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HOMEMADE PROTEIN SHAKE - Cheap and Easy Recipe for Muscle building and Fat loss

HOMEMADE PROTEIN SHAKE - Cheap and Easy Recipe for Muscle building and Fat loss15 Sep. 2017
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Let us make a Easy and

Let us make a Easy and Cheap Protein Shake at home. This is a simple recipe of a homemade protein shake using just 4 ingredients.

Not everyone can afford to buy a protein supplement and nor does everybody likes to buy a protein powder. So, in this video, we will make a homemade protein shake using 4 simple ingredients which are very easily available near you.

We will talk about this protein shake in detail, the timings when it should be consumed, the do’s and don’ts.

Checkout the recipe of homemade peanut butter used in this shake.


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Sreedevi Reddy

Hi bro... Can i take another fruit along with banana. Plz reply me bro

Trishul Singh

Which peanut butter you are using ?


Bro ur staying at the best place bro look at the mountains back of u ??❤️

Rahul Dabhi

Can we take this daily before evening run ?


Bro how many almonds we should take reply plz ??

Tushar Srivastava

Kitni cut to cut editing mari hai ..ek bar men script yad nhi hui kya...har ek sentence bad cut hai

Saundarya Manoj

can we use sabja seeds


Flax seeds reduce the testosterone

Tanya Gaming

1/2 litre Low Fat Milk = ( around 30 rupee )
1 Banana = ( 5 rupee )
2 spoon Peanut butter = ( around 20 rupee )
1 spoon Flax Seeds = ( around 5 rupee )

Total Cost = 60 rupee
Thumbnail = 20 rupee ???

Marati Murali rao

My home's background also same like this.. Ur videos always helpful.., keep smiling and be safe


Raw egg hinders absorption of vitamin B6.

Ratul Sen

Cheers man!

Satyam Diddi

Gud information bro

RAJA aka lil hindu

is this gain or fat lose shake?

Life is a celebration

Please share your views on veganism ,dairy industry and cow slaughter.

Ahad Jafar


Naveen. V Naveen. V

We can use normal butter

Sanchari Nee

Hi brother, just to know why can’t we drink the actual whey comes as a byproduct while making panner instead of the whey protein powders?? Just curious to know

Ansh Arora

Basically a modified banana shake

Deepanshu Sharma

Bro the most useful video I have ever seen on YouTube. Thanks brother.

s rp

It's said no fruits with milk ,than how can we add banana and milk...?


1like for the rain u covered in ur shooting

Pahuni Dixhit

Meri request h aap sbhi se kripya Rajiv Dixit ji ko YouTube pr sune ye aap ki jindagi Badal dega




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Sushmita Chauhan

I really get inspired by the hard work you're doing, I mean it rained right in front of you and you still continued speaking in same flow so the doesn't get impacted. ❤️❤️ Amazing work Vivek ??? ?

cheenu mishra

This shake is pretty high in calories,, maybe good for gains

DIY Crafts

I got protein plus add before this..??


In one video you said milk and banana are not good combination according to Ayurveda??

Amit Dey

He is the icon of the youth

Roopangee Tandon

Can we eat fruit along with the mixture instead of blending it?

janjirala priyanka

Can u compare oziva and olena protein powders and make a vedio

the Tata ambani

1:14 magic in three seconds ???

Rohit Gupta

This shake is cheap but not in 20 rupees ?

sudhar san

I'm 14 yrs I drink it


I think we can skip the banana part in it.

Nirmal Babu

According to me 1 gram of protien per kg of bodyweight is more than enough to build muscle given u are not ignoring other macros.


Hi great video, Kindly make a video on nut butters in indian market.


All about nutrition had roasted your protein home made shake plz see his video

Update something new


Arpita Panda

Taking milk with banana raises kafa dosa according to Ayurveda.Will this increase kaph dosa?

anshu sharma

Can you please share a recipe for home made protein powder too.

Aditya Raju

sir can we replace apple with banana

sukhbir singh

Thanks brother

Sreedevi Reddy

Tq so much bro

Ibadulla Ekkeri

I agree with the part where the consumption of raw egg is discouraged. I have made this made mistake and paid for it with upset stomach for days.

Richard James

Hello sir.. Can you gave me home made muscles protein, because I don't want white gain protein, so sir can you tell me..

Richard James New Delhi

Saundarya Manoj

how many calories ?

Raj Bahe

Ingredients list:-
1)300ml milk
2)1 tbsp flax seeds
3)2 tbsp peanut butter
4)1 banana

Pratima Gaana


Tanmay Jaiswal

2 minute silence for those people who are thinking to consume in their fat loss program

Dev Gupta

Plz it's huge request add nutritional value per 100g





vidhya singh

can we replace banana with papaya /mango/cheeku/dates
and coconut milk

Sachin Naik

Jai hindustan?????????? ???????????????thanks Vivek bhai???????????????? . Mera bharath Mahan????????????????? ?❤????❤?????????????????????

Kapil Kaushik

Those were the times when the Fit Tuber had to ask for thumbs up and subscription for his channel!

Gaurav kumar


Ajay Shivanithi

Really easy sir, every one can make it , Thank u

Raneesh Brock msd

Bro can I add some 8almonds to it for more protein

Jude Suresh

Should we have this before or after the workout??

nevs singh

Brilliant thanks. Do you have more recipes?

Sanya Dave

Can we skip peanut butter

Anuja Jadhav

In one of ur videos u mentioned that fruits should consumed be separately....
No offence ....Lots of love ???♥️

Satyam Diddi

Thank u its gud video bro

Dineshwar Thakur

Sir ya taste Ma thik Hana

Ajith Kumar S

Awesome Vivek bro thanks ??

Narasimha Prabhu

But two spoons of peanut butter is adding fat into the protein shake

Snow Drop

U r frm visag

ram prasath

OMG - This guy, I dono the math behind the protein shake, but I am sure there wont be 21gms of protein and 1/2 litre WTH - think about the lactose.

Simple - oats + peanut butter (Crunchy) + milk + honey - Tada got yourself Premium quality protein

Soumya Sourav

Can we drink this post running in winter evening?
Can we avoid flax seed??
Please help?

Sameer Shaikh

Fit Tuber pls make a video on Cigrette, Bidi and Gutkha addicted people.?

Anirudh Kashyap

One correction,
Not every egg contains salmonella....1 in 20,000 eggs contains salmonella
Most likely it won't affect you....but if that egg has salmonella....food poisoning for sure
More over, raw egg whites also taste horrible so I'd rather cook them.

sutirthaa biswas

Thank you so much?

Adnan Siddiqui

does it help in weight loss?

Jeet Patel

Bhai kuchh bhi mila lena milk ke sath lekin Watermelon mat milana......


But as far as I know, ayurveda does not approve the combination of milk n banana.

Prathik K

Thank you?

jaikrishna kj

Can i skip flax seed


Bhai mai Muscle blaze ka peanut butter use kar sakta hu i am going gym and i am losing weight but for muscle I need protien

sri sajeeve

@fittuber , heard that flax seed is not good for men ! Is that true ?

Noor Hussain Naqvi

Make one video on best protien supplement brand in India and worst

Swaraj Msd7

Annaaaaaa , VUDA KAILASAGIRI vizag lo unnava ? ?

Fit Tuber

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Fit Tuber.

Mehul Kulkarni

Instead of flax seeds we can add 1 egg... Much more protein... But compromise on taste somewhere ?
Not everyone is okay with raw egg into milk

Ankit Panday

bro low fat milk 300ml mae 3 gram protin hota hai na ki 11 gram???

shivani sharma

But acc to ayurveda. Banana and milk are nutritious but only when taken separately. And should never be mixed together.

Radhika Lakhana

Is it good for fat loss.
If yes, when and how to consume it.

Atharv Hande

Thanks Bhai ♥️♥️♥️

Manish Lata

Boycott akshay kumar permanently
Boycott bollywood permanently

Natsu Ichijo2

Cool video

Basic Knowledge R J Fernandes

You are awesome

Pooja Gupta

What a great video

Manas Shidore

Fruit + milk is a opposite combination, just to mention..

karuna kasar

??? I think and I heard that banana should not taken with milk....

Ritish Sharma

I want to know the science behind this in brief.

61 bhavesh choudhary

Bro is milk and. Fruits combination good?

shivani sharma

But acc to ayurveda. Banana and milk are nutritious but only when taken separately. And should never be mixed together.


Some of the Oscar winning actors say that they won't like to take protein supplements. But the actual truth is that they are hesitating because of the high cost. But thanks for the information

Ibadur Rehman

Sir ya workout se pehle le ya baad ma

Delicious Muscle Building Smoothies! (Two Recipes)

Delicious Muscle Building Smoothies! (Two Recipes)9 Aug. 2018
11 427
Nick WaddellSubscribe 438 721

These two smoothie recipes

These two smoothie recipes are delicious and a great way to start your day! Get in protein and micronutrients to build a great physique from a quick smoothie. Great for athletes, weightlifters, and anyone in between!

Mango Kale:

1. 1 Cup Frozen Mango Chunks

2. 1 Banana

3. 1/3 Cup Frozen Spinach or Kale

4. 1/4 Cup Apple Juice

5. Protein of Choice

6. 1/2 Cup Water

Triple Berry:

1. 1 1/3 Cup Frozen Berries

2. 1 Banana

3. 1/4 Cup Orange Juice

4. Protein of Choice

5. 1/2 Cup Water

Instagram: Nick_Waddell

Contact me (Business): [email protected]

Comments (19)
Rusher the Plusher

that looks gooooooddd!!!

sörg verkir

love the vid keep it up!

Nick Waddell

Full Ingredient List is in the Description!


you are humble. i like your personality! keep up the good work! stay strong, dont let anyone tell u that u cant do shit

Greg Bob

The 3 haters

Yash Pal Bhalla

add oats brah

Grant Balogh

New intro is lit. Gonna need these smoothies cuz I’m getting my wisdom teeth out

alejandro sandoval

Can I use this without the protein powder?what substitute can i use for protein?

Smelly Boy

Great vid man,smoothie looks pretty good

Lochlan Emerson

Sup nick I was wondering what supplement is the safest because I saw on the news that some power has anabolic steroids even tho it says it doesn't

Shubham fitness

Be regularl now


Great smothie imma try it?

Williams Farve

I actually heard that the Vega is high in arsenic

Gory Bandzzz

Do you have too put it in order

Kapil Tariyal



Yuhhh ??


Nick will you still post an aftermath video showing your 100m and 40 yard dash improvement from the training you are doing?

Do Do

This is probably the best smoothie i've seen because of its simplicity. The other youtubers add like 5 banana and 10 ingredients. Imma try this
Thanks boss


I like to use a mixed frozen fruit spinach banana whey protein and soy milk

Dr. Sebi Approved - Alkaline Muscle Building - PlantBased High Calorie Shake

Dr. Sebi Approved - Alkaline Muscle Building - PlantBased High Calorie Shake5 Jun. 2017
20 204
AISHA ALISubscribe 438 721

Ingrediet list


Ingrediet list

2 Bananas

one scoop of pumpkin seed

one scoop of hemp seeds

one scoop of hemp protein

one cup of Berrys

Seven dates

one cup of walnut milk

Half a cup of spring water

Optional ( 1 tablespoon walnut or almond butter)

Mix in a blender and it should be ready for muscle gains.


Please watch: "DIY Face Mask For Clear Glowy Skin - Bentonite Clay - Turmeric - Honey - Black-seed Oil "



Comments (30)

Great stuff!! I’m all for this!

David Taveras

How many grams of protein does that shake amount to? By the way, that shake looks awfully expensive

Henry Budziarski

I tried to get back into it it’s winter here that’s movie looks delicious ? ??✌?

Gloria Hester

Thanks, I did enjoy the video, my grandson is way to lean , one quick question , plz don't laugh , how will himp seeds show upon a drug test ? Thanks and have an awesome day.

9 P

U should really change the title because it's all lies. It's not dr sebi approved so why lie on the title


My muscles building shake
Seamoss gel
Hemp seeds
Brazil nuts
Sarsaparilla powder

Annmarie Williams

Great Video!

KC Walker

Why do these ppl keep putting Dr. Sebi appoved an then go on talking about bananas and beans. Corrupt

Vinnette Pope

At Dr. Sebi Usha Village they have a almond ? growing on the property . The almonds are a lot smaller than what we buy in the stores. Some health food store sell Spanish almonds, which are a lot smaller than the regular almonds. Thank you for sharing this video.

The Winter Tree Climbers




Castillo Movement

Almonds are not aproved by dr. Sebi and neither are pumpking seeds.. As far as iI could find

Marcia Garraway

Sorry sweetie, Dr Sebi didn't approve almond, pumpkins seeds. Try using Brazil nuts or walnuts instead.

Health Lyght

Therefore, your drink contains good fruit ingredients . Not totally real when it comes to molecules......

Timothy Richmond

I guarantee u dont drink that everyday


I’m sorry. Not to rain on your video. Because I think it’s great, but u can’t put a doctor Sebi approval muscle building smoothie video if most of the products your using, you know dr. Sebi didn’t approve of. It’s misleading. I know you mention that he said not to use regular bananas which was great but it can still be misleading to a lot of people bcuz there gonna thinks it’s ok. Not to rain on this video. Just believe if we are gonna use his name we should stick to what he says!

Geoann Progress

I was diagnosed of herpes 3 years, and ever since then i have been taking treatment to prevent outbreaks, burning and blisters, but there was no improvement until i came across testimonies of Dr. Osaba on how he has been curing different people from different diseases all over the world, then i contacted him. After our conversation he sent me the medicine which i took according to his instructions for up to 2 weeks. After completing the medication i went back to my doctor for another test and the virus was all gone and i was completely cured, since then i have not had any signs of outbreak. I'm so filled with joy. With herbal medication Herpes Virus is 100% curable. I refer Dr Osaba to everyone out there with the virus Email: [email protected]gmail.com Add Dr Ogbeni whatsApp +2348132322488 He is capable of curing HIV/AIDS, HERPES, HPV, HSV1&2, CANCER of all kinds, DIABETES and so many others


Hi. I just wanted to know is it still Dr. Sebi approved if I use chocolate protein plant based powder instead of the hemp seed powder ?

Asar Ptah

Goddess Have You Tried Hazelnut Milk.
Re Almond Dr Sebi Stated Its Cyanide To The Divine Beloved Body Within.
Beautiful Vid Goddess.....
Alkaline Is Our Natural Nature Way.

Dauphne McMurry

I just found your channel and subscribed.


Looks sooooo good, how did you make the milk?


Dr. Didn’t recommend Pumpkin seeds!!

Lil_ Salt13

Nice work! Might not have everything spot on but you're giving it a damn good go and learning along the way, that's what it all about. Let's support that!

Ntr Lo0se

excellent video

Jhamellia Livingston

pumpkin seeds ?

Health Lyght

- the long bananas are hybrids and are forced ripen, some times you will smell the gas—
The Dr Sebi is safer due to its original and real molecular structure...

Jus Vic

Thank u Sister Queen..
,Just what I was looking for. ?

Majida Aldallal

Thanks ?


You're beautiful. Hey.

t'challa Bosman

you are amazing, the people NEEED this lol pleese be our guide, there is a lot of mis information out there, i see you have deep respect for dr. sebi teachings