How much does anthony rizzo make

Anthony Rizzo's 2-Run Bomb

Anthony Rizzo's 2-Run Bomb23 Jul. 2020
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Rizzo clobbers a 2-run

Rizzo clobbers a 2-run shot in the first

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Who Knows Kris Bryant Better: Anthony Rizzo or Jessica Bryant? | Bae vs. Ballplayer

Who Knows Kris Bryant Better: Anthony Rizzo or Jessica Bryant? | Bae vs. Ballplayer11 Mar. 2019
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What is Kris Bryant's

What is Kris Bryant's favorite food? Who was KB's childhood crush? Does KB prefer scary movies or romantic comedies?

Kris Bryant challenges his wife, Jessica Bryant, and his friend and teammate, Anthony Rizzo, to three rounds of questions to see who knows him better in this episode of Bae vs. Ballplayer, presented by Garrett Popcorn.

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Jackson Hodge

2:28 the face he makes before turning round


Man Rizzo missed questions like the Cubs missed the playoffs


Kris:What is my favorite holiday?
Kris:That is...... Correct
Kris:*calmest voice ever* Anthony! Watch your language!

Jackson Hodge

They should let kris be a game show host he has such a calm voice

Bradly Zamudio

Change Rizzo's frickin language


Jessica Bryant is my new favourite person ??


This was so funny to watch LOL

CC joseph

6:32 XDD

tiffany joiner

I’ll be a diehard Cardinals fan forever, but this was literally adorable

Kelly Anderson

Rizzo is Kris's bae too. Look at the way they look at each other lol #bromance


3:23 is 2020 Kris Bryant, change my mind.


I love Bryzzo! I may have seen this a year after it was published, but in this time of quarantine and no baseball, it came at the perfect time! Laughed so hard!


He seems like a more athletic William Osman

Cameron Padron

I was gonna say they definitely had to have been dating before he went pro...

Ethan Williams


Maddie Skelton

When she said: s a d l y ? like how??

Divided Games

Huge cubs fan

Karla Salmons

St.louis is clearly better

Joe Mama

I figured it out! Kris Bryant talks like William Oscan during this whole thing! It’s been nagging at me for the whole video!

Ryan Schooley

Screw the cubs go cardinals

Gavin varvel

More like go Cardinals

Bryce Tucker

Rizzo is like a child hahaha

Mark Harrop

Yep just good

Dean Wellik

Rizzo's throwing so hard

Kevin Tolan

My birthday is 2 days after yours

Og Toasty

You guys are great!!!!!!

Chris Peyton

Anthony got 7


6:43 *7

That Girl

Hey Cubs wasn’t Rizz and Emily supposed to do one of these around convention time?! When will we be seeing that?!

Braden Lee

They both look like kids in person but on the field the look like actual adults


They are so cute!

Max Crysdale

How does she not know what type of music he likes lmao

Giancarlo Bomtempo

The cubs won from luck.

John McIntosh

Kris has way more personality (fun) than he has let on the first 5 years in Chicago. I've always heard Rizzo was a bit of a jokester but I was surprised with Bryant. Great job guys and bae.


when do you not see anthony rizzo not smile like ever?

AIA Productions

When Anthony answered Heights, Kris should've gave him at least 50 points for being soooo close.


Let’s be real Kris could do way better than her

St. Louis Cardinals Fan

how did I get here

Luz Ortega

Congrats on having a son be a good dad and good luck

Danny’s Baseball

Bryant’s vioce


Great idea

Joe Nickelbocker

"st. louis is boring"
-Kris Bryant

Ari Friedman

I literally ate a cricket today. Wasn't that bad tbh. Tasted like a bitter sunflower seed


Russo is an excellent first baseman! Natural! Lots of fun watching him playing!!!


bro this year Anthony is 31 oh no

Anthony _

5:29 we all know this is cap

June Tanner

This was so cute i'm losing my mind lmao

kylah davis

me going to the school that rizzo went to✌?

Sean O'Connell

Kris Bryant’s biggest fear

0-4 4 strikeouts

Harold Yaga

Kris: believes Chicago is better
Yadier Molina: Surpised pikachu face

Divided Games

Go cubs go

King Tk

As a cardinal fan I cringed the entire time


Bro Kris sounds like a robot.

The Original MountaiNerd

Kris be out there simping

Kaleb Myers

Anthony got 7 right in round three

Coach & Crew

“Would I rather sky dive or eat a cricket?” “Eat a cricket” Wrong If you’re scared of flying, how scared are you of eating a cricket, Kris? ?

Vas Dabeast

Why does rizzo just crack me up

Donald Obama

Rizzo and Kris are like mahomes and kelce or mr beast and Chris

Jarrett Benton

Why does Kris Bryant sound like he related to Bob Ross

Leonardo Castaneda

Anthony Rizzo has the personality of a golden retriever

Jessi Sabalaskey

You are funny anthony rizzo

Moon Jae-In The South Korean President

Cubs have the best YouTube channel


Rizo is so funny

KB Gaming

Saint Louis the better te


all of the credits were Kris Bryant

Wilson Lower

6:52 voice crack

George McLaughlin

That blanket is for when Kris gets himself in the doghouse with Jess.

Fred Andrews

I'm going to a game on July 25 2020 cant wait to see you guys out there.

Colin F

Kris Bryant: is afraid of flying
Also Kris Bryant: plays 81 road games a year.

N. James Herr

Kris ripped him off one. Rizzo got 7 out of 10 haha



greg the groove DRUM COVERS

Jessica is so cute. ?????

Sprung up In to my games

Booo cubs lets go St Lois

Krankin'_with_ Kaden

As a Die Hard STL fan BOO Cubs Go CARDS

Kari Kueter

6:28 wrong

Russel Brooks


Xander Magaña

Bryant credit to everything

Chris Peyton

Anthony got 6

Duke's Channel

Saint Louis is way better City

Clipez FN

Go cards

Michael Leonard



7:51 tho ??

hamza habibi

are they all fried

Gabe Taylor

idk why they called it bae vs ballplayer when both the people at that table are married to kris bryant

Camden’s World

Go Cubs boo Cardinals my cousins live in St. Louis and they like the Cardinals teaching they babysit Sister to like the Cardinals but I say go Cubs my favorite player would be Anthony Rizzo then have your buyers then Chris Bryant


And now we may trade him ?

waffle boiz

When Kris asked Anthony and Jessica what his biggest fear is I thought the answer would be a low batting average

Plenty Of Trick Shots

Why does kris Bryant remind me of Tom ska

Vicious Senpai

Who looks better in a swimsuit?



C Luken

Rizz: "Jessica, do you have a job?"

Jess: "No."

Rizz: "I have a job. I'm employed, so that means I'm smarter."

Male rationale right there! lol

Orion Kouba

I like the brewers but i still like kb


He said Rizzo got six right but Rizzo actually got 7 right.

Ya Yeet

Like for more bae vs ballplayer

Casey Baker

Wait he’s afraid of flying but he would rather sky dive than eat a cricket???

Also we are birthday buddies!

Conner Gillikin

I don’t understand how Kris settles with Jessica

Roar_ hackz

I like the cardinals but they are both the same

yami m

the bryant’s are adorable

C Luken

Wrong business to be in if you hate flying! lol

Jackson Hodge

2:03 Anthony watch your language over there

Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs Makes a Dream Come True

Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs Makes a Dream Come True28 Aug. 2019
2 003
Dream On 3Subscribe 438 721

Noah is a joyful,

Noah is a joyful, determined 9-year-old boy who lives with Achondroplasia, a genetic disorder that results in dwarfism. Yes, Noah is short in stature, but he refuses to let his condition define him or keep him from doing anything other kids his age are doing.

Noah loves baseball. It is in his blood! He has been able to play Coach Pitch for 3 years, his brother plays baseball and his position is first base, when his dad played, he was also a first baseman, combine all of that with the fact that his mom and grandparents are from Chicago… so just one guess as to which team and player Noah adores? None other than the Chicago Cubs and award-winning, World Series Champion (2016) Anthony Rizzo! Noah’s sports dream is to attend a Cubbies baseball game in the Windy City and watch Rizzo play ball.

To learn more about Noah, please visit:


Video created by Wheelhouse Foundation:


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Robert M. Serrato

Nice touch! Love it

Dunia Susu2011

Yay cogratulation

KC St0rm

? Aww