Joey graceffa green hair

I like Joey Graceffa's green hair

I like Joey Graceffa's green hair31 May. 2016
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Metallic Obsession Hair Color

Metallic Obsession Hair Color20 Oct. 2015
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Joey Graceffa and Danielle

Joey Graceffa and Danielle Preda are #Hairbesties and both wanted a change, a big change with their mane. They are both Metallics obsessed so I gave it to them. I gave Joey Silver Metallics and for Daniel I colored him with Violet Metallics. Do you like their new look? Comment below and don't forget to subscribe.

Products used:

Joey Graceffa:

Kenra Color Silver Metallic Demi Permanent 8SM at the base with violet booster and Kenra Color Demi Permanent 10SM on mid shaft to ends with violet booster both with 9% Kenra Developer.

Daniel Christopher Preda:

Kenra Color Silver Metallic Demi Permanent 9VM with violet and red booster and 9VM with Clear on mid shaft to ends with violet booster both with 9% Kenra Developer.

I am so excited for the new Kenra Metallic shades coming out Nov 1 - Violet Metallics 7VM, 8VM and 9VM both in Permanent and Demi-Permanent and Silver Metallics 7SM, 8SM and 10SM in Demi-Permanent.

It will be available at CosmoProf, Armstrong MCCall Stores, State Beauty, Salon Centric and RDA Pro-Mart!


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Silver Hair Don't Care - https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&feature=vm&video_id=NNayBrWKhuU

Kylie Jenner Kouture Hair inspired look: https://youtu.be/WRKiQmlzPOw

How to change Vivid Semi-Permanent Fashion Colors: http:://youtu.be/M6Z65ipYPLg

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Pastel Lavender Pink Blonde Hair Make-over: https://youtu.be/jIRjNhJ0qF0

How to change Vivid Semi-Permanent Fashion Colors - https://youtu.be/M6Z65ipYPLg

Balayage Hair Painting Transition Color Melt -


Black to Blonde to Green Blue Hair in One Day - https://youtu.be/U78rnbrUiG0

How to Remove Vivids Semi Permanent Direct Dyes: https://youtu.be/cHKis8DvWlg

How to use Hair Color Remover: https://youtu.be/lZdfWTJwrfs

Intense Hair Color Correction: https://youtu.be/1Jv2izQmx3Q

Turquoise Blue Purple Hair: https://youtu.be/W8PUt5I9rGU

Neon Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange Hair Color: https://youtu.be/sdNoNK82Y6s

Music: YouTube Library - "Lucky Day" by Jingle Punk

"Super Friendly" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Disclosures: http://guytanghair.blogspot.com/2015/03/FTC-Guy-Tang.html

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Fadilla Abd

I like dan's hair!!

Crystal Ocs


Armstrong Chan

Are they twins?


But both are beautiful!!!!??

Marie Adel

I love love you!!! question, I use the ion titanium with boost of lavender and blue, adding only conditioner.  Comes out a perfect silver. Problem is it lasts for like 2 weeks. Maybe if adding the 9% developer, will it last longer?


I like Joey's better

Peter Millar

Where can I see that threesome?

Yamika Yamaha

It look like a mixture of ashy grey result and somewhat purple reflection!Pastel pink on a guy (hate it!)

Sydney Chaney

Definitely Joey, left side!!


I'm gathering supplies to dye my hair and I'm just binge watching these, wishing so badly that Guy Tang could do my hair. dreams

xxX Xxx

joey wins, sorry daniel ; - ;

Jayson Abion

joey's hair the best


I am in love with Joey's hair on him but if I could actually have either of their colors, I would loooooooooove Daniel's.

Jessy M

I love all of you guys ?

Liz Loria

..."bottom feeder..." how did every one not crack up...?

Chonkyspaghetti _

Guy Tang: Joey is a hottey?.
Joey: \( ̄<  ̄)>

Shanice Walton


Celia Crespo

@guytang what lightener do you use to get them to platinum?



Donna Ritchie

Joey for life

Cynthia The Hairdresser

Gorgeous!!! ??????

Elsa germain


Brayden Behrendt


Sonia Garcia

So jealous, you are so adorable, Guys !!!!

Billie Comeaux

I want Joey's haircolor!

Hadassah Diaz

his super cute the very blondy.I like both?wait the 3
your my hero guy tang

Miss Viking

If you wanted purple color you should have just left purple shampoo on for a little longer, not Damage it with a dye for a horrible ugly purple mess

Kristine Arnett

Daniel's is my fave

izzi Q.

Someone please explain to me the diference of metalic and normal painting ?

MelixPie F.M

"This biyatch stole my color" XD XD im dead

Miguel Melendez

All 3 are beautiful!!!

scarlet merge flendy eve

you smart for hair colors...

Jay Del-Valle

Daniel looks better than Joey

Jisoo 666

love this!!

emery smiles


Andromeda Native

The Holy Trinity of Hotties!


If I were to ever dye my hair I would let guy do it

Beyonce_ MspMovieStarPlanet

I don't like what you said to at7229


Joey's hair

Helena Jimenez


Random Name

I cant pick both look amazing

Scott pullin

Last time Daniel went to guy Tang




Miss Viking

Why not dye your hair with a beautiful Ash Blonde- with golden undertone like a 9N? Purple makes you look like crazy nuthouse runaway

Gina Carbo

I like Joey's hair better

Ola Fitzgerald

Hi Guy, can I use your permanent to tone instead of Demi? My client like to use flat iron on her hair. With Demi it took all her color out!

Cher Darling

those two are hot AF!!! If i knew where to go I'd soooo be getting you to do my hair, Guy like EVERY time!!

Katherine Jackson

I like janles and doeys lol

Ophilia Bonita

wieder geil gemacht <3

Judith De Leon

joey is 10× better

Tanner grinzel

I love Graceffa’s hair

Conner Wonner


Willow Morales

Yellow or orange

francisca leyva

where can i find you guy tang please answer



Genevieve Hohl

Joey should do redish brown, and Daniel should do ombre. #Janiel

Kanes Roy

OMG?I have seen most of his videos...this guys a professional...I need ahair colour from u too??


I like Daniels hair color

Fatmah Habash

Joy ????

Amelia Marie

5:09 joey looks like pewdiepie

Nikayla Dean


Shane McCardell

DANNY I love his better but I love joey. Me and my daughter love live & breathe joey. When we heard you were. Coming to rams head live in Baltimore Oct. 6th she was so excited but I couldn't get her tickets with us all loosing my daughter her sister. So I don't know what to tell her I still haven't been able to tell her she can't go cause I can't afford it. She watches you everyday still. & she seen this video back in 2015 and loved joeys hair all the way

Mono Bear Oath Bar

are you all friends?! if yes, i love it! ?

Katie Weed


Scott Garb

Daniel's lips though!

Honey Topics

..Why are all the cute guys gay like wtf? I don't have a problem with it but, THEIR ALL MY TYPPPESS!! ????????? Like if you agree!


The first time he dyed his hair a color.... now he re-dyed it back

Niki Beal


Melinda Wood

What is your address

Leila Oliveira

I love 3 hhhhhh ♥♥♥♥

Jana Hendrix

I DO love the hair cuts and style and of course the color! OMG

Maisee Vang

#Janiel Dye Their Hair Pink With A Little Hot Pink and Purple with Pastel Blue

Shanto Sinha


Aldo Alan Navarrete

How can I make an appointment with you?

lee culkin

bla blaaaa blaaaaaa but seriously that hair very damaged bye

Izzie Star

Stop hitting on Joey guy

Chase Browning

I'm looking forward to going silver like Joey this Saturday for the first time! Wish me luck!

Velia Hurtado


Dina Chaney Peterson

I like them both!

Cher Darling

those two are hot AF!!! If i knew where to go I'd soooo be getting you to do my hair, Guy like EVERY time!!

karla garcia


ellen ID

Three gorgeous guys!

Stupid Potato

Daniels hair looks amazing x

Pinklanay Lanay Barksdale





09:35 looks like 80_th Nick Rhodes Duran Duran

Robin Womack

Daniel is the winner!


As a gay myself, I literally had to watch this with the volume off lol. These three by the end are unbearable together lmao.

Marriah Hopkins

Hey!, My real names Marriah! haha

Maritza Gomez

Silver Metallics; all day; both sexy, however, SILVER rocksssssss

樱花 cherry blossom

3 gay guys in the same room I love it

Dawn Ortiz

I’d love to order your stuff you are a great hair stylist you definitely know your stuff and I love your videos you make it fun I wish I was there for you to do my hair lol


Daniel's is better!

Julia Perez


Jessica Dhanraj

Omg I love both ! guy tang you're awesome

marina palacio

I wish you could do my hair! I want to try something new but not sure of colors that will look good on me ?

Chantel C

joey's hair

Anna A

they are all so beautiful ?????

Liam Zachrÿ

I like joeys

Jess Bo71


Merman Hair Color

Merman Hair Color12 Jun. 2016
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Do you like the brighter

Do you like the brighter green or the smoky green hair color for Joey?


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Metallic Obsession Hair Color


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Silver Hair Don't Care - https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&feature=vm&video_id=NNayBrWKhuU

How to Balayage Men Hair Color: https://youtu.be/IrBhw8dgmQc


Comments (100)

I smell gay here

James B

Looks great but conceited much???

Cali Georgeson


Kevin’s TV

i know joey’s gay but is guy tang gay tho i’m not being rude

Camille Coopersmith

Love joeys green hair

Pablo Flores

Nice now I'm on top of joey

Lois Robson

This is amazing but I have to ask what is ur intro ? It made me laugh so hard ?❤️


The smokey green is my mosr favorite out of all the time Joey dyed his hair. I wish he couldve kept it for longer.

Michelle Mccrohon

Strange bloke with a creepy ass laugh.. . But talented. Definitely flirting with Joey ?

Lilly Alford

He looked like Jack Frost!?

Eden Hawthorne

it will look better than b4


Lmao! "You are going to start the trend!"..."?OMG!"

Lindsey C

Joey needs a haircut

Unicorn Star

Joeys face at 7:45 is amazing

Alu Patil

All YouTube stars are coming over you

April Bennett

pretty color

pauli wiguna

Yay Joey!

Rugile Online

Brighter green


He should’ve dyed his eyebrows too!


Anyone else think Guy flirts a little with Joey?? I’m like back off girl, he has a boyfriend? Honestly it’s weird tbh?

Tori Noneya

Yay it’s Joey

Jordan Kay

The way how they were flirting...

tHe BeEs KnEeS


Brit J

Does anyone know the formulation or brand for this green before the shadow root

Wyy Tii

And the eyebrows?

sotiris gadolos


Leti Tridento

Did anybody else get serious Princess Bride vibes after his beard was blonde? Because SAME.


I recently dyed my hair that color, now we twinin


george clooney was that you

Ren Luperca

Well since they're merMAIDs, then they wouldn't be mermen. They'd be merBUTLERs


Can u pls tell me how u got the smoky green done because ima dye my hair for the first time and i don’t know how to achieve that color

Diana Perez

How do you get from teal green to purple? Please if you can do a tutorial on it, thanks ❤ You rock!

Nancy Schmuts

Oh my God he's flirting so hard?

Frisk Dreemurr

Hair-anormal activity pfft?


Does anyone know which dye he was using for the green?

Stacee Hallquist

My 14 year old wanted this cut and style and the stylist did it how she wanted it. He's really upset I wish there were more stylists like you.

kittysoph 7

Can someone tell me what dyes he used pleasee ♡

fish man

I love you guys , I'm your biggest fan joey

Frisk Dreemurr


Sequoiah Dreams

ok i love guy tang but he's too sexual or flirtatious with some of his clients and alot of them are clearly uncomfortable with it...have to learn to read body language if you're going to flirt hardcore at work. :/ anyway no hate i'm just pointing it out

April Moulton

haha omg I love what you did to joey! and I love joeys vids too! I want guy tang to do my hair too!

Brian Furkin

I wish Joey would cut his nails.

ankle princess

Wassap Joey
The sky
But not only the sky
My standards aswell

Vicente Garcia

Their gay?

Ellies Vlogs

4:45 those eyes r everything

Loree Palmer

Guy your the best

Bakugou simp

Aaaw!! You two would be a good couple!! Not kidding, im bisexual my self!! Good vid btw!!

Dawn Zeendoll Winston

U guys r so bad lol i luv u 2

hello internet

Am I the only one that really wants him to do Shane's hair

Chandler Ledford

Wait is there hair dye that doesn’t like kill your hair? Cause I need that in my life ?.....help me please

ChiefsFan 24

His intro tho


The face Joey made when Guy said his face was gonna fall off. XDDDDDD <3


That looks amazing!

Neo Dimi

I really wanna do something like this but every video I look online is basically gay people doing it(I am ok with gay people btw no homophobic) it's just I don't wanna do it and have everyone call me gay and stuff because it will kinda ruin my game..

Izzy Geisz


Patryk Kwiatkowski

Probably the gayest vid i ever watched

Sarah vlogs

I love ? that blue teal shade omg so much texture

Stephanie Cabrera

Love the movie on your TV, Cinderella!!!

sania khawaja

His hair reminds me of jacksepticeye

Mariah Lancaster

It makes his eyes pop out more like if you agree

L Ol

I love this color but idk bc I don’t want it to end up like lake green ? the bluer the better

Allanah Gray


Adelynn Jack


mic l

I'm a fan of ur work I'm also a guy .but can u tone your gayness down


I just got done picking my butt ???

Sheetal Bhalerao

Fuck u what the colour you have used booooooooooooooooo

Dani Kendall

the one time you don’t tell us what you use and I’m trying to recreate this ?

PAIGE RocknRoll

@ 3:31 Joey Looks like Jack Frost from Santa Claus the 3rd

N. Johnson

Hes alright, but seeing how much he flirts with Joey makes me uncomfortable "You're so sexy.....you like that? Ohhh yeahhhh"....Like, wtf????? Hes taken dude.....


This is my favorite hair color that joey had done


Where is his salon

Jöe Chadbürn

I do NOT! trust myself to do this hahahahaaaa


I can’t get over the part where he’s shampooing Joeys beard and Joeys like it smells like a tropical paradise and guy says he picked his butt????


Gorgeous! BOTH COLOURS!!! Maybe a "money piece" of the brighter green in the very front next time??? (Only because Joey's eyes really matched, and SEEMED SO BIG!!!)... Yet... I always LOVE the smokey tones too... Maybe a "Bit O' Both" (leprechaun style writing - in tune with ye ole' green tones, lol)... I am a hair designer myself, since 1981... I apprenticed under Sophlin Caulderone, (from age 17 - 19).
** IMPORTANT NOTE: Sophlin Caulderone is up for Baltimore Magazine's, "Baltimore's Best HAIRDRESSER Baltimore is beautiful... Baltimore County, Baltimore Countryside, and Baltimore City with its lovely inner harbour!!!


bright green

Emma Pirie

Guy you are so cool

JoshE. Jordan

Just amazing! I actually love both looks. Although admittedly look two is genius!!!

Heww. yeah


what is my life 454

Love your hair color one day I will see you in real Real life and get my hair dyed blue

Jolly Love

The blue one at the end looked much better is beautiful it went with his eyes

hillary courchaine

his hair is fricken awesome I so need this look

Sydney Lund

Guy: oh you like that?!?? me: ummmm wow guy can you flirt any harder

• Milky Gacha •


Parafox Louise

Apparently powdered sugar stops bleach burning your skin....?‍♀️

August's Will

Guy sensei

Deputy Davin At Your Service


MurLong's TV

What are the products you use? Please reply ?❤️

Jasmine Shelton

He was flirting with him so much

Abhishek Khanna

Hey. Will the colour fade by time?

امید اذر

عالیه ??☺☺??????

France Adair

I never knew I would be envious of a beard!!


Is Guy Tang Guy? Never knew.

Mr. Littlez


Adelynn Jack

Seriously. I want this guy to dye my hair instead of my mom.

Foolish Love

Guy tang acts like he likes joey its so cute ??

Peachy jibooty


Heavyn Smith

Omg when he revealed his bleached beard my brother said he looked like the guy from KFC


what's with the unnecessary constant cackling laugh.

fun diy


Chiara N

do y’all see green or blue in the thumbnail because i see both but oh well?