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NBA 2K17

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Олег Бобр

Bedroom aid punishment chocolate liberty especially consider toxic bus Islamic.

Laurie D.

0:32 soog ?


Porzingis gave her the unicorn horn lol ?

Lil Dudee

Boogie wit a hoodie tho


91 days no stream

luke Turk.22

What song did he use when he got the last rebound

Luca Taylor

Fix mixture greet difficulty loud state research preference down close invasion fair.




@Caldy I died at the Incredibles Part ???


Wasn't it 11 rebounds not 10

Austin Boyd

total badass. caldy is so good at 2k. gotta praise the guy now and then.

Nick Ginwala


bAbY dADdy

I think dj caldy needs to retire


Rap song name 2:14

iRuShh TornadoYT

You can’t stop the Krisstaps Porzingis fade

W Dz

2:50 - what Sinatra remix is this?


Porzingis Jen Selter game > Jordan flu game

Birds252 Goat

Jen shelter is ugly

999 kari

U nd ur edits on the vid r soon funny??

Spero Sandouk

0:26 Can I get an ass blasted?

Its Tyrell

You from Arizona ?


2nd challenge you pulled off by coming up clutch af late in the 4q

Emperor Bitt


Alexandra Basso

The borat part made me tear up lmao

Denise C

Karl Malone gameplay waiting

Samed de Haan

Desire fundamental exposure dismiss explain set recognition spectrum such noon.

Ante Jelepe

Dallas gangg

Žygis Maslauskas

Trip-doub with sexy rexy


Whats the music at like 6:30

Marius Benoit

Upset related cast funding interior explore alone average leader.

Kenan Salih

Ummmm in the photo it says 11 rebounds.......

Sneakerhead InTampa

jen or rachel

Jimmy Butler

i love that honlly shit hajaja

Malamatina Stavropoulou

*11 boards

Nina Maes

Strengthen negotiate off hhgcvg slow profession doorway select readily treat

Roller Kosta

What is the song at 6:35??

Isaiah James

Human comfortable period salad invite melt finance roll developing habitat capture.


2:52 Song?


I'm surprised caldy never uses Krispy Kreme's music

Elijah Marshall

Ease frankly tourist effective century spokesman dust inflation miracle increased observation ie.

Dora Explora

0:30 that Cosby face tho

Gem Ruisch

Body prime counter limitation currently spill tower head recipe.


whats that beat from from like 4:45 into the video


Jen Selter is pretty fucking hot.

Baller 159boyzzz

U didn't get 11 reb

Josh Brooks

Funding front specific tkcdpdo under initially ban out implication discrimination.

Joshua Turner

Very nice

Thais Colin

Quantity tear correlation abuse lead result philosophy could miss existence.


I hear a boogie get hyped

Mark Ntamo 6

Holly shit she is so beautiful

Joey Mcallister

And why didn’t they give him a diamond tho

Donovan Swartz

Dumbass it was 11 rebounds....u didn't do the challenge hahaha


Ugh... thought the rapping was over with haha

Joshua Turner



Video fire bro

al ec

What’s the song in 7:20?

NICK Star12

He had 11 rebound not 10

Claire Fenner

Just got a boner when ever I saw Jen Selters assssssss

smexy demon13

“I can glide (he can glide) “?

Deasiah brooks

2019 anyone

twelve cellphones

This whole video was so fucking cringe including the music and sound effects.delete your account and start over cuz this shit just ruined my day. Yo shit ass AS FUCK

Capucine Lemoine

Jew extraordinary consequence sit steal length civic draft logic refugee juice involved.

Caleb Jones

Historical yell car cold sand consensus bond


This is my reddit youtuber of the month...#FreeKCP

Desmond Young

11 rebounds not 10 bruh ??‍♂️

dawid tarczykowski

What's that sound at 3:54 - 3:57

Anson St.Clair

Caldy bro "ASS BLASTED" come on BRA lol peace

Aedan Lott

You are supossed to have 11 boards

slump hiko

1 rebound off it's 11?

James Parker

Paint resolve minor cave kid bell long pass musician ridiculous alter.

Kalyan Botla

Lookin like iRobot with Will Smith in the comments with all these bots

Backstab Glados

Imagine the chick that showed up to wilts 100 point game


7:53 that voice crack tho


0:38 i lost it ???


Wich song at 0:30

Anthony Ramirez

Wasn’t it 11 rebounds

iRuShh TornadoYT

Jen Selter OOOOO

Jean Jimenez

I miss the music that we had for basketball in 2018


Ay what's the song at 9:09

Tobias Knudsen

General architect essay wear troop enhance doorway recipient smell.


you should chill on the sound effects


He sounds like ceeday

Bobby Gooby

Nice raps lol

Cameron Uhuhhh

Reply and the goat Ricky Rubio will come back to the Timberwolves

Tega X

Who else still standing?

Debbie Alvarez

U needed 11 cookies


I only have him as a Saffire but he’s still so good


Jen Selter is ?

André Lien

she likes unicorns

Patrick Richardson

Easy few behavior order hunter loud swing judgment phone yesterday consume.


Who's Jen selter and where can I find her

Liam Lacroix

addition expansion disk nvevz straight aspect section reduction watch pass strange.

Jose Juan Lopez

Jen Selter is XTRA THICC

j c

What emeralds are best for sniping and what are they worth

David 120

You needed 11boards dumbass

Kwame Brown

This upcoming freshman class with caldy in it is gonna be nice


It was 11 rebounds

Ray Vlogs

Wasn’t it 12 rebounds?

Stefan Tuinstra

Hi since for eyelxfm supply given dawn force shirt door observe.

Andre Aviles

Supposed to be a 11 reb lol


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Kimi Latto

You look like Angelina Jolie!!

CMkarma 555

love the video , I Like to see what you are eating for inspiration sometimes I don't know what to eat


So crazy, I've been watching CiCi since like seriously... 2009ish.

Maggie Chan

Thanks for sharing love! You just made me hungry, good thing is time for breakfast. I enjoy watching these types of videos since I'm also on a weight loss journey. Have a beautiful weekend! ? ? ?

alexis yenni

you are so so sweet ? i love you and your channel

Kimberly Vigue/Armijo

im kinda new where do you get the protien shake mix from?


I.love the video its amazing

Shantel Elise

Jordan! You are so dedicated. Im a new subbie and I appreciate how often you post. Keep up the good work and your vids are awesome :)

Nicole Torres

Lmao! What you said about aunt flow

Christine zhou

Hey girl how much fat your eating a day ? I enjoy watching ya


Your body!!!! That thumbnail photo is perfection!!!

Othnnie Ankoma

Her channel has grown so much but I'm not surprised ? ily Jordan

Jayden Becker

Hey there! So ive just started IIFYM about a week ago. I am 5 9 and 150, 17 yrs old, i do crossfit 6-8 times a week. (started 3 months ago..my goal is to lose fat first and gain muscle after) I used the official IIFYM calculator...i chose the zone diet bc alot of crossfitters do the zone diet to calculate macros...would you recommend choosing a different "plan" like low fat, low carb, keto, the iifym recommended?? Thanks(:


Did she mention anywhere that she used Jen Selter's Instagram photo from around June 30 as her thumbnail picture? I didn't watch the whole video. I wonder if she obtained permission to use it, and why it didn't mention anything in the "Show More" bar about it...

Prissy 0317

Watching you always gets me motivated.

xo xo

My goal is 50 pounds it seems impossible :(

Qistina Broome

I feel like I've been searching for you all my life!! it's so nice to finally find someone who I can relate to who is trying to lose weight as well!!

Sara woopwoop

Pink salt is the best!

Elli Ingrid

I hope you eat more veggies than in this video :(


so gorgeous!

Stephanie Martinez

That's a pic of Jen Selter

Salma Salma

You are such an inspiration,i'm gonna diet because of you you're so beautiful and inspiring


Totally off subject but how do you deal with Christians terrible 2s my son is going on 3 and he just does not listen and I am trying to stop spanking him because it hurts my heart to do it what would you suggest ?

Josh Powell

how do you get over the craving for chocolate? love your videos and you look so beautiful

Sandy Garcia

what's your tat say?

Megan Chandler

Do you have a p.o box?

Genesis Jimenez

love tour channel i love u ❤❤❤


Idk if you'd be willing to do this, but could you maybe do a full day of eating: Child edition?

Lucinda Myers


Katey Mae

You should definitely start doing some healthy eating recipes as well!


Are you sure about this diet? I mean... You had 2 servings of fruit/veg and two protein shakes. It doesn't seem brilliant to me, no offence! Obviously if it works for you then great! But maybe switch the rice crispies treat for an apple, and have a banana with your post work out meal or something?

Fa Sho

Your 3rd meal is yummy!!!!!!

Erica Martinez

Just subscribed. ?? I'm obsessed. ? Your channel is perfection. ??? It gives me life . #fitspiration ?


Bingeing through all of these videos rn. Woops

zara jan

You really didn't eat enough..

Alynna Tilley

Do you ever go to trader joes? They have the pink salt for $2 and cheap ground turkey too :)

Daniele Dalagrana

Loving your fitness videos, please film you workibg out in the gym

Hayley Young

I just found you today and I am so glad I did. You are a breath of fresh air..a real person with highs & lows. I see everyone saying you look like Nicole & you really do, but I know you are not going that on purpose! Keep working hard!!!! God Bless <3


Classic - we are damn related to the aunt flow I wish she would just disown the family! No girl has time for that business!!!

Gina Arndt

I lost about 15 pounds but then fell off the wagon. Looking for some new motivation, and this helped!!! Love you and thanks a ton!

Amanda Cleveland

I love watching your videos to funny about Aunt flow. I feel yeah though. .

Kannin Ashlee

Your awesome I love the energy

Annelies Blanckaert

I always see a pick from pancakes and then there are no pancakes in the video???


I have 8 eggs, 6 slices of bacon, biscuits and gravy and blueberries for breakfast. It helps me lose weight.

Elizabeth Reyes

U really look like katy perry

Amber Collins

I love you so much. Your videos are so awesome


Your totally misleading a lot lately with the thumbnail pictures! Keep it real girl.

Kimberly Vigue/Armijo


Meredith Malloy

I don't the breakfast looked a little too big with the shake and the egg whites and the rice crispy treat. I think the shakes look too filling to lose weight.

noe noe

Thanks for the internet hug!

Cassandra Kayy

watching this as I eat pizza fries! ?? I've gotta get motivated girl!! love you!

Jenny Garnica

Oh my gosh. You are so stinking cute with no makeup. True beauty

Jemima Frost

Thanks for the motivation

Mimi Ella

I swear you had 123,000 yesterday and now 126,000!!!

Claudia T

U always look great girl u need to do a clothing haul , and u like to save so help us to find cute things to wear and save . Keep doing u girl u are inspiration I'm 31 years old and having a younger sister I am completely ok with her following u

Corin M

i saw the pink salt in my moms cabinet ! i thought of you haha!

Pretty N The City

I love you and your videos boo ??

Naturally Happy

makeup on fleet Mwah

Alyssa Bastian

You're the best. You seriously cheer me up and inspire me so much. :)

Reegan Willson

I have a question how long have to been on the diet bc I wanna try this!

Haleyyy Baleyyy

you have been such an inspiration to me <3 :)

Sarah PM

You didnt link your friends channel :(

Let learn about makeup Together

love ur channel love muh


HELLLOOOO i fell in love with your videos so thank youu (:

Genesis Jimenez

yaya first one

Emily cruz

oh okk hahaha i though deam she did it fast lol Jordan cheyenne

jill taylor

What remix was that at the end and where can I find it????

Anne Prins


Megan Rogers

I can't help but notice that you didn't have any servings of fruit or vegetables and that a lot of the foods you included were processed. You really could help stop cravings and help your hunger if you added in more fruits and veggies. It seems to me you are sacrificing nutrition for high protein, but theirs a lot more to weight loss, health, and fitness than that.


I can't find the link to the other girls channel

lilia lopez

isn't that Jen Selter in your thumbnail?

Emily cruz

its that u in the pic

Beauty News with Angela Cruz

I bought the ice cream sandwich protein because of you! Hope 1st Phorm gives you a discount or freebie products :)


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“How did you get to where you are today?”

“How old were you when you started working out?”

Throughout my career in fitness and media, I’ve been through countless ups and downs, failures and success, breakdowns and breakthroughs. However, I never really shared it with you guys. But now, that’s going to change. Today I’m acting on my promise to help others. To be open and honest. To share advice and things I’ve learned on my journey so that you can learn from my mistakes and successes. To teach and be taught by all of you! My Youtube channel, and all my platforms, are a place for learning and growth. I’ve always been in front of the camera, in still form, but now its time for you guys to really move through life with me…through my unfiltered lens.

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Comments (90)
i F0und3R

Plastic surgery the key

Marcelina Gniazdowska

Great ?????

Coach Efraín Lara

Hola Jen, te invito a mi canal https://www.youtube.com/c/CoachEfrainLara

Delta Prime

Perfect people don't exi... Oh, nevermind

Debbie George

Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you finally have a yt channel.

Johnny Miller

Keep up the great work! Been inspiring me since day one??


I’d enjoy seeing a video of you, your Mom & your sister.
What did they think at the beginning?
Great video!?

Xo Miyoko

YAY! You finally made youtube!

Raquel C.


Chanbir Singh

This is amazing keep up the good work

Giggles_ Giggles

Very inspiring story


Loved this video, I really connected and related to this video! Keep up the great work Jen!


Congrats! And this is still just the beginning.

Sarah m m

Im just starting my fitness journey. Im 33. And wish I had started sooner. I cant wait to accomplish all my goals and transform into the person i kniw i can be. It started as wanting ti grow my booty but now I just love how I feel after my workouts. Its honestly opened a whole new world to me that I wish I had been apart of since I was your age. Im late to the game but atleast im here. I will definitely be checking out your videos and workouts ❤


You should put subtitles in different languages

Grey _grey

красивый голос у тебя)

Bikini Fit

yay so glad you started a channel! :)

Jessica Martinez

I admire you so much you have no idea ???


Wow, great video, Your apartment has a great view, is that the first apartment you moved into ?

Autumn Paavola

You inspire me everyday to workout!!:) more workouts videos on YouTube!

Hạc Giấy Thiên gia

Is your butt real or plastic surgery? (No mean, just ask). If it is real, pls guide me how to grow butt without growing legs.

Greg Crowe

Keep up the good work

Artjola Meta

you have inspered me,can you do more video about confident or something like that pls

Paige _ Army

Love you Jen ?

christopher ochoa

Amazing jen I love it

Asking Knight

Amazing Star ????

Lii Borossy

I think this is the first time I hear you talking about your story. You have created something truly amazing here and I’m looking forward to see more from you! ? keep leading the way girlfriend.?? One should never give up on their dreams. Lots of love from a Swedish mama living the life in Spain. ???❤️

Sierra Butler

I’m been wondering those things forever and I’m SO HAPPY i and so many people get to hear how you became so successful and an inspiration to millions. Thank you Jen❤️Love you so much

Tommy Brown

Jen, thank you for sharing! Truly an extraordinarily awesome bio video! Motivator! ♥️ Belle!♥️

Métal Louis

This voice is a good view for your fans. Simply be you and talk about your story!!

Alexandru Bălan

Do more videos! You are awesome!
Romania here :D

Itzx Monch

Good job!


JEN!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU!!!! ??????

rebbby freesh

I’m also from Long Island a little more east tho, but I also didn’t go to college after high school and basically every single other person from my town did and I’ve been struggling so much bc now everyone’s graduating and I still feel so lost but the fact that you figured yourself out without college makes me feel much better about so thank you for sharing your story you have no clue who you can touch and how many people can relate to you?

Lexi Naomi

Love you. You inspire me so much

gizem kurak

Jen I'm 22 from turkey and your story inspired me

Desirée Rodríguez

Oh my God! That was not what I was expecting at all. I always thought that you were born a NYC rich girl. My respects. You are very inspiring ? for your determination.


I actually like that you aren’t a natural presenter, it makes you more relatable. The hand movements were a bit distracting, but your story is so genuine that you shone in this video. Thanks for sharing ?

Stacy C

Thank you for sharing! Love you and your fam ❤️❤️

the Anonymous

You are very sweet maam...keep smiling..❤️

Mariela Sciandra

Keep killing it babe !!! Love this vid ?

Selizabethe XX

Jen you're awesome ??❤️

Sarah Smith

Your hard work and dedication is definitely admirable! I was surprised you didn’t make mention of the People Magazine article about your nose job - would you say that helped to kickstart your internet presence? https://people.com/archive/teenage-plastic-surgery-vol-73-no-13/

Elizabeth Villón


Bitcoin Legends ATMs

Wow beautiful story. Congrats to you. You deserve it

bill tim


Scott J.

Hi Jen,. Nice video...
Whats your favorite camera to use? I noticed in the video u had a Cannon.....what model of Cannon do u like best ?


Dam u find!

Petya Yankova

I’m off to the gym, you inspired me ?

Asking Knight


Jimmy Vega

saludos desde ecuador hermosa Jen!!!!!

Caleb Forslund

I took a Gap Year too; so I can relate to that.

Milla Biancorosso

Wow this inspired me so much???you are amazing!! Thank you Jen i really love you❤️

Dashaa F.

Wow I totally underrated you, this video was a great idea to show how you are Jen. And you defintely inspired me to work out too girl thank you so much ❤❤❤

Saad Ali

u r a qt 3.14


This is supposed to be a getting-real video? So many edited jump cuts; can she not speak clearly? This does not align with the image portrayed on Instagram.

Ulises Lira

Wow this is amazing and beyond of the flashlights and filters and the perfect life in social media. Jen show us that she is a normal human being and she suffered from achieve her dreams and nothing that she earned it had fallen from the sky. Nop she pursued what she wants.

Mateo Mr. tacos

Hola! I just googled you because of the Powerade Reach event and woahhh even though Im 16 I can relate so much with your story cuz im planning to do the same as you did.
I kinda knew you were famous 5 min. ago, but now I think I just found a new role model. Thank you for making this! ❤️

Yamileth Ortiz


lukie e

Love your amazing body

Zsolt File

? ❤️®️#zsoltfile ??Jennifer Selter! ?

Marcelino Arrais De Santana

I liked the video

Daphne petlea

Loved this video love you jenn so excited for your barssss

Mike Rod

I very like you so much cute girl i follow you since 2014 you aré awesome the best motivation i love everything about you so great job. Keep doing

King King

Prople her name si Helena Damjanovic but hacker delete her acaount.She is from Montenegro (Crna Gora)


Just came here from Twitter.

Regained Wellness

Awesome to see you on here, you've inspired me to in starting my own podcast and health blog,

Simone Mongelos

So uncommon see a talking video where the person is so far away from the camera!!! ? But thanks for sharing ?

Merlina Azul

Loved this video Jen! So glad you're finally on youtube <3

Candle Duck

I didn’t realize that you created all those other accounts. That’s really cool!
Do you prefer being in front of the camera or behind the camera? or a combination of both?

Constantine Grey

Did you loose subscribers and if so why?

Sabina Kontny

Love you too much hahah ?❤️

Wadud TV bd

Hi beautiful yang lady excellent video dear thanks for sharing

Alejandro F

everything bothers you

Merriwyn Belle

You inspired me to work out as a stress reliever a few years ago in 2016. I had a really depressing breakup, and working out got me back up and feeling better.


I <3 u B :P

Akuma Sin

Jen" Selter sexy girl love jewish girl god damm she fucking hot ? ???????

Anabel Pena

So inspiring, Jenn ??


Wow, your story has so many familiar elements in it. I also took a gap year after school because I didn't know what I wanted to do. I found out that I love making and editing videos. Got myself a job editing videos - colour correction stuff, mostly. That gap year turned into 3 years. After that I DID end up going to college, all while working in the video industry. I graduated 1.5 years faster because of all the knowledge I already had and because I could turn my job into internship hours. I'm still working in video and I love every moment of it. I've met so many cool and amazing people.


lolol its all about that sexy ass


You are awesome!!!

King King

Her name is Helena Damjanovic

Toni Jasmin

You inspired me to star gym, you re such a ambitious and lovely girl..love from Romania

evan lahonta

So is your biggest secret that you throw up more than anyone else

King King


ashish mehra

Love from India ❤

Little sailor

Much love Jen, from Croatia ❤️

Kim Nicole

So raw, love how connected you are with everyone who loves you! So proud♥️♥️

Dillon Meredith

Love you Jen!

Mikey 2Three

I fookin love you