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Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Still Struggles With Forgiveness

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt Still Struggles With Forgiveness11 Mar. 2020
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Author Katherine

Author Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt discusses what inspired her to write her new book "The Gift of Forgiveness" and how she still struggles with the ability to forgive others. Dave Bautista says he also has difficulty with forgiveness and should probably pick up Katherine's book for some tips.

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Comments (100)
Ramey Chisum

Makes one wonder what Katherine Schwartzeneggar has to forgive. Surely not animosity toward her perfect mother.

Dar John

Kelly interrupts her guests to talk about herself far too often.


For me, if someone lets me down, the more I love them, the more I need to (repeatedly!) practice forgiving them.

Daniel Barbee

What a cute little girl.

Ms. P

Hey y'all, I was blown away by the size of those pigs. I remember slaughtering a community pig at my grandparents home in Raceland, LA. We smoked the majority of the meat, made cracklings, chitterlings, rendered the fat and made lard for frying and baking biscuits, pie crust, etc. Good eating! I was a kid back and could eat anything and gain no weight. I can smell a cookie and gain at least 5lbs. Anyway, Miss Kelly, thanks for a wonderful show. I just love your clothes and girls your shoes are also Awe-some. Love to Ms. Reba too. Blessings Always Ms. P.

Kacy Medina

“As we know, forgiveness of oneself is the hardest of all the forgivenesses, but it's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.”

How I Learned to Forgive: https://incmedia.org/how-i-learned-to-forgive/

Gail Bradford

Forgiveness is NOT for the person who hurt you, it's for your own heart. You don't forgive because someone asked for it, you forgive in obedience to God. Jesus ask God to forgive those who hung Him on the cross and they didn't ask for it.

Zack Porche

Like literally everyone is talking about everybody else and not even mentioning Dave , wtf. Like none of the comments have nothing about Dave in the video ha

Sherrie Alexander

You are cry babies all of you even your mom grow up

Thoughts Become Things


Gadzooks Hardy

God bless her this is a horrible show so stupid

L tilli

Katherine should have talked about how she had to forgive her father Arnold Schwarzenegger for cheating on her mom and having a child with the maid. I'm sure that somehow inspired the book, but why didnt she talk about it?


This young girl is going to make the world a better place. She very Intelligent for her age. She said this generation excepts you to be in their group or your not. Everybody should accept everyone for the way they are.

Crystal of Twin Star Enterprises

Any emotional healing, including forgiveness, happens in layers

Rai Gee

Kelly stop interupting your guest. Keeps on saying "i did as well.."instead of letting the guests finish their stories. It's annoying!

Karen Perry

I need to pick up this book and soon. That little girl has so much ch insight for being so young. I can see her as a successful motivational speaker when she is older


Get to the forgivnessssss!!!!.


Kelly Clarkson's Southern accent is the best. Love it!❤


Yeah but she hasn't learned anything about forgiveness because if she did she would have a relationship with her half brother

seeker bell



Kelly, love you; however, you talk over people.

Juan Mendez

Kelly interviews people she is inspired by.... She asks questions that excite her.... And although she can over talk .... The reason why she upsets people is because she asks really interesting questions that other hosts don't usually ask and she likes to build on their answers giving her own perspective... She's new at hosting ... She has a lot to learn.. but she's into promoting people... And she's doing a killer job at it... At the end of the day .. if you want to know the rest of the story ... Buy into whatever she's promoting... If it's a book read the book.

WolfSpirit Queen

I still can't believe he just dropped Nicole after she been with him since he was fat. He's still not attractive. ?

Awake A

Peep his illuminati tat in his chest showing

Catherine Rodriguez

I have struggled with this for many years. I sought the consel of my priest some years ago. I told him of my situation and he said something that surprised me but freed me from a lot of the burden I was carrying. He said, "I needed to understand that there are some things that are very simply not forgivable."

Patricia P

She looks just like her mamma Maria Shriver.

Robert Cornelius

Covid-19 Lives Matter.


Shame I feel sorry for those pigs ?


Lol Bautista is so polite.in front of these women. So cool. MY SPY was a great family movie. Check it out everyone.

Sana Yacoubi

She looks like het mom????


Has she forgiven Starlord ??? Cause I HAVEN'T ???

Mylee Reagan

Who is this beautiful biracial child Owning that beautiful fly hair, unlike Meghan Markle whose erased any sign of her African ethnicity...


So Chris Pratt ditched Anna and upgrade to this? What typical Hollywood thing to do.

D Johnson

The most stressing host ever

Jan Kuso

That little girl is a star. What she said about friendship at the end is bang on. Her parents must be so proud.

Jason Walsh

Dave is like “she is my co-stars wife but wait... she is also Arnold’s daughter!!!!”
I bet Arnold is a hero of Dave’s.

Karen Tuck

What a smart little girl.

jacob harris

When you forget Katherine Dad Is Arnold Schwarzenegger

zed 502

Kelly you need to learn how to interview people.

Jason Bowman

Drax is thinking " just last 30 more min and let her talk about herself and ill get the hell out of here "

Kevin Kenny

Why was Katherine Schwarzenegger wearing pajamas to the show?

Tana Giberson

i have been to a petting zoo once and the ostrich was mean.

100% pure Love

Wow she looks like her Mom And Dad


i just hope katherine doesnt start to disintegrate like her mother

Large Coke

Really? These people are gathering in public for some nonsense talk show?

angela simoes

take a shot everytime she says YA.. lol

Gerry Hagen


Karen Lee

Forgiveness is key, especially for ourselves for ever setting events in motion. Forgiving my father for childhood abuse was freeing for both of us and allowed genuine love to blossom.

The Matt

Kelly’s hair needs help.

Noble Schwartz

1) wayyyy too many people on her actual video page commenting on why she should have a talk show... why do you even follow? 2) obviously she’s relatable and real enough to have a talk show... 3) I hate that schwartzneggar home wrecker husband stealer.. Chris Pratt is mine. 3) oh hello Batista ?

Joe Trosclair

She lost me at Elizabeth Banks and Pablo Escobars SON

Marie DeLorièn

That girl.....?????????????????

Tegridy Satan

Who gave American Idol a talk show???

ws 2019

I'm sorry im white and rich, wahhhhhhh

Maik Ähfer

interresting makeup


She has the gorgeous “Kennedy” face... her eyes are like JFKJr. ..also her mom’s throaty voice.

seeker bell



You’re way to loud and talk over your guests too much. Take a deep breath and allow them finish their sentences. Seriously.

Pasit Vayusoa

If you struggle with forgiveness. Spend time thinking about things you would want to be forgiven for. That’s a good place to start. But read your bible, there is a really good story there about forgiveness. It’s free. Online. Might be a little bit more helpful. But hey if Jesus doesn’t work for you than give this a shot.

Mike Tee

I hate that kid


Kelly and Katherine were just going on and on saying the same thing for 5mins and the young girl made more sense than them in less than 30 secs. Keep it crisp and short! The young girl is amazing, kind of like watching a little Emma watson. Bravo!

Karen Plaza

Forgiveness for Katherine after finding out that her father Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated and had a love child must had been tough, more so that they are in the daily spotlight. Good for her though. Blessings from a Chilean woman who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada ???????

JesusReallyDoesLoveYou dot com

Jesus said if we don't forgive then God won't forgive us. It's important to forgive. www.JesusReallyDoesLoveYou.com

Son0845 Bm

Whatbis the part of the big guy in that segment..evrything is all about the book of the woman..not a fair to other guest

[Neo-Space Dragon] !

Katherine yells "GET TO THE CHOPPER!" Then you better get to the chopper! ?

Paul Polpiboon

She looks like Commandos daughter from the movie all grown up

A. R. G.

Katherine kept going on and on and kept re-wording the same thing she was talking about. Holy crap let others speak too.

Kevin Carvalho

When a 11 year old is more mature than I am. I need to keep what she said at the end in mind.


You never met Drax?! You're married to Chris Pratt!

Lmao love Kelly!


I feel Kelly try’s to hard

Rach C

Kelly u talk too much take a step back

Alcapone Mafia

KELLY, why do you include and compare your own life with everything the guests say. she has a pet, you have a pet, her bum got bitten, your bum got bitten, you are supposed to let the guests have their moment not you. you keep drawing attention to yourself!!! You are a typical attention seeker who has low self esteem and must show that what has happened to others has also happened to you. Victimisation mentality. TAKE THE FOCUS OFF YOURSELF. THE GUEST IS KING!!!!



IW Nunn

Impressive little girl... smart and beautiful. MOM/ DAD, GREAT JOB!!

IW Nunn

Kennedy thru and thru


I love all that the lil girl said too bad most people including kids don't give a dam

D Johnson

And she lost to kurt Nilsen at world idol....sucker

Karen Taylor

Kelly Clarkson, phenomenal singer but a White version of a fat and loud Black woman. Annoying!!!


forgiving yourself is crucial and takes work and time to realize the sum of ourselves...

Kay Gabriel

Kelly shut up You forget you have guests!!!!!!

Social Vegan

Kelly you sound annoying interrupting your guest when they are in mid sharing. Let them finish talking..

Yvette Dean

Thank you for sharing this book with us ❤️

Rufaro Asuquo

Katherine is awesome ?

Reaper Mack

Clarkson is kinda hard to watch


She is way to SERIOUS. Kelly just wants to laugh and have a good time. Calm down mrs. Pratttttt

Chrissie Moran

Theres no such thing as a miniature pig. Its a scam. They all grow up to be huge.

Shauna Collins

Best part of this interview were Chloe and Dave.. idk about the other person, why she's there? Oh, she's Chris Pratt's wife.. "wrote" a book of other people's stories about forgiveness... how original and creative (sarcasm). Well, atleast she's able to use his name to sell her book & open doors for herself (convenient marriage).

Let’s pray and fast together

I forgive all because Jesus Christ did it for me.

Karlo Veliki

3:08 could not find anything about forgiveness,and call yourself a christian?! I got a book for you,it is called New Testament.

Kei M

"You've never met Drax!? How!? You're married to Chris Pratt!"
Ya....he was married to someone else filming those movies...

Gail Reese

Katherine sounds so much like her mom, Maria Shriver. Amazing!


She's very unattractive, looks like her mother who's unattractive to boot.

Geraldine Duncan

The little girl was so intelligent so very smart in her comments you go girl

Alan Varnadoe

How do you forgive yourself

Tammy McMaster

Those Kennedy genes are strong

I. Ma

The woman doesn't look like her father ! Where's the flat face ? The muscles? ??

Nicolás Rojas

When I read the title "Forgiveness", first thing in my mind was Anna Faris "Samantha James from the movie Just Friends" character hahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13mUFEXnB54

Auri Xoxo

Kelly talks too much and interrupts her guest a lot I hate how she sounds.

Esmira Huric

KSP is sooo iritaiting.


Katherine has big issues with forgiveness. Will not speak or associate with Joseph her half sibling, was not invited to her wedding even after he posted a congratulations on Twitter. She looks and acts as an elite, self centered person....It's that phony I am sweet and kind but in reality it's her way and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. There's a very bad energy that comes off from her. Poor Chris Pratt...he will find out soon just like Prince Harry what he wed.

Mother of Schwarzenegger's "love child" revealed

Mother of Schwarzenegger's "love child" revealed19 May. 2011
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CBSSubscribe 438 721

The mother of Arnold

The mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate child has been identified as Mildred Patricia Baena. Ben Tracy reports on the latest of the split between Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver.

Comments (16)

So he fucked up. Everyone does.

Sasha Kravets

People why do you buy all this crap? Arnold and Maria never admited anything. The media invented this to make money becuase of the divorce. There are no evidence, all they say is a speculation.

Mark Wilde

let's hope arnie doesn't divorce his wife like he did on total recall. messy.


Good lord she's fuck ugly.

Emanuel Sousa



Arnold! you''ve been TERMINATED.

George Clooney

he had a lot more affairs then this,and a lot more kids too,His ex wife and mentors made him extremely wealthy,but as a normal buddy ,he never attended his best friends funeral aft 54 yrs of friendship Dr Franco Colombo,shame on you Arnold ,i lost respect for him .tell me I'm not correct here please.


Same age as me

♥ Ailsie ♥

what happen was that he interacted with her.When 2 persons of the opposite sex interact sometimes things happen even if your not atracted to that person.

Emanuel Sousa


Chris JOhjnn

Where the fuck is the child? Then i'll believe it.


that a-hole hollering "hubris" is the one with the real effing problem. what a sack of sh*+!!! I bet he's got more stinking hubris than any real person could stand. He's a puffed-up piece of dogdoo!

Madeleine Barr

@59cva shut the fuck up shes best friends with maria. shed probably give really good advice.

Erling Andreassen

Hehe, I bet she just "forgot to take the pill" or was "especially easy" whenever she knew she could become pregnant. That's understandable, and look at the house she has been given! : )


@59cva Yup of course, she is one annoying bitch.

Stephen Inman

John Kimball: Alright, everyone I want you to tell me: Who is your daddy and what does he do? Lil' Ernesto: My daddy is the governor of California John Kimball: QUIET YOU!

Maria Shriver Reveals How Divorce Inspired Her To Be Less Judgmental | Access

Maria Shriver Reveals How Divorce Inspired Her To Be Less Judgmental | Access19 Mar. 2018
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Maria Shriver joins

Maria Shriver joins Access Live's Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover to share some of her thoughts from her new book, "I've Been Thinking: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life." Plus, Maria reveals just how divorce changed her outlook. "I've Been Thinking: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life" is available now.

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Maria Shriver Reveals How Divorce Inspired Her To Be Less Judgmental | Access



Comments (100)
Steve Bob

Schwarzenegger could have landed something better

Erin Turner

I love her

Stew L


cous cous

ultra coug


Why even think about competing with men? ... how about thinking on complementing them. God made women to be an appropriate partner for men, not competitors. We are different.

Madagascar Sapphire


Manzanite Associate

A beautiful women inside out.


Ooooeeeeouch, Those two "interviewers"


Look at those three platic Faces.


So many negative comments that mostly have to do with a wkma's appearance. Love Maria! Think she's doing a great job and finding ways of bringing value through her work.


I too, shall get a divorce so I can "learn" basic elementary human interaction features such as introspection, thinking, modesty and not being prejudiced

Thelonious Coltrane

Maria Shriver,
Natalie Morales, and
Keri Russell are like sisters or cousins!

Ravens Moon

All three of those women look like plastic, Botox queens! Did Maria have a stroke or is the fillers not allowing one side of her mouth to move? I can’t even finish this, it’s like looking at lizard people.

Q Co

The birds were fond.

Flowers Flowers

Lets see, i take it you missed the words. "looks wonderful". Your welcome.


Maria is hot

Life is Beautiful

I'm too distracted by the horrid plastic surgery jobs on their faces.

Texas Lyoness

Her hair is still fabulous. She has that thick Kennedy hair.

Dee Bee

You are such a beautiful person inside and out Maria. You believe in God a lot and thats great. Please give Arnold a second chance.Life isnt perfect and we all mistakes.Gods truth saying is to forgive and forget. Arnold accepted his responsibility and mistake. Time to mend things and be a happy family again Maria!!!!


So glad she is recovering, better as family sometimes than being spouse,

xixi webb

She hates the God of the bible of course

Sally Meier

Maria looks great!

Eddie agostini

She looks like Ron Jeremy.


She lives in the clouds. She does not live in the horrid day to day snuggles. Money mitigates lots of the pain. So. I think she wrote this to fell better about her life which is fine

Dance Free

Beautiful woman Inside and out and beautiful children

Debbie D

She says my kids are kind lol what a joke they don't expect there half brother

it's GO TIME!!! 33

A lot of you people don't know it but that is a man


I am glad there is no resentment shown here towards Arnold as most broken relationships there is always a side blaming the other i.e Mike Tyson.. was lucky to get away fast

Harsha Jade

How come that ugly bitch of a maid they had doesn't get chastised ?? She knew what she was doing , sleeping with Arnold and gold-digging , hypocrisy at its refined best

Samantha B

She’s perfect

Bran Kind

Botox demon

Debi Barrington

Doesnt look like marie shiver ..wow

Prakriti Ghosh

Botox faces are scary

George Clooney

i often wonder why did her ex husband Arnold schwarzenegger had sex with Maria,s maid,because Arnold actually was bedding many woman down in venice beach in the 70,s ,he surely was an experienced man sexually,i feel sad for his children ,and she is an honest catholic ,that i respect too much.she has great values in life ,but Arnold has tarnished his name forever ,i believe if your in the public eye,then don't do the wrong thing.the world is watching.

Lion Heart

"I don't believe in a judgmental God anymore, all religion is good"... yea maybe if Arnold believed in a Christian God and actually practiced it from the beginning you definitely wouldn't be in the situation you are now. The fact that sin and lack of wisdom led to the separation of your family is only more proof that its not good. Be less judgmental but don't make truth subjective.

Mabel Wong

most men are not good husbands we need society that values and teach this more

Milk And Honey

She needs a relationship with Jesus!

Personal Mail

Does anyone remember when Shriver had cornrows? There are zero pics of that attrocity online. None. I wonder how much it cost her to get them all banned ? lol!!

Stew L

Kate P likes my brother. WTF!!

Peter Kirgan

Consider it a divorce!!! Quote! Total recall lol



Harsha Jade

What a load of feministic shit , she judged a great man on one mistake & broke the family , what a fake bitch !


Her eyes look strange and her forehead is paralyzed

Old Skool Bodybuilding Routines

She looks awful but she never really was a good looking woman to begin with.

nicole cosentino

Maria your need a real relationship with Jesus Christ. It's nothing about the meditation or about any religion. Jesus is not an religion he is the saviour of every soul, he is the only way, the only true, the only Life be blessed

Julie B

Ew...plastic fantastic. Sad....and so UN-feminist.

Jack Johnson

She's in her middle sixties now, give her some slack. Can't look 22 all your life!

Hector Five

M, will A put up ass?


Even after gajillion of obvious evidences, there's always one that's thinking 'That's not going to happen to me. I'm gonna look good with this shit in my face'.

George Clooney

Lovely Lady ,she keep Arnold honest until he couldn't control his urges anymore.

Jennifer Haynes

I have always loved Maria's spirit, she is so down to earth. Her family being famous have not made her arrogant. She's so cool.


She’s an awesome person, I remember her coming to my job back in LA and honestly at the time I didn’t know who she was, it was then after she left when my co-worker told me “do you know who you just helped out?”. She was very kind and gentle. I’ve helped out a couple of celebrities or public figures but her kindness really stood out to me.

Marcie LB

Maria’s face is so puffy....

Terrarium Firma

can't believe she married that clown. She's a total babe.

Q Co

Print cesd Kate. Camilla. Mind y

Sally Meier

Loved Maria's book about Alzheimers.

Dream Lover

She looks awful with the amount of botox in her face. Her eyes look evil..

Ata B

Come on get to the CHOPPPER !

C. C.

1-888 on eyelids,Death

Life on A Chalkboard {Amanda Williams}

I love her spirit! Amazing lesson, 2021, LISTEN!

Jake Stone

The first lady president

B.J. Adair

‘Every dollar we spend is a vote we cast for the world we want.” LN Smith. I wanted to hear ideas and could not see past the beautiful faces distorted with Botox and fillers. In pondering this truth, the aforementioned quote came to mind.

Michael Jones

Hard not to love Maria

L.A. F.

Lifted. No prestige for me now.

Stefanos Prokopis

Maria's ok. everyone has flaws and it seems like she has learnt from life's shortcomings.

Circle H

She needs to learn to forgive


Modified nest :)

Kimberly 84

Omg it doesn't even look like her. She NEEDS to seriously lay off the botox.

Q Co


Billy Jean

Cluless: Maria, we actually work for money and don't have trust funds.
Your rich from Grandpas blood money and lecturing the rest of us how to live?


JESUS SAID "I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE" there is only one God and one way to heaven JESUS.

Amy M

Jesus. She looks like a chipmunk

Stew L

Durst. Can Nancy P do something about this. C did not want to play. They want torture. Maybe they miss Laurel and Hardy.

Flowers Flowers

It looks loke she has gained weight and looks wonderful. She has always been so so thin but looks real healthy now. She is a great woman.

T.M. Tate

She hit the nail on the head describing the mannerisms that she would encourage in women: "strong but tender. Soft,sexy, and collaborative". That's a recipe for marriage or anything in my book.

susan susan



Maria, Leave your face alone!! Some times , I feel li!e I don't recognize you!!?❤

le chat

Such a wonderful, powerful, intelligent, empathic and beautiful soul.

xixi webb

In the book she apologised for being a feminist

Joe Bloe

WTF has this woman done to her face? She looks absolutely awful.

Leslie Boozer

My parents divorced after 40 years of marriage too.

Shelley D

Why the f do these rich folk do this shit to their faces?

Denise Duggins

I like this lady.

Larry Piston

what happened to her face?


Holy Juviderm!

M Leibs

❤️ Maria

Joshua Israel

We Jews start every day by thanking God for being able to wake up and breathe, "I here thank you king of kings for restoring my breathe (or consciousness)

Ryan Johnson

Arnold banged her hand maid..

Janell Meads

She was on today show and someone asked her if she had a favorite child? don't ever ask a parent that stupid ish!

DJ Dixon

Like the kids accepting their half brother lol


her face looks puffed up...


Good spirit ☮️


So ugly

Kern County Stories KCS

Maria Shriver lacks respect ✊


People think getting divorced hurts the other person when in reality their hurting themselves because if they really love that person they will have pain from divorcing their spouse no matter what they did, they just hide that pain its their dont let them tell you its not. They miss their previous spouse.

Ascension 2000

She gave birth to some beautiful kids.


She must have ask the interviewer not to ask about her husband affair, i never see her talk about it


Arnold was lucky to have a partnership with Maria for so long and they clearly were good parents together. God bless them both whatever their relationship is now.

Chris K

Do you all know she is a fervent supporter of the most heinous cruelty done to animals? Vivisection on animals? Check out out. There are plenty of real scientist methods to use instead of experiments on animals who do not have the same metabolic, chemical and hormonal science as humans. All medical research preface their vivisection by starting out with “ animal results CANNOT be extrapolated to humans.”


"The wickedness of a woman changeth her face, and darkeneth her countenance like sackcloth."  (Sirach 25:17, KJVA)