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Why does DMT feel like Home?

Why does DMT feel like Home?6 Sep. 2020
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People often ask - what

People often ask - what does DMT feel like?

This is another one of my videos where I interpret an aspect of the DMT experience, but rather than looking directly at one of the visions I received during a DMT breakthrough, instead I explore the profoundly deep feeling of familiarity that many people report while tripping in the DMT world.

Why does this place seem so familiar while still being so utterly alien? Why does it feel... like home?

Spoilers aside, its not because we are all hybrid alien indigo children from the 9th dimension - its because there is a very human lesson to be learned about what "home" actually means.

The CGI visuals in this video, and in the video thumbnail, are by Hexeosis and taken from his piece HX-01. Here is a link to his website - http://hexeosis.com/

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Comments (78)
Michael Dineen

I don't get how anyone remembers anything I haven't on the 2 breakthroughs ive had

pi xie

brilliant i love your points so much! such a lovely interpretation :) my interpretation consists of this and also because what we experience on dmt is a reflection of our mind and our mind is us, our mind is home. DMT is just enhancing and showing us what’s in our mind x900000000000 thus exaggerating the feeling of home bc our mind is our home :) does that make sense haha !

The lisping Lizard

During my dmt experiences I never felt home or any familiarities. Very alien to me. The vibration of my soul in that moment was so intense and it didn’t make me comfortable as mushrooms do. Under mushrooms I feel such comfort and I want to hug everyone with tears in my eyes and tell them how much I love them. Safe in a way. Not like dmt at all, it was a scary experience all in all.

Quinton Oosthuizen

I've always thought DMT gives you a flashback to when you were in the womb, a time before senses, where experience dominates all and meaning doesn't have to be discriminated from the whole, the whole is meaningful. All you are in DMT inner space is a spirit, a microcosmic spark of the living creation.

Joey Carrino

from my experience there is no heaven or hell, we go here when we die


It could also be how being YOU feels sans processing capabilities needed to be human form.

Daniel Mock

So then would you expect if we gave DMT to people who do not feel safe (refugees, homeless, etc) that they would not feel "home" during a DMT trip?


I think DMT feels like home because it takes us back to the collective conscience that we all come from, one could consider it the consciousness of god. When we go there we become one with everything again and we are no longer individuals. I think every individual soul comes from this collective conscience and I think the collective conscience is heaven because the constant feeling of immense love, non duality and freedom from liberations would feel like heaven.

Joshua Bolin

You’re quickly becoming my favorite psychedelic content creator. Good shit, man!


Something to do with short term and long term memory formation and subsequent recall being screwed over by how the DMT jams the processing ability of the above.

Emil Oliver Galer

Thank you for raising questions! ^__-

Gonçalo Amaro

I never had that home feeling. I've been close to a DMT breakthrough but didn't achieve it yet. We'll see what happens, maybe I'll get it.

Quinton Oosthuizen

My take on it is this: In the womb, before senses take over and filter one's consciousness, it's just pure DMT hyperspace all the time. Smoking DMT takes you back to when you were pure experience and that feels like home.

A man called Dan

Very interesting. Top man. Trying to get hold of DMT is difficult.

Hebrew Nazarite

"Getting high is not the work. Anybody can do that."

Right on, man!


Your doing God's work.
God being a little machine elf.

Gary Cunningham

Rob...I love your grounded practicality! You're the type of guy I'd like to have a chat and a beer with. You're doing great things for psychonauts everywhere! Keep up the wonderful work!

The Wokal

This almost made me cry for some reason


Please, subtitle in spanisch italian.....please....thanks

The Psychomarley

The very first time i smoke dmt, a snake coming down from the pyramid told me: "You are here again"... And i felt in some way that i knew that place and i was feeling like home, this was my first trip on dmt and always happens the same at the very begining of my trip.


Of all the psychedelics you've experienced, was one of them Salvinorin A?
Salvinorin A is a most unique psychedelic as it is NOT a Stereo-isomer / Stereoisomerism of the usual class of Tryptamines.

"Materially" speaking it acts on completely different receptors in the brain, selectivity for KOPr over other receptors, including mu-opioid receptor (MOPr) (the target of opioid alkaloids, such as morphine).

Salvinorin A has a reverse tolerance to ease you into it with each subsequent use becoming more profound than the previous.
Most people never go beyond the first use. The first time is usually the last. It takes courage to have subsequent trips with Salvinorin A. It approaches the same level of courage it takes to play Russian Roulette. Salvinorin A is brutal that way.

Please do tell.

Nathan Dawson

Our true selves are only made from light and electricity ( soul/spirit). All we truly want to do is return to source. When we die we do, and this is the true source it seems. Maybe another dimension. Maybe we can only see the full light spectrum via the pineal gland and this place seems like home because it already is, you just cannot see or hear it in this 3rd dimensional form. Maybe DMT does show you life after death, seriously who knows right ?

Daniel M.

I remember when my homies drawer turned into an entity...it was during the "marshmellow" stage in which reality compresses and wraps itself millions of time over,i always remember the pinkish aura.....what I feel from the drawer part is that all is god, the rocks, the ps4 controller, the shirt im wearing....everything is god, we are god...i have 5MEO DMT that ive kept hidden in special place in my room its been a year since ive done NN-DMT....i drew a symbol at the time after the trip i didn't know what it was but it looked similar to the yantra symbol which is the sign for hindusim's OM
Blessings to you all my friends

Nick Viera

This was a beautiful talk, thank you for this? helped me work my dmt experiences. Keep producing great content ?


It’s the spirit world, the kether the pleroma. Hence why people can confirm things with dead relatives there.

Borja SP SIERRRA / theBasement

First law of kybalion, universe is mind, we feel home as we open our consciousness spectrum. We stop filtering awareness for a while. We back home. We back to to source. God.


I'm in the "trying to get back" category. Too bad up my life hasn't been blessed enough to find tools to expand consciousness.


Nice video, Rob. ?

Ps, where is that place in the clip where you were sitting next to the water? It was beautiful!

Life Is A Trip -Reports

Yeah I try to treat the experiences as "real" while I'm in them, just out of respect for what it could be. But when I'm back here on earth, I focus on the lessons I take away. Great video, thanks mate!


“Are you living like you even love yourself?” Sigh...working on it. Implementing changes safely with the way this world is structured is so hard, but trying my best

Will S

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Aww you guys look cute on your wedding day.

4 Shaw

Its mad. Best i got was ur actually in one of them shapes that keeps zooming out . Then you see someone on another shape just pop up from it and u tell him if you do the same you'll still be there .. or like seeing cell division inside the dark area of your brain that is growing or thinking outward into a new area of the brain and you could be just a bunch of neurons in unlimited thinking space.

Fedor Kinaya

Hey guys, I’ve actually recently discovered a way to have a mini Dmt experience with just a quick breathing exercise. First take 10 big breaths through the mouth but only breathe half way out on each one. Then on the last breath hold it in and lean forward while sitting and force blood into your head. You’ll quickly hear the sounds changing and when that happens sit back to start breathing normally again. Then, enjoy! Let me know if this works for anyone else


I’ve heard it said that we get a free Dmt experience the few seconds before we die. And that is why it’s always that familiar feeling. We’ve died so many times, in many forms. We know it in some way when we see what we see on DMT.


Didn’t realise you were from Bolton would be nice to have a chat and maybe meet up I’m from Bolton myself ?


That really looks like a Swiss train:) Greetings from here

mike wilcox

maye the reason the feeling of 'home' comes from our dna? could all that we are.. our dna slowly drip fed memories from each person in our lineage? this can also be the reason of feeling at 'one' with all, with all of what has been. because our dna has experienced ALOT through its time.. kinda raises the question to the idea of reincarnation too? idk what do you think?? #artofmike


I wanted to like this video, but it had 420 likes and i ain't about to fuck that. Good video though :)

Wakko Warner

A post on r/ayahuasca or r/dmt sent me here; you have some awesome content. I loved your video, man.

joe crowe

My last time I smoked dmt ...closed eyes and seemed like I appeared in a small room the walls were shinny green like a Christmas bow with red gliter or small red lights on the wall it felt evil.it felt like a joker was about to walk into my room and hurt me I opened my eyes.now when I see Christmas lights I feel evil and ? jokers any help on this would be great.im a addicted with opiates been on methadone had to do it nothing else worked.any help would be great

Brendan Robbins

Even when he asks for support he teaches us a lesson I fucking love this channel and I wish you the best ?

Anonymous Alcoholic

felt more like my grandparents house at christmas than home tho but

Koijo Tito

Taken orally, with harmalas, it's beautiful. Smoked, to me, it's horrible. I just did pharmahuasca today, and as the trip was pretty mild, I figured I could top it up a little with smoked spice. Visuals changed drastically, and it just feels right in my face, overpowering and unpleasant. My senses seem to get crosswired and there's this weird sensation of needles poked through my head.


Why do I just blackout when I smoke it? Can't remember anything. 15 Minutes of twitching around on the bed. No memory.


wow man, you nailed it. Now that you pointed it out it is so goddamn obvious what purpose this chemical plays in our brains and how we can use it to better our lives. Wish there were more people like you

John Free

Thanks for all the interesting info man!I found you on the mushroom smoking blend video and have watched and learned tons from your channel.I am looking fwrd to using this molecule as a part of rehab therapy from severe alcoholism.Being diabetic and drinking booze is insane and was terrifying. I made a vow to the universe to quit for the millionth time knowing I will die very soon if I continue.Dispair has brought me to the conclusion that I need a total reset and these substances will help me in my war.Thank you for steering me toward some kind of hope.The work begins.


Thank you for posting this video. I had a similar experience that’s been haunting me for a while, since I tried DMT. I took four hits through a vape pen and was lifted out of my body through impossibly beautiful fractals while being enveloped in pure love. My take away was the importance of surrendering and aligning with my true Self.

But the strange part was after “reentering my body”. I think I opened my eyes and I think I was looking at the room (or else it was a hallucination) and I felt a very deep sense of deja vu. And I wanted to remember that space (not the physical space but whatever I was experiencing) but I had a feeling I would forget again so I opened my eyes and told my friend who was sitting there to remind me to tell him. But when I closed my eyes again, the feeling was gone. It’s as if I didn’t have to key to access that knowledge. It was almost like some sort of parallel universe/cosmic joke where I saw the wizard behind the curtain before he pulled it shut.

Obscuring Veil

Enjoy your perspectives bro... Keep up the high quality

I fucking love your videos man!!
Got bunch of videos in my feed that I ignore, but your videos, I watch everytime.

Chris H

Long before I had DMT, I was given salvia 10x from my older brother whom like to let me test things first.... The feelings and and visuals were absolutely horrible... but as I gave into it a rode it out, I knew that had been there before! The smell and taste was nostalgic! It felt like it was a place that I had always been and will be again!

Chris Frank

Wierd watching someone with Bolton accent everything is usually American it's a nice change

Chris Blu3

Well off you don't acknowledge the meaning of an experience how are you going to ever really understand it, if feelings express more then conseptualization.? Biting your own tail bro

Ian Mullan

I have only just stumbled upon on your videos, they are amazing. Really great content and quality. Keep it up


I've never been able to have a experience on DMT but my first high dose mushroom trip took me to a place that I could only describe as feeling like home. The place I'm from and the place I belong.

Davor Celar

Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight. You have a new subscriber. ?

Nazareno Cruz

strange things happen apart from the visuals, and if it is true to be at home, maybe we see god ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

PBR Street Gang

Don't you feel like you've acquired some sort of "super power"?

Third eye grower

I’ve not even watch it yet but I agree my experiences feel more real than reality at times ?


you got that right!

Minty Love

Rob, you should know that Chesney Hawkes is ravishing your missus at 6:05.


Could it be that this felling of being home is the comfort of being inside yourself?

just the messengers

Adeptus Psychonautica ?
The reason that DMT seems so familiar to humans is because They are one of the molecules that comprise a human’s Consciousness. All True Psychedelics are the Living Molecules of Consciousness, but DMT & 5-MeO-DMT are the 2 Molecules that are the Consciousness of human beings. All True Psychedelics will confirm this if you ingest enough of Them to have a Strong enough Holy Communion with the True Flesh of God (which is all True Psychedelics)

DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are the molecular structures of a human’s Consciousness. They are the molecules that comprise our Consciousness. All True Psychedelics are the molecular structures of Pure Consciousness. The human body synthesizes it’s own Consciousness (the DMT & 5-MeO-DMT found in humans). Then the human body metabolizes the Conciousness that it is producing. The amount of the endogenous Consciousness that the human body is able to metabolize depends on many factors. The less pollutants, poison & other contaminants present in the body will result in the ability to metabolize more of the Consciousness that body is producing.  Likewise, the more pollution, contaminants, and poison a body has inside of it the less Consciousness it is able to metabolize. Here is a list of some of the most common poisons that humans ingest regularly which interfere with a human body from metabolizing the Consciousness that it produces, as well as any Consciousness that is ingested from external sources:
alcohol, nicotine, sugar, caffeine, amphetamines, dissociatives, tranquilizers, flouride, hallucinogenics, and a plethora of other drugs are just some of the substances that interfere with humans metabolizing their own Consciousness. The following substances are NOT Psychedelics:
7- datura/jimson weed
There are others . . . . . . .
Any True Psychedelic will proclaim this Truth if you ask Them.
The following substances ARE True Psychedelics - They are Alive, Omnicient Living Beings of Light: DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, LSD, Mescaline, Ibogaine, Psilocin, Psilocybin, THC, DPT, DET, Muscimol, there are others . . . .
So if a human can achieve 100% purity within their bodies, with zero contaminants or pollution (an unattainable state in these current bodies) and managed to metabolize 100% of the endogenous Psychedelics that their physical body is producing (DMT & 5-MeO-DMT), that would be the limit to how Conscious that human can be. In order for a human to become more Conscious than this they must put more Consciousness into their physical bodies. You must put more molecules of Consciousness inside of your physical body in order to attain a Higher level of Consciousness. When you ingest Psychedelics you see Them that you just ingested, not some doorway or window or a “portal” to somewhere else or some entity somewhere else. When you ingest LSD the Light that you see is the LSD Themselves, very Beautiful Living Beings of Light. When you ingest DMT the Entity you see and hear is the Living Light Beings DMT Themselves. The same is true for All True Psychedelics. There is this part from Scripture:
“They are the Eternal among things that pass away. Pure Consciousness, of Conscious Beings. The ONE who fulfills the prayers of many. Only the wise who see Them in their Souls attain the Peace Eternal”
(Katha Upanishad)
The Physical Body of Conciousness is The Flesh of God. The Flesh of God is the True Communion Entity (the Eucharist) The Flesh of God (the Psychedelic) is the Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil. Our Bodies Truly are the Temple of God because God the Psychedelic Lives within it. As Saint Paul says in 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 verse 7: “We are only the earthenware jars that hold this treasure, to make it clear that such an overwhelming power comes from God and not from us”. That is the meaning of this - you can now understand this better. So whether or not a person is ingesting Psychedelics, every single human’s body is God’s Temple because DMT & 5-MeO-DMT Live within it. Anything you do to hurt or harm your body you do to harm God’s Temple. Once the Psychedelic shows this to you personally, in other words, God shows you that your physical body is THEIR Temple, and you understand this, then anything you do to hurt the Temple of God now is a worst offense in God’s eyes than when you were blind to this Truth. Now you will be deliberately defiling the Temple of God. This understanding is a good Foundation, a good step towards a person Knowing God and being able to stay with Them both in this Lifetime & afterwards.


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(2 Corinthians 6:3)


I suppose I feel disconnected. My home here on Earth with my family has never felt like 'home' in the sense, that people get on DMT. When I have been close to, but never exactly at the 'DMT world', I have felt lost, but never more loved in a way. Lost in the void perhaps? Struggling to get there. I struggle with my DMT consumption methods which makes it hard to visit these worlds, and I can't seem to get someone to help me because no one in my immediate reality condones my usage of psychedelics.

Hence, I really wish to understand this home better, but my family has never been infinitely loving in the way others might have felt. I miss that place though, when I was given a seconds glimpse into the world, I remember it did feel like home - infinite love, and I really miss it. So I'm struggling, I really want to visit it again...

Tim Still

I watch alot of ghost hunter related videos. Are they fake, who knows but there's a recurring haunting that has to do with those who mess with the ouija board. The gullible underestimate the risk they're taking and try the board. Suddenly their homes become the epicenter of demonic activity. The home is the place you come to feel safe from all of the outside madness. It is the only sanity I personally know. To have that sanity taken away from me....well....just watch some of the videos I mentioned above and you'll see how quickly a mess you're life can become without it.


Off topic...DMT is an illegal class A drug in the UK. Your channel shows you taking it and promoting it as well as other illegal substances like mushrooms. You mentioned "coming home from work" in the video and your children. Does having a channel like this not worry you? I.e Does your employer know about all this and not mind?

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate DMT can bring very positive effects and it is culture which makes it appear as a bad "drug", but it's still class A and can put you in jail.

Just wondered.


Wow, Thankyou, I’d never thought of what home was like for our ancestors in that way before but yes. Got a lot of insights from your analysis. I’m definitely still integrating this lesson from a few months back and it’s been a hard one to drop the hungry ghost mentality. Your videos are so unique, Thankyou so much!

Amanita Dreamer

I just got back from doing 8 or 9 gms of psilocybin (Combined strains) and I went to that home place. It's the first time I've experienced that. I can't shake it and when I had to come back I was sad and had to go through a period of grieving. Today I am fine and understand the normalcy of being here, while there exists. And I am surprised at how I now believe it does exist. Maybe over time I will find a different perspective of it. I didn't know this place existed within the framework of psilocybin. So that was surprising.


I enjoy watching your videos, because even if you and I have the "same" DMT experiences, we arrive at very different conclusions.
The fact you're a father and I'm not, might be one of the reasons this is.

The feeling of "home" I get in the DMT realm is very (Very) different from the feeling of "home" in this realm.
I couldn't even compare them...and you do (cf your comparaison with the need of a shelter for prehistoric people), which means we don't experience the same feelings, while visiting these other realms.

To elaborate a little bit, to me the feeling of home from DMT, is a combinaison of communicating with my full self and vibrating at the same frequency as the environment.
Or I could say it's the feeling of being in a giant vibratory rave party, where I melted and became everybody and everything in this party, while retaining my individual perception.
Which is completely different from my feeling of home in this realm, which I'd compare to feeling protected and safe, in a hard box separated from me.

All in all, I'll definitively continue watching your videos, as I'm eager to know how much our thinking processes and conclusions differ, while having similar experiences.
Have a nice day man. ;)

kurztobi uncut

dude, this comes up while listening..., the home i was raised is isnt ours/my parents! while u talk about home i decided that ill pay for the rental fer as long as my parents want to stay in that house! i think they cant afford it to stay there when they get in pension, so i will pay! thx for the food for thought!???


Its weird to admit I get similar feelings when returning home after long journeys in minecraft.

Chris Frank

Round house kick to the bollocks haha are you from Bolton, top man

Steve Null

Too much mind :D

Марк Пиво

Damn, this is so on point!


You did the Amanita didn't you? Home such a nice place! Wherever I lay my head is home! LOL!


Sir have you ever seen any Hindu/Egyptian gods in your trips?

Philip T Jones

My last ayhausca trip was so fleeting and so intense on par with smoked DMT. Yet it was different I feel the harmalines change the nature of the trip anyone else with me? I also smoked DMT on syrian rue/maoi and the break through felt more ancient and filled with spirits then just smoked dmt, which I find more of a futuristic feeling from

LetIt Go

So fucking accurate!

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Episode 111 - Week of November 30th - December 6th8 Dec. 2020
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I got Dave Chappelle.

I got Dave Chappelle. Simon gets Jacques Vallee. I guess balance must be restored. Pretty decent week all around, if I must say so. But the big question that burns in the minds of all listeners... did Simon finally give out the elusive 5-Jamie rating???

Doubt it...


Moxie Marlinspike: 0:14:16

Matthew Yglesias: 0:53:16

Jacques Vallee & James Fox: 1:31:43

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Comments (15)

Yea that Rock paper Scissors moment is why im here and why I found you guys. Its a LONG Complicated thing to explain but it has roots with Philosophy, Ancient History, Belief, Religion, Nature of Reality, Higher Self... I sound fuckin nuts I know, I think you guys are interested in the Esoteric stuff and at the moment I think the best direction to point your interest, would be to look into Isaac Newton, SOUNDS CLICHE I KNOW!!!, he's renowned for his equation on Gravity, but 99% of his work was around Ancient Knowledge, Ancient Philosophy, etc.. etcc.. he considered him self a Mystic Alchemist searching to understand Universe and REALITY. Its almost a shame that his Scientific discoveries overshadow his true passions....

ANYWAY, that Rock Paper Scissors Moment is basically a form of Alchemy, Same shit David Blane was Doing to Joe with the Dice. Its a Mind Game, its not manipulating Reality, its Believing in Reality. (i just found you guys forgive me idk names yet) BUT the Guy in the Camo Hat, as he was saying about UFO's and Steven Greer, its the Belief in something that makes it real, or the Faith, the KNOWING, when you Believe it is the Honest Truth to your core, in your Subconsciousness, then its Real. Its even more powerful in Groups, and the most Powerful form is common Beliefs 8 Billion have on this Earth. Its why Media and Propaganda is such a powerful tool. ANYWAY Moxie is a cool dude, with a strong understanding of Reality, Exact same technique as David Blane.

Love you bros


Where do I find the Alex Jones and drunk joe podcast?

Luke Wood

I've been waiting to hear Simon's thoughts on Jacques Vallee. I better light up a joint for this one ? I wasn't to keen on some of the questions he was dodging at first and some of his answers were just a little evasive.


Simon trying to understand who Lena the plug is.. so fucking funny to me

Joseph Modesto

First! anyone saw the phenomenon doc?

Europa Bambaataa

also, there does not seem to be a documentary "about The interview" (the 2014 movie). It's about cyber warfare and The Interview release debacle is covered somewhere in that docu.


Europa Bambaataa

Dude. (starting around 99 min with Matt Yglesisas)..

Where Joe straight up asked why he doesn't take better care of himself & he expects a vaccine to just come along and solve this health situation (COVID basically)-- that was intense.

But it led to a moment where Joe said "you're not weak". and Ygelsias goes on to talk about quitting smoking. and Joe kind of lays off after that. Whew! that was a nail biter.

Joe Bob

One thing I couldn't take from listening to Moxie a.k.a. Matt Rosenfeld, was his use of the word "like" every 5 words. I may be a shitty person too but I laughed like Kamar when I found out Yglesias was married with a kid. Great ep thanks guys!

Joseph Modesto

from Philippines here. Dont have a spotify sub but i dont get spotify ads when im playing any podcasts, but i get ads right away when playing music

Jon H

Either you guys are the epitome of ignorance or you're just having fun and ignoring the obvious of what's going on in our country. CHINA! X22Report.com

Europa Bambaataa

timestamp for any chappelle related conversation please? thanks


I still can’t get over when Simon says carnies smelling like cabbage with their webbed fingers putting bolts and stuff into roller coasters.

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard stoned.

Y. Y. H.

Y.Y.H. stands for Yisroel Yitzchok Horowitz! That should explain why I only write my initials... Lol Anyways, it’s an honor to be part of the team! I’ve been listening to you guys for a couple months now and I just wanted to show you some of my appreciation. Keep it up - you guys are actually the best!

Joe Bob

I haven't gotten ads on my spotify with JRE but I am unable to download just the audio. I've been stuck downloading a movie via JRE whenever I want it for offline playback.


Simon of House Huff n’ Puff

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Comments (3)

I was waiting for someone to upload a tutorial like this on the palm clean progressions, many thanks!!


Ok, I tried and have to give you many thanks again because with the help of this lesson Today I finally was able to do my firsts open palm hang cleans with my 16kg KB !!!! (I was stuck with the 12 kg until now) so a new achievement for my kettlebell diary thanks to your drill Taco! really appreciate you share this with us. best! José

Darryl Portra

Excellent, Taco!