Paige vanzant legs

Paige Vanzant training

Paige Vanzant training22 Oct. 2016
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Sensational training Paige

Sensational training Paige Vanzant

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Joe Rogan on Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich

Joe Rogan on Paige VanZant vs. Rachael Ostovich16 Jan. 2019
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Taken from JRE MMA Show

Taken from JRE MMA Show #56:


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The worst Idol for female fighter is is this Instagram model want to be fighter stick to modeling and quit MMA

Charles E. Head

Paige is a lil beast ..


I had my lotion out during that fight

Easy E

ostovich is bonkers

Michael Feeney

I cringe hard at these two talking about how sexy these girls are instead of their athletic merit

Zay Tay

What's the problem with having Greg Hardy on the same card as ostovich? I don't get it

Tiny Nuts

Can I get flown out to be on JRE



schwa gross. What a creep


Rachel ostovich looks like a dude


Wouldnt be my proudest fap


that little 155 bit was the only time I’ve ever laughed at loud at a Joe Rogan joke

Makoto is back

Rachael looks like a guy

Jill's Sandwiches

I would risk it all for these chicks too.

Dillan Versai

Schaub is a joke..he adds nothing to the podcast...he acts like he understands the promotion business, and now hes gonna protect Rachael... Greg hardy vs schaub...book it!!! That would definitely end in the first minute of round one with Schaub unconcious..


I’d risk it all for her. Lol B said to joe and joe started laughing. I wish I was rich like those guys and could get High and enjoy life and talk ufc everyday.

Emma H

I’d risk it all .... lmao




Rachael vs Paige is the perfect example of hot vs cute/pretty

blaze 2017

Joe sounds sick of the UFC.

Leon Jee

LOL no one was boo-ing.

wade wilson

Sexiest fight ever

John-Paul Silke

I’d say let me fight the woman beater but he’d kill me. Let me bring my Glock and shoot him in the thigh first with one bullet and then beat him with the empty gun. Naw, he’d still kill me. Fuck it give me two bullets and a baseball bat and I’ll definitely kick his woman beating ass.


Acting like Greg Hardy punched Rachael, two unrelated cases, who gives a shit if they fight on the same card?

Bronson Cashiola

Fuck shaub


"Boys get your dicks out!" ???

mr a pimp named slick back

Looking at Rachael helps my stand up game

Daniel Shelley

Joe "that was

Kevin Lee

ariane lipski better than both

J Rocha

Brendan Shaub that dude says the most ridiculous stuff !!

Victor Ortega

These chicks are so wack and any one who says they are hoyter than the ring girls??????

eduardo garcia

Yo tambien lo arriegaria todo Joeeeee jajajajajaja,

Kevin Hurt

Schaub is only good when he does the Rogan podcast...

1 x

Why could they not fight same card

Owen Parry

Kick him out the ufc the wanker has had three fights


Damn ‘they better looking then the ring girls’ ????

Max Moore

Rachael makes Paige look ordinary as fuck tho.


Greg Hardy even comes across as a piece of shit, Wanted to watch him get his face smashed in. He ran out of gas and deliberately threw that knee. Hopefully he gets completely smashed next fight


Paige would be perfect for me lol

Cedrick Linden

How was Cowboy on the prelims and the woman beating puff hardy co main? Ridiculous

Keturah Beney

this does a discredit to female fighters

Laldin Puia

'I don't risk it all for her' Brendan scaub

Shannon Classen

The video just starts and Brendan is telling us to whip our dicks out . Just Brendan being brendan

Joël Beaudin

Brendan Schaub is such a try hard macho talker.
"Boys get your dicks out"
Brendan that's classless man, you can say they are hot, because they are beautiful woman, but you can still more respectfull in your way of talking.


Shaub is full of shit saying they're more attractive than the ring card girls. LOL. Plus Paige got them fake titties now it kinda dropped points for her to me.

floss 2 da 951

Pervy much???

DrMario Pepper

Rogans wife and children must love when he talks like that???

Basketball Player

I only watched because of Greg Hardy tbh

G m

Boys, get your dicks out ?????

floss 2 da 951

Quite a few how UFC chicks


I been saying that since the beginning. Hardy was on the card before her husband beat her. So shut ur mouth u fucking soy boys. This world is doomed. All this instagram and twitter and people posting every sec of their lives online is the downfall of civilization. Grow up do something productive in real life. And to u women who want everything equal. Stop usuing ur instagrams to post ass and bikini photos and maybe more people will take u seriously. Cant wait for doomsday. While these internet babies are runnin around clueless ill be picking em off and stocking my shelter even more. Thank u

Matthew Horizon

You know some crazy shit? I was just watching hilarious Mike Tyson videos and TWICE, a Tyson's chicken ad popped up. The algorithm is wilin.'

iraj Vf

Sexiest fight in UFC history

Ismael padilla

Is it me or does Rachel look like cyborg, either way it's obvious they've had work done on there face

David Humphries

How blind are these cunts. No way in fuck are they better than the ring girls. Get the fuck out of here


Rachael Ostovich vs Serena Williams. May the best man win.

Matthew James Blake

So hot.


Wo,w Jones does some drugs, conor makes a mess, khabib jumps into crowd, and they are suspended. Yet the Greg Hardy guy legit almost kills his wife, threatens to kill her, is obviously psychopathic and nobody bats an eye? hes clear to fight??? FUCK YOU

Chris A

“Dudes jacked..... Not good..” ?

Augden Fischer

Who the fuck what standby and record someone getting brutally beating. The piece of shit recording is just as bad as the piece of shit beating her. I'd kick down the fucking door to shoot that motherfuker. It pisses me off the mother fucker recording could have least called the police.


Rachael Ostovich is beautiful ? Am I looking at the right person here? Because that chick is not attractive at all.

Vinny B

“Boys, get your dicks out” - Brendan Schaub 2019

Jason Cumminga

I’d expect the ground and pound

Ryun Wallace

What if they walked to the middle of the ring and started kissing?

Joseph Cassidy

Schaub is fucking creepy yeah they’re fit but schaub is a creep

I left the NUTZ hanging out

I hope they fight the clothes off each other


Common Schaub, you're engaged.

Stephen Marriott

Brendan ‘boys get your dicks out’ Schaub


JoJo vs Lipski is the one I got my dick out for. Lol.

Shrekboi XXX

“Boys get your dicks out”
-Brendan “Big Brown” Schaub

The Poetry Market

Why is he on Greg hardys nuts so hard?




Why wasnt Joe commentating?

Spoony Pizzas

My penis was... 2:56 ...after seeing these two (Paige n Rachael, not Joe & Brandon) go at it.

Sam Silver

I'm mixed with like five things my dicks out for the culture


Are you a person ?
Shes a Goddess


Ostovich is a Butterface.
Looks like a man.


PVZ all day long. ?


It’s called SURGERY JOE! ????‍♂️

John Smith

These Ladies are to beautiful to even fight. It's radiculous.

No Nombre

Rachael is not my thing. In good shape but a little too man-face. Paige reminds me of Home Improvement era Pamela Anderson. Before all the surgery.

Alan Arzate

Can u imagine how much money the ufc would make if they fought naked it's not gonna happen but can u imagine

John Kenny

This is sexual harassment Brendan Schwab should be cancelled for this immediately

Scott Crosby

The hottest fight of all time


Brendan Schaub is a moron. He's solution is to punish a guys like he was the one who assaulted Rachael by moving him. This tool is a fighter once too. He should know how much work and preparation it takes to be ready for a fight and he wants to move in a different card and start all over again.


Give them a few more years and theyll look like dudes

Im Remmo

0:20 Fucking Schaub ? Facts Tho ?

hgewhew hewdhewr

Joe 'Redonkulous' Rogan

Laldin Puia

"I would risk it all for that girl" Brendan schaub ha.... Ha.. That got me

mick shnick

Joe 'uuurrrghhheee' rogan

mark DaddyC

i WANT to c greg hardy fight.. and i think he's gonna be a wreckingball once he works on his skills..and i think they also want a K.O for the first ESPN show and greg hardy will knock his opponent out


"The card was set before bla bla..." oh...really...nothing UFC can do. Not like they modified a tiny detail in the last UFC event.


Hate to tell you this Joe Rogan , but Van Zant walks around at 145 - she cuts 20 pounds to make 125. https://dailycaller.com/2018/12/11/paige-vanzant-weight-loss-125-pounds/.
Ostovich is down right pudgy normally, and cuts (at least the same) sans her 3 pounds of those ridiculous implants. Same with Van Zant on the implants, see before and after pix, google it for them both.


Poor Rachel, I really wanted to see that girl win, she needed that win so bad.

Jonny Augz

Van Zant does nothing for me. I'd be like fucking a Barbie doll.


Rachel's body is bangin... but she does have a bit of a mannish face. But not enough to be a problem. She is definitely hotter than Paige. Paige is cute but still comes off looking like a pretty girl versus a sexy woman. She is not hotter than the ring girls.


They nasty compared to ring girls lol ?

In Truth We Trust

1:10 white knight

The Truth

Boys get your dicks out ??


This whole Rachel Greg Hardy thing is so dumb. They aren’t connected whatsoever. Let her move on and drop it. Greg hardy is CLEARLY a piece of shit, and will get what’s coming to him in the UFC. But leave Rachel out of it. Fuck man...

Fight Night Vancouver: Paige VanZant Backstage Interview

Fight Night Vancouver: Paige VanZant Backstage Interview28 Aug. 2016
160 269

Paige VanZant's return to

Paige VanZant's return to the Octagon after Dancing With The Stars was a success. VanZant knocked out Bec Rawlings with a vicious leg kick to improve to 4-1 in the UFC.

Comments (100)

she beat some unranked or atleast ranked 5 below. that would be like karolina beating her. good victory though

Shawn Haines

Paige Vanzant doing the Alex Caceres switch kick against Cole Escovedo! New Bruce Leeroy and Bruce Lee! #Kungfu #BruceLee #BruceLeroy

Jennifer Murkin

Lil cocky skank.

Erik Jimenez

You can literally see Bec caught on cam at 2:31 crying as she was walking by being comforted by her team as she looks up and realizes Paige is right there and she was seen by the camera guy LMFAO!!!

Tony FN G

nod game is on point

Modock Flang

the comments is giving me a boner!


When all video recording goes VR, ooh yeah

תומר שמש

that sweetness

Dennis dark Knight stamp

pagie vanzant I love u

Derek Littlefield

nod game strong


PVZ celebrated Korean Zombie style after she won (throwing mouthguard to the floor)

julius vidal

"Knocked Bec Rawlings out with a vicious LEG KICK"

Lol who the fuck wrote this video's description.


I'm here to read sexist comments about Paige and Megan xD

Orbital Nova

that dudes head was shining so hard in the backround.

Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis

what a fucking knockout...say what you will about this girl, but shes in the ufc for more than just her looks.

Emerald City

This is the "Who's got the squeakiest voice competition"

Dubsy Dabster

Such a freaking cutie. Great kick


Does she swallow ?

Claire Mitchell


Grim Bones

She looks like Jessa Rhodes


I don't like vanzant but be rawling is a whore I fucking hate her


The reporter and the fighter are Low key find af

Kikuli Kokuli

Oh, God "told her everything would be okay" .. got it.


She's taling so fast, eminem would be jelous.

ArtifiShuL Instinct

Paige is really under rated especially after getting countered out out classed technique wise vs rose but her cardio, pace, aggression, heart, toughness and strength are all top shelf. She's still young and if she can just drill like crazy and keep learning she could be a huge problem in the near future. She's alright well ranked as it is.

MJ Wong

Oh man I was so onboard until she started with the God talk

Matthew Lo

Two words: FEED JOANNA!

Gabriel Incognito

She's clearly on some coco.

916 Luna

Felipe Bragio jiu-jitsu


"Can you see me now?! CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?!?!"
-Paige VanZant


Kick that can

I got dropped 3 time by a featherweight

"I thought I won that interview...but it's ok I'm too real for this sport".


"i'm not surprised motherfuckers!" -Paige VanZant


She's coked up

Michael Johnston

You need psychiatric held if you wouldn't want to drop hot loads in both of them.


lol Antonio Brown aint going to leave that NFL paycheck. Hollywood might be more lucrative for PVZ though.


Anyone else way on board with her until she said God was helping her? Admittedly I'm an Atheist, but I feel like if I was a Christian I'd be pretty annoyed at the people who say that God helped them with or at least reassured them about something that's as trivial as sport is in the big picture of the world.

Yogi Popp

Is that was KO ( head-kick ) or TKO ( head-kick and punches)? For me looks like TKO. Rawlings wasn't "out" after the kick and she trying to defence. Anyway, congrats to Paige - great job!

Dubon Gros

Funny that I saw the "karaté kid " movie before Paige was even born and remember thinking that although good for dramatic effect , the signature move of the film would never work in a real fight... So I stand corrected, Paige proved me wrong

tenzin sonam

Paige "the bobblehead" Vanzant

RT Solo

Geez Paige is such an active listener! All that responsive nodding and those facial expressions! P4P best conversationalist!

Jason Troy

Great fight . Awesome result for paige . And rawlings is no stick in mud . She can go . But paige was to much for her on knight .

Evan Davidson

bad ass beautiful woman!!!


lol,god in my corner ..so stupid

Sr Ch

remember, when you feel god in the corner, its all gonna be ok...


That was an awesome fucking KO

Tiny Hands Donald

I'd tap dat... i also would tap the interviewer.


She is a wet dream for UFC PR. And for most other folks too.


I'd let paige full mount on my face

Glenn van G

Nice finish but I doubt she will ever be a true title contender.


PVZ loses in devastating fashion to Thug Rose but she takes her lumps, regroups, trains hard & quickly returned to the octagon victorious

McGregor loses in devastating fashion to Nate Diaz but he takes his lumps, regroups, trains hard & quickly returned to the octagon victorious

Pettis (former champ) had lost 3 of his last 4 and on the verge of being cut but he stayed focused, trained hard & earned a victory over Oliveira.

Ronda where the fuck are you???


Corner: Stick to the game plan!
Fuck your game plan!- Paige VanZant

minotaur man

have some respect pls no foul mouths pls paige is gorgeous


Her head nods are so fucking annoying

brandon bigred

She is gorgeous

The Firmament

megan really makes me miss Ariel Helwani.. shes to much of a disneyland corporate mold

Derrick Smiley

really just thought vanzant got here because of her beauty but really, she is a fighter, she just got a new fan from me(:



Candace Lin

I just want to see her get schooled against joanna champion ^_^ #teamjoanna fam

Mario Martinez

Overrated bitch. I would love to see her fight an elite fighter like Claudia, jj, kk, Jessica Andrade. Paige would get fuck up.


I came here for Megan Olivi

Allen Smith

Fighting is cool like that, from the first round running, looking away, not liking being hit... you ( I ) kinda thought okay... Bec is going to win this, easy... then.bang...fight can turn in a second. Well done Paige and Bec props for staying conscious, tough!

Leon Reaper

then megan threw down the mic and they both start making out and groping eachother appropriately


two hotties



Iam Pyre

Condit said "No Mas!" lol


fuck whos hotter???? thats the real question


beautiful voice :3


She won I'm happy for her. But lets be serious: Joanna is at a complete different level right now.


megan olivi is a cutieeeeee :))


Despite still being young, she's awesome, and fun to watch. So much potential, but still has a way to go until I think she could hang with Joana Champion.


'2 spinners, 1 microphone and 1 ambulance....'!

Martin Korn

megan i sexy woman


Overrated junk


If you just look at vanzant it's like her movements are being fast forwarded if you get me it's really weird


my lord

Bruce Tull

Amazing victory paige soon that belt will be yours <3 xx


2:22 They tried to setup PVZ for a direct-to-cam promo clip and she dodged the question. Had she called someone by name they would loop that a hundred times before their fight.

Ezekiel Jimenez

Good luck trying that against Joanna or Claudia

Holly Holm

1.00 assets but she needs to develop some front assets.

Bompangpow TV

She is soooooo sexy


That's what happens when you speak the King Mcgregor's name in vain Bec.

john nixon

"dey all dawt me, dawt me now" -Paige Van Zant

Cary Chilton

Great for Page, she needed this win. I STILL don't get the hype around her supposedly being amazingly beautfiul???? She is quite average..... not ugly, but no beauty queen YMMV


Paige ?


her cuteness is legit.. not like other more skillfull fighter


2:33 classic. Bec crying like the bitch she is after talking all that shit and Paige happy as can be giving the backstage winning interview.

Lennon Plays


Truly Zambian

"VanZant knocked out Bec Rawlings with a vicious leg kick..." - Must be "intern day" at the UFC offices.
Description should say "head kick", not "leg kick".


Megan vs. Paige


Awesome finish! I really hope she continues to do well in the UFC because her fights are entertaining and she's nice to look at lol


was a cool fight and I like her but I think Joanna would destroy her and is miles apart from pretty much anyone in that division


pretty much a crime that pvz gets a performance bonus for headkicking a bum and pettis gets bupkis for an amazing performance at 145 against an actual contender. an actual exciting fight, close fight, he chokes out the guy who chokes out everybody while executing some amazing defense on the ground. CRIME!

Uncharted 4 MP Epic Gameplay

is megan olivi autistic or something

somali Bilow

it is true that white skin is weak

Ezekiel Jimenez

She's fuckin annoying


Everything's going right for her. Like me, right up inside her.


Well done Paige but I take god ignored the other corner then, didnt care or got her beaten up!?!?!?!?.

viclops Xmen

vanzant super hot

Martin Korn

barbie comeooooonn lol lmao