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Gold's Gym RESPONDS To Lee Priest!

Gold's Gym RESPONDS To Lee Priest!13 Jul. 2019
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Dave Palumbo with the

Dave Palumbo with the latest (and likely conclusion) to the Lee Priest vs. Gold's Gym Venice saga!

See how the West Coast Mecca responded to the Australian legend.

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4K Nature and City Walks

Genova deserves this same treatment he youtube celebrity since 2008 2009. he entitled


Good to hear. But wow access to Golds worldwide..that’s awesome!

Mike Lisle

Ridiculous what happened, but a class act on Gold's part...glad it worked out for Lee..Lee is one of the greatest of all time in the sport of bodybuilding....

Lester Hahn

Did you see the video of Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall training there? They also didn't know who either of them were. They need to hire people that actually care about working out.

sheldon saretsky

Never liked this Chanel but now I do so nice


Gold' s Gym can't afford any negative publicity, because many of their gyms ate closing nationwide.

Blast Furnace

man, that's like asking bill gates to pay for a windows license...


woah , was this verified real > the 2nd email asking for his credit card info is bizarre . I dont think any real business would request that info unsecured in a email .

RF Johns

Early bodybuilders were eaten up by corporations such as Weiders


I'm surprised Lee paid instead of telling them to fuck-off. He was being too nice. Plenty of gyms around, unfortunately most are run by dipshits, and have dipshit front desk people.

81 Forever

He used for promotion.

Bbs Raika

The host is creepy as fuck


Can't be mad a the staff, that Jeff guy sounds like the prick who'd fire you for not following protocol, regardless if the client is a legend. He's only trying to save face, but the damage is done.


Personally I think Dave gave Gold's far too much credit. All that was just a pacifier for any potiental damage control to sales. Typical Corp reaction- and so was the cheeky dig. Nice treatment of Shaw and Eddie too Gold's- you're really on a roll!

Adam N

So is that the usual rate for the gym...if so fuck ever going there

Paul mark

FuCk Golds


This is a scam. Golds gyms are franchises and the owner of this location can’t come up with an “all over the world” access card. Also, charges to a card can be reversed on a merchants POS system, no need to ask for banking or credit info. Be safe Lee! And unfortunately Dave this seems to be fake news until proven otherwise.

BbM Elite Gym

dave you are the man, by getting your voice heard and the power to it. lee priest must be very apreaciative and we are great full for your power.


Great news

Neural Tech

They need to refund him immediately.

Audi 1

No pro should ever ever have to work out there in fact I can't believe they don't sponsor pros to work out there anyone with a big name should be welcomed with open arms.

al jude

I wonder if the new vp of the npc Jim manions grandson knows who lee priest is. Kid isn’t old enough to blow his nose and Jim makes him the vp!!!!! Unfucking believable

Samuel Dumas

I love Golds but sometimes they can be a bitch when it comes to payments


Well GGV did the right thing. I'm pleased. Lee is a VIP, damn right he deserves the pass, add on the refund and they deserve props for reacting correctly. Well done.


Front desk of any business is to squeeze anyone member or not but goldsgym fukedup

Mathieu Harvey

Ok next step Jeff will be to fire the MF guy who charged Lee Priest the day fee, PERIOD

Dungeon Fitness

Arnold, if it makes economic sense, pls buy Gold’s Gym


Great work Dave.
Great response Golds!

Bert’s Buds

The red carpet comment was rude as fuck...........

W Joseph

If I owned a gym this legend or any other legends would never need to pay to visit my gym.


BS... I would send my CC to anyone . They can just mail him a check if they want to reimburse him...that dosen't sound correct..F president wouldn't get my CC....


Good for Golds on this, they really should have front desk people that have a clue. It's bad enough at 24hr & LAFitness etc they're completely lost, Gold's Venice anyway really should know what's up.

Tommy Oday IV

Roll out the red carpet? Still sounds like a smart ass comment.

Дмитрий Павлов

does Dave pluck his eyebrows?

daine chang

That's really cool so awesome, but it shouldn't have happen in the first place, they should train the staff better.

Darock Iscooking

LPs technique and form is awesome I always watch his videos no matter light or really heavy it's always a controlled speed time under tension one of the best greats to watch train.
Good on Golds giving him a V. I. P pass he deserves it.

Junior The 3rd

Lee is the last person that deserves this


Seeing how Golds Gym is fast becoming Fitness Planet, I'd turn and leave.

Psycho Joe

I half expected them to double down on this.

Nate Ellenberger

Dave is still a vascular dude......damn! :)

Lee Hughes

What stupid fucks at the desk ! Doesn’t surprise me.
Good clean up job ?


"Class act" you look like a fucking crackhead

Daniel Burks

To me, the response sounded snarky, lol.


What a look.. like a skull with a face. Like a Terminator

Handyman Inside


Stevie Thomas

Few years back I heard a story wen I was at gold Venice that Rich gaspari walked in and they wanted him to pay the day pass !! Apparently the guy with him said to the front desk. “ r u kidding me rich was a top pro a legend doing like 20 Olympias runner up like 5 times his poster is over there !!!
And u wAnt him to pay 20 bucks??!!
“ thankfully the person at the desk handled it good and so I was told, let Rich in to workout complimentary ! (Not sure about his mate tho?!! Lol) by the way this was 4/5 years ago ...
I’ve met Rich gaspari few times early 90s marina pacific hotel Venice and more recently wen we both happened to be at the firehouse Venice . A really great guy and nice person and always got time to have a chat ! I still always say to him nothing like the late 80s early 90s GOLDS VENICE! Ask anyone who was there at thAt time

Vincent S

I don’t think it was Gold’s Gym fault. I think it was just a bunch of out of touch workers at the front desk that only work there because they need a job. They have no clue about bodybuilding or fitness.


The front desk person was a dumbass. If that happened to me in a customer service position (him pointing at his own fucking picture on the wall) my first thought would be “oh shit this guy might be different.”


Golds gym is trash.They have the same rules as planet fitness now

Allan Thomsen

I wanna hear what Lee Priest thought about it. Watched a video with Brian Shaw and Eddie hall visiting Gold Gym in Venice - had a sign that said only rubber plates ind the squatrack and etc.. apparently not a gym for the strong anymore - would have liked to hear what Lee thought about training with bumper plates. :-D

This used to be me

Minimum wage gym employees don't have the luxury of letting people walk into the gym for free. Coming from working at a gym myself, gym owners are cheap pricks and will yell at you, or fire you, for letting someone in for free. And the owners/managers are mysteriously never around when this shit happens so they can rape everyone for as much money as possible. They then play the "class act" as Dave says if there is a big enough stink about it.

Russell Morgan



Golds Gym = Class acthttps://100percentdominanceprominence.com
That act just emphasized the GOLD in their name. GOLD STANDARD :)

Reginald Jackson

Fuck Lee Priest


Get a new mic.

Kenneth Wilburn

Not enough updated equipment, totally unimpressed. WSM guys , rubber plates only on squats....

Regina Crosco-Booker

thats professional in my book. i figured it was the front desk people. the def didnt know him lol

Calvin Darrington

Yes‼️ Brian Shaw & Eddie Hall need the same email‼️ Forget Golds

Rodrigo Antunes Guimarães

Hahahahaha roll out the red carpet... that was sooo passive agressive


"Rolled out the red carpet"? Wtf... sarcastic as******

francio venegas

the same happened to john cena,they said if you cant prove us you are a wwe superstar you have to pay. they hire idiots to work there in my opinion.

Eric Allen

What if Big Lenny visits Gold's-Venice?

Sean Frost

Good job, Golds Gym. Glad for your response.

Nicholas Rubino

I don't care for anyone who personally goes out of his way to make fun of a fan's religion on their instagram. It's too bad the charges didn't stick. Btw he hates Americans he said so himself before he deleted his post.

Mark Estes

I am guessing he looks a little different than the picture

So So

10% Off iHerb House Brands. https://prf.hn/l/rvPRlJK ???

Shaun K

God bless Lee Priest. The only bodybuilder I would ever heckle for an autograph

Robert Mackie

YES!!!! Thank you Golds for doing the right thing!!!

George Aliagas

Most Gyms would RIP their own mothers off


now thats justice good job GOLDS

Jay Finn

After a smuck like me paid 40.00 from Boston (and i'm a nobody ) tripping over homeless ...not impressed ,he should have left.Mike O' is cool thou.

Sho Razorblade

Sounds like sarcasm to me. Red carpet lol! - Golds is winding him up.

Florian Bösch

That is how it looks when a PR manager tries to fix front desk dummy fuckups

gomez lido

I love your candor and overall humanity. You have a new subscriber ?


Lol who would charge this guy little man syndrome at the desk

I am Zebra

Seems that personel at Gold’s gym Venice are anyway finding it very hard to act in a welcoming way...:-) Usually the ones that have nothing to do with the success are the biggest idiots. Unfortunately they are the 1st ones you meet when visiting the place... https://youtu.be/GpOGc-Q-_sI

Daniel Kater

That's a cocky post

Derek Lobato

This GM got the last laugh with a Savage comment and Palumbo doesn’t even realize it. It’s not class act it’s savage as fuck bro.

B.R. Ferguson

Good on the manager for making things right! Who’s running the front desk there, Beavis and Butthead?? “Hi, I’m Lee Priest.” “Uhhhh....whut?” lol

81 Forever

Waste of cash.


I wouldn’t charge lee priest for gas ⛽️ if I worked in a gas station let alone a gold gym membership

Kev Jackson

The manager said Lee has very loyal fans. True. But he may not have known that. Anyway, the manager and Gold's is doing the right thing. :)

burt turdison

Eddie Hall and Brian shaw also went and the staff had no idea who they were. If that was my gym I would let those people go, because they do not belong there.

Kurt Barlow

Good on GOLDS.... that is a good deal !!!!! And the right thing.

Harry Nutsac

Yes, it was because of Dave and his little youtube channel that Gold's did a 180 to save their business. No Dave, it was the people all over social media and who are members there. Gold's doesn't know who you are or your fart in the wind little youtube channel, lmao.


"And I aplogize we did not roll out the red carpet for your visit!" Love that little needle...


This General Fucking Manager Jeef is a total idiot ,and your stupid sarcasm was really bad taste....but maybe this BIG GENERAL MANAGER if meet some VIP ,this idiot also that roll red carpet... him lower your pants and put him at 90 degree! Fuck Gold Gym ,Gold Era was in 70'years, now is only a Shit gym Gym on Thieves..... and this General Manger is representative on this....


Golds should be fucking embarrassed.

Mario Smoker

So you praise them for something he already deserves? How bout saying they fucked up!? That's what lee would say.

Prosciutto Prosciuttis

I train in a normal gym and I am a normal person and I have free pass for my family member.if you work at gold gym and don’t know who lee is you shouldn’t work there not even for free


Dave, check out Brian Shaw’s video just out. He went to golds gym Venice and they didn’t know who he was.


Fuck yeah boom

mulatto mentality

Anybody see the "roll out the red carpet" comment as passive aggressive

Mark Paren

It’s always the people who can afford to pay that don’t pay. Common guy gets screwed every time.

Carl Alaban

And I would like to thank you Dave awesome effort pulling them up and getting this fixed nice job

Milad 18

lee is a legend ??

Jack Burton

It's not a matter of money but principle. And that sarcastic "red carpet" response was anything but "class act".

Fred Gardner

$40???? some real horseshit

Audi 1

By the way Dave when I was a kidd your picks inspired me to work out you looked like someone you didn't want to fuck with in the old muscle mags. ? You had muscle and a serious look to you.

Barone B



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Darren Kavanagh

Do another collab with @bradleymartyn

Fitness Benjamin

feeling Asia AF good shi t!


Checkout my channel!

AJ Music

His form is terrible

Ivan Wetshy

What is the first Song?

david hurston

Brother your videos are motivation, natural lifting is what is in.

Mike Allgeier

What's that song called in the beginning of your video please

Viet ThirteenAngelz

I like this modified "JUA" beat.
Where can this be found?

chris campos

Great video Simeon ...
Huge inspiration




Love the music!

Baylor S

Why is she wearing makeup to work out?


Man ...I got my SP shirts and snapback in this week..and I've never seen a betta quality shirt like these before. I've ordered from a few subscribers and this is the BEST!!!

Mark Watkinson

Look so good together.wen u guna ask her man.need a ring on her finger.

Sukhi Johal

how come your surname is panda mine is harambe ?????

bishi fitness المحفز



Simon anyone ever say they wanna bust on your girls back?

Deidade Kalondjo

My man Simen come to Portugal , you will be very welcome...
more hardcore videos please!

dash brooks

Daymm coco is soooo fine like 10/10

Sk Sabir

perfect body

Christ Consciousness

Lil mama putting in work lol

Rashad B

Whats the name of this instrumental sim?


Yo nice vlog, which trainers was it you were talking about? I'm curious :)

Pupo Nazario

Your woman is so BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW!!


wifey lookin gooood. lucky man ?

Only Venkat

What is your body fat..?

Tymur Arrian

I feel like those YouTube bloggers having gf just to film them

Cal Caliente

Transitions are so corny ?? I still watched tho


man didn't even show the creps

pankaj yadav

That cleavage though

Olteanu Alexandru

i like panda but he have a weak point uoer chest

The Emperor

Beginning theme song plz? Sounds African


Sup, Sim! I'm checking out the SP Aesthetics page. Gonna purchase a couple stringers. How long does it take to ship here in the U.S?

Bradley J.

Yo Sim! what's the name of the song played at the beginning? great video tho?

Yeezy Wulf

Great workout !!! Love the music and some of these are in my routine

Richy Porter

one of my favourite youtuber, very positive, humble and very optimistic, got you on my notification big bro


Simeon Killing the 65kgs and the guy on the blue jacket with the Worst Triceps Kickback with dumbells at https://youtu.be/VgubcecDcsk?t=60

Orlando Sablon III

I never been to LA but it looks fun and expensive! I bet they have the best restaurants!

Алексей Власенко

first african song?

2nd EZRA

what's the name of the track ?

Nicolás Ramirez

i don''t know how this guy is one of the most influencer in Aesthetics. His body is disproportionate:
Lower chest look like boobs
Arms are too big (Popeye syndrome)
The rest is okay. This comment is not to offend anyone on here, is just that i found ridiculous that a lot of men's physique with fucking aesthetic bodies are no-names and Simeon is on the top just because he is bigger. Fuck new school.

Jordan Chevalier

Thats me in the background 0:47. White stringer baby

Raiden X

why the girl is working all body parts ?

Rhevy Vistal

whats the title of the music please


dude youre voice is so deep it sounds like its fake lol

Daniel Meloda

Simeon has a Lamborghini? O_o

Mathieu Bernier

Feat avec Nathan Mozango !!


Anyone know what video editing program he uses?

chris campos

Great video Simeon ...
Huge inspiration

Stephen Harrison

Came here for work out tips. I got some lovie dovie shit instead. Fucking pissed kmt

A- Murda

New subscriber
Just seen you'll be in syd in April for the expo.

Looking forward to it


any advice for a high school wrestler?

Mat Hunt

Sim you've got the best YouTube channel in the fitness world and seem the most genuine, start uploading regular and your channel will hit a few million in know time. From a fellow U.K. Brother keep it up I love your content

Josh Yianni

I was there last year, making me want to go back again... No place like LA

Sankalp Arora

Hello Simeon Panda,loved the video !
Seeing this change in your videos and blending hardcore lifting sessions with Travel and Lifestyle.I like it! Keep up the good work Simeon!

Antwan Darelle Fenton a.k.a Fantom

Hackney in the building

Lee Scott

Holy shit any 1 see kevin nash walk down the ramp

Jermaine P

just started following you two. so far so good. Keep up the good work.

Drew Omondi

good work Simeon

Alex 45

Haha he translated trainers lol




hahahaha simeon is too big for the car ? (4.30min)

Mike Jones

Suhh dude!


Song name anyone?

Dan The dunker

awesome transition effects???

The Archives

What's this song though

Madison Media

we all strive to reach this level in fitness .. respect


Anybody else who noticed the dot of some shit on the lens? I tripped me out trough the whole video ?



Evan Johnson

you should get some more black "just lift" arm blasters in stock

Ivan Russell

Sim you need to stop playing and merry that women brah?

Marlon Grabandt

Lmao why are guys wearing these type of tanktops at the gym, might as well go shirtless since it doesnt cover up anything


Super Good


Is he African?


One bodypart a day is the hallmark of a good drug free routine.


simeon bro where did you get that jacket from and good video from you both

kevin Ikeonu

this guy's go one of the best video editing in the the game

bosz man

dude leave your girlfriend at home and train with some real men

John Montenegro

Post more VLOG's Simeon!

earl raglin

La the shiz

Kehinde Olaleye

Like always, great video! Love watching your content. Can't wait for the next one!!

Samuel Agidi

What song is this bruv?

Ali Abdullah

whats her name ?


cuanta felicidad en sus caras...cuando te das cuenta que todo es un engaño y su vida otra

Antwan Darelle Fenton a.k.a Fantom

Nice intro

Go Home and get your shinebox

I spot'd Simeon once, it was my back workout for the week

para mediccine

vlogging in a nutshell. look how hot I am, just driving around in my ferrari, not the best but you know it gets me around, um heres my house. waterside. pretty shit but you know I just do it all for you guys you know


When's the fat loss program out. I need it! got more spare tyres than kwikfit

Dylan Cetinkaya

Really cool music for the chest session

Gabriel Mayiki

He's the best man ! Hope I'll see u this year at the FIBO event


That's a pec tear waiting to happen.

Uly ByNature

I think these are the type of vids that suit you well
Get it ??


Its not Westfield Culver City, its Fox Hills. All the fox are gone & the Aussies bought the mall. But its 4ever Fox Hills to the LA folk. Keep providing the inspiration. Its one of my go to channels when Im trying to weasel out of a workout.

Raider Gator

thought the title was chest days of the gods ... the zyzz feels

Romz Deluxe

The song. What is the name of the song????????


Girl is so cute with her lottle weights ??


i love this sim.... it'd a nice swtichup and its nice to see the other side of whats happening... Cut lets be real we all have another side to our main work/life/hobbies/passions so this type of video is always welcome. Training for me is a lifestyle , I'm also working really hard to try and get a nice life in the background so its nice to see another brother living the dream, no hate here just pure love, you guys have literally got the combination of work/playtime etc etc down to the T.... well done keep it up and enjoy because I've learned nothing stays the same forever!!!!

Tom Kim

I feel like I'm in the Lion King listening to the song

Der Da

Is he driving a lambo?

Goku Black

Nice vid Simeon, u should collab with MIKE O'HEARN!

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Sala chor

abhijeet singh

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Sahrukh Khan

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Rajesh K S

Some of the workouts you show in this video are supposed to be avoided. Looks like the trainer is not well updated with research in this field. This is common problem in India. But seing the same in Gold's gyms only loses the hope I have with Indian gyms.

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Shaurya Raj singh

Gk branch wala zayda badiya hai..

Fayaz Khan

First learn how to film a video.. if it was a gym tour then you should have showcased the equipment and not people. Sorry to say this is a bullshit video showing nothing about gym. Please go and watch how a gym tour is done. Watch other you tubers.

Krisn Reddy

Gold's jym ki fee kitna hai

Ragini Dookamun

Hope in our country there will be also gym like ur country

Ashish Kumar



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DM Abhi

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Mafia Gangster

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Can I have your kind suggestions of what the suppliment I need to take to gain my body weight ?

kids crafting

Bhai ldkiyan dikha yrr gym ki ????

Hirde Chandolia

gym ki fees kya h 1 month

Vijay kashyap

My hight 5.2?


Where is the location??
Please send

Monica Grade

Gold' s is osm...

Preet Singh

Best GYM in delhi " THE GYM " Guru ji ?????

samantray creation

Woh trainer ko polio ho gya hai kya????

7715056744 Singh

Nice jym

ashu alam

fees zyada hai apna hi gym sahi h bhai

Rohit Singh

Bhai main yhi rehta hun .. mujhe bhi join krna hai

anil jadhav

My gym fees 200 Rs only?

cold fire

Sardaar = capitalist

Ronak Rajput

Video banana Sikh Kisi se tera thopda nhi dekhna gym dekhni hai

Neelam Dutta

Yaar bahut sahi gym hai pr fees thoda jyada hai

Vijay kashyap

Very good video

P.N.J Indian

Hello, Born creater. Can u tell me about fees: per month or package.

ashu alam

itni fees h k puri saal ki diet lele aram se hr koi

Danish Shirgave

GYM lover ?

fast gaming india

Sir aap hritik roshan lag rahe ho

gourav mani

Fess btao sir

Buxal Soomro

Kiya BAAT Hain VIP gym Hain Bhai

Sunny Ram

Its more expensive than USA

Debasish Panda

price of gym per month

Calvin Sc

What language are you speaking in the video? I hear some English sentences but it sounds like Indian mostly. Am I right? Do you usually talk like that?

Ammar Hussain

Chutiya banaa rahe hain Sare


I pay 2500 rupees for 6 months
Still getting results
Over here in Amritsar

Broken wheel

All gyms are good in their own way, end of the day its you who need to workout and get the results you want, feels good to be a part of fitness world

Syeda kashish

Its 2 good???sir g


700 months hai morena me bhai

Mukesh Rao

New gold gym ka video banao

Irfan Quraishi

Khana par hai gym

Mohit Rana

Fees kitni hai bro

JusT Trolling

Mixed martial arts type*?!! what does that even mean???

Ankur Verma

Such bore happy to unsubscribe

Aman Singh

Very poor communication skill

Vicky Kumar

bhai coaching b daty h kya...as a tariner ki

Popo Pranks

I see this video 1.5x

Vasimahmad Vasimahmad

Gold gym
Apna no. Do
Mujhe bhi ana h