightend alertness combined with his looseness and calmness in the cage helped him as well plus in fight recognition of his opponents holes or patterns and his excellent traps luring and baiting opponents into a false sense of security were always his best weapons. All this he was able to do mainly if he adapted his karate bouncy in out on his heels stance like in the Aldo fight I feel we saw the best Version of Conor there was as well I liked his stance and footwork and approach in the Alvarez fight very much. Those 2 Versions of him unfortunately we'll never see again. That Conor was my all time favorite fighter and a big inspiration for me. That Conor was the best mma striker have ever seen and I would wish nothing more than if he would have kept fighting that way but unfortunately he chose differently and I'm sure he had his reasons. Still today I love rewatching his older fights especially in the 145 division. He's an exceptional talent and will still remain my favorite fighter.

Ps: I don't know but I personally liked the cocky super confident direct provocative aggressive persona in Conor way better somehow. I found that Conor much more entertaining, compelling and fitting in my eyes. He got older matured is a father now and now we got the much more less exiting humble Dad Version of Conor. That's OK.


It's crazy to say that the punches Porier was landing on Conor wouldn't be enough to KO Porier. Conor got countered when he threw the uppercut, then got hurt by a big shot and after that Porier unloaded with multiple full power shots and if I'm not mistaken Porier landed 3 or 4 of those full power swinging shots and it was too much for McGregor to take. He was in a similar situation multiple times against Diaz and was able to survive with head movement, clinching and if Diaz went for too big of a shot, Conor used his footwork to escape. He couldn't do that vs Dustin because his leg was dead and also Dustin is faster than Diaz. The one thing he had left was the head movement and while it was solid, it wasn't enough for him to avoid all the punches because of the cage and because e was hurt. The one thing that confuses me is why not go for either a clinch or a takedown? I think he was hurt and confused and because of the layoff the muchle memory and automatic reaction to clinch wasn't there. He could win the rematch if he decides to avoid any kind of grappling and clinch early and just go full attack. That being said, Dustin wins the if he survives the first 2 rounds. I don't think you can fix the leg kicks issue in a few months. It would take at least 12 months with a fight or two in between to adjust and test the improvements. If Conor decides to wrestle and pace himself, I don't see him winning at all. If he wants to win he has to fight the same way he did vs Dustin the first time or even like he did vs Cowboy. Agressive from the 1st second, while Dustin should just repeat his gameplan and improve some minor things, like avoiding the left. I think he did a mistake by telling the media after the fight that he was very hurt and a follow up shot would've likely finish him. That will give confidence to Conor. Let's see what happens. :)


i did think mcgregor gave up but it looked to me like he went down because he put all his weight on his dead leg, not cuz he was overly rocked by the punches


How many adds can one video have

Fahad Khan

Why is no one mentioning that DUSTIN WAS MASSIVE!! He can take the punch because he’s 1-2 weight classes above Connor on fight day

Gandoe Dyck

5 or 6 fucking ads for a 10m clip? fuck that ??

Alaskan Real News

First round was a 10- 10

Victor Elnecave

Firas is the best doing brakedowns


All I saw in Conor was stiffness. He looked like he's stuck in the mud almost.

David Scebat

Crap guy. No respect for women.

M Projects

he has a name

Fuk Face

Because Poirier was anticipating it... yes, correct.

Bones Justice

I watched Conor’s previous fights before he left to box Floyd and the major change is that he used to stay at kicking distance and bounce in and out avoiding kicks and punches and also countering with his own kicks and punches! He used to throw way more front kicks and kicks in general early to let the opponent know that ur gonna get hit anytime u make a move and what I see now is similar stance just not bouncing in and out of range and mostly using hands no kicking activity!! Wish he could get that style back it was devastating!! His Kicks were crucial in opening up is punches!!

Furlock Furli

Yes, first round for Conor. But when Conor went into the octagon, he moved without any kind of grace. You need grace at this level, or so much brute force that you cannot maintain it over time. Conor seemed burned out, from inside. I never liked him, but when I saw those sad eyes... man... respect.

tim m

Firas, you acknowledge his boxing stance approach and say thats not why he lost. THAT IS EXACTLY WHY HE LOST! If he was in his traditional stance he doesnt get taken down in the first round. In fact, i doubt dustin even shoots on him if he ca.e out in his karate stance. His boxing stance took away all his high pressure kicks that he uses to setup his hands and most importantly the evassiveness that comes with his tradional stance gives him the ability to avoid the leg kicks. His stance change is ABSOLUTELY, UNDENIABLE, NON-DEBATEBLY the reason he lost

Kyle Solace

Lol people still think conor did good vs floyd mayweather lmfaoooo


Conor didn’t lose his power because of kicks or fatigue... he simply doesn’t have the power above 145. He struggles with any decent fighters his size or bigger. He doesn’t have the power. He is also a coward. He quits at the first sign of adversity.


Conor needed that loss , he’s human idk why he fought a title contender after being INACTIVE he didn’t even look like mcgregor, Trilogy I got Conor TKO inside 1


conors new style just doesnt work. he needs to get back to his karate stance.


McGregor just doesn't have that Soulsborne grit no mo'... did he ever?? Maybe so in Mendes and Diaz 2 but even then maybe his bag o' grit will never be as deep as Poirier's. And yes in his recent showings he has moved away from the more mobile version of himself we saw in his rise thru Featherweight... granted none of them (??) were southpaws tho. A few of the ol' podcasting peeps have made the good point recently that Conor could benefit from bringing in a Trevor Wittman/Rafael Cordero/Javier Mendez (assuming of course they would acquiesce to doing so lol ?) into camp to help mix things up a bit and bring his MMA-specific toolset up to speed.... think he needs to do some no-pad sparring rounds and start checking a few of dem calf kicks... or else do a T-Ferg and get kicking some iron bars ?

blah blah

lost his power = no steroids. You can't lose what you have genetically.... you can't increase punching power. Of course you can punch harder with certain technique but power is 100% genetics. Just look at his body changes. It's obvious. Also look at the acne face when he was 20.

Woody The Artist

Porier found the formula, well done. Conor did not anticipate his game plan


Got to big for his boots ruined himself

Tony C

You’re wrong. That left hand shot hurt Porier. Dustin actually admitted that he got hit with a couple nice shots and said that if Conor pushed he doesn’t think he’d recover.

Noel Dias

UFC made 1 big mistake.
They should've made Conor VS Dustin 2 a title fight.
This way the trilogy fight would've been easier to make. Because now it was a #1 contender fight and Dustin will fight for the title next. And if conor were to be the one to fight dustin for the title next it wouldn't be fair to all the other fighters who deserve the shot more. And assuming dustin wins the title in his next fight then Conor still cant get that trilogy unless he beats 2 top 5 opponents.
If conor vs dustin 2 were a title shot the rematch while still being unjust would have been much easier to make

Samuel Crow

Way more ads than the video is worth

K Mash

I bet Poirier on the rematch and won. I think Conor takes the trilogy.

Dave Randle

I have known for 60 moons that McGregor is buuum

chase aspen

chase aspen
I feel like everyone is missing the biggest factor. Conor’s new style of fighting is why his power is gone. Conor has never had a very hard or powerful shot. It’s always been extremely accurate and I it’s good timing. He’s never been an offensive puncher and hasn’t knocked out anybody on the offence unless the opponent was extremely tired up against the fence like Mendez or Siver. He’s always been a deadly counter puncher with the best movement I’ve ever seen. Ever since the boxing fight his stance and style has changed to primarily boxing and brawling which does not fit him! If he wants to start beating these guys again he needs to revert back to his bladed karate stance with counter heavy approach. As funny as it sounds he should work with touch butt again lmao.

Santiago Loaiza

Conor talked shit on Dustin the first time for leaving his home town to get better. Dustin got better. Connor stayed at his gym and didn't get better. Karma is a MFer

King of the Bridge

Coner had good power for 145lvs but at the top of 155lbs it isn't enough had a chance to win towards end of the first but didn't pull the trigger. It was all over from there.

Kris Kringle

Dude say whatever you want.
Conor needs more ring time.
He talked about it b4 and after the fight.
He hasnt lost his power.
Hes not washed up.
He hasnt had a lot of ring time.
He didnt land but a few decent shots.
After he got took down and fought to get back to his feet.
I guarentee you he will work on more than his stand up for the trilogy.
The trilogy will be a decent fight.
Not to mention Conor did get a little soft during his time off.
Hes got other things going on.
And hes living the good life the last several years.
Not the focused, fighting life.
Meanwhile Dustin's been in several 5 round wars during this time.
Dustin's had several fights the last 4 years.
5 rounder w Max.
2 fights with Eddie
A 5 round war with Dan not long ago at all.
Khabib and Justin..only 2 rounds but still.
That was ring time. On the grind.
Focused..living the fighting life all that time Conors been having kids. Doing the family bullshit.
Getting businesses going..
I mean this isnt rocket science at all.
The trilogy will be a lot more entertaining.

Tommy ballhead

Mcgregors only sparked ppl out a featherweight really sure Alvarez is only lightweight hes dropped

Storm November

It’s simple guys....
Dustin didn’t win.
Conor lost.
The OLD Conor would have
pressed forward after “his kill shot”
and finished Dustin but he just wasn’t there.This guy makes some sense but he really focuses too much on what Dustin is doing instead of what Conor oddly wasn’t doing....He didn’t give up moron.
He was immobilized from the dirty little bitch move calf kicks-D.P landed the flurry because Conor’s leg was gone.
Simple.Conor is too in love
with his hands / he has got
Aldo-itis !
Pre Khabib Conor
was brilliant at setting things
up with kicks - now he’s
fucked himself up with boxing.
Perhaps for good.

Aidan Griffiths

He's more powerful, it's where the punch is coming from that's the problem. Used to come from a low position. Harder to read and time, now it's just a traditional boxing stance. Easier for fighters to get used to. It's not weird like before. Don't like it at all

Solomon Carter

Dustin is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FIGHTER than the first time and McTapper has been fading since forever. It was clear that Dustin was going to wear him out.

Seth Pino

This guy has a name you know lol pathetic title


Look bro. McGregor is just soft now. He wasn't right from the beginning. No need to analyze it. He looked slow and old. He is done.

Mike Hunt

Nothing new here. Conor can give it but he can't take it.

Clot-in-Eye Joe

I don't think he lost his power...it just never transferred over to light weight. when he beat alvarez...he didnt knock him out with power he just overwhelmed an average striker with precision strikes repeatedly...and that was his ONLY win in the division like 5 years ago lol

K3ith Price

I think maybe, just maybe Conor isn't the unstoppable fighter that his fans think he is. When he beat Cerrone it was like he'd won the title. He beat an old, past his best fighter on a losing streak. Before that he got beaten down by Khabib. Before that he got beaten down by Mayweather. He's just not that great at lightweight. I think the top 5 at lightweight all beat him.

At featherweight he had such a big weight advantage on fight night. With these bigger fighters he's just not as effective.

Piece of junk

Rolled with the shot and he didn’t drain himself so much his brain was fried with little fluid. 155 vs 145, big difference.


I've been saying it since I first saw mcgregor that his strongest attribute was his taekwondo, karate style movement coupled with punching power. Unfortunately as a fan of his its hard to deny that when he stops being the hammer and becomes the nail he starts to fold like wet cardboard

YouTube sucks

How many fuckin ads!geez

Amjad Sulieman

Anyone notice how Dustin's terrible single leg shot worked on Conor? It made me think of how Conor defended Habibs relentless shot when they fought...


"randy couture was no way near the level of chuck lidell's striking"

I strong disagree with this statement and would change it and say "randy couture's chin was no where near the chin of chuck lidell"

Chuck was never the the greatest striker but he can take 3 to get off of one of monster shots which usually put his opponent down.

When he faced Ramapage Jackson in pride he met a chin that could keep up with his and strike better then him hence why he lost.

Matt R

So many pros in here. You'd think yall would be busy training.

Kevin Tipper

Conor needs a new coaching team around him! His team are amateurs

Juan Santana

He broke mentally. Chael Sonnen mentioned the same thing. "20 minutes left; I'm fucked"-Conor McGregor

Yoda's Popeyes

"Advanced" lol


He has a longer reach but falling into his shots and missing and not being defensively responsible. He’s shit and always was. He’s open after he throws his power shots. It’s been that way since flyweight. He just throw a punches with no defensive responsibility. Gaethje would murder him. You don’t even have to have good boxing. Conor is average

Vum Sang

Great coach always thanks

Jeff Strauser

Dustin has come out and said he was really hurt by the shot on the second round. He said conner didn't know how bad he had hurt him and obviously conner didn't know it because he didn't pressure or follow up

Harry Miles

I agree with your assessment that Conor gave up on the fight when Dusin was pounding him on the fence. Conor didn't throw enough punches to shows he still wanted to be in the fight. I felt he was just waiting for Dustin to finish him or the ref to stop the fight. Dustin had the heart of a lion and great skills.

John C

Conor trained very hard for another discipline. He and his team forgot this is MMA (Mixed being the operative word) and not boxing.

I've no doubt he sees that strategic mess that he made and fix things in part 3.

Dustin is a nice guy and a great fighter but he's nowhere near MAC when his head isn't turned

Rodrigo Hernandez

The refferee stoppage was warranted? Of course it was! He got fucking slept!

i Trade

Hes not used to guys who can take that shot and keep coming? Nate Diaz war? Floyd fight? He kept fighting and they both lasted 25mins or longer...also " The punches he took at the end of the fight when not been enough to stop porier" Conor was on one leg and had no base...cmon Firas expect better from you.


Conor didn't "Give up" or "lose his power"! Dustin clearly hurt him with a right hand just before the final flurry on the fence...

Mt_ 23

conor just wasn't doing his standard karate and kick boxing. Conor has one of the best/powerful spinning back kicks in the game, Porier seemed slightly susceptible to kicks himself but Conor didn't throw them.. Conor also seemed to connect well on a few punches but never fully committed to pressuring Porier after landing a shot. it was a weird fight to watch.


Dustin actually said in a interview that the left hand stung him but he through it, also at 145 Connor has more KO power but at 155 Dustin has shown to be much more durable plus Dustin has a much better mental approach than in their first fight. I though Connor would KO Dustin if he caught him early as well but I knew if the fight went to later rounds Dustin has proved to be a scraper. Hoping to see a rematch down the road these two, see what adjustments Connor will make.

Sneeky Two

COKE wear out his one punch!!!!!!!!!!!!

UFC 202: Full Blast - GSP on McGregor vs Diaz I

UFC 202: Full Blast - GSP on McGregor vs Diaz I9 Aug. 2016
1 322 528

Former UFC welterweight

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is on Full Blast for the historic UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz fight.

Don't miss one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history at UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor on Sat. August 20.


Buy the Pay-Per-View here: https://www.ufc.tv/events

Comments (98)
ElTailonStorm Sapeee

I think nate diaz doesn't want the trilogy against Mcgregor because he sees no chance to win, not because of being scared of Mcgregor because he fought Masvidal but I mean he just doesn't want to have that image of himself lossing the last one

Frank Moses

GSP shook his head thinking Nate was gonna call him out too lol


Watching Fighters fighting Lives and Hearing the crowd screaming/Yelling is so bad ass


"Ceme bec from a uge defecet" ???


Should say Diaz Vs McGregor... got chocked out like a punk


1:43 GSP smiles watching conor getting beat up

Ahmed Elsayed

Class from GSP giving props to Nate considering his beef with Nick.

Edison Leal

GSP: nate needs to switch gears.
Nate: starts slapping mcgregor and fucks conor up.


GSP looks like second and commenter



K. Byrnmr

1:40 hahahahaha

Samim Aktar.

Gsp impress this time


The guy behind George is absolutely orange



dipta banik

Michel Pereira is the real deal!!!!

Иса мусоев

Алкаш против наркоман

Edgar Tamez

Tap Tap Tap


Are they both i n to x i c a t e d?

Firoz Chawan

Conor McGregor is ?????

Arhon Pineda

Buying tickets to hear gsp's unique accent > rivalry fights.

Supreme Leader

The most badass day in Ufc history .

Jay Prescott

Miles Austin in the hat behind George.


como AMO a Nate!

Luiz Fernando

Como é bom ver o Diaz finalizar esse cara e rolou até tapa na cara kkk

My name Is jeff the kiler

I love the way nate diaz blocked all punches with his face


Conor or Diaz are not in the same league as GSP. George would own both of them.

Asef Np


Roy Navarro

Its crazy to think that this guy beats nate diaz big bro.. and they want Gsp vs Conor.

Faw69Setif 6919


Charles Hawkins

strong fight
0:54 ??
? ? ???

Cristian Jordan

1:40 oh my gah

houda Aziz


Arthur Paul

great fight
0:51 ???

Sushant Rijal

A lutttaaa tingssss

Munyai Stanley

Goosebumps always ??

Patrick Haugen

Gooood damn, GSP would be the most annoying commentator ever with that accent.

Razor ramon El jefe

Don't be scared homie

Bronson Duke

Best ufc fight ever commentated by the best ufc fighter ever.

Yessenia Tacanga

GSP si peleas con khabib.khabib te ganara por creído khabib te ganara es mejor que te sientes y mires nada mas porque khabib te dará una buena pelea y te ganara!

Yo Na

Diaz is so weak... Even though he won. No technic just a lion heart

Nate Diaz Gang

Diaz king?

XEco 920

nate vs khabib should happen.

Jaxton C

fair fight
1:03 ????

Abdullah Jaber

GSP is so cute ?


1:50 Nate is not exhausted

David Schmidt

Does Conor lose every fight by rear choke

Clay Robert

I don’t understand why the UFC doesn’t make GSP vs McGregor.. That would be the biggest PPV in UFC history, 2 million buys easy.

alex k

UFC202 Realy?

Yusuf Sanad

Gsp reminds me of sitama for some reason

Ro Gawd

That blonde chick behind GSP was dumbfounded when Conor lost. Probably a casual fan but then again that’s 90% of McGregor fans.

Iam B0b

I slap more than I punch --diaz

Max Herrera

I've seen Diaz submission at least 3300000 times and every time I see it, it still gives me chills. Diaz army alll the way mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muni Raj

Diaz Brother's army

Mercy Sakes

Love this fight and GSP point of view

Nolan Kean

Conor’s cardio is so bad

Isaac Chua

I'm not impressed by your performan tonight guys!

Luka Šijanski

Are you intoxicatet?

Samim Aktar.

Gsp this time impress

TheSimpsons Guide

George Saint Piers looks higher then a kite

Jay Prescott

Miles Austin right behind George.

baburam sunuwar

0:19 thumbnail

Шыңғыс Жұматаев

Не дит мыналар??



Abrar Kripak

Conor,,,tapping machine

Anas Shahid 224

GSP is the best ???

Imran Ahmed

Is it to me, or anyone else GSP and Rose namajunas looks twins???


I want full blast to come back

shannon Aman

Connor talks all that shit. Get alot better on the ground and then u can talk the shit you want. As soon as someone on top he gives right up

K. Byrnmr

1:41 I love GSP ??

MMA Talk

" I am the superior martial artist!".
- Nate Daiz

Shaggy Rogers


Linus Bakoi

this is like the difference between a street fight and a sports event

once it gets dirty you see who comes on top

Lewis Yafano

Yal surprised a bigger guy beat a smaller guy on the floor . (Casual) logic . They is no way nate wasn't 180 + on the night

Conor 'I thought I was floyd' mcnugget


v black jeans

Nate diaz

Elon Musketeer

Gas tank is the reason nate won. He or his fans shouldn't be proud at all actually. Nate got his face smashed both the fight and lost the second even though Conor came to his weight.

Dario Mouratidis

2:49 Jon Jones's brothers behind him lol

The Martial artist

The only good thing about nate is his fucking chin and bit of bjj that's it period

Nick G

GSP was so excited when Nate was punching Conor in the face in clinch


Nate Diaz is the human walking definition of ATTRITION

Dagestan Dagestan

Сучка постучала??

A Piece Of LIfe

The origin of tap machin ..


GSP probably had flashbacks of getting rocked by Matt Serra lol...

Carl Hakansson

2:17 haha i never notice Gordon ramsey was in the crowd ?

Samuel Arroyo

Why manybpeople dont realize this guy is one of the very best,

Cleomar Lopes Assis

E foi assim que a segunda luta foi vendida....



Kinhode DEGBEY


Faw69Setif 6919



You gotta appreciate Nate for reminding everyone that no one is invincible, and anything can happen during a fight


Over nick diaz jabs. He loves nick lol

Mr Brown

GSP. Great guy.

Gehenna Gehenna

"I'm not surprised motherfuckers"!

that guy

O shit just realized Thats Miles Austin behind GSP lol

Hunrang Pungjung

Gsp alredy know Conor win


Conor has NO Standard to fight Gsp he will maul conor on ground game conor will shit again in his green short pent and begging please don't kill me it's only business.


And Nate still gets no respect.

4yg Fedo

Fuk u bitch u was going for Connor I bet