Relieving headache pressure

6 Steps to Relieve a Headache

6 Steps to Relieve a Headache16 Apr. 2019
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Gently pressing these six

Gently pressing these six pressure points can reduce stress and help ease headache pain. George Montes, a licensed massage therapist at the Sewall Healthy Living Center at Sharp Coronado Hospital, shows you how.

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Comments (100)
Thomas luker

Didn't work and threw up 5 minutes later

SipOfTea _

Bruh it actually vorks


Yo this works thank you


Uchya vichar ??

Sujin Lee

This does not work!!!!!!!

Indrajit Singh

It really works ? if we do this for 10 ,20 minutes again and again the headeach will be stop

Itz_ Maddie Edits

Currently at school with a headache and watching this video I really want to go home? but I’m going to try to see if this helps to last throughout the day!

amit Jinger

Nice to pain to woman


Instructions unclear I paralyzed myself

Qurrat-ul-Ain RAFIQUE

I think if you want these tips to work...you need to have a firm belief that it would work for u...

Noah lewis

Just take a hot shower ??‍♂️

꧁?Gaming With Mercy?꧂

My head hurts alot this helped a bit thanks,

Harris Gaming

Just sleep for a while and when you wake up bhoom headache is gone

Sarah Portteus

My head hurts so bad ??


Been doing this for 2 mins each of them but didn't work

Asian kids makes Random BIDS

bruh just say politely hey brain pls no more head ache boom gone worked for me

Lea Tanguilig

I’d tried now. It’s really effective. Thank you

Songs But They Are Roblox Names

Me: Does the steps.
My brain: Do it again.

Eman Butt

Who try like me while watching video?

Kiwi Keenan

I literally have had a headache all day and doing this just made it worse

Minn Minnar (Minn) Wechasil

Woah it works

Mike Hat

Crossing my fingers this would help ease my mom’s headaches and migraines...

Bell Night


Red Samurai

I have pain at the back of my head at the base of the skull. Which one should I do?

Hassan ahmad

I knew the 2nd one without any help just naturally

Aditya Kau

felt way better after doing it ...thanks a lot


Step 2 worked for me guys so i hope this step or another step works for you?

You Know Crime Don't Pay

IV Drip at the hospital with Katorolac . It took 3 hours to take the severe pain away. They found me lying in my driveway from the intense pain. An Ambulance rushed me to the ER but it took a very long time to find releif. Could have been caused from Degenerative cervical disc disease. Worst pain ever, I wanted to take me own life.

Nikhil The Gamer 2.0


A3 Clan for Zr

i still has a headache

Mustafa Mashhood

wait that actually worked

daddy chill

the second one made my head hurt more than it was ?


I followed all the steps multiple times but my cluster headache is still aching.

WellMeyNameIsMuchMuchLongerThanYoursh HahahahaahahS


OMGits Juli



Unfortunately I have been having a headache all day. And trying the first one actually helped.

salomon vaknin

Thank you it fixed i think it’s case I played 15 hours of fortnite every day bye hope it woks for you the one that worked the most is the middle of eye brows


I have a headache

Chantal Wilson

Its work

nelly mutungi

Who has a head ache while watching


My friend really had a headache, i did it on her.... ITS FAKE!!!!!!!

car ram

Is it just me or did anyone else feel someone move and felt relief when doing step #2 putting slight pressure soft area behind the ?'s!

Killua Zoldyck

The first one worked yo wtf

yan ni

Who who r in corona world

Sandhu Sandhu

She is laughing while she have heaf ache huhhhh?? Here I am dying welcome to my funeral?????????


Who’s here because of online schooling ☹️


Is there a phobia of having ur wrists being touched because if someone touches my wrist or if i see someones wrist being touched i flinch and I hate it

Gamer Ninja

Hi Everyone, i will tell you how i cured my Headache, it was not just a normal headache because it was always there everyday for 1 Year, 1st thing and the most important thing is to Get a BRAIN CT scan, to see if and to be sure if it is no Tumor or Something, after that you will feel or you be relieved for the result if the result is fine, but it was still there my headache was still there, i tried a lot of things like exercises, pain relievers like that and stuffs, i tried and i searched everything, but when i wake up every morning it still there, i almost lose hope but a very simple thing change my life, COFFEE :), my mom never want me to have a habit of drinking coffee, but it Helped a lot, and dont feel it anymore THANK GOD!!!

juanitouse rbx

I have a headec

Aly Beau

I’m having a headache while watching this too, at this point I barely don’t even know what to do about it!

Fida Sathar

It worked ??

anya dedios

fuck this headache im still writing an article tomorrow


Wow it actually worked

Yashvi Patel

Youtube and google are the only platform for any of the questions.....???

Nutsy_ Puff

It kinda worked?

Nkosenhle Mabuza

It's a nuclear war in my head


this shit gave me superpowers

Quennie Lyn Anne Latuhan

It actually worked

Perez John

Now my headache is gon uwu tysm

Kareemard the Legend

I am doing this for my mom. She has been having a lot of these extreme tho

Mubasshir Hussain

Believe me last one will really work for neck pain as well

Diara Deepak Ramesh

Who else has a headache and is watching this?

Mina Alunday

I was sleeping then I woke up at 4 am. Suddenly I get a painful headache I couldn't do anything but try to make it go away, now here i am watching some headache cures to make it go away

EDIT: It got away! thank you for making this video

jinjer Bearturtle

Sleeping in the afternoon got me have headaches


I have had a constant headache non-stop for 7 days. Please pray so I can get better. ??

I don’t have a creative username

Some of these actually work but the moment I stop doing them my headache comes back

Obito Uchiha

I really couldn't care less

Lego Darth Maul

I have a headache right now and watching this is giving me even more of a headache so..

Architect172 schaakmatyo

How to stop Headache
chose option below:

put on sunglasses.

drink water.

Drink cola.

stop having a headache.

smash head into wall till headache stops.

drink vodka till headache stops.( repeat if necessary)

eat ice cream till brain freaze.

take medicen for bleeding vagina, i mean headache.

Eat food

Epic starlight gamer light

Mine hurts so bad??☹️


God bless the person who made this video. I was going through a very painful migraine, woke up with it and had to deal with it for at least 8 hrs 'till I found this video! Very helpful!


When iam watching this head ache gone
Edit:after watching this.the head ache started again

jose campos

hey ,if anyone else is searching for home remedies for migraines try Elumpa Migraine Remedy Alchemist (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.

Pretty dreams corner channel

It really works thank you so much


Since 3 days I was having headache by trying these steps it got releaved.....thank you for sharing may allah bless you Aameen

Andrew Duraisamy

Thanks gone in 10 seconds

Khalil Clarke

I know a better idea than this... Pray to God.


thanks man this really helps

spider knight

Woah i feel better


Garbage. I just did it. It did not work even a tiny bit.


I tried this it didnt work...my head is so bad and sore now...this made it worse!


not me watching this cuz of online school?


Anyone else when they try to think of anything with a headache it just gets worse

Furkan 2

Second day of school and i'm already sick of a headache

Fishing stick Gaming

Nope did not work

Jutjo Official

It works lol

Marco AndrYanich

I just LOVE when some1 wake me up from my deep sleep and stress me. I love it. I never get a headache from that....
This works. Thank You.

Pranav Pro

Thank you my little headache gone thank you veryyy muchh

nowel mcpe

I didn't expect this would really work


Just dip your head in very cold water and leave it their for 30 seconds then your headache pain will decrease


It worked


Sir my head is aching now since yesterday . I am experiencing pain , difficulties in my head and not feeling my brain and head normal . What to do ?

Isabel Malone

i have a headache because of flamingo


back of the neck is really effective...you press them as long as you can to relieve the pain for a while, if you stop pressing them, it will come again

Emmanuel Ohanon

Hello I am not supposed to say this out but I really need to appreciate @dr.odion for the good works he has done for me within the period of a month I saw is post like I normally see various post on Facebook I took his number I called he said I should chat him and I did i told him I have hives and sinus, he told me not to worry he gave me is world by preparing some locally made herbs and then we did all process and I got the herbs in my country then I took the herbs according to the prescription...on getting to my hospital where I was diagnosed the found out am hives free God bless @dr.odion for me you can contact him on WhatsApp via(+2349018851040)

Chelsea Torio

I still have a headache

Material Girl

I guess we’re all watching because we have a headache that won’t go away ???

shiza art and craft

It really works
Thumbs up????????

DC Georgia

This really worked......at least so far. I woke up with a headache that didn't ease up. So after about 3 hours, I found this video. Thanks!

kevin lindelof

Thus made it worse

Find Your Headache Type: Best Exercises and Remedies for Each

Find Your Headache Type: Best Exercises and Remedies for Each14 Apr. 2020
47 895

In this video, we describe

In this video, we describe the 6 most common types of headaches and natural remedies.

To make it easier for you, just scroll to the @ min and sec section for each type of headache, in case you already know what type of headache you suffer from and are interested in the natural remedies for this one specific type of headache.

For each headache, we discuss

* Individual pain patters

* Characteristics


* Natural remedies

before we move on to the next type of headache.

The individual pain patterns make it easier for you to identify which type of headache you suffer from and which natural remedies might suit you best.

We also mention 3 anti-inflammatory supplements which might bring relief for all the different types of headaches At 10:10 min

The most common types of headaches are:

1. Sinus headaches: 1:10

2. Migraines 2:50

3. Headaches caused by Digestive problems 6:53

4. Anxiety headaches

5. Stress headaches

6. Tension headaches all at 7:39

The information we share in this video should not replace advice given to you by a medical professional like your GP, Chiropractor or neurologist.

However, the information shared can be used in addition to medical advice.

Good luck!

Please feel free to forward this video to friends and family whom you think might benefit from this information.

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Milton Chiropractic Clinic

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01223 864444


Fornham Chiropractic Clinic Bury St Edmunds

Fornham Business Court, 10 Hall Farm, The Drift, Fornham St Martin, Bury Saint Edmunds IP31 1SL

01284 220202


Comments (45)
Chimmy RJ

My uncle had a surgery coz of a tumor in head I was having headache like for 2months I thought I am having tumor I was really in tension thank u for telling?
Also dear I was having headache all over my head sometimes down of my eyes it really helps! Thankssss!?


Thank you for a detailed explanation of migraine

Satu Jalloh Juldeh

I have sinus and my nose bleeds
How can I cure that?

Amena Chowdhury

My 11 years kids got migraine , its everyday on and off pain, she doesn't want to type or write . what are the dose of fish oil she can take.

Aj Beulah

Thank you sir for this vedio

kaifush kulsoom

you are great

Da GermanPro

Hey, how do I get rid of the often pulses or strains in the back of head (on the right side)? I have had this thing for about a week now and don’t really know how to get rid of this thing.

Annie Ljungberg

Thank you for this video , It helps ??


Just came across ur channel.. I LOVE your content and your clear cut explanations. ?? Easy and practical steps for relief and good health, without having to take pharmaceutical medication(poison lol). Thank you soo much?? instantly subscribed and liked? I hope ur channel grows from strength to strength. Keep up the excellent work doc ?? stayed blessed.

Fefe Drew

Hello ? I’m about to watch this and I really hope it will help . My headaches are a mix of migraines and a burning sensation throughout my head . It also affects me managing my sugar levels as I am Type 2 diabetic but asides from these headaches I normally manage them well . I don’t know what to do about the headache and tingly sensation. If you could reply that would be awesome ??????

Molly Love

Thanks doctor

Shannon Balogh

Thank you so helpful. I just wish I could tell what types of headaches I get this is very informational but by the sounds of all this seems like I get a little bit of every single one I get down my neck all over my head in my eyes sometimes in my jaw I get it often to three times a month puts me out for 2 days it's hard to know which one I am so I'm going try all your tips


Doctor I have sinus and tension headache ,I mean I have several headaches a day its like disaster in my head don't know wht to do and doctors are like giving pills nd all ??

Girija K

Very helpful.. thank you...


I got headache watching this

William Tomlinson

I love this guy he saved me from thinking I had a tumor


Didn't know about the onions thing. Will try. Thank you.


Thank you for simplifying and helping !!!

Selenophile ʕ•ع•ʔ

I came looking for this cause my mother had headaches most of the times.Although I'm wishing not using this ( I mean I, not having a reason for doing this cause it's just saddening to see your mother suffering) either way, hope I could help my mother with this. Thank you sir?


Mines all of them ??️

Najma Iftekhar

Really appreciate your video very well explained, thankyou for your effort it's worth watching.

Ke Y

hi, is tumeric and turmeric the same thing? I've found some Turmeric and the bottle says it's for joint support. Is this the correct one?

Rosa Garcia

Thank you for such wonderful video. I suffer from hormonal migraines at every cycle , every month and I am realising I need to slightly improve my posture. I am now subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you for explaining the different kinds. Might I suggest, if it's even possible, when saying something like "tumeric 1000mg" to add "that's about 3 teaspoons of raw tumeric" or something?

african booty scratcher

My head was hurting so much last night, the light was bothering me so much and then I got super dizzy and I felt like there was a bell in my head, I couldn’t see properly from my left eye everything was blue and red and there was static? I couldn’t walk in a straight line. Now a day later and the bridge of my nose hurts and my whole head. Recently I’ve lost my appetite, ive been getting tired easily, I can’t focus on anything. I can’t sleep, I’ve been feeling sick and there’s this bitter taste the light and noise is bothering me so much. I barely have headaches idk what’s going on

Anand Singh

My on left side

Haleema Ali

I have a stomach pain


What if you are feeling all these headaches combined? Is there a name for it because I am definitely feeling it right now.

jodie james

Every 2 days i get a headache. I also vomit with my headache

A Casual Gamer

Migraines used to hurt a lot for me, but now they only hurt as much as a mild headache because I get them so much. I usually either make myself throw up, or take a bath and sleep to get rid of it.

Hassan Ahmed

My headache come same time every day for 7 hours pain around eye so horrible

Nicole Lothian

This video is FANTASTIC! I’m 23 and have experienced migraines for about 4 years now (inherited from my dad) and sometimes I struggle to figure out my triggers but I think you’ve pretty much covered all of them! I definitely notice a difference when I’m consistently taking my Bcomplex vitamins and managing stress and once I’d found the right contraceptive for me as they were severely triggered by taking the pill. I try to manage mine without medication now by using natural remedies.
MORE PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! I’ll definitely be sharing this, thank you!??

Carla Pirès

Very informative video, thank you! All others from your channel are really helpful too. Being savvy about your health is trendy, a must nowadays.
Would it be possible to have some French subtitles to cater for all audiences?


I just discovered you channel and it's amazing. Please can we have spanish subtitles????

Silks LF

I have a migraine


I used to get "extrem" migraine from when i was like 8-9, and i was very sensative when it came to "screens" and looking at them for a longer time. Sometimes i would also stay up all night with my friend and that would also result in very bad migraine while my friends where okay. Its the worst pain ever. . But now when im 18 I have not had it for some time untill the last two months. Idk why i get it but nearly every day i got this pain in my eyes and on the sides of my head. I susspect its cause of all the time i spend infront of the PC during online school. Its hard to avoid it when you get forced to sit infront of a screen all days :// It sucks and you just feel depressed and sometimes your about to go crazy cause your pain wont go away...

Kazumi Aoki

Bitcoin news

Charlotte Katakuri

I got migraine ?

Jeanne coco

I got migraine

Jelena G

I have pressure behind eyes and like sharp needles pain... And also burning scalp pain. I was on sinuses antibiotics.

Mh18 2018

I suffer from cluster headaches and they are horrible.

Sophie x

Thank you!

Susan Miller

I suffer from Hemaplegic migraines, how come you didn't talk about this? I completely loose my right arm and leg and I get bells palsy and my face drops, similar to a stroke.

Jessica L

Your videos are so helpful, thank you so much!

Bob timmy

I have it at my left temple and around mostly above my left eye. What type is that?

Low Pressure Headaches—What Are You Missing?

Low Pressure Headaches—What Are You Missing?10 Apr. 2017
25 271
PAINWeekSubscribe 438 721

Undiagnosed low pressure

Undiagnosed low pressure headache can lead to years of patient suffering as a result of misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, stigma, and even suspicion of psychogenic pain. Dr. Carroll introduces his patient, Kristen Garnell, in a discussion of what primary care clinicians should know about recognizing and treating the condition.

View more: http://pain.sh/ytpainweek

Comments (20)
Robert Long

What about most of the symptoms but NO Nausea At All? Not even a bit.

I had POTS for a week and went away.
I have terrible neck issues

Dan smith

Interesting, i have a history of chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic sinusitis. Recently on ct scan siund half empty sella syndrome and researching this ive found the spinal leaks which sound familiar.


I was made to believe I was going crazy!
I've suffered with migraines for as long as I can remember and chronic ear infections that never heal. Along with the pain Id feel fluid moving inside my middle ears. When shared with my doctor, he'd dismiss my complaints with a chuckle and gave meds for an infection.

I've never been taken seriously by doctors or family. To their defense, I honestly sound like I'm crazy, so I learned stay quiet and keep it to myself.

The past year has only gotten worse. The fluid has moved beyond my ears and spread throughout my body. From the back top of my scalp, draining from my ears, ozzing down my neck, making it hard to breathe. The sensation of the fluid moving through my spine area is not painful, its just terrifing.

I hear crackling sounds when I move my upper body parts, especially in my neck and head.
Most days it overwhelmes me. It usually starts with feelings of stiffness and tightness and then i get the urge to stretch.... ALL day, throughout the day in awkward positions. Once I start, I am not able to quit. If I dare stop the stretching, I become light headed, dizzy, nauseous and my head and ears fill with a warm fluid and I the horrible headaches and stomachaches begin.

I listen to my intuition as to where and how I need to relieve the pressure. I have to constantly move my body in most awkward positions then hold for long intense stretches to make the swelling sensations subside. The relief is temporarily, but it does decrease the stiffness and swelling.

I can't find any information to confirm or valadate my experience. Noone I know has ever heard of fluid traveling throughout the body, so they laugh and think I'm imagining it and tell me it's all in my head.

What makes my claims sound even crazy is admitting that at times I feel as if I had slimy worms moving around inside my back and in my blood stream, making my veins boldge, burn and sting.
and I also have the feeling of itching and tightness inside my arm bones, as if spiders or ants were crawling and digging their way out of my bones, mainly at night.

Another weird sympthome is when I touch a part of my body I feel the fluid move around in a different part of my body. Id massage my neck and feel fluid moving down my back. and when I do kegals I feel the fluid move on the top of my skull.
It's really Scarry, especially when nobody believe me. it's easer to dismiss me and lable me crazy than to listen and understand my concerns.
I fear the worse as my condition is spreading and affecting my energy levels, my concentration, my moods, my mindset, my anxiety and my relationships. I have become isolated and withdrawn and simply stopped going to the doctor's.
I can not longer cope with being dismissed, ignored and not being believed. It's overtaking my body and is now after my sanity.
I just don't know if I can remain optimistic. The not knowing is the most hardest part!

I Am NLJD #NoMore


Roro Love

Is there any other treatment beside the blood patch because I have issues with my back ?


Your story is my story. POTS, hypermobile, migraines, nausea, me/cfs....have the Tarlic cyst on sacral roots, had spinal fusion etc. stuck in bed but am in Adelaide in South Australia and Drs would laugh at me if I said I think I have a csf leak but to me it’s so obvious. Great work Dr! Kp spreading your word!

Lauren Tead

It must be nice just finding a dr who will look for a reason behind symptoms.

Kenny Coultrap

Why do we have to rely on village idiots for referrals just to be let into the neuro-village ?
We are stuck in torment with e.r. visits and every Tom, Dick, and Harry telling us to go back to our uninformed and irate primary physicians who want to squash us again and again in the village gate.
We wind up broke, unemployed, and suffering from ptsd because of an idiotic system the require the lowest one on the totem pole to be the vanguards of advanced medical care.
Then everybody thinks we are self-diagnosing. And in fact, THAT is exactly what is required of us in order to get anywhere for the sake of a brain injury and CSF leak repair.
No more pussyfooting !
Advanced medicine relies on the persistence of the patient to insist on better treatment, and to step out of the line from our doctor's uninformed and self-righteous pride preventing our own family doctors from caring for us properly.

Lama 69

Does the special ct scan with dye also show all the ear parts and sinus that could leak?

Lama 69

Does prednisone help or mask the headache? Because I start all the symptoms of a leak but because I have SLE Lupus they start prednisone. Symptoms lessen but never goes away. A week with out medicine and headache plus all other symptoms ramp right back up to 10+

Ashok Kumar Pai Jeppu Jeppu

The red command finallly increase because apartment coincidentally frighten up a good kale. friendly, ready pull

Pawel Kuczera

Too much weight being put on the headache like no other, not to be dismissive BTW. But after few decades wringer, pills, concussions, pounding pavement, all or some other symptoms are more dominant. Also a mix of leaks all over the spine and scull with venous fistulas mixed in requires critical thinking in imaging and treatment choices. Then again, were all crazy with wrong treatments.

Pawel Kuczera

I wonder if ringing eventually goes away.

Sarah W

Why is this black and white? Good video

Luie P

Dr. Carroll, I was in shock to watch this video and it's like you are talking about my wife. She been suffering for years , been to so many doctors so many specialists and my wife keeps telling them that she has this list of symptoms that she feels like she's dying she cannot get out of bed she cannot be upright and she throws up and she passed out and many mo odd symptoms, I've been going to doctors with my wife and not really knowing a lot about csf leak so I started doing research and I came upon This video that you did and I am literally in shock. I can't even believe it because basiccally every single thing that your patient experienced my wife has been experiencing and she gets treated like she is crazy by doctors.She was sent for mental evaluation. She has gone to three different psychiatrists who say that she is not crazy. She's in a lot of pain but they dismiss all the clearhe evidence and they do nothing to help. Still think she is mental even though psychics say she is not. This video explains things that my wife has, everybody thinks it's crazy and now I see it's not crazy. that's how it shows up one thing my wife feels in the bottom of her neck the feeling like bugs running around and she keeps saying there's like electric bugs and come all around and it feels really weird but of course she's crazy like that's not supposed to happen right? the other things is she has not been able to have bowel movements she has a constant severe muscle spasms and she has a really hard time going pee. she has lost a lot of her memory, her memory was really good and she' very smart person and now she can barely stay words or remember what she just said the minute before and we are just living this nightmare with people treating her like she's crazy and this video tells me that she is not and she desperately needs help. Please can you help save my wife. I have tried everything and nobody will help us. nobody believd her besides Dr Desmukh, her neurosurgeon. He found a leak doing a nucleat medicine study that showed leak, tear and cyst at T11 study she got patched and felt way better and she hadn't felt so good in years but then it didn't hold for long . All the suffering and pain came back. I don't think she is mental. She needs csf leak fix for good. Please help. She looks frail and looks so pale and half dead. She has lost 70 pounds in a few months and looks like she does not have much time left. Please. help her.


Could i have this? I'm bed bound and desperately trying to find out what's wrong. I have ehlers danlos syndrome (eds) and i have had severe back and head pain for years. I'm constantly having to turn over due to back pain. Also my neck got locked in one position and has been stiff ever since. Often i find that my back wants to lay one way and my neck wants me to lay the other. I also have had severe sickness and have had to be taking anti sickness ever since i got d&v. Ive hit my head several times and have had concussion. I have audit and visual hallucinations and eye sight issues. Dizziness. I have had stuff run down my throat causingvit to feel blocked for years. Sudden behavioral issues/ changes. I now can't even sit up or keep my neck up straight. Now i can't sit up without lower back pain and sickness. Agitation. Numbness in hands and legs. Can't feel pain. Sensitive to light. Memory issues. Panic attacks. Can't feel emotions, yet with a flick of a switch, I'm angry or crying. I have no idea why after. Aggression. Anorexia. Depression. Autism. Virtigo. Brain saps. Not responding to pain meds and i can't have morphine as that doesn't work and makes me sick. Nothing works. Normal mri and blood tests testing for antibodies. Frequent infections. Resistant to most antibiotics now. Also i have constant ringing in my ears. Also I've had a really bad ear infection, where i lost my taste buds and sense of smell. I've lost my taste buds now and sense of smell.
My neurologist has diagnosed me with FND but i disagree!
I'm aware that not all my symptoms are relivent, but i thought I'd add everything


Did she ever have ESI therapy in her medical history?

Maha Nassar

Please add cluster headache to this list. That is what I had 8 years ago and I received a blood patch for an unrelated issue and it worked. I am thankful that you are talking about this. The only other doctor I have heard speak about blood patches is a doctor from Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, Wouter I Schievink MD

Roro Love

I have the same .. I’m about to come get tested by dr carrol but I hope the Mri for full spine with contrast is gonna catch it up because I have back problems like a herniated disc so I’m scared to do the ct mylogram

brad starkey

I was 6'4" until a Crane broke and I lost 2" in Height 1976. Compressed disk L3
1977 a botched Mylowgram with my first real Headache that lasted 3 months were I was given predizon to reduce swelling in brain it worked. Years later. early 80s
One Tramatic Head injury knocked out Fishing King Crab Alaska got better went back to work few months off.
1991 a kid runs a red light head injury I told bye some it may be CFS while others ignore it.
I was sure it was CFS due to Positional Head Ache ,weakness in arms legs sick head ache Vomit, blood PSI Spikes when I sit up or stand ears Ring bad Pounding head aches unable to join life stayed lying down now 28 years Dr Steven Singer was helping my when his wife got sick and he retired.
Now at Virginia Mason Hospital again starting over God help me. Im trying to get them to contact you. Seattle in the book [email protected]outlook.com