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Kid Trax 6-Volt Disney Frozen Quad | Ride-On Quads for Kids

Kid Trax 6-Volt Disney Frozen Quad | Ride-On Quads for Kids29 Oct. 2014
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Your child might be

Your child might be Frozen with shock when they see the amazing 6-Volt Disney Frozen Quad! Learn more about this ride-on quad for toddlers at https://kidtraxtoys.com/products/frozen-toddler-quad

If your child has the soundtrack memorized and are constantly wanting to play Elsa or Anna, they’ll simply love this Frozen ride-on quad. Find a number of Disney ride-on cars for kids at https://kidtraxtoys.com/ and check out the Frozen Quad’s features below:

- 1.5 MPH

- Ages 18-30 months

- One forward speed

- Rubberized traction strips on wheels

- Works on gravel, pavement and grass

- Comes with rechargeable 6-volt battery and charger

All of our products have factory applied decals so they will look great right out of the box. Metal reinforcing brackets in the frames of our large cars help them withstand the abuse of daily driving.

There are many reasons to buy a Kid Trax ride-on, but these are the features that stand out above the rest. As you look for the perfect ride on for your child, we hope you choose Kid Trax.

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First snow + Quad Suzuki Z400 - Winter ATV riding - Frozen river + Public roads

First snow + Quad Suzuki Z400 - Winter ATV riding - Frozen river + Public roads10 Jan. 2016
2 739 025
bobekltz400Subscribe 438 721

First snow + Suzuki

First snow + Suzuki LT-Z400 - Winter ATV ride - Frozen river + Public roads

If we have snow it will try to record a video of riding on two quad on snow .

Jesli bedzie jeszcze snieg to postaram sie nagrac film z jazda na 2 quady po sniegu.

Quad to suzuki ltz 400 czyli lt-z400 lub z400

ale kazdy kto oglada to chyba to juz wie :)

Jazda quadem po sniegu

New video every saturday :)

Nowy film w kazda sobote :)



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BH Saydeh

kan du visa hur man backar båk

laur balaur


Hunter Thumlert

1:26 one wrong move and you go right into the pole then the hospital


Jais la mème chose que toi frère

Fabijan Brnjetić

Gti at start?

Drone Soul

you know your on ice when you hit redline and your not moving



Joey Jones

How much was that? I want it soo bad

Andrei Beza

Nu vinzi ateveul

ma mma

Ładna jazda :A na 6:35 to chwile po jeziorze jeździłeś???? Proszę o odpowiedź masz suba i łapke w góre tak trzymaj!!!!!!!!!!

Basia Grabinska


Ciprian Adam

Nu mil dai mie

Maciej Giesen

Mam jedno pytanie do jakiej mocy i pojemności silnika można mieć quad na kartę motorowerową

Alex Watts

Where do u live


Jesteś najlepszy :D

Atv Quad Pajęczno

hehe fajna zabawa na sniegu tez sie niemoge doczekac jak spadnie snieg i bedzie mozna polatac
Quad Lucky Star po swapie na er6 bedzie sie dzialo :))))

TheWorksOutdoors !!

What kind of camera?


Stock exhaust?

Elijah pro S

It’s smoking like a 2-stroke

E4 Adventure Films

Father and Son on Raptor 700R’s trail riding Tahuya Forest! https://youtu.be/fhBIek3bRZ0

Ionut.F Games

Ce dimensiuni are atv-ul


Really dumb riding so close to those telephone poles

Ghost Outdoors

Ok umm I’m planning on getting a quad soon, how easy are the Suzuki’s to work on

Taşın Dık

Bu ATV motor kaç kuruş ??

gani gani

Fasza motor

Jeremy Gibson

What's the tire size front and back??

pablo games

Kogo jest ten zielony quad

Jakub waigell

siema mam problem za 10 miesięcy robię prawojazdy kat b ale nie kupuje auta za drogie oc ;) chcę sb zrobić uprawnienia na Quada powiedz mi bo ponoć na yamaha raptor 700 wystarczy mieć kat b ale raptor jest zbyt drogi i na Quadzie jeździłem 2 razy w życiu więc nie chcę od razu wskakiwać na 700 chcę zacząć od 400 chcę sb kupić takiego samego Quada jakiego masz ty suzuki ltz 400 idzie je kupić do 10 tys a raproty 20 tys a poza tym Quad to moje marzenie jakie muszę zrobić uprawnienia na takiego Quada i jak przystosować go do jazdy po mieście światła z przodu i z tyłu ubezpieczenie i rejestracja czy to wszystkie wymagania ? czy lusterka migacze i prędkościomierz też są niezbędne bo u cb ich nie widziałem ? masz ode mnie łapkę i suba z gry thx za odp i pozdrawiam

Savica Marjanovic


Clark Kent


Zelaschi Fabrizio

zi-mi odată


Завтра я тебе свой квадрик запечетлю!

Benjamin McElroy

When I go flat to the mat on my 100 cc I'm a pussy never mind snow

Miljana Okosanovic

kolko para


Why do donuts on pavement killing your studs?

Joker 2115

czy to predator

Olli-Pekka Rautio


Zelaschi Fabrizio

a 600 de lei

Lance Mcallister

Why so many videos from over seas with the ltzs


Why 2,2 mill views

Márton Nagy

This is not ltr 450?

Bartek Pazgan

4 t a jak kopci

marko i sego jutuberi

Sub za sub

tommy bailey



Im here after 4 years i was wishing for me to get a 450 .now i have it and im so glad

Joe haggerty

Be sure to check out my Yamaha warrior 350 tearing it up in the snow. Dope shit tho.

Juan Mtz


Liāna Kovalenko



yo why does everyone have a fence around their house?

Jane Raud

me happypirhtay atv

Marian Zupko

you saleing this bike

emily rene

I want a four wheller so bad

Colts C10 's

Nice and also pretty fast four wheeler but you got some balls going fast on the sidewalk like that haha

Larid Family MX

Definitely looks like a blast!

kuba łapsa



E il tuo moto di schifo e solo un merda io me o una molto bella no con quella cosa che schiavi per fallo camminare io ce lo a celebrare e core massimo ad c100

Antonio Galešić

I ja volim bagije???????????????

Remedios Rosas


roberto bratu

forta atvul

Alex Ringo

i want that soooo bad.....

dawid kali

Fajowy film

Edyta Mądrzyńska

Zajebiscie chlopcy po robicie dlaem lapke w gore i sub nie bojisz sie policji ze cie zlapia


@6:10 brought back some memories

Eve Echoes

Awesome bro ! Tomorrow morning gonna be my first ride in the snow with my 450 LTR. Love from France

Ile Najdenov

Cooll !!!!!!

m a



It is 450 not 400

Quad Beast

Siemanko co to za oppny? Czy sam robiłeś? Pozdro


Клёва ганяеш! Но я знаю что это нелегко у меня тоже есть квадрик!

Anna S

bobek mam 10 lat i nie wiem co wybrac crossa czy quada

Furkan Çabuk


Monika Ignacova

Miňo sa dom pre moje deti

Derek Mckenzie

I used to have one. Stroker kit and cam. So much power out of the quad.

Montana Polo

You steal this ?

Pop Rareș

6:00 well that looks fun!

Anna S

dziekuje za odpowiedz


I used to do this so much when I was younger. It’s super fun.

Linaben Du773



Nice quad. I just bought a RM125 that will be the new star of my vlog. Go Suzuki!

awake awake

il vinzi

Motorider 07

3:25 that’s how you blow shit up

Enduro Super Riders

Fajny filmik sub i łapka ? zapraszam do mnie na kanał pozdrawiam ?

Danne Jensen


Zelaschi Fabrizio

a acum


How many gears have this quad

Younes boussalem



dobra kobza ! masz suba i lajka

Cosmin Daniel Titu

cât ai dat pe atv

Baharaldin Abaker

No more

Lentäväperuna PruuPruu

You is best suzuki master


Looks like fun


Dbaj o siebie !!!

Anthony Tannous

for sale

Ertan Zahovic

How cc have this Atv, tell me pls

xxbullsxx bulls

Du bist der beste quad fahrer der welt

Kempo Rat

good vidio

Moudjib Boukhalfa

الله اكبر

Zelaschi Fabrizio

cât costă?vrei600?sunt un copil


Thats an ltr450

darlene walls

You are not supposed ride on roads

Ice Riding with Snowmobile Studs on my Raptor 700

Ice Riding with Snowmobile Studs on my Raptor 70014 Jan. 2019
4 737 318
Pete HagerSubscribe 438 721

I decided to buy a set of

I decided to buy a set of studded tires and scored these epic tires on factory wheels on craigslist. They have about 250-300 1 inch Woodys snowmobile studs in them. I was expecting to get tires with just standard screw-in studs and these are on another level! Big thanks to David for hooking me up with these!!The video features ice wheelies, fly bys, donuts, drone shots, launches, and best of all.. GREAT EXHAUST NOTES :)

Huge thanks to Mike and Alex for helping capture the day! This video wouldn't be as awesome without you guys!!

Check out my Website! https://www.petehager.com/

2019 Yamaha Raptor Special Edition

HMF Full Exhaust System

Power Commander 5

Pro Taper Contour Bars https://amzn.to/2WtusoK

Pro Taper Universal Handlebar Mount Kit https://amzn.to/2RX5FL6

ESI Extra Chunky grips https://amzn.to/2S94WWm

Pro Armor Bully front bumper

Pro Armor Nerf Bars

Alba Racing rear grab bar https://amzn.to/2FLPgmp

Alba Racing gas cap https://amzn.to/2FYuz5Y

Upp Racing case saver

Quadboss wheel spacers

GYTR A-Arm skid plates http://bit.ly/2BacjTM

Warning Plate Delete

Intro Music-"Dynamite Dust 2" by Jack Elphick

1st Person Filmed with GoPro Hero 7 https://amzn.to/2MHvxVl

MotoVlog Mic: Purple Panda (10% OFF) https://www.purplepandastore.com//PHager10

**Must purchase GoPro adapter to run microphone https://amzn.to/2SjdM3O

3rd Person Filmed with Canon EOS Rebel T3 (Max Resolution 720)

Drone footage: DJI phantom 4 Pro https://amzn.to/2SlNQVC

Intro Music-"Dynamite Dust 2" by Jack Elphick

End Music-"Onwards Upwards 2 (French Revolution Remix Version) by Peter Sandberg

Location: Roemhildts Lake north of Elysian

Thanks to all my current Subscribers!!!

Send Fan Mail! :)

PO Box 3305

Mankato, MN 56002

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Миша Хохлушин

Русские вы где?

Ryan Welter

So this is a video from the quad gods because that is every quad persons dream when it’s winter

Sinister Veritas

Wow, you have ice. We don't get ice anymore here Massachusetts. You invented a new sport: instead of water skiing you could ice skate behind a quad. Get a rope and that dude could fly behind the quad like it was boat.

Ельдар Парх


Максим Пьянков

Hey. what did the wheels spike with?

Laura Harris

The tires are sick ☆

іванна квятковська


الوردة البيضاة

٥ ف بط ٥ ف إذ ٤

Bubby Crane

purity cool.

Magali altagrasia Vargas



Bro I can listen to the rev limit the whole day

Kenneth Bratlie

raptor 700`???lol

Eduardo Molina

Bro with those studs you can make snowcones doing burnouts on ice ez with a raptor.

nelson bouchard

What tire bault size and grade nuts and washer

Pablo Escobar


Itamar Lima

Very nice video.


It's not easy controlling a raptor normally so this is insane

Ntwadamela Lion

Is that a frozen lake?

Scott Brough

This is like my 5th time watching this, it has got to be my favorite video yet!!

auhsoj rekab

Please can you do a review on the spikes used im looking to get a set

Jessica Fulkerson

theres nothing better than hearing u pop the clutch and the chilling sound as it rattles my whole body

Christian tchrisss

Very cool but very dangerous ?

Vernicia Browne

Please a four

Sukhaa Jutt

So Nice ✌️

Nametsegang Sehunelo

Anele sehunelo the UK, so I am looking for. The comments and suggestions periodically and we can do it


My lil baby friend picked this I see she has a good taste in vehicles

рыбак иван

Есть здесь тот кто русский?
? ?


يحلو الي يعرف أنقليزي

larry smith

man that looks like fun.i miss riding my FourTrax so much

Ki1. Mafya

What's the price ?


Dam this is awesome!

Zachary tremblay

Try it on two wheels, its even more fun

Ahmed Khamis

٣ والله فنان

علي الحمودي


قناة شبل دولته909


John and Dylan htikesan

I like your bike I will buy one

Laura Harris

Nice vid

Иван Иванов

Всем привет как шиповать резину


Nice bro!! I cant believe how many people disliked this video! Why? What's to hate on? I got to try this!!

John J

Damn, that looks so fun! What drone is that your using? I noticed the props in a few shots.

Marcy Schmouder


Alsharif Games 99

Nice if you removed the studs would have been better for drifts

Majid Si


François Grenier

Just like a dream dude!! Pretty awsome footage Pete! Good job

Tim Meijerink

Haha Nice, it looks waarom awesome

Rail Rider

Who cares

mdh- فلوقر

WT fak

B&D Auto

The holeshots were sick. Something about letting a huge roost fly thats 1 of my favorite parts of riding.

Якудза Yakuza

Заебись игруха!!!

Laila Sīle


Владислав Шайдуров

Кто с Росии?

Novedades Graffis

like 2020

Steven Leutz

Awesome video broheim’s! How about some slo- mo stuff with unique camera positioning. Perhaps a side mount of rear tire roosting ice or above the swing arm showing both tires roosting and so on...

Dark_Fisher YT

People ice fishing there the next day: ?

ALJ Moto


Tyler Norris

one stud lose will go through your leg... need protection bro


За сколько брали квадрик?

Hfg Hugu


Huss حسن


Дмитрий Мещеряков

Есть русские

Scott Brough

Btw, you should try hydroplaning on a lake that is only like 2 feet deep.

Preston McDowell

When you pinned that throttle those front wheels weren’t even touching the ice they were just skimming across the ice

Dovydas Babilas

What is sound ppp when you release gas throttle

JP8 8

Hey duuuude this was freaking cool , the control on the wheelies was sick. I want a set for our Polaris 430.


Which year is this raptor

اصييل ١٣

في احد سعودي هنا

DirtBike Lunatic

Hey Pete! May I use it in compilation? Full credited of course

توماس شيلبي Toms sepe

بع بس اني عراقي

Santa Luciano

Esta bien

Daria Zdarta


Uttam Singh

What a god gifted idea given to humanbeing to discover magnificent machine.

Myma MMM


lonely planet

This is so awesome

Italian Stallion

Why so many dislikes?.?.?

Conrad Smith

People on ATVs look so funny

iet 25 iet 25

Hallo wie hast du die Reifen gebaut oder wo bekomme ich sie
Hammer video ??

Nathalie6999 Maddah

man no 2021

Thomas Fuller

How do i do this??? Please!

Dumakude Shange

Why u put sharp things on u wheels

jon s.s. teppdalen


king can


otahu Rice

NIce to seee the younger generation ENJOY the studs. :) Wish we had Youtube in the 70's n 80's. haha

MTBHolt Outdoors

Slow wheelies on ice?

Marcus Nicholas

i got a dirt bike but im geting a atv for cristmas

Sean Lshwy

So after all the riding how did they hold up? Trash the tires

ekipowicze 126


Kamakazi Angry Patriot

I can see this dude post videos but doesn't necessarily respond to comments. Anyway a fun suggestion go karts and four-wheelers studded tires lots of high visibility cones and you and a bunch of people get together and have some ice race fun in the winter time. And gives you something to do during this b***** fake pandemic

Waylon Crum

I miss doing stuff like this before all of my adult responsibility's showed up . Adulting sucks☹️. Awesome video man keep it up!

Ryan Swanson

I'm looking to do this to my quad. Are you running a tube inside the tire or does the stud plug the hole well enough to not leak?

2T Power Enduro

Hahaha :D

Мандри Карпат


WieloWiejskie Enduro

Awersome men :)

Marcy Schmouder

You are good??????? i like your yfz450 do you races bud


How much Raptor Kw have?

Brady Mintoor

I wish I had a qurd bike

سعيد جمعه



Im making a zet roght now for my raptor what did u use for studs

king can



Wow. Looks like a great time. Nice clutch drops!!!