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How To Run A 5k Under 20 Minutes - 8 Things You Need To Know

How To Run A 5k Under 20 Minutes - 8 Things You Need To Know3 May. 2020
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A 13-minute video

A 13-minute video discussing 8 important features of how to run a 20 minute 5k under 20 minutes. Discussing pacing, times, adaptation, weekly structure, and training types


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Plamen G

thats one of the best videos i've watched on YT to prep for sub 20 5k - thanks!

James Hurst

This is an outstanding video, anyone who wants to do a sub 20 should see this first.

David J

Great Job explaining everything that we should concentrate on. Happy running all.. Feeling hopeful that racing should be back on again with the whole covid crazyness.

How to Run a 5K in Under 25 Minutes

How to Run a 5K in Under 25 Minutes3 Feb. 2020
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Ryan GrabowskiSubscribe 438 721

How to run a sub 25 minute

How to run a sub 25 minute 5k!

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I am a 26 year old guy enjoying life one experience at a time. Tag along =)

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Conor ————

Just did my first run and got 25:56, had to sit down at one point because of how unfit I am :(

McKenna Castor

my pr from last xc season was 26.06, i have a race tomorrow and im hoping to break 25 :)

The Purge

Top tier RaceWalkers are able to brisk walk a sub-25 mins 5km . High cadence walk from start to finish .


great video man.... but the fact that one of your hoodie strings is over your shoulder..... it's a deal breaker.

I can't trust you

no running for me !


I used to be in 23s, but I had accident on longboard and since then I can't break under 25, it's been a year and a half :(

Nathan Yuki McNeil

First 5k got 26:30 tried again today but halfway almost died from a cramp. I had 4:30 minute pace first 2 km and then 7:30 middle two because I had to walk, last one I did a 5 min km so how can I not almost die halfway?


Did the 5k in 24:44 today... my 4th time running (i threw up after that)

Ryan Hemingway

i’ve been running 5k everyday trying to improve. i set my personal best today - 25:12. can’t wait to drop below 25, thanks for the tips!


I got a 5k this Saturday and this video helped me out a lot

Whippet Parker2.0

I am 13 and just dropped 24:58

Dr. Biomech

fleanet lmfao

Ace Gurung

29 minute for 5k run ???



Vlado Holic

My strategy for my first ever 5k run in 2016 was way off comparing to yours. I started a month before the race and not a single time did I have energy for 5K run before that. The longest run was about 4.5K and the pace just over 25 minutes on 5K but on race day I managed to run 24.43 after 5000 metres which I was satisfied with.

Adrian Harris

Nice Ryan! under 25 mins is a good pace man! :)


Same goals as me lol. Aiming for sub22 and just broke 25mins today


Got a 5k race in 6 days. Aiming for 25-30min, i dont train at all or have never trained before so should be pretty hard to do but i think ill do it. Im 14 years old btw. I went for a run today: 2x3km first 3km 17:30 second one 16:15 and the 5k was 28 flat but it was 2x3km so it doenst really count.

Gary 65

I run my first 25 minute 5K today.....I will be 55 years old next week. Better late than never...

Basudeb Nag

My own best 5 minutes 9 seconds. I did it today. Hopefully next week it will be under 25 minutes.

Hutch Reed

Awesome video. Im highschool freshman trying to break 20

Basyarul Hanifan

Hi Ryan thank you for sharing some tips for doing a sub 25 in 5k race. I will run my first 5k race on March 29, I have started my training program from November 2019 using Nike Run Club but in the past 2 weeks, I've lost my motivation to train even for once a week. My personal best for 5k was 27 mins and I set a target for sub 25 at my first 5k race. Today I just watched your video and it has given a motivation that sub 25 is really really possible for everyone as well as me.

Tyler Lewis

Great video, can you suggest a good pair of running shoes to help with my journey?


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TrackstaaSubscribe 438 721



Music - Maasai

This video is the first speed workout of the year, which actually went surprisingly well.

The workout:

2 Mile tempo - 9:57

10x400 - 62s - 64s

2 Mile Tempo - 9:47

#5kworkout #trackandfield #faster5k

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Gregor Smith


Sean Laidlaw

Lmk when the shirt drops aight?

Subhankar Manna

Hey my dear , i'm a 5:10 miler. So i want to run a mile under 4:50 min. so can you suggest me some workout tips ?what's type of training actually do for it?

Oliver Punge

Garibaldi :)

Josh Gorst

The Garabaldi Kid. ??


YOU need a haircut? Bro that looks good compared to the rat's nest I got right now

Sam Hollins


יאיר אורלב


David Lidstone

Loved this video!

Eddie Vickers

Geraboldi ?

Eoin Mulhern

Geraboldi reckon you could get sponsored by a geraboldi biscuit company haha


I’m second ?

Pyers LKWD


Alex Wilson

Would you ever consider running a marathon Alfie?

Ned Potter



how can we see your spotify playlist? love the vids and tunes!


more mile socks are elite


What are your prs

William McAlinden


Crawford Smith



How much rest in between 400 repeats?

Caleb Stephenson

Best place to get 4%s nowadays??

Brian McEwen

I'm curious, with Britain's huge tradition in Cross Country and reasonable amount of park space, why don't you do your intervals on a trail or in a park on the grass?

It seems like it'd be easy to measure out 400m, 800m, 1K, 1200m .... whatever you need. It seems like that would already be the standard even if you DID have access to a track right now.

If that 14:09 and 29:40 were accurate you're in good shape, I just couldn't stand doing 400s and fast sprints on the pavement. Even if the track was open right now I wouldn't do those long reps and fast reps on the track or the road. Maybe you can tolerate it mentally and physically, but I wouldn't want to do intervals there in the fall, the winter and the spring.

adam licht

Why run on the road? It seems better for your legs to do these intervals on soft surfaces.

Alex runner


Jacopo Trabaldo

first lets go!!!

Andy Wright

The garibaldi gangster getting the work in.

Alex Wilson

2:47 what was the name of the other YouTube channel as I didn't quite hear it

Daniel Newman


Mia Running


Josh Dvorak


Ramón Zabalbeitia Jayo

Garibaldi ! ???

Guus Peters

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Andrew McWilliam