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Mo Farah: Why I Run (Athletics Documentary) | Real Stories

Mo Farah: Why I Run (Athletics Documentary) | Real Stories11 Sep. 2018
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Join Sir Mo Farah as we

Join Sir Mo Farah as we see the personal sacrifices and dedication it takes to be the most decorated athlete in British athletics history.

To see more Mo, check out his YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzefeIxBpFzEHh-bPSfTBNg

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Comments (43)
Abdishakur omar

Proud of you mo farah. Every time when I watched your videos it inspire me keep it up ?????

Vivek Kumar

Anybody know which durg they use for better performance

Waditha Gamage

Somalin Train in Ethiopia, How Mo brake to British Citizenship and train in Ethiopia ?

la Amrin

Vens terberat mo Farah

Diamond in the rough/ I am the Law

Great runners

Elizabeth Davis

My name is Elizabeth Nicole Davis ive been running sence kindergarten I always watched running I'm going to 6th grade this year and i still have to wait untill 7th grade to do running but I will wait I will wait as long as I can go be a famous trackstar I want Usain bolt to notice me maybe one day he will be inspired by me ?


What's the name of the guy at 8:26 with black jacket?

Eric Petersen

WADA is out of control.


Sir which shoe use running best shoe

Planco Creations

Love watching Mo run! Such a great racer

Alex Marafon

Его брат гей?

Terry Sarjoo

No holidays, but u can still have a fun training routine.

Filipe Batista

4:07 tem que entrar um cara e filmar pra ver se é ele mesmo que tá mijando???

chandan hassan

can some1 tell me the name of this song 6:32

W illiam

i met him wheni was on holiday in ethopia i saw hima and took a pic

Yasin Ahmed

Great team work keep that way
Bro mr mo


An African who pretends to be white man .

Bhanu Partap

Nice ???️??️

isaac mwangi

Kenyans need to look at this camp

Evergreen Teen

He looks like 6'2 or 6'1



Iman haji

Somalians are not pretend like white man they got history please read before accusations,you will learn more about Somalia and Somali personality.

Xaliye Official


The Pickle Adventures

Anyone know the beats dropping at 8:04?

Real Stories

To see more Mo, check out his YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzefeIxBpFzEHh-bPSfTBNg

Sophie Starseed

I be more excited if the status of women were elevated in Somalia - yes i went there- He talks about peace ? For who the men in that country? Ministry begins at home...
Just my opinion -please do not hate me.




There is one very important thing you can do for Somalia Mo Farah. Talk to the youth to shun El Shabaab and help them do more sports and other training for careers. God bless you Mo.

Ahmed Ceyni

An inspiration and a role model to all Somali youth. A big bro to me and am gonna be a long distance runner sooner or later. Keep breathing Mo Farah, i would love to race alongside you insha Allah

Kabila Gani

the greatest marathoner is here,listen,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExIlF5izBSw

Jo Harper

I love this man. What he has accomplished is amazing!! Go Mo!!

Zarif Afzan

He is islam... Im proud...


what for are those sleeves good for?

Body Mind Soul POWER

one day i was in Sardinia in holiday and went running. i saw a black man running and was such an incredible sight i never forget. the man was like flying or flowing thru the air in the beautiful nature... i never saw such beautiful movement :)

Luqmaan Al.xakiim

His name is Mohammed Farah not mo Farah


East Africans are the best runners in the world including Mohammed 'Mo' Farah. What is your African region great at?

Xaliye Official

Legend Mo Farah

Ms. Loving

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Paul realized that if his own efforts were enough to be whole and right with God, "then there was no need for Christ to die" (2 : 21). Only by letting go of -dying to- self reliance, could he experience Jesus living in him. Only in his imperfection could he experience God's perfect power. This doesn't mean we shouldn't resist sin; but it does mean we should stop relying on our own strength to grow spiritually. In this lifetime, we will always be works in progress. But as our hearts humbly accept our constant need for the only perfect One, Jesus makes His home there (Ephesians 3 : 17). Rooted in Him we are free to grow ever deeper in the love "too great" to ever "understand fully".

Dear Precious one, make this very moment the beginning of your life growing freely in the love of Jesus Christ by receiving Him as your Lord and Savior. Believe He died a horrible death on the cross for the sins of mankind and on the 3rd day He arose, ascended into Heaven and sits in the right hand of God the Father Almighty. He is ever present and will dwell within you through the Holy Spirit, all you have to do is welcome Him and His FREE gift of salvation into your life. ❤️❤️❤️

Please join me in praying the following prayer....Dear Lord Jesus, so often we exchange the joy and freedom of life with You for the burden of relying on ourselves. Help us to humbly rely on You instead. Amen!!

Abdalla safiina

Mohamed farah I proud to be somali

goon 2020

I wished he had a record in his name but .....still great

مشاهير raghda alwahabi


Xaliye Official

Legend mo Farah


Ma sha ALLAH Mohammed Farah ??

Triathlon Challenge vs Tania & Rhianna..!! | Mo Farah

Triathlon Challenge vs Tania & Rhianna..!! | Mo Farah21 Apr. 2020
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Time to take the

Time to take the challenges up a level..!! Mo

Follow me:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mo_Farah

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoFarahGold

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gomofarah

Comments (100)

how does mo farah not have more subscribers

Recorriendo el mundo Mi Canal

saludos :)

cicero clebe

Mo farah, parabéns. Você é muito veloz, gostaria de fazer uma pergunta quando você estar em período de competição, os seus tiros de 1.000mt é quanto?


This guy is from Africa not UK GO HOME

Cesar Berumen

Hi, Mo, what kind of treadmill do you use at home?


What treadmill do you have Mo?


Tania looks better now than she did back when Mo was running the Track meets in 2011. She looks great.

Carson Dych

You should do reaction videos to your races

mark findlay

Nice you're making some comments Mo! Hope you and the family are well ??

al_amin channel

Is your wife Muslim????


Mo has such an athletic family



Mark Ebel

Is it just me that is suprised how shockingly bad he swims? But then runs amazingly haha

cicero clebe

good afternoon champion. Congratulations on your achievements, I would like to ask a question: when will you be in competition period your 1000 mt and 400 mt shots will go out for how long?

Abdullah Gamal

I hope to get your shoes, Mo ❤️

lee mohamed

Mo why we still can't watch Rio ?

Jude Wood


Satyadeep Roat

how big is the house

kajal bipul short history video

am ur bigg fan . am indian...i also run

Abdullahi Siyat

Mo farah guul mar walba ayaan kuurajeynaya

Hussain Alkhulaif


alexis quiroz

Saludos desde Argentina Farah.

Will Draxler

Your average family vlogger, running a 4:17 mile in the middle of a challenge video

Abdullahi Muse

Mo Farah, you're an icon of international athletics. Your name and records are inscribed for ever in the hustory of sports. Both UK and Somaliland are proud of you ! You're a great ambassador for Somaliland. Greetings from Somaliland to you and to your family.

Remix noise


Mufudzi Kwenda



The intro when it played the Ali-A meme sound

Swept down

Whats up mo farah


с ума на изоляции сходят все))

abdiwali geescade

Asc bro really love you guys,bt don't forget to teach them our culture and our beautiful religion which is Islam. Wish you happy life bro


When an olympic champion makes a meme account, you know he has achieved comedy

army lovers

Love y
Love yo
Love you
Love you M
Love you Mo
Love you Mo F
Love you Mo Fa
Love you Mo Far
Love you Mo Fara
Love you Mo Farah
Love you Mo Farah f
Love you Mo Farah fr
Love you Mo Farah fro
Love you Mo Farah from
Love you Mo Farah from
Love you Mo Farah from I
Love you Mo Farah from In
Love you Mo Farah from Ind
Love you Mo Farah from Indi
Love you Mo Farah from india


Hilarious watching you swim, awe-inspiring watching you run. Great video!

John McGovern

It makes me happy to see that you have a family that loves you! I hope you all have enough carbohydrates in you before you do all of the exercise!


What was it she ate?????



Akmal jer

You swim so bad sir ??

Camphart Rogets

This man does not have enough surface area for swimming


No hate but I really would have thought an olympion would of had a better form on the rower

al_amin channel

If yes let her cover her self if not let her convert to islam

John Godwin

Always a inspiration for everyone sir mo. Love ur videos god bless you

akshay patayan


Alejandro Torres

Wins 4 Olympic gold medals...gets 2nd in family triathlon ? good stuff

Sarah Buscemi

Ali a music

Erik Steenkamp

Take the swim away and mo fara wins

Dereje Zewdu

Mo, you are retired already.

Tolulope Akadiri

Feel a little bad for tonya, good video nevertheless

Kyle Sheehan

Thank you for making great inspiring content. You are the distance runner that inspires me the most. Can I please get a reply bro.

1 guy

Match is fixed, "he is gonna loose"

army boy prayagraj pal

All the best

Loui Sims

?? it’s true us Africans cant swim. Just look at the difference between mo and the girls when it comes to swimming


Mo vloging and casually doing 4:17


This is so cool. I didn't know you had a youtube channel! Looking forward to your future races!


Mo could you do your cookery tips again pls?

Alaa Masalha

Mo swimming like a chicken OMG ???

Abenet Beyene

Big respect to Mo and his family.

Tim Curtin

Ali a intro


I was laughing so hard when he started swimming... Honestly thought he won't make it hahaha... Great content!

Dr. Hussien haji Omer

Woow, How much deerayahan you are?????


Mo- your wife has some serious strong ? genes

Nyles Garrison

The type of content I never knew I needed. Awesome!???

KnightWolf 20

why doesn’t this guy hv at least 1M subs he’s a damn olympian. Give this guy some luv

Manuy Figueroa

Tania seems like such a prik

Cabdirisaaq Cali Guuleed

Aren't you and your family Muslims? If yes,you have know that our islamic religion does not allow to see uncovered parts of female body, such as her hair, legs, thighs and a lot of others. Please fear Allah and go back to know all the rules and regulations of Islam.

Craig Hodges

Love this ??

SK Tigress

Sir Mo, such a gentleman

this is sudheer

How much run for army 1600mitar

Crackhead Chic

This is so wholesome

lakshman lama

Awsome place excellent challenge


This channel is criminally underrated.

Sharmake Abees

Mo farah big love from Belfast ??????????????

Lush BKK

This was BRILLIANT! I really enjoyed watching this and have decided to do the same with our family. Thank you for sharing.

Affs Gsgsg


saad azhar

mo your trash at swimming

Mahad burcaawi

Mo Farah nin somaliyeed wan kusalaamy pro

Salvadore Rodriguez

Mo with the beep-Sound you get demonized aswell, you need something else...

Abilahi Mohamed

Saxib hambalyo

Xavier Michel

Good family! Love ✌?


This was very entertaining and fun to watch.?

wall naynka

Haye maxamed farah swbta aad somali aad u imaan weysa waa maxay niyahow

penchal reddy



huge fan of mo but the alia music made me laugh so hard

WonderBoy X

Dear mo can i get a running shoes,? Size 7 a cheaper one would be nice

vishal chauhan

वज़न कम कैसे करते हो आप लोग हमको वताओ हम भिइ रनीग करते है

Mandeeq Ahmed

??????more of this videos

Edu M.

This is real content, I hate these athletes bulsh*t speech about "stay home, doing nothing. Oh, look me taking the trash out, dish washing", like we are all dead. I want to see action, running!

Nune Biyami

Tania Number one

own style of b

Hi sir please upload video for improving my running stemina..

pkp king star

I am big friends dear

Emil Pruden

Love this Mo, keep it up ?


The music is too lit


The girl winner really i dont believe mo

Riva BR R37_39jk

Na piscina parecia que estava boiando sem peso.peso pena kkkkkk show .


Get him some technique and he would smoke them all easily.


Sir Mo you are so funny :)

Imad Abudi

How many times have won

Mo Ehsan

man you run faster than the mill itself xD


His swimming was funny. You know all Somalians know how to swim except Mo Farah. ?????????


Boss any quarantine workouts??

Welcome To My YouTube Channel! | Mo Farah

Welcome To My YouTube Channel! | Mo Farah20 Mar. 2019
41 814
Mo FarahSubscribe 438 721

Welcome to my YouTube

Welcome to my YouTube channel!

Hit this link to subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzefeIxBpFzEHh-bPSfTBNg?sub_confirmation=1

Follow me on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mo_Farah

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoFarahGold

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gomofarah

Comments (93)
Raju official Help

Mast hai sir g



Love Story

I just want to ask, what to do if you running and then got injury. Espeacially on the knee. How to deal with injury.

Aidan James

I like how this has 10k views (currently)

Mayuresh Lokegaonkar

Isn’t he rich enough already?

Damage Dante


KhĪm khĪm

Excuse me Sir Mo Farah I’m really your fan . Can you give me yours account Facebook’s name !

Adam Ireland

I'm excited for more uploads!

Muhammed Fariz

i'm in for mudane team


Very epic

Vaughn Wolf

Mo what shoes do you run in now?

Uvan Adhithya

Wow nice!,,

Uvan Adhithya

I’m a fan


I can't wait!!!!! ??

Avej Shaikh

Please MO how can I remove the shin pan

Naasir cali

masha allah

Mohamed Gudhudhe

Mo farah hero somalilandr

Alex Race

Awesome Mo! Inspires me to make more RUNNING AND MOTIVATING VIDEOS ??

Asad Koko

Nin wayn papa sir in lagu dhaho ayaad maraysa????

Liliana Pereyra

Que masa muy bueno es Mo farah el mejor medio fondista

Ian Hughes white

Don't deserve to be called sir


Why don't you have a Strava account Sir Mo Farah???

Uvan Adhithya

1st comment

joker hulk

Hi mofar.we need live chat plssssssssss.....I am from India. I love ur running foam.i want to learn ur running foram.all the best for ur upcoming events.https://youtu.be/QV6XB0deEN8 .I all was follow ur event and running foram videos. When I wakeup at morning. I use to see ur running foram video in slow motion.https://youtu.be/C93qwVmBseE .I love ur running foram.i am big fan of u.my English is very bad sorry for that but I love sir.my go is to become like u strong and hard.ur kid is soo cute.how can I increase my step length.ur step 2.18 mts.

Fabian Schulte


Paulo P

You're a great runner but you aren't going to be winning the London Marathon. I'm rooting for my boy Callum Hawkins https://www.instagram.com/callumrhawkins/. #Scottishathletics for the win.

Rahul Thakur

I love you mo Farah

kimo paris

Mo my bro

Habib Ariffin

Love you mo

Harry Hiscock

I was so happy when I found out mo had a yt channel

Stella Shiron

pls upload more training videos

Dave — —

OneMo video ?

Daniel Hannah



Of course he’s wearing the Pegasus

Ben Adams

Subscribe to my new running Channel. I'm a high school Senior

Joaquin Calleja


Meher Baga

Just want to say Sir Mo that you are literally the best and you are really inspiring. I am a long distance runner like you and really hope to become a world class athlete like you when I’m older.

(Hope you see this)

Rahul Chummun

Go MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??

Mark Taylor

Noticed on the news tonight that you think there's a racist agenda against you ? Why have you stooped to that level Mo ? Racism has nothing to do with it but you pull the lowest of stunts with the racism card !


Jazaku lahu kheiran my beloved brother from another Motha


I just subscribed you MO. I wish you all the best


Hi l m big fan vary very big fan

waly vlogs

I follow u mou fara ...

Spencer Thompson

Give up a updated gear

Krishna Chandra Pandey

Hey, great job

Alisson Garcia

só pela maratona de londres .....

Adam Osman

Hey Farah . I hope to become like you
and we need more a videos about practice thanks

Aldin Suljic

you are the best

Running with Marc

I'm tired just after watching this

Jose Carbajak

Sir mo , you're such an inspiration . I started running track/xc after seeing you win at Rio. I want to be like you some day.

Garrett Bishop

Good luck in London!!!???

Torin Brooks

Go mo!!??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

JW the martian

Check out RedRunners

suryansh gupta

Sir best wishes for London marathon.



Hussein Mohamoud

Hi sir Mohamed nice to see you


Supper sa uper bro

Noel Chavez

Mo the legend.


They’ll always be “small” question marks next to Mo’s wins.

abdiyare TV

Mo you will be olympic champion in Tokyo 2020

Rafael Dias

Wow very treining

Célia Gilissen

Hey Mo ! Happy Birthday !!! You are the best ❤

vdub 1971

I haven't seen any of your videos yet so sorry if this is a stupid question but, do you do any ultra racing?


Can’t believe that Mo Farah has his own YouTube channel!


Hi Sir Mo - nice to see 'behind the scenes' of your career.
Some picture I took of you at your last race in Birmingham UK.


First comment!!

Pankaj Kumar

Yes sir

Granwil Benny

All time greatest runner.. ?❤️?

A cube

Happy birthday

Meraj Empire

Hii sir I am big fine u.. I am Indian I love u running

Granwil Benny


Ivanildo Luiz Santos

Thanks Mo

Alisson Garcia


Ashokkumar Sudarsanam

Bro lub u am from India

mohamed asod

Great & humble at the same time, not something that I often see together. #staystrong

sunil gujjar

Sir please come live...

KhĪm khĪm

Hi idol ? Mo Farah

Shubham Singha

Hi sir
Pls give more videos how to improve running performance

Nitish Yadav

Hi sir how to run best strike give me more videos

ibraahim ilkacase Princess

Soomali nugalahadal ?

Boyan Anakiev

Big fan Mo, keep the videos coming! They're really appreciated.

《McZen 15》

Un like por el gran enfrentamiento de Kipchoge y Farah este año

Rocker Adda

Sir I am your fan #Rockeradda


Jai hind satyamev Jayate ??



Michael M


Yahya Alqadhi


farah runner

hlw sir please give me your workout program 3000meter please ...please sir

arrowsmith -P

Does mo edit his stuff

Gustavo Campos

Hi Mo. thank you for the tips on the channel. And congratulations on the journey. I am a soccer player and I figured I had to work on my running form. What do you do for deep stretching for your hamstrings? Any injury prevention training? Thank you! Keep it up with the videos!

justin L

Hey mo Farah love the content and awesome trailer!

Cristiano Forever



Im the first