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This helped me so much! i'm just now discovering your channel and all these old videos. thanks!!

Veni Vidi Amavi

I was JUST wondering this, the HCLF diet seems so popular right now, but I do love my fats (pb & avocado & coconut) I cannot live without fats! Or go low....not sure how I'd fare on HCLF...but I think I *might fit it, bc I love my carbs, bananas & broccoli & baby carrots & cauliflower could be my life tbh


you rock as usual! I have learned life time lessons from you and this time was not the expection. Thanks for the great work!

Ami Bitondo

Since when do we refer to bodytypes as protein, carb or mix? Do you not mean Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph? This just sounds amaturistic.

Tracey Mixon

I eat soo much gain so much weight but guess what

I look like a skinny legend

Sully XL



You are great, I have been researching, and took the type quiz, I am a protien type. You answered the question as to why I am always hungry. I now know that I need to feed my body with protien, green type fiber, and barely any sugar or bread grains. This research has taught me a lot about the things to make my body healthy and functioning properly.

I know Da wae

Wait what? The u look near the boobs area u can see something the looks like that white thing when u use a mouse this person stealing shiiiiit


Ok i have a important question and i hope you take the time to answer it. I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia back in the day or low blood Sugar does this mean I am a protein type?

Anita Khan

I am amazed! As you were talking about the protein types, you were actually describing me to a tee! So totally amazed! Thank you very much. Do you have a video about a sample day (or preferably a week) meal guidance plan that would keep my category fulfilled without weight gain? Thank you.

Cynthia Munoz

hey I'm a new subscriber and also new to dieting I've tried so many times before but it never works cause I'm always so hungry within a half an hour after I eat it's horrible also I'm the type where when I eat savory food I always have to follow up with something sweet it's like a need .. I was wondering if in any way you could help me at least give me tips on how to control my hunger or know of any good appetite suppressants

Vida Gomez

I'm a protein type! I love to eat! Breakfast to me is a HUGE deal! I'm irritated my whole day if i dont eat breakfast. The problem is I dont always have time to make an egg and breakfast! I've done protein smoothies, but those get me tired too sometimes. What else could I possibly do for breakfast that doesnt involve a whole lot of carbs?

Kayla Santos

I'm definitely the mixed type. This info answered a lot my questions

McMaster Hyperloop

I think your metabolic type is "eating the guts, testicles, and flesh of animals for protein". Great job!


I'm protein & mixed! Haha I suit more towards the protein metabolic explanation but i LOVE MY CARBS. Healthy complex ofc!

I know Da wae

I do one workout and I lose 1 pound and the workout is 8 min damn

Fenja Nankwanga

Really great video with really good explanations!

Spell Check Please

she's cute. (go ahead and judge me now)


i am really confuse if i am carbs person should i eat more protein or carbs to loss weight ?

Giuseppe Molinaro

Hello ?

Kiya L.

Endomorph and loving it!

Debolina Biswas

In yoga language these body types are vata, pitta and kapha

Ellie C

Omg the protein type...you just described me. Always craving salty food...and living to eat, always wanting a big breakfast haha.

Erika del Mar

Whats your metabolic type?


i love meat and for dessert i would prefer some potato chips, i love cheese and something creamy like milk.
i don't easily get hungry.
i don't crave for sweets.
i feel bloated when i eat carbs and sleepy.
i don't feel full whenever i eat carbs.
i can survive a day without eating carbs.
etc. ...xD

Thank You so much!!!
this video answered so many questions in my life ???❤❤❤❤

hainley simpson

I'm a mixed type, but sometimes I crave food like the protein type.

Budji Tresvalles

Thank you, Brenda, for posting this info on metabolic body type... great info!

Light the Sexy Goddess Yagami

I'm a carb type? I can survive on a banana for breakfast. ?

Maleficent Regina

Brenda what is your body type?

Andre Abelian

Great video, Good information. You answered so many questions about my relatives they like foods to be salty.
I personally do not like to eat breakfast morning time and I feel ok. Does this mean I am mixed type?
thanks. good job Brenda.

The Digital Review

great video, great job, great content

Monica Moore

wow you said it all that's why I don't feel big eating a big breakfast lol haha and I desire more carbs

King Alleyne

50/50 As a former athletes #Some of the information it true and some is not. There alot of different things that's hasn't been mentioned about weight loss and health. In both women and men. A for trying lol

DJR - Fitness

I determined I am a protein type. Thanks for the video.

Matija Mrkaic

Dead pixel, omg!


So as a polar (protein) type a keto kind of diet would be good? Are you involved with the Chek institute btw?

Constantina-down the rabbit hole

maybe the vegans can listen to this and finally gain a brain. Not everyone is meant to eat a high carb diet.

lee simon

I can't move my eyes from you, so beautiful.

Steven Galeski

i dont know what your saying your too hot i watched this hole video and idk so protine


Good to know there's a reason I like to eat all the time, and crash big time when I eat sugary food.

good kitty

hi Brenda I also heard something about eating according to your blood type is this same or similar to that. thanks

Nic Clarke

I'll take my advice from you because your always glowing in every video.

Jose Sanchez

Slow Oxidizers arr slower metabolism ?


Endomorph described me to the p point!

Jennifer Cueto

You are smart and beautiful and sexy and cute. All at the same time.

Dina Mariñelarena

Loved it !!!!!


Oh Paul Chek, wise guy. he makes hard to understand concepts so simple, cause he actually knows what hes talking about, teaches optimal health and lives it in every sense of that word, not many can say that. To be honest Paul Chek mystic/self realization blogs intrigues me more than his health advice.

maria garcia

For a protein based metabolism is up and down stairs a good workout?

jalila elqorchi

Omg you are so beautiful and knowledgeable
Thanks for the video I'm the protein type lol whenever I eat carbs I just crave more and more food but when I don't eat carbs I feel full and satisfied
Thanks for the information
I knew it like me and carbs don't get along

Jo Lorio

Thank you so much for making this video. I really appreciate the direct and clear explanations.


Thank you.

Faith Iris MacIlvaine

Bravo, great video!

4minute Hyuna jeon JJN HGY KSH NJH 4nia a-ings

Lol Bruh I have fast metabolism I eat healthy and well some times I eat junk food

Christy Gonzalez

I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. How can I figure out what Metabolic type I am? I want to lose weight. keep my sugars leveled and of course have energy.

Liora Huebner

are you a dietitian?

m m

I think I am a protein type but I am a veggie. what so you suggest?

Geraldine Granado

I cant read your writing


I'm mixed ;3;

Baez Rivera

Agreed 110%

DR Sarah Thomas



the whole protein, carb, and mixed type explains why the diet world is so confuskng and every "fitness gurus" have different opinions and thoughts when it comes to carbs and protein. this explains alot thank you.


I have fast metabolism lol I knew it way before just wanted to know if it's true

Donatella De Patre

The zone is the best duet. It s balanced between carbi and proteiins

Forgouma _

I think im a protein type

Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

You’re adorable


I'm totally the protein type. Everything you said about the protein type described me perfectly. Thank you! +LeanSecrets


Brenda, what do you think of 21 day fix? I've been on it since jan and gained 10lbs. but I've been on and off
but so many people lose weight off this.

Kim Cheng

She looks like a young mariah carey

Emma Wilden

I absolutely love how well-rounded this video was, and how you focused more on the personal aspect of body and less on the expectation on what we should be doing according to fads. LOVE the focus on personal health.

Catarina Tang

my question is what do you eat if you are a protein type who suffers from high uric acid?

Mohsen Diaz

Seems u been crying

Mark Lee's Eyebrows

I crave salty foods all the time and I love eggs and dislike rice and would remove fats whenever I eat meat except for bacon. I have no appetite for breakfast except for bacon and eggs haha. what am i

Jake Romero

Grate video, thanks


Are fruit and oatmeal no good for breakfast if I'm a protein type?


You must eat a lot ORANGES!

Maraina Saufi

love this.thank you!

Celi Keli

I took the g plans test and I’m carbohydrate efficient, which means I do better on carbs than I do fats. Literally I live off carbs and I don’t gain a pound. From what gplans sais this makes up 23% of the population that are carbohydrate efficient. I’m so fortunate because I love carbs so much. I went on keto for about a week and could not function my body felt like it was dying and that diet in general made me feel horrible. Carbs, veggies, starches and fruits are my best friends. I don’t need meat or dairy at all as long as I live a high carb life style I’m good. Everyone is different tho.

T. Rex

Thank you for this video!


Hi Brenda, now that your back would you be willing to go a little more in depth about the metabolic typing? How to tell the difference between the combo and the carb metabolic system? Having a hard time deciding what I am and what my sister is.


Hi everyone! I can't download the questionnaire! can someone send it to me please? I think it's just out of date or it was maybe deleted from the site...

Seldom Seen

What about blood type diet?

Elizabeth Carty

This makes perfect sense. I'm an Endomorph and I once did the South Beach diet and lost weight steadily for 3 and a half months then maintained for another couple months before I went off track. I definitely do better on a low carb high protein diet. But my weakness is desserts and I love good bread and fries too... And wine... #whyme?

Isrrael Garcia

Can you explain this with picture for someone that is 9 old.?

James P

The Paul Cheks website link does not work.

PuppyLove 101

Was I the only one bothered by the little green dot on the screen????‍♀️


this really sounds like a lot of pseudo science... i understand you're just interpreting your knowledge of this metabolic typing, but i HIGHLY doubt eating frequency preference is determined by what seems to me as arbitrary metabolic types.

Yizhi Liu

You look like Scarlett Johansson + Taylor Swift, in a good way.

Valerie Tripodi

What about women going through menopause??.


I LOVE this video and all the great information shared! I also love how it was quick and to the point, however, I did find that it was a little confusing to keep up with each type discussed since the subject kept changing. I think words on the screen for each type while mentioned, OR a split screen (half the screen of you talking and the other side the pie chart) would be really helpful. Thank you for this video!!?



jade omg

I’m the carb type

Angel Cat XIII

Thank you so much for this wonderful video Brenda. I just started watching your videos and I love them, you are super helpful. I never even knew that there was metabolic types.  I'm not sure if I'm the protein type or the mix. How can I tell the difference exactly? Can I still be a protein person if I don't do well with red meats and salt?

trish marshall

Thank you for explaining this. It was easy to understand.

Grace Charles

Really great thank you

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I am either carb or mix however my friend is the carb diet and my other friend is protein diet


you are so fucking hot

Zarah P

It's so easy to listen to you, and your energy is quite infectious (that's such a good thing)! Thank you for informing me and making me smile. :)


I got mixed type, but my body is endomorph

J Galena

I've had a DNA test done and I have a fast metabolism and need to eat 48% carbs, 34% fats and 18% protein. I was eating high protein and getting it wrong. Tried low carbing. Wrong. It feels weird to eat this way and I still can't wrap my head around the fact my results say I have a fast (inefficient) metabolim, but I'm learning. What about meatabolic damage though?


you’re so pretty. you can be a hollywood star. hehe

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Raymund Rudzik

Hello there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss method.

Jazz Spiry

Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (google it)? We've noticed numerous amazing things about this popular fat burn diet plan.

Chris Powell Explains Why Eating Carbs Can Help Boost Your Metabolism

Chris Powell Explains Why Eating Carbs Can Help Boost Your Metabolism7 Aug. 2015
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Chris Powell talks to Dr.

Chris Powell talks to Dr. Oz about his plan that involves eating bread and pasta to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Comments (100)
Bakgethi Remote


Mohammad Azeem

Bread n pasta are poisonous for body. Eat naturally grown grains which do not stick in your intestines

Fallen Pastabean

So you're tolerating and preaching the addiction to sugar and allow people to give in, completely artificializing discipline and claim that you burn "a lot of fat" in 1 day?? Who is this guy?! The hell kind of bs is this?

Daniel J

You don’t need carbs but yes once a month would be better

Daniel Iddo Abera-Balcha

Another garbage idea with no scientific backing


There we have a pizza
audience claps
Jup, thats a pizza!

Ayesha Syed

Super Chris Powell..no one can match you..you are the best


This is a well known fenomenon called "metabolic confusion", a lot of athlets do this. But also people that have a hard time losing weight can use this method.


Doesn't work for everyone. You take a genetically fat endomorph and have them eat bread and pasta every other day they will get fat as hell. Carb cycling is a crock too. When you eat your carbs you gain all the weight back you lost. Then lose it again when not eating carbs. You just gain and lose the same weight

Seymour Butts

this actually better for those who are struggling with following a strict ketogenic diet. I've tried this one (carb cycling) and I've never felt so good before and lost some 20lbs in the process.

Martin Contreras


Luke Fagnant

Everybody in this comment section is so misinformed it’s sad. IIFYM is the ultimate way to lose fat.

Larry Putra

Doctoroz is a joke


lets give a coke addict 3 snorts a week to help him beating his addiction

Louis Lacroix



I'd run from anyone who uses words like "allow" and "reward" around food... Food is fuel for the body not a birthday present - this mindset is so harmful to the way we understand nutrition :/


i cant sleep without carbs so i eat once a day ... loads of carbs at night

Rick Jones

Can we get a slow clap for PIZZA!! ???

Anonymous Person

I’m starting this diet tomorrow!!! Wish me luckkkk

damian ferr

Biggest bullshit ever. Rule #1 do not reward yourself with food. You are not a dog. Insulin spike is what makes you fat, and that is what carbs and sugar does.

Trumpet Dinopup

Doesn't this kill the whole keto fat burning thing? Isn't this just the standard american diet except for 3 days?

Mario Perez

Carb cycling. Laughable. I bet most here who have tried it are still scratching their heads wondering why they still have a food baby named Carby ?

J Wayne

Is this for real?


No 1 bullshit

Wary Trout

I eat bread daily and I'm 130lb's and I'm 29, I don't get why people hate bread. Homemade bread is the best thing ever!


It’s important to note when you’re eating on these days with high carbs, eat within your caloric deficits and macros. Don’t go crazy and you’ll still lose weight. :)

amateur at everything

Dieting alone is not enough, you have to work your ass off by working out and try to be out of your comfort zone. that way you can lose weight. my PT always said the golden time to eat is within 1 hour after workout (did bodyweight, cardio, and boxing workout in 1.5hours) workout at least 3-4 times a week (depends on your intensity). Try to be consistent at least 2 months or so to see the difference on your body size and weight loss!

Matt W

Just stop eating till you lose weight. Then eat whatever you want within reason.

Rosmely Bastidas

This was great, thanks, I've been looking for "basic carb cycling" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Nantray Carb Caboodle - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my partner got cool results with it.

Tanya Kathy

Maybe this might work for some people but those with any type of insulin resistance will fail miserably eating this way.

steven aung

How about you have some self control and actually eat healthy every meal


Or just do a high fat diet, limit your carbs to 30 - 60 grams and get full on fish and avocado. Part of getting fit is overcoming your addictions and cravings, if you can't give up pizza for a month you don't deserve to be fit.


Carb cycling for dummies ???

Adam Khan

They both sound the same. Freakish


Dr. Oz is a quack for sure

Ayesha Syed

Chris Powell is very practical..his solution is long term..

Larry Putra

You do realize that eating carbs does not boost your metabolism right you dumbshlt ?

Poetic Pearl

You can eat pizza all the time if you know the secrets on how to up your metabolism. This is the diet that allows you complete food freedom ->https://favoritefoodsdiet.wordpress.com/


I'm searching up on my metabolic ID - carbohydrate efficient - so I'm trying to figure out how to implement it to my lifestyle


what is carb confusion

Al not big gay tho

My own understanding is that low carb is the best, no carb or high carb ruin you. Going into ketosis(fat loss) needs low carbs or no carbs but if you don't do any carbs your brains is lacking a little extra


this is sush BS. So unfortunate that a "Dr" is giving out such false information!


soooo, dont binge on carbs, this isnt a diet plan, this is common sense with some fancy presentation

Luis Medeiros Pereira

Putting Doughnuts and white refined bread side by side potatoes and rice is hilarious! Macro and micron nutrients are not even by far the same percentage. doughnuts are mostly fat in some cases. Besides most people idea of carbs is pasta.... sure, but then they add meat and cheese over it and somehow they are still carbs!! Same goes with pizza!!! WTF!


Carbs spike insulin switch is not good for weight loss


Carb cycling worked for me. Eating healthy carbs, healthy fats with exercise drinking water and cutting out foods with high sugar and fruit juice.

استبرق Istabrq


Bryant C

Yes America eat your carbs and be fat fuckers.


I have some questions
1. is this a one meal a day type diet?
2. Should i workout on a low carb day or high carb day?
3. What if i dont have bread, pasta, or any of that stuff?

Jesus Christ Is Lord

Isn't this the antithesis to the Keto diet?

Creative Vee

I bought Chris’s book and tried his carb cycling plan...it absolutely works. It was easy to follow and I started loosing weight right away. I’m 57, in menopause and hypothyroid, I don’t release weight easily and this worked for me. One day ur calorie intake is 1200 calories and the next its 1400 calories (for women), Low carb days 1200, high calorie days 1400 calories. U pick what u want to eat based on food lists provided. I love this plan. I exercised with dvds at home along with some walking, nothing over the top! It works folks!

Omar Aslam

this is laughable

Kerim Kerim

Don't be an addict just quit carbs as you can. Crawings are hard but you can do it.

Natalia Pola

I try to limit unhealthy carbs. Oatmeal is the best for breakfast.

Xepher 7

Carbs aren't your enemy, you just gotta choose healthy ones. Sweet potatoes and oat bran/oatmeal are my go to

Curious Carpenter

Fruits and vegetables are carbs, should I not eat those?

Miranda Precour

Love Chris! ♡

Everything man

This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about no one knows how the body supposed to work the way you should be eating his protein and fat on one day and then carbs and veggies in the next day and you should be only eating one meal a day not two not three That’s just the roost to sell you more food more junk that you don’t need command Dr. oz who is this guy


That didn't explain much


Big bread companies must have paid him a good amount to promote eating bread. Where is the science the proves that eating bread can help you lose fat?

giovanni tolenaars

spike your *insuline


Wow this is why dieting and losing weight is so damn confusing! ?

Kendall Bigman

or just take all the animal products out of your meals. have as many carbs as you want.

Tina Tomasovic


Alexa Potcovaru

honestly i think this could be good but all that matters is that ur in a calorie defecit lmfao

sn ow

Those are really big portions, my god....


Doctor Oz is a quack doctor who has quack doctors come on and explain quackery. He is sometimes right by accident.

Lance Kaminsky

"I am going to allow you to eat this on Tuesday". You cant tell me what to do!

Ruby Crepemyrtle

WTF CHRIS???? NO!!!!!!!! WHEAT BELLY Dr William Davis... As someone who has battled weight all their life, wheat carbs are toxic!!!

Nicole D

I actually agree with this idea. The only time I remember I sustained my healthy body weight and life style was when I incorporated brown rice into my meal

Black dieseas

why is food so damn good, then we are told we can't have it? I tried let it works very well for me however when I had to eat ice cream and mashed potatoes for my wisdom teeth recovery, I struggled to get back on track, with exercise and eating right.


But does it work?

Kevin Martinez

“It’s pizza!” everyone starts clapping


I have a carbohydrate efficient metabolism so this helps.

Black Coffee

People really are food addicts and we have 2/3 the population obese/overweight! SMH....

Gene Lariv

Pizza is healthy if made right, not bought frozen and fast food.


It's meat that's the enemy,not carbs.

Lone Star Tick

wtf is this crap

henry huynh

So monday low carb and Tues day high card. You didn't show what you ate for low carb on Monday and only show Tuesday. And Tuesday looks like low carb to me. You guys only teach 50 percent. How are we supposed to know. No wonder millions of people is fucked up.

DLX Infinite

Extremism always ends in up a ditch. Balanced foods, with moderation worked for me.
----Low carb (my choice) or Keto, whatever.....the biggest problem is CONSISTENCY. Lots of people start, but quit in a few weeks, because they see no benefits

anon ymous

Lol fat fucks will try this haha.. Low carb for weight loss is key stupid

Jay Ir

lol this is carb cycling, what body builders do!!


Your insulin will spike and remain up through the days you eat clean, meaning no weight loss. Who let this fucking moron on TV

Dalia Flora

I hate this whole hate against carb! But it increased even more with the keto diet Trend! Carb is not your enemy, unhealthy and refined carb is! A banana is not a candy and a cup of oatmeal is not a burger bread!
If you wanna loose weight a calorie deficit is most likely to work!
The only reason the keto diet can help you loose weight is because you will feel fuller with the amount fat you consume and you have less options of food.
I can’t go on a low carb or a keto diet, because banana, oatmeal and carrots can help to increase height but I always managed to loose weight in a healthy way by consuming these ingredients.
Thé other reason why a keto diet is more effective than a low carb diet is because the less you consume the healthy carbs the more you will crave refined carbs, like pizzas, so unless you cut it by only consuming 20g a day and replace it with healthy fat your body will definitely crave it.
But even in a high fat diet you will have to restrict the amount of kcals you consume, there are many cases of peoples who thought a keto diet mean eating as much bacon as they want which is untrue!
If you love healthy carbs, and you’re not gluttonous, a simple calorie deficit is more adapted to you.
A keto diet is not even truly aimed for weight loose but for a healthy lifestyle. But not everyone can get the benefits some peoples experience more side effects cause every bodies are différents

Todd Sloan

Sure, carbs raise your blood sugar and you want (need more) but the title is misleading because you will never get ANYWHERE near keto and balance on 'good' fuel. OZ crap!


This guy a makeup artist or a dietitian?

Catina DeAnn

Carbs are only a problem when you are pairing them with meals of fat and MEAT***. The chemistry is the problem not the macro. Literally any diet will work because you are balancing your body chemicals when you eat a specific way . They all work, but only one is healthy (vegan ... or even paleo i guess if all the meat is clean and organic)


Just exercise lol


This is such BS

Vegan Phobic

Wow people are addicts suffering from food addictions

They just had a standing ovation for pizza


Lmaoo do any of you idiots know what spiking your insulin is?And what it does?Please avoid junk food.Get REAL carbs


This is nonsense lmao, any diet is ok if you are eating healthy and matching fitness with food.

No Limit Investments

The industry is full of lies all these obese ppl believe oz and the doctors tho


This dude is passionate and he means well, but I disagree.

Paris Vaughn

No way especially if gluten intolerant and these foods and their high glycemic index is so bad why would anyone do this. This is effing your systems up so bad. This is sad. People can't learn discipline? Eating clean, healthy is not easy but it certainly can be done. Going back and forth like this is sad and shows how weak this generation is. Want your cake and eat it too smh pun intended.

Jenna M

Lol, all these keto and low carb obsessives are getting so pissed at this! You really think your way is the only way? No one is attacking your diets in this video yet you're still lashing out! There can be more than one way to lose weight.


Too many carb days. This is total bs, sorry.

Chardala Simons

I restrict my carbs and it helps me to lose weight fast. If I feel like something sweet, I eat fruit (which is everyday. Lol) and I also found a low carb homemade chocolate recipe online using 100% cocoa powder, coconut oil abd truvia.

Marco Campo

Everyday is pizza day in the states that’s why they are all fat none of these cheese eating fudge packing bastards will ever lose weight they to addicted to the system

Lord Midas

The thing about this is you can't burn the fat by simply skipping a day of carbs. So a day on day off won't work.
It takes anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to switch into ketosis, which is the bodies fat burning mode. Having carbs every other day will not put you into ketosis and you won't be burning the fat. The day off will have you burning stored glycogen. Then back on the carbs again.

For successful fat burning, you need to be in ketosis and stay in ketosis.