One punch man similar anime


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I'm ranking top 10

I'm ranking top 10 list of best anime to watch similar to one punch man. It's just my opinion feel free to add your lists in comments below.

Video is in Hindi.













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Comments (16)

I only came for the anime guy in the pic who looks like saitama's dumb face

Twaha Gaming

Bro can we add in facebook

Ashutosh Padhan

Bro tum kaha se anime dekhte ho


Love Overlord
Physico 100

Tamizul Singh

You don't understand anime
Koro Sensei has not distroyed moon there were bombs on moon
U don't even understand what's going on in anime

Ayan Ali

You are amazing


Meerab Meer

My hero academy should be no1

Neplease youtuber

I love assassination classroom but how the hek is it like one punch man bro do u even have some sence

karma akabane

Koro sensai is the best?? watch assassination classroom if you guys haven't watched yet

Husandeep gill

I actually like mob physcho rather then one punch man

Taha Elkaimi

play ×2 speed trust me

Swayam Mohanty

Gintama English me nahi he

Md Nadim

scientific acceletor Hindi review


arubudub bubub abroganubu, abdul,

Call me Senpai

Reminds me of aldous

Bill Burr MMP One-Shot - One-Punch Man

Bill Burr MMP One-Shot - One-Punch Man10 May. 2017
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Bill Burr talks about

Bill Burr talks about that anime show, "One Punch Man."

Bill Burr Podcast:


Podcast Date:

TAMMP 4-6-17 (22:39)

Full Episodes of the Monday Morning Podcast: http://bit.ly/2nAzwGV

Full Episodes of the Thursday Afternoon Podcast: http://bit.ly/2mTA6Cy

Here’s the website! http://billburr.com

I was born a freckled child in a land far away during a much simpler time. I did well in school until it counted. As a freshman in high school I had dreams of going to Notre Dame and becoming a lawyer. By the time I was sophomore I was taking shop class and was considering getting into construction. I ended up working in warehousing and unloading trucks. Other than stand up, that job was the most fun I ever had.

I am now a stand up comedian. I do a couple hundred shows a year. And I enjoy the travel. I’ve done four hour-long stand-up specials: “Why Do I Do This”, “Let It Go”, “You People Are All The Same” and “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way.” I host a podcast each week called The Monday Morning Podcast. And I have an animated series on Netflix called: ‘F’ Is For Family.’ Occasionally I act in movies but only when they let me.

Comments (100)

One Punch man that shit!!!!


Netflix going to ???? still fucks me off


Hehe vaccine man ironic

Dino Vukasovic

is that why you lost your hair? you worked hard at your career and did 100 jokes every day that you lost your hair? :D :D

Magnus McCloud

Video Retitle: Bill Burr MMP One-Shot - Right-there Fred


There is no reason why not to like onepunch man is just an anime who is fun to watch, it doesn't make you reflect at all about the plot is just a funny anime with cool fighting scenes.

Eric Joseph

Bill Burr knows how to rock the anime analogy game. Wish he did this for every anime

Paul McDonagh

Unfortunately Netfucks did change to the bullshit thumb system which tells you sweet fuck all about how quality the show is, so now you have to google everything before deciding. God I hate the thumb system, and you can't even see the ratio like on youtube. At least on youtube you can see if something is bullshit in one quick glance... Anyways rant over Bill is a legend lol


1:02 , thts how i feel about ATTACK ON TITAN.

Bobby lee of all people got me to watch n i was immediately hooked after 2 ep. Bing all 3 seasons n now this last season will be a snail race. 1 ep a week is torture. Anime was made to binge watch because each ep is basically filler aside from 5 mins of real story. The rest is just the character flash backing a million times n talking to themselves about how they felt when tht said flashback is happening n how it makes them feel at the present time.


Ivan Delgado

This is acc the best essay on anime themes I've ever seen

Viktor of Bearisland

I just what to hear his opinion on the rest of the episodes


Bill Burr : " I think this is an interesting way of how japanese society see stuff"
Weebs : "haha he go bald and one punch monster"

Dio『and someone’s daughter』

Wait till you meet Boros, garou, suiryu and king.


This english dub is cancer, real question, how can you guys watch anime dubbed?!


I did a triple take when I read this title, I was like there's no way ol Billary Blinton fucks with this

Hanzo Main

bills burr description of things is top notch

Nicole Hunt

"This guy, he ate a ton of crab and so.. He turned into a crab.

"And to me, that represents the top 1%"

Travis Leep

Some anime story lines put Hollywood to shame. So many gems

clay jack

the problem with anime is that some people, both fans and people who hate it, treat it like a genre instead of like a medium. People will say shit like "are you into anime" and I'll say "yeah the good ones" it would be like saying "are you into movies?"

Gavin Mayhew

“I hope Netflix doesn’t go to thumbs up thumbs down”

Hewan Herman

or you could just get high and watch a bald guy punch half a crab in the head lol


Bill Burr is one joke man. He knocks down every audience with one joke

Alex Clark

After listening to this I now scream Adolf Hitler when I stub my toe


Someone get him on Cowboy Bebop stat


When bill starts watching SUBBED ????‍♂️??‍♂️Half Japanese comedy

Vengeful Polititron

Subtitles is better! Original language!

Vincent Gonzalez

Cakes have levels

Antony Drossos

Bill's a few years older than me, he doesn't remember "Battle of the Planets"?

Pensive Scarlet

I would like to fund an "abridged" style parody that has Bill Burr doing unique lines as Saitama.
If that can't happen, though, someone should at least do a small clip show or something, but call it "One-Punchline Man" and have it be a collection of Saitama's victories and other antics with strangely appropriate Bill Burr lines dubbed in.

B. O.

Yessss Bill!! I love 1 punch man ?

Captain Wolfsburg

I see Bill Burr is a man of culture as well.

Dan 23

Bill is the Best!!

Jacob Spades

One Punch Man fuckin ROCKS!

Wajih bec

5:19 "SLASH"


I like how he actually watched and had a deep thought about it


Bill Burr Anime analysis channel would be top notch ;)


Watch One Punch Man vs Hulk - amazing!

Jacob Webb

One punch man is amazing.

candycanes 10

I also love one punch!! Such a chill guy


If it Wasn't for the star system then Bill Wouldn't have watched it. Ironically they did switch to the idiotic thumbs up thumbs down system which Bill was worried about. Just stupid.


I wish Bill knew the star system was based on how likely you are to like it

Charles Lane

Mr blur I'm a big fan love the fact that you like punch man

Everything Soup

If Bill were to watch any anime, I'm glad it was One Punch Man.

Gaming Paradise Australia

Wait bill burr is one punchman

Raun Carswell

Forget the people who are give you shit for enjoying Anime. I think there are LOTS of Anime you'd love. Maybe you could try "Inuyashiki".

Abel S

I love his perspective on it

myssa donno

best show ever!!!

and bill, you the man

Ray Good

Now I want this watch One-punch anime...

Ball sack Lopez

You don’t have to be a nerd to like a show

James Blake

Bill burr is a man of culture

Brandon Tackett

man nothing is better than hearing Bill Burr break down OPM and the meanings behind it

Strategist Wang

I watched this video countless times and I never noticed my cousin playing ball in the clip from coming to America??


I you like One Punch Man you might like Mob psycho 100 made by the same guy. It has similar themes and comedy.

Bruno Bucciarati

I'm part of the club who got high..

Dave Arreola

He sympathized with a bald guy what a surprise? pinche pelon


Yea fuck all the anime haters. They watch 2 animes DBZ or sailor moon then conclude anime is stupid...
That's almost as ignorant as me watching The Room and saying all American movies are stupid...


One punch man is only funny in Japanese honestly, a lot of the humour is lost in translation & the voice acting of the Japanese actors is far better too

Mr Wing

Old school Aol daily up lol

Josiah Cruz

Yeah, One Punch Man is pretty good

bob 9182

What in the actual fuck? Bill "the savage" Burr, the comedian watches OPM and fucking 'loves' it? One of my favorite comedians likes one of my favorite shows. This shit made my day.

Wolf Beiderman

"There's a big gap between Hitler, and stubbing your fucking toe."

Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

Never thought of the show that way but he is so right

James Walsh

heh. Me and my mates were tryin to think of more inbreeding afflictions like hare lipped or webbed toes and I come up with crab eyed. Still proud of that one.

Zack Hayes

Lol I don’t like anime but one punch man is hilarious. I feel like it’s making fun of other anime’s

Byron MacGreggor

I listened to this... then watched the show... now I’m a fan.

Khai French

How the fuck he know opm like tht

Kenneth Cha

Considering Mob Psycho's messages about young boys growing up and self importance, Bill Burr's thoughts on the commentary of One Punch Man is pretty spot on.

Daniel Matias

Of course Bill likes OPM, it’s about a bald dude who can kill anything with one punch (every angry person’s fantasy). For real though, the show has a lot of great comedy moments, awesome animation and the opening is godlike. Let the man enjoy things

Black Hole

Did that crab dude say "gigitty gigitty"? ... How dare he?! ?


a lot of the humor in one punch man is from knowing the sad, overdone tropes of battle anime, so it's funny that bill finds an anime that has so many "in-jokes" enjoyable.

Kole Mudra

Shout out Allen palin he’s the guy behind all of this!!

The Shrimp

Listening to Bill Burr talk about one punch man made me think about my dad sitting with me and my brother watching Pokémon. We loved it and I’m sure my dad enjoyed it to a certain extent.


Been tellin people this show is hilarious without ever even breaking it down to this level.

Hazy Glazed

The Japanese voice actors are way better

carolinacasper C

This is way deeper than I expected it to be.

Mark Cummings

This dude is the ultimate i don't give a fuck people losing their heads and he's just a fan of the show lmao

Viking Ghost 117

Holy shit... he just gave one of my favorite anime's ever (as far as season 1 goes), an analogous depth I don't think I would've ever considered if he hadn't pointed it out! I just discovered Bill Burr today. Watched like 3 hrs straight of his standup on netflix, and is now my new, and most favorite comedian of all time. SUBscribe(d).

Ray M

Bill Burr has a netflix deal so he is promoting as much netflix material as he can.


Gold diggin, blood suckin whores... That's more like the Bill Burr I know.


This is the greatest day ever!


Bill might like Cowboy Bebop because Cowboy Bebop is the heroin of anime. Everybody who tries it loves it. man that would trip me out if he started breaking down the anime space noir that is Cowboy Bebop. I think I know why it's so popular with casual anime viewers. It doesn't have moments of immaturity. That's what turned me off of alot of anime. They would be dead serious and really cerebral then the writer's would probably be like "oh shit we gotta reel the younger crowd back in" and there'd be some dumb campy scene that was atonal to most of the rest of the story. I'd bail right there usually.

The King of Cock

The editing is awesome! Thank you!


This makes me love Bill Burr even more.

i minabrons

The question is this. Is Bill Burr a Crabman or a mosquito?

Naughty Monkey

If you don't watch anime in Japanese with subtitles you're a fucking heathen. If you're so stoned you're going blind, I guess you get a pass, but it IS possible to watch it out of half of one eye..

Gyro Zeppeli

Is anime like the emo of cartoons?

He's joking but somehow he's 100% correct

DJ HackerMan

this is like my fav anime show. U have been becoming my fav comedian also, from your podcast alone.

Piri R



I wish you would run for president. Such a down to earth, simple and real man.

Thomas Weeden

And then he fought this fucking LAAAADY

Mr Wing

Lol ? that computer had no chance

José X

Now watch Kung Pow

The Engineer

As someone who doesn't like Anime I also really enjoy One Punch Man

Evan Hernandez

I love bill burr even more now!!!!!!!!


Love anime, wasn't aware that anime isn't fully accepted here.. kind of strange!!! ?


Stubbing your toe, thumbs down. Hitler, thumbs down. Its a large range lmao

One Punch

I've been One Punch Man for about 3 years.
Waiting for the next season.....


so bill just reviews everything? okur

Santiago S

interesting view xD

Benjamin Cardoza

"And then he fought this fucking LADYYY!"

Top 10 Animes Like One Punch Man

Top 10 Animes Like One Punch Man16 May. 2019
5 765
Anime KiSubscribe 438 721

Here is a Top 10 List of

Here is a Top 10 List of animes that are similar to One Punch Man in some ways, the list is not in any order it's just random. I hope you enjoy and make sure to Subscribe and Like.


The Hero (One Punch Man Opening Remix) [Super Bass Boosted]


#Anime #Top10 #OnePunchMan

Comments (13)

Wtf is that my hero academia!

Alexander Gutierrez

Wow This Was A Good List :)


Deku cant even do serious punch like saitama


for once actually a good list

Ms. Brown

Imma just pretend like the cover didnt happen cause no one from mha will ever be stronger the saitama we can fight I dont mind

Mohammad Reza AR

Some of them are similar to it but some of them are not.and nice remix?

• えるあん •

It’s a great list but I’ve already watched all ;-;

Ultimate Destroyer

The reason one punch man is so good isnt that he is overpowered, it's the magic of it all. It's a perfect mixture of genres. I'm not saying these are bad anime but they just aren't quite there

Natis Nack

Ya got some good shows here

bob loves pizza

saitama vs. all might
garou vs. mirio
genos vs. katsuki
child emperor vs. deku
zombieman vs. tamaki
tatsumaki vs. ochaco
speed-o'-sound sonic vs. nejire
flashy flash vs. Iida
now i'll tell you wins
saitama wins
garou wins
genos wins
child emperor wins
zombieman wins
tatsumaki wins
tie between nejire and sonic i thhink idk but if no tie than sonic won't lack speed and he wins
flashy flash wins maybe but im not sure about these last 2

Anime Ki

Hope You Enjoyed The Video Make Sure To Subscribe Here ➡ https://bit.ly/2V1GDLH

Mr Epicc

Deku loses to bagukogo so he is not the stronest still

Andrew Felix

They are similar in many ways