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Fat Gripz GIVEAWAY!! - Dumbbell "DT" - Daily Crossfit Workout

Fat Gripz GIVEAWAY!! - Dumbbell "DT" - Daily Crossfit Workout14 Jul. 2019
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Jacob HeppnerSubscribe 438 721

I'll be sending a set of

I'll be sending a set of FAT GRIPZ to a few lucky folks! If you want to be eligible to WIN please go FOLLOW them on Instagram, honor code, and then COMMENT below with a crazy Crossfit workout I should use them in! I'll pick a few winners over the next few days!!!

This video is sponsored by "Fat Gripz" - Which you can find here! --- https://www.fatgripz.com/

Workout Description:

5 Rounds for time:

12x Dumbbell Deadlift @ 50#

9x Hang Power Clean @ 50#

6x Shoulder to Overhead @ 50#

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Tara Warren

Recently did this fantastic beast.
For time
2000m row
80 Barbell Facing Burpees
40 Hang Cleans (185/125) [fat grips]

Sean A

Heavy Fran with grips on both the bar and pull up bar

Collin Mahler

5 rds:
1 rd=
3 rds of Cindy
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
1 rd of DT (barbell DT)
12 DL
6 S2OH


5 RFT: 50 DUs, 100m DB farmer carry (50lbs), 20 DB hang power clean and jerks. **Every time you put down DBs, 200m run. Wear a weight vest if you want.

Roman Berkhan

Linda or DB Linda. Might need a few pairs of fat gripz though

Adalberto Vazquez Roman

SDLHP @115
Hang Power Cleans @115
Toes to bar

*Use the FatGripz on the Barbell

Glenda Owor

3RFT: 30 heavy rope DU, 15 double DB thrusters, 12 pull ups w fat gripz, 9 manmakers

Zack Cooperman

Dumbbell Box Step Overs 24" 50# DB's FAT GRIPZ
Dumbbell Devils Presses 50# DB's FAT GRIPZ

Jono H

Gotta be Fat Gripz Kalsu! ?


AMRAP 12 minute
20 KB Snatch (Fat Gripz)
15 Box Step Overs (Fat Gripz)
10 Burpees to Pull up

Sebastian Jurado

5 Rounds:
5-4-3-2-1 Legless Rope Climbs
20 Cal Bike
1 Macho Man Complex @205 with FatGripz

Chase Bullman Meteorologist

3 rds:
21-15-9 Devil Press Fat Gripz
10-10-10 chest 2 bar
2 passes over handstand obstacle

Anthony Randich

50 devils presses, e2mom (Inc 0:00) 4 db box step overs

Mike Kellner

4 rds
3 legless rope climbs or peg board
20 dB snatch w/fat grips
15 t2b
rest :90

Tom Weston

Pat vellner deadlift challenge;
1 rep 1 second hold
2 rep 2 second hold
So on...
try get to 10. Would be terrible with fat gripz


10 Min AMRAP Of Fat Grip DB Snatches

Josh Anderson

Simple but deadly.....max effort bar hang with the fat grips. Can you get close to 5 mins??????

Judah Burrell

100 Toes to Bar with Fat Gripz
*Every time you drop, do 5x Heavy Deadlifts with Fat Gripz

Axel Strebel

Hello Jacob, what about this:

With a 20 lbs vest
Buy in 1k run
30-20-10 Fat Grips strict pull ups paired with
15-12-9 Fat Grips deadlift at 85%
Buy out 50 BFB


Kalsu (hero wod)

Dane Beishline

100 power cleans 225lbs
Emom 50ft farmers carry 70lbs

Bubba Pine

Amrap 10min
11 power cleans
11 overhead squat
11 pull-ups

Justin Bridges

7 rounds for time
10 man makers, 20 dumbbell deadlifts, 30 single-game dumbbell snatches (15 per side), 40 single-arm overhead lunges (20 per side) 50 dumbbell swings
choose your own weight

Matthew Randolph

Hero wod "Coffland"


If you can fit the grips around the handle on a rower. Try Jackie. And re-use the grips for the pull ups ?

Steven Carpenter

I think DB hang cleans or snatches paired with DUs and hand stand walks would be monstrous! Your forearm may never forgive you.

Rob Gaw

5 rounds:

Toes to bar complex (5 strict, 5 kipping, 3 strict, 3 kipping w/ fat gripz)
10 hang power snatches at 95lb
3 legless rope climbs (15ft)
10 min cap


5 rounds of: 200m Farmer walk with 2 x 30kg DB (w. Fatgripz) into 10 OHS (w. Fatgripz), good luck, it hurts!

Frank Sanchez

Complete for time:
100 x Double DB CnJ (50/35)
**Every break complete
2 x Pegboards

Fat 2 Crossfit

I keep saying I want to use them to strengthen my grip we just did a workout that was 28 minute AMRAP of 200 meter farmers carry with 50lbs DB, 10 tire flips and 400 meter run. I would have loved and hated having some fat gripz for that one

Virginia George

Granite Games 2019 Open Workout #4
40 Double Unders
*2 Double KB Deadlift (53lbs./35lbs.)
*2 Double KB Front Squat (53lbs./35lbs.)
*2 Double KB Hang to Overhead (53lbs./35lbs.)

I think Fat Gripz on this would be terrible.

Kirsten Kline

Fran with the fat grips!

Zack Cooperman

For Time:
100 Dumbbell Box Step Overs 24" 50# FAT GRIPZ
Every time you drop db's complete 5 burpees
(Please please pick one of mine! I've been trying to win one of your giveaways for so long!)


Fat Grip DB 17.5
10 RFT:
9x Cluster 50# DB w/ fat grip
35x weighted du

Dominique Van Sande

1k run
100 power cleans 95/65 lbs
1k ski
100 squat cleans 95/65 lbs
1k Echo bike/assault bike
100 S2OH 95/65 lbs
5 min rest

Fat gripz on the bar

Dragan Prostran

50 pegboards for time
E2MOM 1 fat gripz db DT 50lb

רוי הוימן גורדון

For time:
12 min Dead hang on fat grips

*every drop do 800m run and 20 fat grips hang mucsle clean with 100 lbs barbell

Maria Kazakou

3 rounds for time
30 cal ski
60 m mixed carry(suitcase+overhead)(fat grips)
15 deficit hspu (fatgrips on pararel)

Buck Foster

Hang for 6 minutes every time u break 50 double unders

Stephanie Rojas

5 rounds of:
25 DB Thrusters with Fat Gripz
Run 400 meters
15 Deadlifts with Fat Gripz
Assault bike 400 meters
10 meters of DB farmers walk with Fat Gripz
Run 400 meters

Ryan Conlan


21 deadlifts
12 push presses

Kyle A

1600 Meter Farmer's Carry, E2OM (including 0:00) 6 devil presses (70/50)

Devin Maxwell

I ain’t mad at ya, because that surely sucked, but you skipped a few DLs.

Joseph Mifsud

Fat gripz this one ;)

AMRAP in 16 minutes
2 Devil Presses (50/35 lb)
2 Alternating Dumbbell Box Step-Ups
4 Devil Presses (50/35 lb)
4 Alternating Dumbbell Box Step-Ups
6 Devil Presses (50/35 lb)
6 Alternating Dumbbell Box Step-Ups

JD Meyerdirk

CrossFit total with fat gripz!

Jacob McDougle

Fat Gripz Hero Wod Coffland

Jacob Heppner

COMMENT below with an idea for a terrible workout using Fat Gripz! I will pick a few winners over the next few days!!


Awesome t-shirt but that's a Shiba Inu.

chad hamel

Buy a second pair so you can do Fran with em

R Perez

Do 19.2

Jonny Stacks

Could you incorporate muscle ups or pull ups with the Fat Gripz? Not sure if they would fit on the pull-up bar.

Buck Sully

Fat Grips Diane, but no mixed/switch grip. So much forearm fatigue; good luck deadlifting that bar.

Brandi Allbright

Dumbell thrusters with fat gripZZ!! 55lb @ 10 Rds with double unders

רוי הוימן גורדון

4 rft:
100 t2b
100 du
*and every minute on the minute do 1 legless rope climb

I dare you to do it and stay alive

Manuel Dobon Selva

Did this one but without them, I’m pretty sure it will burn with them one:
Every 2’x12’:
4 bar muscle ups
8 DB box step over 2x50lb (fat grip)
12 burpees

Nathan Beattie

A few weeks ago you did that heavy Fran plus 10 peg boards. What about something similar ?

Heavy or regular Fran with fat grips
immediately into 10 peg boards with fat grips (if they will fit on the peg board handles)

Justin Bowen

Bar muscle ups
Ktb swings
Dumbell snatch

UI Tutorial: Redesigning the Wodify app (in 10 minutes)

UI Tutorial: Redesigning the Wodify app (in 10 minutes)19 Aug. 2019
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Comments (39)
spencer erickson

Very nice and very helpful. Thanks!

Wembley Leach

Wow! Another awesome video Erik. I learned a lot.

Jackie Ortiz

Brilliant! Great work.

Alexander K

Can recommend his course for any aspiring designer, i would have skipped design school if I had this resource back then

Grace Drone

Erik, what app/tool are you using when you insert the magnifying glass icon to the search bar and keyboard (4:55 and 5:55)?


These tips and tricks are super helpful and looking forward to more and more. Thanks Erik

Brianna Deleasa

This was AWESOME Erik! I absolutely LOVE watching videos like this, which alter real world projects. It makes the concepts so much easier to understand. Looking forward to more awesome videos like this. Thanks for taking the time to make this video!

Juan Ma

Great video Erik, amazing how the app changed! A newb on the UX/UI world, but is funny on the other way to know that I thought of the same fonts for the app haha ;).


First video tut I see where there is true professional depth coupled with proper explanations.

Carl Heaton

Awesome thanks

Remus B.

Short and on point. Really great content. Makes me buy your courses for sure. hahaha :)))

Joe Copley

Great video, thanks.

Amanda Lucas

Wonderful content Erik! Really enjoyed it. End result is fantastic.

Boucid Reda

HEllo ! very nice tutorial . If we want to design our own app, What could you advice as a start point ?

Viswa Nadh

bagundi ra ok fine

We’ll be right back


Dan Hernandez

Great work! Thx for sharing.

Kate Donaldson

This is really great, thank you so much for this. One thought I had at the end is that I'd love a cancel button in the upper right as I go through a workflow like that, in case I need to bail and go back to the dashboard or whatever, rather than clicking back through 4 screens. Your redesign looks excellent, great video, Erik.

Sebastian Björkelid

Good job! This is very helpfull ?

Todd Parker

So many great UI ideas packed into this video. End result slaps too.

Franklin Byaruhanga

WOW, ?Please make more videos like this.

Firn Studio

This is sooo good. Beautiful design and experience upgrade!

Laura Nielsen

Nice but...why do we need background music?


Great stuff ! I love watching your videos. And as a user of WODify, I hope they take note of this, it's so not user friendly.


Immediately in love with your content

Ivan Lee

Very cool, thanks for sharing! Out of curiosity what are your thoughts on using a numeric scroll wheel for the sets/reps screen?

Abeer Qamer

I genuinely like this video really looking to see much more videos like this please make it.

Stephen P

Great video. I use this app regularly and can 100% relate to its need for a complete redesign.

Edit: Thanks, Erik. ?

Nayaabkhan Khan

Happy to see a video from you pop up finally after a long wait! ??


Great stuff! These examples are really useful!



Shehil Abdulla

This is awesome and when the course is reopening?


Erik makes it so easy

Alex W

This was great - thanks for sharing! There needs to be more content like this, sharing best practices with real examples. Keep it up!

prabhu deva


Ducdung Nguyen

Hi Erik,
I really like your way of teaching. I have consulted your UI course, let me ask how much is the UI course fee and how to pay.
Thank you.

Tolu Oladimeji

MORE! I DEFINITELY want to see more!!

Nick Deshpande


Adrian Oprea

But Erik, your course is not open :)) when will you open it?

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