Just blanks

Just Blanks

Just Blanks15 Dec. 2011
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Blanks aren't bullets, and

Blanks aren't bullets, and aren't supposed to be. But they can still do plenty of damage. Jay and a small crew of shooters heads to the range to find out how much.

See all 3 versions at http://www.jaythebarbarian.com/justblanks.htm.

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Love the video, very informative and interesting. Thanks a lot!


Wow didn't think that could happin...


there is still "gun powder" in blanks. (i put that in quotations because they don't really use traditional gun powder anymore) but they use the same thing as live ammunition. but they use a small paper wad instead of a bullet.


I don't even...do you know what a blank is? I can't...please don't talk anymore.


Thank you for making this video. We are getting into using blank guns and this video is a perfect example of what happens when you do not use proper risk management.

Mike M

Today I learned at zero inches a blank is more lethal than a .44mag to a melon. Thanks range master.


'You're' supposed to use a fucking blank firing gun. And hilariously...they are.

Thomas Lowe

really? wierd i wouldn't have thought there was any gun powder in these guns, how far away are blank guns still considered deadly or is it just normally point blank since its just mostly gas coming out

Anthony Chernikoff

who the fuck would point a gun at someone at point blank range for a movie or any thing like that, i'm petty sure no one is that fucking stupid

Jerreht Harris

Why would anyone think firing a blank at 0-range wouldn't hurt and cause damage? You didn't uncover a dark truth, you wasted time and money figuring out the obvious.

Jro El'Chopo

what dumbass would even use a blank firing gun that close anyway

Thomas Lowe

So would there be any gun shot residue? im assuming no, because no gun powder is used

indy singh

i want a blank gun, the dog next door is f**king annoying

Asylum Productions

This is probably the most vital video I can think of for any weapons usage in film and theatre.


either way it's a fatal wound, but how is the blank "more lethal" if the 44 completly destroys the melon?

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How to Sublimate Half Gaiters and the Styles We Carry!14 Feb. 2021
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SEES One80

I think we both said dam on the second one. ?

Jessie gibson

Good video thanks

Jim kozikis

Good stuff. Thanks for the updates on your products.

Board Exams vs College Entrance Test ? | What Should You Do?

Board Exams vs College Entrance Test ? | What Should You Do?15 Feb. 2021
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Rishabh Kumar

Can you make a video on Fundamental Accounting Topics and where/how to study for it? because there are many students like me who don't have commerce stream.

Falguni Lalwani

Hey guys
Any information for mount carmel?

Aviral Arora

I took a drop of one year , will it affect my selection process?

Arya pandey

When is the last date to apply for BBA for 12th students?? And what are the Syllabus for CUET for BBA ??


Hlo sir...I am a humanities students and wanted to do bsc in psychology ...sir I want to ask that for bsc there will be cutet entrance test?

Syed Mohammed Luqmaan

Bro can we write cuet without preparation and having basic knowledge of things?

Soumyodip Saha

I am having preboard and cuet at the same time ?

12 C Abigail Anna Smith ce

Is it enough to set aside 3 days a week to prepare for cuet?

ayush singhania

How should I prepare for CUET for BCA?? Or general entrance for BCA??

young stoney

Bhaiya is there any preparation book for cuet?

Khushi Chandola

Great vedios ? waiting for more informational vedios.


Bhaiya... If we are going for Triple BA... Is micro presentation part of our interview?

Aniket Mukherjee

I was waiting for this video ! ?


Is there still time to apply for mock interview?

Sabita Pattanaik

Loveeeee u bhaiyaa and bhaiya why am in not getting notification like I used to before

Arushi Versica Davis

You literally read my mind! Also I want to ask that will there be separate sessions for Interview preparation and Personal Guidance & Doubt Clearing? Please do reply and thanks a lot sir your videos are helping me a lottt!!

Rocky S

Kavach bhaiyya .. when is the next chit chat ? .. it's been a while .. missing those days and fun !!

Sheetal Ajay

How did you just read my mind ???

Chetan Suresh

Hey kavach, firstly thank you for giving your time and guiding us to crack Christ University's selection process. So I have this one doubt, in Christ University official website they've mentioned that the dates for personal interview and micro presentation will be sent via mail or msg but it is based on CUET cut-off, but I've came across one of ur video in which you told irrespective of our CUET results we get to sit for the interview. Now I'm confused on this so can you please clear?


Bhaiya is there any fundamental accounting section in cuet for bcom hons?

Aniket KS

Hey Kavach, as you might know christ university had sent an email for change of date of PI in a Google form which was to be filled on or before 3rd Feb, but I couldn't do it due to some reason. So previously I had selected 29th May for my PI, will it remain same? Or do I need to re-apply? Do let me know please.

vishnu vijayan

Sir if you dont mind can you just say me when is the entrance exam for ba llb ug in chirst
I was waiting for this video ?

Aman Jacob



Kavach bhaiya can u share your 12th board results we'll get an Idea How much to opt for

Anwesha Banerjee2003

Bhaiya can You take my mock interview for preperation please

ankit kumar

Hey good evening . Sir please help me out I,m form commerc background and I want to opt BBA./b.com from Christ University so the question is that.in my entrance exams am I going face quants. In my entrance exams. Please help me out

Ishita Sinha

Is there any CUET for M. Sc(Mathematics)

Shristi Sankrit

Hey, could you make a video on what all to include in Portfolio and Statement of purpose? I'm applying in Communication and Media Studies and would be very thankful for your help

12 C Abigail Anna Smith ce

Bro I have a doubt. For BCA under quants will there be partnership sums? As you have mentioned it in the list.

Nikhil Santosh

Is der an entrance exam for BBA travel and tourism ?

Jagriti Sinha

The most needed video for me ❤️

Kaustubh Bhattad

I had a mock interview with kavach bhaiya and it was so helpful he made me understand on what I have to work on it

Sanjana Nayak

Hey..could you please let me know when is the last date to apply for Admission 2021 and if they take any further round after board exams

Aarushi Adlakha

Bhaiya, is there gonna be one specific date for the cuet? Or there are multiple times its conducted after each application round?

Anu George

Hi, as cmat exams are postponed to last wk of March or first wk of April, will there be any extension for the last date of application for MBA programme in Christ?

Chinnusai kakumanu

hey bro does cuet exam for central campus have same portion as like as other branches???


My practical is on 21 March and cuet is also at that day
What should I do sir?

Patel Afan

Does christ university takes entrance exam for 1puc


Hi, If i applied for 2 course from different stream how will the cuet & other things conducted.

KAVITHA Venkatesan

Ss waiting for it for long time

Aayush Srivastava

Bhaiya for normal bba how many rounds are there

Nicole Dsouza

Ah needed this video?!! Thanks alot?

Yg Bhargav

My entrance exam is on 21st March. So if im starting prep for CUET from scratch today how many hours a day do you suggest I study for?

Bessy Joseph

When is Slot2 last date application
Bcoz i dont want to mix both boards&cuet so I'm going to apply in the month of may....
Is it ok

nishant raj

Eagerly waiting for chit chat hope it will be soon

Danish Parmar

Bro I took a drop of one year is it going to affect my selection process also is calculator allowed during CUET

_CatFanatic _

are the 100 topics for micro presentation the same for triple ba too?

Falguni Lalwani

Who all are planning to apply for mount Carmel?

Aayush Srivastava

Bruh how many rounds will be there ?