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NorCal Regional - Day 1 Live Stream

NorCal Regional - Day 1 Live Stream31 May. 2014
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Is there a reason why their cleans are so paused? What I mean by that is that it almost seems like they are breaking the clean in two and helping pull up the weight on the second pull with the thrust of their hips - ie. first pull, small rest, second pull, catch - rather than having a fluid movement. Is that somehow better for multiple reps? (less energy consuming maybe?)

Michael Nguyen

ms Pichelli O.M.G lol

Mendez K

the regionals should hav been in Santa Rosa again outside was way cooler


Men Event # Heat 3 06:15:37


jason khalifa has more hair on his back than he does on his chest.

Michael Nguyen

Go Johnny medina! Dude is a beast

Esteban Marrocco

6:35:50 scary face

Man Dragon

Miranda O looking strong as ever

2018 Central Regional - Men's Event 1

2018 Central Regional - Men's Event 118 Jun. 2018
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The 2018 Central Regional

The 2018 Central Regional Competition.

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Jinkyu Noh

3km rowing 500double under 5km run?

CrossFit - Central East Regional Live Footage: Men's Events 2&3

CrossFit - Central East Regional Live Footage: Men's Events 2&37 Jun. 2013
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Watch live footage of Men's Events 2&3 at the Central East Regional.

Comments (82)
Lodewijk Man

Everybody thinks that the Games will be close this year. I beg to differ!

Matthew Noble

Honestly, in my opinion, they dominated because there was no real competition from the start. Athletes in all sports tend to raise their game when the chips are down and their backs are against the wall So the fact that there isn't a Matt Chan or Rich Froning etc at every regional means some lack of performance as it isn't needed. I think that the Games this year will be a lot more entertaining though!


He dosen't even wear lifting shoes what a fucking animal!




So unfair for dan baley at 13:12 the judge made him do another extra rep that could ve put them in the lead right after froning

Danny Buckross

Clean fitness apparel

Southside Genius

Crossfit will be in the Olympics one day

Stew Blackwell

I would both love and hate having to compete in this region

Bryhan Espinosa

These guys didn't skip leg day, I'm so proud ;,)

Lisa Iwasyk

He has class. In every event he is always cheering on the other athletes. That's what Crossfit is about.


Does drug testing include cyborgism? Because if it did, I'm pretty sure Froning would fail...


Do they have to increase the weight by 10 pounds each time?


yeah, thats why it was key for you to try to start at 255 on that workout or you were just doing a million reps


185 x1 rep


What's with the Holmberg faces? Does he pay people to stroke his ego or what

William S

With the long offseason it is possible to do steroids and pass testing during the games. Not saying any of them do it, but they could. I think any athletes who get to the finals should have to take drug tests periodically if they want to go back to the games. Regardless these guys are outstanding.

Nick Spun

Why don't you quit bragging about what other people can do and get off your ass and go outside and do something worth bragging for, sound good?

Лео Нид

he's just amazing


So true. The sport i quite cool, you get strong and big, i respect that. But the community....

Charles Dias

rich is such a cool dude. he was just cheering on the last of the guys while the others were off catching their breath. what a solid bro


Lu Xiaojun would tank on the burpee muscle ups. Just an educated guess


Rich is so freaking dominant.



Christopher Lee

Yes, They can either choose to start at 255, 225, 185 or 135

kadir akkurt

anyone tell me how too comıng this power pls brothers... :/ rich very stronger 

Shreezan Ban

Have you tried "RushMax Muscle?" (look for it on Google) It is a quick and easy way for you to bulk up fast.

Dean Santos

ok guys check this out. Pause at 9:46. look at Rich's bar and Panchik's bar. They're loaded the exact same way but Rich's score was 315 and Panchik's was 305. Both of the have the 2 small blue plates on either side and the black plates on the floor. Either Rich did not squat 315 or Panchik squatted 315 for 3. ???

Myth Riffter

Enen though Josh Bridges and Jason Khalipa dominated there regions, do they really stand a chance of beating the monster that is Rich Froning


5.09 on jackie is a bad workout for him. heh

Nikola Djakovic

They are still laughing!


Isnt everything a cult in a way? Pretty much all sports brag about their own thing and hate on everything else

Ben White

does anybody else feel horribly inadequate watching these guys?

Jacquez Robinson

Did you guys see John Cena at 1:01


Despite Weighing 25 pounds less. How is this impressive???

C-A-M Champagne



Crossfit has the hottest girls.

cigarettesandsaints 13

Holy shit! The games gonna be crazy this year yo!

Aelie Hall

i'm really interested to see how this year's podium at the games turns out! so many awesome competitors!


dat kipping

Amos Pan

thats the hardesy 3rep max OHS ive ever seen...literally have to clean it off the floor, put it on your back then jerk it up before squatting...


Lu Xiaojun could Overhead Squat 305 all day long. They are constantly lifting weights far heavier than this day in and day out. Watch some of his workout vids.

Zweli M

who comes up with these events? they seem soooo random

Martin Glennon

"Rich Froning pushing it up easy. Might as well be an empty bar." haha best thing the commentators said.

Brandon Ward

Not sure why you would have these guys clean the weight from the floor, get the bar overhead and on their back, then press it up overhead. What an incredible waste of energy.


No love for Matt Chan, the reigning runner-up?


fucking shit, man - straight killing it


These dudes are bosses

Said B


gl man




wow....trolling to make a sale. Pathetic.

Ben Fine

graham looks like bradley cooper


dam dude

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how much do YOU overhead squat?

The Plastic Collector

I can do this, here, hold my keyboard.J/k. They are all so damn strong, watch 22 mins clip with my mouth opened ...

Alejandro Bossan

Im sorry but crossfit is gay.


no... no they dont, but dont let them know that


No chance. I actually had my money on Khalipa until Froning basically destroyed everyone. He is unbeatable.



Signed Red

1:26 Just realized he pushes Dan lol. BROMANCE! Damn, I can't wait to watch them meet up again at the Games, since the last time they split up.

suchitra singh

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Marky Marky

That reporter is in Luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv.......


Yehahhh! hahaha i said the same thing! lolll

Dominic Van rijn

look at rich fronings form, literally perfect!!!


the judge walker got is gorgeous! dat ass

Spoknot Barbas

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Nick Spun

They do stand a chance, but most likely won't dethrone Rich, Jason And Josh will tie for 2nd i think, with Panchik or Bailey closely behind in 3rd, this year will be the most interesting year we've had at the Games yet.

kevin meier

Once. With as much rest as he wants. Not 3 repetitions in ten pound increments in 7 minutes. It's a different animal altogether.

Spoknot Barbas

Just Google Max Muscle Method to discover the thousands of people who got ripped who never thought they could.

Goed Snowride

Oo L. Opudg


well come to reality

jgws bk

Who did know then that Matt Fraser in some years will demolish anything.

North Korea

Do the athletes have to start @ less than 265#?

Spoknot Barbas

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Evan Saber

Rich looks HUGE here

suraj thapa

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Jake D

I love it when people SIT at their computer and accuse these athletes of taking drugs. They win MAINLY because they work their asses off. You don't see guys like Rich trolling other peoples videos do ya?


lol if you think Lu Xiaojun couldn't do that easily


O lol wearing a belt for a 275 overhead squat


To me, this is so fucking pointless.unless your using to aid sports performance like football, rugby, athletics, powerlifting etc then its just a waste of effort.


Lu Xiaojun Watched this and nearly died from laughter, with the commentators ejaculating over Froning and Weigel. Lu Overhead Squats 449.