Muay thai gloves vs boxing gloves

Muay Thai Gloves VS Traditional Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai Gloves VS Traditional Boxing Gloves3 Jun. 2018
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Which gloves suit you the best, Muay Thai or traditional boxing gloves? Please watch this video for a good comparison. The gloves in the video are 16 ounce Sanabul Battleforged gloves and 16 ounce New Sporting boxing gloves.


9 1/4 " Wide from side of index finger to side of pinky finger

8" Tall from bottom of palm to top of middle finger

11" Closed Fist Circumference

Comments (10)
Munteanu Marius

New sporting i think is better how looks..i order one pair 16 oz...i'm waiting to recive...

stephen j

Hey man love your vids. Can you make a top 5 budget gloves video?

ItsRedPanty Nite

I was curious about those sanabul gloves I need a pair of sparring gloves since my Fairtex are 12oz they look very similar. I was looking for a glove with a sturdy wrist collar

la lala

Do you do muay thai?

Maro Vok

Low audio bro , we cannot hear u !

Boxing King

Hello,how we can contact with you?Your email?

Sulayman Abu Malik

do these muay thai gloves are top heavy?

Quattro 4

These are chinese gloves.

deepak mehmi

tell.me about wusu gloves

maestro street

Which is better glove

Muay Thai Gloves Compared and Reviewed

Muay Thai Gloves Compared and Reviewed25 Mar. 2016
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Boxing Gloves Guru Alex

Boxing Gloves Guru Alex Wright & #1 Ranked LHW Muay Thai Fighter Juan Cerventes look over some of the best Muay Thai boxing gloves available on the market today from Sandee, Fairtex, Twins, Revgear and Danger Equipment. Looking at all aspects of the gloves including build quality, materials, construction, hand position, usage in training and durability this comprehensive review gives you all the information you need to make the right choice when buying boxing gloves for Muay Thai or K1 style kick boxing

Comments (58)

If you are interested in seeing the new channel with @endof73 Alex wright check out Round3TV...https://youtu.be/DZVc8wg6cYc

Kerr Dorman

I totally agree about the Sander review I have used them for 18 months and the leather is still great. However the thumb is very uncomfortable and I have had hand problems using them. Also the velcro is terrible and looses grip quickly, also the interior lining breaks and tears after little use.


What weight were the Fairtex gloves you had on?

Quattro 4

Boon ftw.


Fairtex BGV1s are more of an all purpose training glove, better suited for hitting the mitts, heavy bag, and light sparring/between those of smaller stature and weight. The Fairtex BGV5s and BGV6s are more of a dedicated sparring glove that offers much better protection for both the wearer and their sparring partner.

John Walsh

Hey chaps,

Im from the Northwest UK currently- I got some Yokkao Pheonix's around a year ago, decent enough gloves, however whenever I use them for an extended period of time I get really bad numbness +pins n needles in my fingers-and very bad pain in my knuckels. This is without handwraps and they are medium Size- they fit fine but theres a ridge on the inside which I think is there to form a grip around- just feels very out of place and is digging into my hands making them numb- any ideas on other gloves that would help alleviate this?

Muhammad iman binti Muhd idham


Luis Anibal

can u pelase make a video of fairtex bgv9


Thanks for explaining it so well.


compared the glove width while his hand was still in it lol.

Yohanes Pradono

What thai gloves best for western boxing? I heard fairtex bgv9 and HMIT gloves are good.

Fernando Barona

Great video, thanks
Which is the model of the Twins in the review?

Amir Kazemi

what about RDX Cowhide T9? I really enjoy them myself

jeFF Fury

Do you have reviews for any Hayabusa, Yokkao, Venum or Rival gloves, mate?


Just ordered some 12oz Fairtex BGV1's for pad and bag work, and gonna' use my current 16oz Sandee Authentics for sparring.

One thing about the Sandee's, they do feel pretty light, not weighed them but they definitely feel like they've come in light.


Needs Yokkao added.


I watched your other video on the best under $100 boxing gloves, and I liked what you said about the Revgear S3 sparring glove. I was on their website and I saw those Original Leather Boxing Gloves of Revgear and I loved them. The reason why I didn't get the S3 is that it said sparring and as a beginner, I want to start with bag work. Watching this video, it seems they are good for Muay Thai too which is something that I'm also contemplating getting into, so I'm glad I made the right decision. It also helps that I am not too big (5'8 at 140 lbs of lean muscle) and these gloves don't seem too big like Juan said. When I have the money for some sparring gloves, I'll probably go with the S3, although it seems they're good for sparring based on this video anyway.

Shabab TV

Can i use The Twins for pure boxing as Well?


Took a chance and ordered those Revgear Original gloves from you guys since nobody sells them here in Finland. Hopefully they'll fit my clumsy paws. Can't wait to try 'em out.

Dave Slone

When will the Revgear original be available?

Kristijan M.

why didn't you review Boon? I see that you have them.


Windy should have been mentioned.

Bobocha Kakchingtabam Sharma

I order venom boxing gloves can I use in sanda sanshou / kickboxing / muay Thai

CheukFung Wong

Very informative. Thanks

Phil Powell

I love Fairtex gloves! Most of my mates don't like Fairtex gloves.
For me the Fairtex protect my hands more than other Thai gloves !! I own the F-Day limited edition green gloves. I have a old hand injury and the F-Day limited edition are perfect for my old hand injury !!

thaiboxer kru

danger are not from tailand

Johnny Lira

I want to start using Yakkao gear, but the shipping to U.S. is expensive as all shit!!!

Skimaskway 64

Yokkao blows all of these out of the water ?

yatabare yatabare

Can i use venum gloves in boxing And muay thaï ?

El Sparky

no reviews ever mentions antimicrobial properties, or basically the glove's ability to resist smelling bad. My fairtex and twins gloves both started to smell bad in the finger compartment well before the glove was worn out. i was pretty good about drying them and wiping them down and stuff, but if you forget and leave them in your gym bag even one time, they will smell forever and that drives me nuts. My cleto reyes gloves are twice as old and still smell brand new. i would love the Twins design made with the quality of cleto reyes and it would be the perfect glove.


Stay away from yokkao poor quality, the twins seem to last forever

cole ashmore

Great vid! I just got my first heavy bag and am looking for gloves, what concerns me is the gloves leave your thumb on the side of the fist and don’t appear to let you curl your thumb under your fist like is proper in a self defense situation. Are there gloves that let you curl your thumb under your fist? I’m worried in a real life situation these gloves could create a bad habit in self defense. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Knight

Which glove would you recommend for a heavy bag only. I am not sold on heavy bag mitts because they look really poorly designed with not much support at all. I am looking for a glove that offers good padding, mainly around the knuckles with good wrist support. Probably a boxing glove but I am not sure. Any advice up to a £100? Maybe your top 3 or 5 for heavy bag only with perhaps adding some information on different weights of the gloves 12,14 oz etc.

Shane Tera

Never heard of Yokkao?

5555 Ali

can you do a review on venum oh and btw i normally weigh around 74 kg but i usually fight in the 70 kg weight class do you think i should buy the fairtex gloves

Michael Knight

Is there a difference between 12 and 16oz BGV1 in terms of hand compartment? What about using 12oz on a heavy bag, do they have enough padding and support to hit it hard? Any advice? I wanted to use a 14oz BGV1 for the heavy bag. But at the same time I want to work on speed and so I prefer the lightest glove that still gives enough support and padding so that I can still use it for power work.

Darren Flynn

What is your opinion on booster and yokkao gloves?

E Ngen

you need to get some top king gear, best imo

Fredy Cruz



how do you find RDX gloves? I have big hands, will they fit? looking for gel ones for bag work


So basically the twins is the one that makes it look like you been doing mauy thai

Back of the Net

Got 16oz twins and 16oz fairtex. Much prefer the twins and they're yellow? I'm 5 11 and weigh 13 stone

Sensi Miller

very informative, thanks.
I should have watched this before ordering Fairtex gloves online from Thailand (12oz).
Very tight and my right Knuckle frets and bruises really bad in training, doe I use thai handwraping technique. It has become pretty anoying and I also have pain wearing other gloves since.
I will definately go check out some Twins, extra padding sounds good :)

I'm 1,83m, 77kg, with normal sized hands, thin fingers, definately no butcher hands, in case anyone could use this information.


Ah now I see Cervantes on RevGear emails and on their site, all makes sense now


detailed and informative showcase of gloves. few comments i wanted to make..

if you felt you had to show the sandee, why did u not share windy or boon (which can be seen right behind you on the wall) or top king? they're all well known and quality thai boxing gloves from thailand.

and in regards to some comments you made, there were a few things that made no sense; juan even sort of just brushed your comments off like he also thought they were nonsense. it was in regards to one of the gloves which u suggested the padding was more for style (or something of the sort; i forget the exact wording), but the padding isn't even visible (it's stitched inside)..how/why would it be for style? and then, i think, talking about the same glove, you said you had problems/discomfort with your knuckles going thru on punches to the head, but that if you threw punches higher you wouldn't have that problem. ummm....if u threw punches higher (ie. above the head) u wouldn't be hitting anything.

lastly, you included the pricing on one or two of the gloves in the end summary, but it would have been nice if u included this for all of them.

all in all, great video. i just found your channel and videos, and im cruising thru them. video on thai shin guards is next


Revgear actually makes an Original Thai glove...this one is more for boxing, hence why you like it better than the others.


I ordered Top King I assume they are for Muay Thai am i right?


Hi, I’m shopping on your site right now. I’m confused as to what to get because you talk about the fairtex being a “small guys glove” and the last three being “larger guy glove.”

What about for a 5 5” 110 lb woman, would you still favor rev gear/danger or go for fair tex? Thanks!!!

Andres Perez

A friend gave me a pair of those dangers problem its a 10pz i normally use 14oz i dont have massive hands but my thumb on the heavy bag with the danger hurts just a little bit maybe because its 10oz never happened with over gloves


oh..i also wanted to comment on your opinions of hand positioning in the gloves. you and juan have relatively large/long hands and that plays a significant role in this aspect of fitment. it's not accurate for you to state that the first two gloves have "terrible" hand positioning, and that the others are good in this regard. as you state in another video, different make of gloves are designed and constructed differently. some fit tighter and some more loosely. in the same regard, some have a longer hand compartment and some shorter. this is a generalization, but folks in thailand are relatively smaller individuals than those of european descent. yall having bigger and longer hands, did not fit the first two gloves well.

in conclusion, your comments on hand fitment/positioning were inaccurate and no good


Buy a pair of Winning by Japan gloves and smoke all of those cheaply made third world dick beaters!!!



M Reynolds

Can you review the new Revgear Original Thai Gloves? Are they made in the same factory as Danger Equipment (just like their shinguards)?


Just think the points raised by Juan Cerventes lies in the design and configuration of those Muay Thai Style Velcro Gloves, rather than the matter of any individual brands. They are probably not the best for punching, especially in bagwork.
Personally experienced discomfort with fingers (second knuckles) in punching practice when using Twins and Fairtex 10-oz Velcro Gloves, and Twins 4-oz bag gloves as well. But such a problem has ceased to exist since I shifted to using Top King 8-oz lace up boxing gloves as well as Boon 4-oz thumbless bag gloves. It is probably because the former is more of western boxing configuration whereas the latter has a flat, thick pad.

Arkady Zabarsky

This gloves really good here:


Coach Chris Basketball tips and tricks

do they come with a bag to carry them?


Decha gloves are superior IMO


Great review!! What model are those Revgear?


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Comments (39)

Do a Fairtex BVG1 review please.


Wtf is moo tie

Aymen Jr

I do kick boxing since years i am actualy a pro and i never like thai gloves like yokkao or twins they have Way so much padding its realy annoying and its too heavy u cant even feel the contact when u work on mits or bag even i have knuckle issues and i am heavyweight fighter i still prefer boxing gloves like rivals winning and i actually use cleto reyes for moment they fantastic even they pricy but they worth every penny

Blake Evert

Could you do a review on the Isami Boxer Brand Thai gloves? I wanna see your opinion on them.

flUffy 018

Can u review the new gym bag from yokkao the reversible one plzzzz

Skimaskway 64

He knows a fair bit about Muay Thai just because he has an accent when he says Muay doesn’t mean he knows nothing



Luke Rogers

Did you say moo thai?

Vice Vlex

Another great quality video on gloves I’ve recently been searching for a review on.

freedom fitness

You're a mind-reader I was looking at these gloves on Amazon right now not sure if I want to buy any clothes on Amazon but they sure do look a lot like this and amazing at that


These, twins, fairtex. Cannot go wrong at all

Stainlexz STXZ

cool review! I have a pair.. a really high quality gloves!


Awesome, I was hoping you might cross over into more Kickboxing/Muay Thai or striking for MMA. Would be appreciated, since I am not a boxer but a mixed martial artist.

Alex Piper

Moo tie???


Nice video, as always. Im a huge fan of your videos. Greetings from the US!

Sugar ray

Are these bulky like Twin's? I can't tell.

maestro street

Which one is better? Muay thai or box gloves


which ones whould you choose these or the twins that you reviewed a while back

Tinzar Min Min

Hi, can you do a review on those Titan gloves? Thinking about getting some they are on www.titanboxing.com. Look really nice


thank you so much for this review, i have long arms and i'm pretty sold on the idea i should check a different brand solely for the purpose of comfort on the high wrist/forearm. Cheers!

Ali 19

Moo ?? tie

Fortnight Noub

Is it just me or do those gloves look novelty sized

la lala

Fairtex make boxing gloves too.
I'm surprised you haven't reviewed rival boxing equipment.


They look like Twins with better leather quality.

oskar peek

Why do u say moo thai the proper pronunciation is muay thai

Bear Arms

I love my Yokkao gloves


id love for you to try some Fairtex gloves, i use the BGV1 for bag work (big gloves 16oz) and my cousin i train/spar with uses the mexican style fairtex boxing glove in blue/yellow that is an absolutely stunning glove and great value for money. My fairtex has outlasted my Cleto Reyes sparring gloves that ive also recently sent back to the supplier.

JoeDerk Pullcounter

Why haven't you reviewed Ring to cage yet?

Joshua Wigham

Muay Thai is pronounced MOY TIE not mooey Thai or moo Thai

Archie Draco

You're right about the thumb, a little bit uncomfortable. But I do like this gloves

Eyeball Paul

If you're going to spend Yokkao money you may aswell just buy top kings

Deym Son

Thank you.
But everybody's dying for your take on a BGV9 Fairtex review.
please please please god please!

jason sloten

Great video!
Still people comment on this video completely off topic.. little kids...
Yelling other brands names .. 3 or 4 people react on the Yokkao gloves review and share their experiences on the glove or are interested in buying a pair.
The majority of comments is kid stuff.


Apologies about my pronouncing of Muay Thai I hope it does distract too much from the review
I am after all from the Black Country in the West Midlands England not Thailand ?

Tryhard ARZAGA

Do a review on the new Lomachenko Rival sparing gloves ! ??

Tomas - Aerials

I got these gloves just for bag work as I just use  bags or pads for fitness ..I had boxing gloves before but I was getting sore knuckles so I got these for the extra padding  ..and they do the job ….

Migdalia Rodriguez

Can u do a review on the
Fairtex bgv9 boxing gloves .
And can u record ur self hutting the bag with the velo arg pr1 bag glove .
The one u did a review .
I been looking for a video n cant find any

Zach Nahmias

Fairtex bgv9 are great gloves check them out, they are boxing gloves with everything high quality, another channels also reviewed them

James Desmond

Fairtex bgv1 all dayyyyyyy