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?LOOP THIS VIDEO: CLICK HERE! ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcFDmpk7HsY&list=PL4wgK3dx2WHsra2XYadXor_6AJ7nkJBeO

☀This Magical Audio Tonic was created to make you lose inches off of your waist. Make sure to listen frequently for rapid results. Headphones or earphones are recommended but aren't required.

This tonic also contains Subliminal, Biokinesis, Hypnosis elements, and hidden affirmations that will quickly reach your subconscious and produce amazing results.

☀This session also contains such Binaural Beats Frequencies and Subliminal Messages that empowers your psyches to satisfy your longing to make you lose those inches off your waist that you had dependably been envisioning & dreaming of.

☀Listen to this audio as many times as you need while Visualizing your inches off of your waist.



THETA brings unique and powerful audios that produce amazing results. THETA will remind you that the power of the mind is much more powerful than you can ever imagine. The mind had the power to change physical aspects such as color of eyes, hair color and shape or growth etc. Theta brings unique frequencies and tones that provide amazing results for the listener.

Theta is a Master of colloquialism for 'neural entrainment', which denotes how the Theta aggregates powerful oscillation frequencies, resulting from synchronous electrical activity among ensembles of cortical neurons, which adjust to synchronize with the periodic vibration of an external stimulus, such as a sustained acoustic frequency perceived as pitch, a regularly repeating pattern of intermittent sounds perceived as rhythm, or a regularly intermittent flashing light causing physical changes very rapidly.

Theta Subliminal Affirmations messages are stimuli that lie below the threshold of conscious awareness. Because they fall below the absolute threshold level (ATL), you will not perceive the subliminal affirmation messages, even if we're looking for it. This is very important in producing amazing results as many people confuse subliminal influence with subconscious influence.

Results will vary. Some Individuals may experience instant results while other individuals can take as long as six months for results to occur. Please Like, share & subscribe to support this channel.


Headphones are optional

Please Like, share & subscribe to support this channel


Comments (36)
New Thought Movement

Please anyone can tell me more about sublimals. Can I download this. How this works. Thanks. New to this channel and family

Violet Hayes

Hahaha my stomach is moving is this normal

Chloe Nadeau


brooke utley

OMGGGGGG I LOST 6 lbs overnight Yayyayayyay yay

Lauren Aronoff

Is it just me or is your stomach tingling too

Naheeda Kazi

Is se kuch horha hai ya nhi

247 Keyle

Do u do request

247 Keyle

I love these

247 Keyle

Pepa pig0


Hello I wonder if these waves may cause any harm or illness. It does output to the output when the receiver considers the response or damage. please reply

tiggerrainbow rainbow

Yessss this works

Sofia Diaz-Solano

0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
So you don’t have to keep pressing the replay button

Cool Girl

Are ur subliminals safe??

Alex Stieger

How long would i have to listen to this for a flat stomach THETA?

Mary C Julius

Been listening for two weeks now, I see subtle changes in my body. Weight is coming down gradually, which is very good. Loosing weight is a lifestyle change, not a race to slim down fast. This audio helped me make the necessary changes subconsciously to a healthy lifestyle. Together with exercises and a healthy diet, this spesific subliminal will have permanent results. That's, if you stick to it. Much thanks to the creator of this audio track.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!❤️❤️?

tiggerrainbow rainbow

Listening for the 1st time and I can feel my Pants getting looser ???

0000 0000

Repeat these affirmations:

I have no fat in my body
I am slim
I am underweight
I am immune to weight gain
I am happy with my body
Everyone is jealous of my perfect body
I am skinny and confident
I have a flat stomach

I’m Bored

Gosh I feel it and it burnnnsssss

Света Света

What if i can`t hear affirmation

lps fantasyTv

Hi can you make one for vampire fangs but forced and very powerful plz

Abby May

REQUEST PLEASE...for small, dainty, size 6 feet/shoe size. Also, one for eliminating hooded/heavy eye lids. Thank you for all the work you're doing here.

Joshua King

December 2035 anyone this video was made 18 years ago wow

Suzanne Cluderay

Feeling the burn! ?


Incredible :0

Felicia D

Can you listen to this with others?

Alex Stieger

THETA, can you make one that makes you fall asleep lightly, so like a nap. i want to add it to my playlist of subliminals so the subliminals have more effect

Sono J

Plz may i know if you are using theta frequency and where can I download it?

Rae nad

First comment???

Senzawa’s apostle [5th of the twelve]

my hip hurt, I feel like they’re getting smaller. I don’t like it :(((

Xo Xo

Can you please make one to remove excess skin and tighten it ? Thank you ?

Humberto Zepeda

Some people don't look beyond their nose, that's why they don't understand the power of the mind,,, thank you for making the video.

narjis fatima

Request please can you make one to get back husband who doesn't love or care for you anymore.i wish he falls in love with me one more time and we live together happily. His family is hell bent against me and keep telling him false things against me and now he started believing them.I really love him and want him back.please help


Person who making this frequency video - You are AMAZING in few days I have very strong abs from your another video. Thank you and God bless.

247 Keyle



hey can make perrie edwards transformation : body shape smile white teeth lips n'ose without blackheads and get curly eyelashes

Huaira Sanchez Panda

can you please make a subliminal to have beautiful double lobed lower lips??

1 Week Standing ABS Workout Challenge | Lose 2-3 Inches Off Waist Fast

1 Week Standing ABS Workout Challenge | Lose 2-3 Inches Off Waist Fast12 Dec. 2020
108 695
GatelloSubscribe 438 721

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For My Personal Training Program

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Thanks for watching!


Comments (100)
Ranjana Kushwaha

Superb workout..mza ajata h krky..i loss 8 kg weight..70 kg tha

asmita soni

I will do tomorrow definitely ?


Nice very nice

Divya Chhura

Hello mam
Is this exercises is suitable after sezerian delivery .as i got baby 8 years before.

Drishti Jain

Amazing exercises Ma'am...Thankyou so much!!
Keep posting more challenges?

Kalai Vani

You are really amazing

Sumaiya Akhter

Deserve 1million likes

sunitha reshu

Wow very effective excercises ...started doing ?
Thank you so much ?

Saba Ali

Im following your videos for workout but there are two videos . I am confused should i follow both workouts this one and one that is three week weighg loss bed exercise video? I hve 70 Kg weighg height is 5 feet 6 inches and i hve too much fat on thighs and buttocks.

Pradnya pagade

Hi man exercise karne ke liye shoes compulsory hai kya

Harjeet Chahal

Mam ye sab Exercise khali pet krni hai?

Senehal Dusane

Thank you meam

may vlog may vlog

C sanction dalivry k bad wock bta dy plz

sayali shirodkar Deshpande

Video content is good. Just a small advice, remove basin wala background

Prasad 496

Baboy I love your attitude.from devi

Harjeet Chahal

Mam period time me Skip kr skte h kya?

Pooja Waje

Hello mam i am following your workout daily thank you so much... Very fresh all day long.. And because of this mine Stamina has also increased a lot.... Thanks again ...


Love your commentary ?

lamia stabilo

Your amazing you inspired me so much I love your videos so effective ???

Lakshmi Bai

Hi l am 8th month of c section delivery can i do this is exercise


#gatello After workouts...... how many minutes later are we supposed to drink water

samupaul paul

Please share more and watch more "Breath" and "Last piece" by got7:(?

Nikita Harmalkar

Mam muje aap bahut achi lagti jab aap itne ache se explain karti hai ki kaise excise karni hai...❤️❤️

Manasi Joshi

Superb workout
But after exercise immediately pani pi sakte hai kay

Nisha Gharti


Suranjana Chowdhury

Mam I want to to weight loss but I have osteoarthritis so jumping jacks is impossible for me .. Please help another exercise for me. I am 56yrs

Suvarapu Sreenivasulu

I started yesterday . Today my love Handles are painning ?
I will upload after a week??

Pooja Sharma

Very effective exercise

Tejaswini Gaikwad

Hello di....mujhe weight loss karna hai but mein nhi kar pati hu q ki mujhe pcod hai or mein jab bhi workout karti hu mujhe bleeding chalu hota hai or us vakt mujhe pain bhi hota hai isliye nhi kar pati hu or 5-6 days baad fir se workout karti hu fir se bleeding chalu hota hai please mujhe bataiye mein kya karu

riya Mukherjee

Mera baby 6 + year hei or uska Waight din din barti ja rahi hei....wo kana to bohot jada khati nehi hei....but kesi huota hei...... Plz uska Waight loss karne ka koi idea do mam plz

reeta mehra

Mam jab workout karti hun to mujhe 15 minute bad hi feel hone lagta hai ki mere hatho or pairon mei Jan nhi hai pls help me for this situation. And I wait for ur next video for this situation pls solve it

Aparna Moitra


Rukmini Krishna

Hi mam full-day energetic diet plan video upload plz

Nisha Singh

Hie, mam mene aapse pehle bhi request kia tha par aapne reply nhi diya. Is baar please de dijiyega. I have proper weight, I just have slight belly fat. When I do these exercises I end up loosing weight, which I don't want. I had requested you how to reduce belly fat without loosing weight. I m confused which exercise should I opt for. If you solve this problem of mine, it will be easier for me to continue with the same in peace.

Sunita Joshi

Body pain m workout kese kre

Bilal Ahmed

Power full exercise ?❤️❤️❤️?

Swagatika Dash

This is really working... I have tried this for the first time and I can feel the pain in my abs..thank you mam

Kapoor Singh Panchal

Didi bhut harharddd per kiya. ....mene ek varr bedha tha???

Jhanvi Gandhi

Mam pl share link of warmup and stretching

preety rathee

Mam meri hips fat loss nhi ho rhi side se ???

Haripriya M

Thanku dear.

C Sangeetha

Hi freind very happy to watch this video in fact I'm so excited to start theses workouts, as a beginner I jst wanted to know that each exercise how many counts to be done and gradually upto how many counts tobe increased.....

rajwant sanghera

I’m filling good

cinderella beauty

What is your age mam??

Harsha Meghnathi

Can I do this exercise during period

Wela Jutt

challenge accepted

Sarita Parghi

Thank you Mam....these exercises r so effective ....I m doing since five days...so much energetic n lighter feeling...???

Bompi Ghosh

Really very good excerise hope it will work it's mine 1st DAY ☺

Laibah Khan

Plz mjy ans zaroor dana plz

Eran Alivelu

Ma'am I have upper abs ...I can I do this for my abs reduce... It will work .... Ma'am pls give reply...


Di plzzz manual terminal pe kasie aur kitne time Chalna hai ye btaye plzzz plzzz plzzz ?

Darshini V

Hi Rekha ma’am ... I have been trying this workout challenge for the past 15 days and I must say that it’s working really well for me.thanks a lot ?

khushbu pande khushbu pande

Kya hum ye sab exarsize period me kar sakte hai

Eva & Ani

Bahut achha workout mam

Pari Khan

Mam apne bilkul sahi kaha hamara mind yahi kehta he k bas ruk ja itna kafi but mene apne ap se kaha mje krna he ese har nhi manni k bas bahot ho gya pain ho rha he pain hota he to or jyada motivation milta he k pain me hi maza he mane life me first time exc.ki last 1 and half months se or roz krti hn morning me apko follow kia tab se exc.krti hn mera weight itna nhi he bas belly fat he wo bi mene 25 days me 3 se 4 inches kam kia apki exc.se or weight loose bi hua thank you so much mam for effective ecx.periods he mje abi or pet or back me pain hota he to 3 din miss hue abi exc.k ab kl morning se start roz 1 ya 1 30 ganta exc.krti hn or result bi amazing mile mje meri age 40 he or ek hi beta he 17 year ka bas bellt fat ho gaya delivery k bad se ab wo bi khatam ho jaega Insha Allah or mam plzz ese hi achi or effective exc.late rahiye ham sb k lie may Allah bless uh always??

Ramandeep Kaur Gill

Hello mam
I had c section , 6 months ago..
Is it safe for me??

Sarita Parghi

Superb workout.....I will surely try out this effective excercise???


Tq so much ma'am.my workout start kariti 6 Mount se .but apka a wall experience try kari bahota effective haii TQ

Mohd ali azaan Azaan

Ap sub exercise batatay ho per mujhay pcos hai aur meri upper belly ka fat khatamich nai hota kuch bi karlo mai diet aur exercise dono karti hon mai apnay upper belly say bohth pareshan hon

Nutan Oberoi

It was awesome, but I have an issue of acne. Can you please share a video of how, when, and in how much quantity we have to drink water in a day so that I can get rid of acne.

Geeta;s Essence!!!

Evening me ye exercise kar sakte h kya, subah time nhi milta h

Azra Shaikh

Mam aap ne jo V Shape ka squate bataya hai wo bauhat accha hai ?
Please aap aur shapes k bhi squates ki video banaie
We are waiting
Thanks a lot for sharing this video

upsc journey vlogs ##

And yes we would like to see letter and shapes exercise pls

Shagun Khandelwal

I really like ur videos ?❤️❤️

spiritual vibes tv

Amazing fully watch .I will start tomorrow inshallah

may vlog may vlog

C sanction dalivry main yeh sab kr sakty Hain kiya plz reply

Hareem Hareem

Love u

Veluri Sowjanya

tq mam nice workout.
mam skipping ke bare me batavo ,mein 1000 skipping karti hoon aisa karne se result milega kya plss rply

Sehar Noreen

OMG ???Am really Shocked

Purvi Ratnani

Muje back pain h kya m kr skti hu?plz suggest di

sama Ahmed

How much time did required for ur complete transformation ....?? Plz let me know.....ur truely inspiriy

Rekha Mule

Thanks rekha ji

fatema Abdul Qadir

Mam exercise karte kitni calories burnt hoti


Caesar hone k bad bhi kor sakhta hu kai

majidavv maji

Hlo pls share how to reduce attach marks in our body

Sweta Sharma

Didi you the best coach for workout di i like you


superb..will surely do


Day 1️⃣ Done

riya Mukherjee

Mam plz help me...mei ap ka video follow karti hu...or mujhe malum hei ki ap hi mujhe ei help kor sakte hei....so plz mam help me plz

Laibah Khan


upsc journey vlogs ##

I will start it from tomorrow and definitely share with u the results

anjali prasad

I am so happy to see ur videos. I dont know how much I can follow and lose weight but one this is for sure. I get so much motivation which is so imp for weight loss. I am sorry I hvnt liked ur video yet but one day I will sit and like all ur videos. I would appreciate if u let us know some thing which I am facing. I have extremely low VitD and doc said I can have bone fracture very easily. Plz recommend any suggestions or any diet. I am doing normal exercise for 30 mins.

jayasree menon

Very nice and enjoying Thanks plus give your no

Nosheen Noshi

Me 3 mahine se jym ja rahe hu par mre jisam me dard abhe bhe boht hota h mujh kch bata de k me asani se jym Kar saku plz ??

Muneera Mini

mom deite plan plz

sama Ahmed

It's been 2 month only for my c section... can I perform these exercise ??....plz ma'am do reply

Laibah Khan

Maam jin ka jism mota hai wo kasy leg utha sakty haiaur jin ki hip bhari ho aur side par fat ho wo kasy itni exercises kar sakty hai

Saba Ali

This video workout can be done with this standing workout? Plz guide properly. I appreciate the way you give enthusiasm ????????

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Manazir E Khana Kaba and Masjid e Nabawi

After one day workout feeling pain in body?dont know why

Mahi Manni

Mai isko jrur krungi. But exercise k bad mai bht tired ho jati hu. Jiski bjh se mai koi or kam nh kr pati. Mai ek baby ki mother hu. To m kya kru ki jisse mai tired na ho pau.

Aradhya Singh

Mam bauht acha laga apk sath workout complete kar k mam 30mintues ka bhi workout share kijiye nd workout k sath sath ap bauht motivate karti ho mam thanku so much im so happy ?

Annu Priya

Mam....I am doing all ur exercises ..I am enjoying it....but please I am very confused with diet plan....i am requesting you since long ki aap plz thyroid ke liye winter ki ek special video bna dijiye....plz plz plzz

Maham John

Can I do workout in evening? will it effective for weight loss?

Rabia Tabassum


Saba Ali

After having this exercise, im having muchpain in abs and legs. Should i give break for one or two days or continue?

Nidhi Mehton

Hlo ma...i feel crams in my thighs after doing 1 day wrkout

Amit Singh

Mam hair fall bahut ho rahey hai

Giri Nandini

Nice Promo Dear????

Aarti Aggarwal

Mam can I do this exercise in evening??

How I lost 6 inches off my waist| Secrets to a smaller waist

How I lost 6 inches off my waist| Secrets to a smaller waist7 Sep. 2020
Anne Gets FitSubscribe 438 721

Hey loves?, in this video

Hey loves?, in this video I'll be giving you tips that helped me lose inches off my waist and have enabled me maintain a smaller waist. Hope you find this useful!

Video of how to do a stomach vacuum;


Follow me on;

Instagram; @l.yrical https://instagram.com/l.yrical_?igshid=vmd8z2efdwov

Comments (6)
Karen Birch

Hey Anne ??great ?very beautiful

viola adera

Am the first one ?

Billy James official


Valentine Jebet


Knight Amolo

u look sooo gooood?

Bonareri Momanyi

Love to see it??