Pull up competition

2019 World Pull-Up Championships

2019 World Pull-Up Championships18 Sep. 2018
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The very first World

The very first World Pull-Up Championships were held in Espoo, Finland on June 15-16, 2019.

The II World Pull-Up Championships will be held at Wanha Satama in Helsinki, Finland on June 13-14, 2020. The games will feature two individual disciplines: Weighted Pull-Up and Pull-Up Repetitions.


To participate in the World Pull-Up Championships the competitor must:

1) Sign the Anti-Doping Agreement by March 13, 2020 at the latest

at http://www.worldpullup.org/anti-doping-agreement/

2) Register by May 23, 2020 at the latest

Here are video recordings from the 2019 World Pull-Up Championships: https://www.is.fi/muutlajit/art-2000006141210.html

Here are results from the 2019 Championships: https://www.worldpullup.org/2019-world-pull-up-championships-results-weighted-pull-up/ and https://www.worldpullup.org/2019-world-pull-up-championships-results-pull-up-repetitions/

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Donkey King

Whats the reward?

Filipe Paixão

Who won?


Looks awesome, but damn, do they slack on using strict form.
Will we be able to watch this online?

World Pull-Up Organization

The II World Pull-Up Championships will be held at Wanha Satama in Helsinki, Finland on June 13-14, 2020. The Weighted Pull-Up competitions will take place on Saturday the 13th and the Pull-Up Repetitions on Sunday the 15th. Men will compete in seven weight classes (60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, 110 kg and +110 kg) and women in four (50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg, +70 kg).
In order to be eligible to participate in the World Pull-Up Championships the competitor must:

1) Sign the Anti-Doping Agreement by March 13, 2020 at the latest

2) Register by May 23, 2020 at the latest


Awesome Organization. Just hopefully there participants will be use their hands only, not getting help through legs

Severed Legs

Looks like they're doing chin-ups to me.

World Pull-Up Organization

If you consider participating in the 2019 World Pull-Up Championships, please sign the Anti-Doping Agreement by March 15, 2019 at the latest! http://www.worldpullup.org/anti-doping-agreement/

Tomislav Momirovic

no +110 its 110+

Wayne The Wolf

Never knew there was an organization for pull-ups damn

moustapha lee

Can't wait

Weighted Pull ups Competition - Blaq Ninja's Last Man Standing | Thats Good Money

Weighted Pull ups Competition - Blaq Ninja's Last Man Standing | Thats Good Money27 Aug. 2018
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Blaq Ninja's Last Man

Blaq Ninja's Last Man Standing Weighted Pull Up Competition.Some of the best calisthenics titans in the world battle at Sparta Gym in this intense weighted pull ups showdown.If you want Blaq Ninja to bring back the Weighted Pull Up Comps to Sparta Gym let him know.

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My name is George aka Thats Good Money. I film videos of calisthenics practitioners doing workout routines, challenges and competitions.

Follow the journeys of calisthenic practitioners, Scott Burnhard, BarNaturalPrez, Bam Baam and more as they build and push their bodies to the limit.

Weighted Pull ups Competition - Blaq Ninja's Last Man Standing | Thats Good Money


Thats Good Money


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jim tom

Almost english

Excellence_ 85

Teddy’s a cheater lol


Love it

Alex Martin

D.O.C. a straight G

Travis Calhoun

Wanna try some like dis


Respectfully.....so nobody gon tell dude that his hairline is damn near in the back of his head?....listen man I was once in denial too...either get the hairline surgery done or cut the shit off bro....??‍♂️

SelSo Gamer

Pinche desorganización jajajajajaj

Sarco perforio Constolon

El alto toca el suelo en la sexta. Ahí le dan ventaja


the old champ was bien to smart of a head.

jim tom

Like jhonny english ball drag


6:40 bs this guy got it the guy straight after did the exact same and got through???

Jin Kahn

Pulling with the feet on the floor makes a HUGE difference, compared to feet off and dead hang

Interesting a room full of so many calisthenics athletes don't say anything

Saan G.

Westbury strong island stand up..prospect and mags..low $$$h.what up..


What state is this.

Oskar Andersson

Imagine if we were more than 3 at my Gym doing weighted pullups...

Eh oh

9:11 those boots ??

Vince Finesse

nothin but good vibes.. 10 reps of a 100lbs plate is just wild after all them other reps is just super human


Vitaily feschuk mandou um salve

syafrizal ali

Just wanna ask for anyone. Cautious. Why the way of talking mostly for the black guys like in depressed ? Like in all condition..

david seney

Give me a year I’m a try and do 200x1

Kuldeep Thappa

Only black guys....

Omega Nyoni

I like the community, they support you and clap their hands even if you fail. That's good.


Them short niggas be built right cuz the compact. The champ long n put n #work fr

The Coder

Dude you guys were trashing that one guy for no reason. He did fucking 2 reps back to back with 160lbs. Y'all be treatin him different. Kinda feel bad. ?

Mixed Trigenito

Th is horrible 100lbs guys cant do pull ups with a 100lbs weight you have take their weight into account

Leslie Young

Yo blacq ninja this is sooo easy i want know how what kind weight pound they used it

Daniel Tevez

Fuaaa ese negro tiene una fuerza lpm eso sí es de gamsters

samu karppinen

easy win, he crushed the others, like 2x time:DD


30:03 wait, using the knees is giving him an unfair advantage. He is lifting plate up with knees. Teddy kept his legs away from the plate. 28:03 both guys did good to lock out, but look at differences in legs and how the weight plate is situated.


My workout training(Pull ups and Muscle ups)

Carlos Vela

I see alot of Improvement in the way yall do stuff

jim tom

Ball hanger

Mista Nugget

Dude on the mic sounds like he would sound dope as an MC...on some Nas shit ?

SeeWhaT ISee



he win it fear.

Nicholas Monroe

Dude won using kick ups thats a zero

Mhlengi Ndlovu

Hahaha did 10. So there’s no questions asked.

William FU

poor guys

Sarco perforio Constolon

Powerexplosive....se los rifaba a todos

Kaden Ruud

God damn

Sauna Mad Man

This is intense

Murff Jr

It seemed like they didn't want teddy to win. Doc is strong but some of them pull ups shouldn't have counted.


Separating the weak from the STRONG... DOPE SHHHHT

Young Naughty

Even though the guy in the end counted his own pulls (which he thinks it’s 8) he still beaten by the guy who did more than that

Natural Gains

Doc is too strongggg

Chris Gonzales

Ey yo fuck those guys at the door!!

Think Thank

31:36 girl couldn't get the ribbon over his big ass head. Lol haaaahaa


White tank top got robbed IMO he had to do his twice several times. They all was starting the same way. Them extra reps hurt him in the end

京城马爷 Sydney Colin

This dude had techniques by using his whole body. He is explosive. Good competition!That is $300. Good Money!

Stevespace _

This was great to watch but the only thing I didn’t like was at the end he was able to put the plate flat in front of him instead of between his legs

VisualEYE I

My man 2 chainz won?✊?

Daniel Fernández

9:40 Drake's pull-up

Think Thank

This just shows, the smarter guy won. Lifted the weight with his knees.

Jermane Bennett

This some ghetto ass shit?


Honestly they're not very strong strength-wise? Tho calisthenics is about moving your own bodyweight well and not about pure strength, still respect

virtual vida

How much cash reward

Chris Ball3r

Does the thumb over or under the bar make any difference or is it just preference?

Ale X

The ref is such a nice guy

Thats Good Money

Follow Blaq Ninja at http://www.instagram.com/cblaqninja


Lmao thought this was 8mile at 30:37

Matt Love

This was legit, where can I buy those belts for the dumbbell though

Determinations' my name Faith,Love,Empathys my game

I know that brother with the BANDANA,grey shirt with the long sleeves underneath and Dreads.Hes surprisingly cut...Yo salute to him.Hes the one that got me into working at doing body weight exercises ..Damn i gotta thank him somehow. HE WOULD BE AT ORANGE PARK,ACROSS FROM ORANGE MIDDLE/HIGH AND THE FIRE DEPT. Lol and that big ass dude punkin eveyone,my white knows him from Plaza Fitness,he was one of tje view thag didn't hold hos tounge amd told you the truth on how you look,or if you starting in the mirror after each set, tell you you not any bigger then when you walked in,get the fuck out the mirror and work out.. I wanna see his big ass do a pull. All bark,all size,but I bet if stuck a needle in him,he would pop..Sike,he would love it,and say thats all you got,i need more steroids then that..But he is def stronger than Angels arch eyebrowed ass. Anyways glad 2 Chainz won the tournament...They needed big Abdul up un that bitch.I remember some dude said something to him and he started moppin the floor with his tall lanky ass .Them AB. laughed aat em like it was light work baby..Wheres Gerad Conforttis red pimpled putty ass body when you need em. Not.!!.. Sabor would use his ARMS lmao.

James Bone

I feel like every one of these guys has been to prison

Pullup J

My goal is to compete in this competition someday...

Moss 590A1

Make me wanna go do some pullups right now!


Brawlic kawhai Leonard a beast

Alderman Fred C. Davis

Just yesterday, I was reading a forum of guys who had blown out their shoulders and elbows, trying to build up to doing 100 chin ups per day. There were dozens and dozens of them...……………...a lot claimed to be ex military. The majority of them seemed to be young.

In my 30's I was doing push ups like a convict. Fast forward some years, and one of my shoulders bothers me. X-rays show no arthritis.

The silly things we do when we're young...……………….and for what?

Mendell Brothers

21:15 that’s a big dude

Dee White

Yo they would never do nothing like this in the southern states only 25% of people are serious about fitness in the the south we dont even have the pull up ars or dip bars in the park anymore hell they took away the monkey bars in every park smdh but where can eye find a dip belt like that eye need that asap tho.....?

K Baishya

He's not the championshion. At last He used his legs to support the weight

Federico Lema

17:00 song in the back?

Thomas Cogger

Imagine if Borris Terry showed up lol

justin june azucenas

love the diversity..much love


He is a Doc? He might just be the Strongest Doctor On Earth!!

Moss 590A1

Should have them dead hang for like 2 seconds because some of the tall dudes began their pullup with their feet still on the ground!

Greg Maddux

Gymnasts need not apply

drew rose

I don’t know about that kicking yourself up part

33 Johnson

I wonder how much the finalist weighed? Since they both tied on the same 1 rep max the win should have gone to the lightest lifter. How many reps (endurance) is an entirely different contest.
Love the fun loving unity though - much respect!

What 3ver

That nigga with the gray shirt was not locked out

Dr Mannyhattan

15:15 I liked what he said here, that's good. This community looks sick to be in, everyone clapping and supporting n shit ??????


@10:10 , why does the guy in the white tank top look like prince from 60 days in ?

Chris P

The sportsmanship here is incredible love this shit right here...

Steven Garrett

This looks like fun, how would one go about signing up to compete?


Feels like ""old" Polish competitions, everybody cool relaxed just having fun, good music. Now everybody counting everything, banging fucking trash heart-pounding techno, you have your toe not straight they dont count your rep, people competing like FUCK forgetting about the sheer fun of it.

Uvencio Menendez

Wtf I can win this competition I do 6 reps with 45lbs with much better form

Gerald Clay

When being cocky goes wrong


“Doc” stronger than he looks

Ahmed Taibi

Watch Andrey Spaev and keep calm.

Beef Jerky

Please have a look at my videos..I hope you would enjoy the stuff

dvir 996

You can do peacfuly a scene from prison break season 1 there

Dee White

Wish i could participate in events like this i love weighted calisthenics period but im currently powerbuilding need to start something to help with overall size and strength...??‍♂️??????☯️??


When you think you are getting weak at your weighted pull-ups then you check the scale and your fatass weighs 5 pounds heavier then usual #bulkseason

Natiq Ali

Where is this gym
I wanna join right away!!!

Big S

Y’all thought short niggas can beat tall niggas ?


Dawg these niggas doing this shit, while I can’t even do 1 regular chin up lmao, just imagine how many chinups/pulls these cats can do in a row!

Lewis Jr. Beeler

I just chinned bw+35lbs for 3 reps and I thought I was on top of the world. MAD respect!


that exhibit c made this video 100 times better

Kassi K

More like last black man standing


ODB's son with the glasses on......WAS A BEAST HANDS DOWN!!! I was actually in my living room cheering for this dude cause i was just shocked he came in there like that......he looked like he just came with a friend as part of the AUDIENCE and took the SHOW! Never underestimate a SLIM DUDE......Keep grinding?!

Suhrab Mir

The old Champion has Champion not the new one that was fake

Bar Brutes Women's pull-up competition - Nov

Bar Brutes Women's pull-up competition - Nov12 Nov. 2013
110 988
fitBUDDSSubscribe 438 721

Bondi Beach Bar Brutes.

Bondi Beach Bar Brutes. Open Training Day 1st Sunday EVERY MONTH at North Bondi Outdoor Gym. Everyone welcome. All ages, all abilities. Workshops & comps for all skill levels. Get strong! Get healthy! Get happy! All free!

Comments (40)
Sad Silm

LOOOL Fat shit who thinks she's fit doing half reps at 45 seconds. Miss Rep king how are ya doing?




pure pwnage


WAIT WHAT??! Why are some of them doing chin ups? Pull ups are way more harder (atleast for me, I get 13 clear chin ups and only 5 clear pull ups). This competition is a fraud lol

gin martha

And i cant even pull up

Đạt Thành


Josh M

I do 30 pullups with 50 lb backpack

ii m not tellin

Why the hell are some doing chin ups while others are doing legit pull ups.

some characters aren't allowed

these are all chin-ups. pull-ups are when your palms are facing forward

Ben Tomlinson

very bad form here, surprise some of these women dont walk away with fucked shoulder joints

Cole Lawton

and the US Marine Corps calls pull ups an "unrealistic" expectation of female Marines, so they don't have to do them.

for the public knowledge, most female Marines are fat and out of shape, but get promoted faster than males. meanwhile women who don't even all look like regular exercisers are doing 8 pull ups.

the shit that holds society back.

J. M. Watson

So some girls get to do chin - ups (way frickin easier) and not go all the down while others nail real pull-ups and the do the full range of motion. Set some rules!


Camera man gave me a headache.

Hajsownik Classic

1:50 She do 1 chin up

єl๓0 รค๔

sad to say this is shit

José Pablo Bolaños Rigioni

Impressive.  The average chicks at the crossfit box I attend will  be happy to do 3 to 5 regular unassisted pull-ups.


This is sad. 

Cheryl King

So inspiring

Anthony Perkins

now thats a female pull up

Thundercunt McGeezax

I don't know what that is that they're doing, but it damn sure aren't fucking pull-ups

marcos piña

All the contestants are beautiful. To be American women, I was surprised that not one of them had tattoos. However, the second girl blondie with glasses, is so beautiful. I would like to smell her armpits after this hard exercise.


im in love...!!!!


Man Power Woman/Girl ??



Rizqi Bayumantari

The first 2 ladies did pull up where the next 2 did chin up, that is a huge different.

Antsa S

I am 14 year old boy and i can do more than any of those. :/ is this like real competition or random people doing pull ups?

Janie Coward

pull ups and chin ups are not the same. those chick's should be disqualified. chin ups for females are easier



Josh Fredman

That first competitor did an amazing job. Great form, great energy! There's this idea in our society that skinny people are stronger and fat people are hopelessly out of shape, but in my own experience it's almost always the people with some fat on them who are the strongest.

Vitaly Bolotsky

Бля, чё за хренов придурок снимать нормально не умеет?! А женщины должны соревноваться с мужчинами. На равных. И побеждать без поблажек и поддавков. А женщины, которые на это не способны, не заслуживают уважения.

Spencer Paton

These women would lose half their reps if they actually did them right...


All of them are using momentum and not even using proper form some of them even are doing chinups and not pull ups , their reps would be a quarter if they did it right

Alexander Jhin

Need two categories for this competition: One for people who do full ROM and everyone else.

Killer Meme Star

5:20 chin ups, not strong, using momentum.

Pascal junior

wow that first girl got really power!

Hajsownik Classic

Full pull-up is counted when the head is above the stick and elbows are fully extended, most of them have not done a single pull-up


2:48thats a nice beat

FU 2

Who in their right mind would give a megaphone to an official pain in the ass?

Brodey the Discipline Barber

Stronger than a lot of dudes I know lol

Cherie Salazar

Bad form