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In this video I teach and

In this video I teach and demonstrate some great backbends to assist you with your practice, including wheel, camel and bridge poses.

More of me: https://astonking.com/

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Ezequiel Lumbang

Nice workout

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Bikram Yoga Workout - ? 60 Minute Hot Yoga with Maggie Grove

Bikram Yoga Workout - ? 60 Minute Hot Yoga with Maggie Grove25 Apr. 2016
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Enjoy this sweaty

Enjoy this sweaty inspiring Bikram yoga class led by acclaimed Los Angeles yoga teacher Maggie Grove.

View our 90 minute Bikram Yoga class here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e2pDKZHNaI

Maggie's open and approachable teaching provides beginners and advanced Bikram students alike an opportunity to gently challenge themselves. Maggie provides safe, top notch alignment instruction so you can learn the poses and build strength, balance, flexibility and a calm mind. This is a perfect Bikram yoga practice for all levels.

Maggie Grove has taught yoga for over 10 years and has trained with Bikram, as well as in Kundalini, prenatal & power yoga.

About Bikram Yoga:

Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury who combined traditional hatha yoga techniques to form the basis of his famous 26 postures, including two breathing exercises.Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 104 °F with a humidity of 40%.

Check out some more of Maggie's great Yoga videos:

Bikram Inspired 60 Minute "internal heat" Workout


Prenatal Series



Our Sites








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-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch our latest yoga video: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

https://youtu.be/FLl2mM5Fugw ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Check out our latest Power Yoga Flow here: https://youtu.be/TYaXJlESUt0

and our latest Crystal Bowls Sound bath here: https://youtu.be/8xLhWRba8ec


We are happy to announce our newest Hot Yoga Bikram class (60 minutes) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n5q4e8v-KE

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Kate Maddox

Thank you so much for this Bikram workout, Maggie! You are totally getting me through Covid. I don't know how I would make it without you!


I love This class! Thank you!

Maximo Paz

Thank you so much Maggie you are great! I am doing this 60 min class on a daily basis since full lockdown started take care!


Thank you !

Pauline Nguyen

Love it

Hugo Dewar

3rd degree judo black belt here. Always wanted to do yoga to help my judo/BJJ practice. Never really took the plunge though. Not only is this helping with rehab, flexibility, and strength, but I think I've found a new passion, and something that helps me with managing my mental health.


P.S. My friend is in the running for Olympic and Commonwealth qualification for judo, and she could only complete half this session!

KittyBlues Pink Shoes

Where are these classes in Cali.?

Clare Din

What a beautiful voice!!!

Philippe Bos

This confinement was for me the opportunity of a progression of practice which consists in carrying out the sequence (which I know well) without the help of an instructor. Weak point: I go too fast (45 minutes instead of 60). Strong point: hard work on concentration, a sense of initiative and self-correction. Of course, my studio doesn't really appreciate the initiative.

Selina Ali

I actually followed the full 52 minutes and I’m doing it again tomorrow ?

kevin Michael Cripps

Great class. I look forward to doing more with you. Thank you, so much, for this.

Tayleena Case

I’ve been practicing this routine at home every single day, thank you for making this video!


Thank you again❤

True Cut Yoga Wear

Awesome video. Just and FYI: We sell awesome Men's hot yoga shorts. www.TrueCutYogaWear.com

Alicia Reyes

Me encanta yoga gracias por darla gratis


You're all keeping me company through corona isolation. Thanks for the class, stay safe everyone. xxx

Renata Seergae

Thank you so much for having this class online! My studio is doing online classes but mostly the during the hours I am working from home. My body feels so much better after 2 weeks off!

Earl P. Underwood, Jr.

Maggie, thank you for this class. It has my been go-to class during the Covid pandemic.

Lexi Yoga

Namaste !!? I really enjoyed this .. 60 mins 26/1 - perfect !!

Nao Kos

Thanks so much for posting :) A gift during the lockdown, beautiful energy Maggie!

Mocha Brownb

THIS vid has been my extended CoronaCation saving grace! So grateful!

Heart Alchemy Yoga with Michelle Goldstein

Hey Yogis, we know your love Bikram but check out latest Quarantine yoga flow for when you only have 30 minutes but need to sweat (it will definitely make you sweat - no heater required!)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-NtpsI70jo

Ana Martin

This was a great class, thanks!!

Janelle Freiman

Thank you. sooooooooo Much!!!! I absolutely LOVED your class. It was the best 1 hour Bikram series I have done! Perfect save for quarantine times!


thank you!

carlos garcia estebaranz

Birkram yoga es very dangerous by your back. Be careful

Laura Kamp

Thanks Michelle. This was great. I took a break from yoga, started with the 60 min session and cannot wait to do the 90 mins session. Keep it up. Thanks for the great session.

Ruchica Chandan

?thank you ?

Thomas Lauth

i have been to many many different bikram studios and this is really good instruction on all poses

Olga Cirkunova

Thank you so much!
You are keeping me alive in this crazy pandemic.God bless you dear!

Ande Sedwick

It’s been about a year since Ive done Bikram due to pregnancy then C-Section... This was a great class for me to ease back into it! Thanks!!

Maria desi hernandez reviriego

Muchas gracias dan clases en torrejon o cerca de madrid gracias saludos namaste

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බැල්ලිගෙ පුතා සජිත්ගේ අමන හිතන්නේi


I try to do this routine since a week but every time I start I feel dizzy and nauseated. Is that normal? I have to experience with yoga. Thanks for your replies :)


Great! Thank you for the upload, loved the “bend your forehead moment” haha =D Aloha from Hawai’i


this was great but Bikram is such a shameful man. Also, I didn't really like all the Shavasana. Childs pose is helpful without having to spin around so much on the mat

Chiraag The Guiding Lamp

https://youtu.be/UoxiBbTyaFc Bhastrika 1-0-1-0 (150 strokes) length 7.35min

https://youtu.be/_AvtGsEJDnw Anulom Vilom 5-0-5-0 (30 strokes) length 5min

https://youtu.be/das6Fno4iCI Kapalbhati 2-1-0 (150 strokes) lenght 5.25 min

track your breathing Ratio/ Rounds/ and so halth progress

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You are a fantastic teacher! So glad I found this video.

Maria desi hernandez reviriego

Muchas gracias dan clases en torrejon o cerca de madrid gracias saludos namaste

Gurpreet Kaur

Stretches looks good. Cold yoga with 60 F works for me. Cooler the better. I'll die of dehydration in a hot room.

Dave B

Hey Maggie, greetings from Brighton in the UK - great class and great instruction - perfect for lockdown!

Drew Talley

I have taken many 60-minute versions of Bikram's sequence in studios but this class by Maggie was the best! Too many instructors try to cram all the postures twice with no breaks in between making it feel rushed and not as meditative. This class was perfect and maintained the integrity of the original 90-minute version. Thank you for not rushing the class and including Savasana between each posture! This will be my practice until Studios reopen. Namaste

valerie M

Great work out I miss my Bikram Yoga very much I will practice four days a week but now that I have this on YouTube I could practice every day thank you thank you thank you

Matthew Irvin

Thanks for this. The Bikram studio in my town shut down in January, and then- the shelter in place action. I am going to do this 60 minute class for 30 days for the classic 30 in 30.

Van Nguyen

Thank you so much for posting this class! I love your clear instructions!

Pete's Voice

This is a wonderful routine. ?‍♂️ . It helps with stress so much especially during these difficult times. Speaking of yoga for stress, I recently found a great free ebook someone was generous to share "Relieving Stress With Yoga". You can download it on this site: https://gofile.io/d/jx07gB ??
No worries it does not contain any viruses. It is a simple routine that can be done in a few minutes a day.

Abeer Ali

Can we do yoga after eating !

Amelia Brummel

Thank you for this video! Just did it from my home office with the heat on since my studio is closed for Covid-19. Making it work!

Katja Ahonen

Who would have guessed. Here we are, doing bikram home in Finland as world has gone crazy. But this helps me keeping sane... Thank you.

Adriana Garcia

I’m doing this at home is it too necessary to be in a hot room, sorry I’m new


This is really the best Bikram class i've discovered online so far. Thanks for sharing!

amie freeze

Thank you for this video. You have a gift for instruction - motivational but loving and patient.

Thomas S

Just found these. Thank you so much for putting all this together.

Mike Hawk

Can you believe people pay for this crap


Amazing 60 mins express class...I m feeling good as can’t move out due to corona lockdown .thank u

Jacquelyn Marie

Thank you for this!

Mobin Mohammed

Thank you Maggie, this will be our daily yoga fix during Corona lockdown in Dubai

j c

been using ur online U Tube class for some years to top up my other yoga practice, but now as we are in lockdown, its become even more vital - Thank you Heart Alchemy and thank you Maggie Grove for having made this available to the world when you did!!!!

Robert Legatie

You're my new instructor and classmates for now, during these strange times. Hot yoga in the home office!

Natasha Shan

I find a 60 minute class much more approachable - but may I ask what is the difference in the sequence? Is only one repetition of each pose performed, or are they performed for a shorter count? Would love some insight

James McAnally

James McAnally
Amazing yoga session. Really enjoyed this abbreviated session.

For those of you who say you are disgusted by Bikrams behavior I want to point out that President Donald Trump has done similar things and worse. So if you’re disgusted by Bikrams behavior consider what you are endorsing and condoning if you’re considering voting for Trump. It would be on the same level of voting for and endorsing Bikram even knowing about the depravity of his conduct and simply over looking it. Choose wisely with your vote my friends.

vishal Karmad

It's very impressive and softy class That's very good class

Rise and Sprout

Absolutely love your videos. I've been doing your bikram videos for over a year now as part of my journey in reversing my rheumatoid arthritis, it's helped heal my joints so much!! Thank you!

Irardy Livia

Thank you ? ?

Derek Staranowski

thanks for class!

Pxstel_aisling 123

First time doing it in about a year found the hour very good and instructor excellent

Sreekanth Suram

Bikram the shameful personality..take an example of him how yogi shouldn’t be

Katelin Mcmilleon

♥️ Bikram yoga!

Stress Free

That hot yoga is no joke, but good for the mind!

Mary Hamilton

This could be a fine course for beginners. I found the poses too fast to be impactful. Even for a 60 min. class (it's 53 min) it felt rushed.

Southerly Motherly

One of the best workouts for begginers and all levels love to start my day with this simple but strong workout

Sherlley Toro

I just finished this class and I felt like I was at a yoga studio.Thank you so much, you're helping me stay same in the middle of this quarantine!

S Deee

Yeah so did this without the extra heat it was ok ??

david mcgee

Thanks, I had a stay in place nice hot room 60 via your class. I am using a small space heater and the hot shower and setting up in my bathroom. Working great.

Pamela Minelli

Thank you Maggie - I've always wanted to do a 30 day challenge and thanks to you, I'm doing one at home during COVID-19. And bonus is that my husband is doing it with me for the first time!


Thank you so much. This means that during lock down I can still get my bikram fix


i was so distracted by the chick in the front who just DIDNT get it ahah

Nancy Barcelo

I Iove this class. Being an older person I may be doing more YOu Tubes and this is perfect!!!

Mr And

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Raul Aragon

Just took this class...I have been doing bikram yoga for over 10 years...the instruction and dialogue was very good.......I thought that it was a bit rushed.....not even toe stand posture in this class....I know its a 60 min class, which is what I usually take ( I used to do 1.5 hr class ), but still very rushed.....class was 53 mins. Good class but rushed

Raphaella Ekavi Antoniadi

Can i lose weight in 2 weeks doing this?

Arya rb

Why u western people are so dumb.. if we Indians have the power to operate in other countries we would have jailed or killed him..
Defaming yoga and doing it wrongly is extremely dangerous..
Hot yoga is no yoga.. this is bullshit ..they are sexualizing this ..

Better if u want to know and do what real yoga is this link might guide u.. just a small help from my side



I prefer the 90 minute class. It's much easier to do the poses the second time, more deeply, it feels like doubling the effect.

Erica Wehr

It kicked my butt but I'm hooked! Thank you for your clear instruction to this beginner.


yeah....I just found something very meaningful to do in this lockdown... great work Maggie!

Cat Nguyen

Thank you for this. It is keeping me sane while I isolate at home.

Regina Helias

Thank you so much! Trying to exercise during this crisis when I can't get to the gym. I miss yoga. It was wonderful!


These sequences were taught by Bikram, who learnt from his teacher. Just know that this isn't his sequence, but an ancient teaching. He just named it Bikram's when he brought this sequences to the West

carlos garcia estebaranz

Birkram yoga is very dangerous for your back

Mariana Martinez

Not my usual yoga practice, felt very light, I'll do another 45 minute practice afterwards :) it was good to meditate though!

Jan Henderson

Great class during these very difficult times,
I did it outside and was such a wonderful experience.

Dr Lanett's Healthy Tips

Ahhhh...what a relief to get my Bikrm back on!! Thanks for this! COVID SURVIVAL!!

Carol Mack

Just curious, but at the very end, why did the room go dark and just the instructor left? Is that part of your format? It was kind of strange to me. Your class was wonderful! Doctor recommended it!

Jeff Sabo

Loved this, Maggie. You've got a great approach and a great energy. I really appreciated that there were all sorts of levels in the class - and you were supportive of all of them.


wow. I haven't done bikram yoga in about a year and it is raining outside. I decided to try it and I am so happy I did. lets get back into a practice yey!

Miss Ambaaa

Im so happy I’ve found you Maggie you have such a Soft persona, I have never connected with other instructors but I feel connected with what you have say! An absolute gem of a teacher

Aniket Parte

I have started doing this session daily morning from last 4 days. But from day 1 my Eyes are turning red daily after the session. Is it something to care Bout or am I doing something wrong??

Jeffrey Marcus

Thank you. Great class.


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It seems like this kind of core workout could help doing all of your other lifts. Make your core more stable.

FloBoi Syndicate

U tried to finess for her their at the end

The autistic blogger


Le Typ

IMO Brian already took the win in "flexibility" by pretzeling up, getting into that shoe box! ??

Isaac Camacho

Seeing this big ass dude in there is fucken hilarious

Jonathan Stuart

Brian won that hands down?hope i get a free shirt fir that comment?

Laura Garza

Brian won to me.
Cuz he kept up with the teacher pretty well and I think he did better then I would have.


This is GOLD. Luv B shaw

Colin Mackay

Brian was in like a minor panic the whole time lol

Caled Ramsahoi

This is halarious ?

Bless Up Records

brain won

Karsten Vlahos


Sanat Srivastava

Face it, Brian, Keri won.

Good effort though.

Nathan Kelton

That was awesome.

Francis fw wells

Brian definitely won

Kannika Hour

so where can I get that jersey?

Chad Wood

I was listening to this video on speakers and my mum came into my room so i changed over to some porn because it sounded less dirty.

Julian Estrada

He's half the size of the room ??


Where can I find that yoga video!

Ruben Braekman

That room is not made for anyone bigger than 6 foot lol

Micah Silke

Brian is more flexible! No contest


Brian probably has like 3x as many pores as the average human because of how big his body is

Jordan P

Oh man I died laughing at this

Toby M

I come back to this video to cheer myself up it’s hilarious


He's a good sport about it all, he has the mass of all three presenters combined, that was a tremendous amount of work for him and he never really complained, only did his best with a body that's designed to move mass, but not to eliminate heat rapidly.

Kuda95 M

Beautiful suffering?????


I love that he keeps plugging in his merchandise now during his videos. hilarious! ?


I could never! ???


I wish I could lose that much weight in 1 session too ?

M.A. Antonin

Brian's reaching Eddie Hall levels of dehydration.

Steven Donovan

Why haven’t you done tug of war with a lion or tiger

Cee Magee

You beat her Brian.

Reuben Hothersall

Brian definitely won

Rayniel Flores

4:31 fav part

N00kie Bear

This is honestly the best thing on YouTube i have ever watched, Brian just trying to beat his wife,so competitive like me and my girlfriend ?Big love Brian from Leeds in the UK

Kelly Willis

Given the size difficulty with Brian in the little room I’d say he wins

sombir singh

Sir this is not orignal yoga orignal yoga practice in nature. Through yoga you can achieve a strong mind and flexibility and inner strength

Darth Gorthaur

I feel like she's challenge me with that smile....my god that sums Brian up so brilliantly...and then of course wifey laughing her ass off..


Oh she won. But you have a great tee shirt

mass effect

418 ... .......

Buddy Jesus

4:17 my favourite moment :D


This was incredible ???

Greg Ameele

I’m pretty sure Brian won

Mar 1700

418 lb of pure goddamn torque

martin wedel

eddie took youre video - and dindt even max out the breathability - and you lose when there are footprints on the wall and you are high on youre air chair get reddy for spinning class - and you need to smile a little more

Ted Hart

So Funny


Brian won!

ryan willrett

This is my fourth time watching it and I’m still in tears??

Van Strifas

watching Brian freak out over yoga is the best use of my free time

Christopher Grapes

It's Breathable??

Koutarou Araki

That is 53°C that is bloody hot

chris burnham

Got my new shirt like the one in this video the other day and i must say it is very breathable and really comfy. Thanks for getting it shipped out so quick Brian.


About 5 more minutes of that and Brian probably would have thrown up, passed out, died, or done all 3.

Robert Cramer

What your doing is not YOGA it is some new age bullcrap

Jessica Pond

def not a fair fight when Brian can't fit in the room

Certified-Glass 2k

4:25 Brian looks like he’s taking a shit??

Jarett Bousquet

This is legitimately the funniest video I’ve watched in quite awhile

Nunzio Raso

just saw this on a facebook group page...3 million views and counting...awesome!


“I think I’m winning”
“You’re not.”
I feel like we’re doing good.”
“You’re not.”

Competitive Brian is a savage ??


Shit was hilarious

Hoosker Doo

Came back to watch after Brian's 2020 countdown


this was actually super dangerous for him, due to just how big he is in every measure, he could've had some type of heat stroke or hyperthermia.

Mel Mel

Lol!!!! This just affirms to me why doing bodyweight stuff is extra hard as a powerlifter. Different muscles lol. This was the most entertaining shit ever

Andrew Hobbs

I think this was the same to Bryan as the ice tub is to his wife.

Timothy Traver

"How is she still smiling?!" Hahaha

Nicholas M

the room was way too small for Brian to properly show how much more flexible he is.

Cadhla Vail

Call it a tie. Keri wins the flexibility competition; Brian wins the undeclared "suffering dramatically" competition. That's a tie by any fair and reasonable standard, right?


What i've leant from this is the toughest people in the gym are the Oz aerobics/yoga women smiling through the pain.

Names James

Brian... You lost lmao

Keith Nichols

Brian's competitiveness is useful in real competitions, but his need to best his wife at everything physical seems a bit juvenile.

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Yo you sure you’re not at a bakery?
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Brian won

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I think, on the evidence of this and numerous other videos, that you are both a match made in heaven.... you're both insane.

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This is the funniest thing I've seen. You Brian are a legend

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Brian I think it would be funny if you walk out in a bikini ? in between rounds of Eddie and Thor’s fight

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That was awesome to see!!!

Slimmest Jim

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Jeremy Brandon

"420LB man does hot yoga in a closet"


He’s too big for the room! That’s sooo cute! ?


This is the greatest Shawstrength video ever.

Logan Berkheimer

Brian seems like one of the most genuinely nice guys around

Scotty's ATP Analysis

3:55 that’s one big dog


As much as I love you Brian.....the Mrs won that round champ. But I reckon you would given the rest of the big man crew a run for their money :)

Riley Nelsen

absolutely Hilarious!!

devin mccurry

No disrespect, but that women is a champion to marry Brian, that takes guts ?? like in the bedroom especially lmao that's rough, and also birthing his offspring, because Brian had to be a big baby ??, and I know I'm not the only one who thought about their sex life, and Brian's kids lolol


6.2 lbs of sweat is about 3 quarts. Picture that.

DW Slayton

And the winner is Mrs. Keri Shaw do to Brian is too big for such a small hot yoga room...

Hillary Matchen

That smiling video lady cracked me up.

Joel Chitunda

Dude barely fits in the room


These are the slimmest group of guys

Kyle Mccarthy

I think Brian Shaw won

Don’t click on this profile

This guys looks like a big friendly giant?