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How To Do One Arm Pull Ups & Front Lever Pull Ups with Bands

How To Do One Arm Pull Ups & Front Lever Pull Ups with Bands26 Mar. 2015
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Johnny Dew Dew


Cookie Nyam-Nyam



I didn't know Chris is with Barstarzz

Jurgis Tomas

Great lever progression!


Der Kanonische

More about nutrition ,nouragement!!!!!

Miss Anthrope

I need muscles in my life.


best teacher!

clc 77

j aurais du etre plus attentif en cours d anglais


Girraffe neck senpai is very informative.

Tim's Kids

Chris! What's up from Fukuoka, Japan! Thanks for your wonderful video!
You make great videos!  Thanks from Fukuoka!

ash doonga

Where I can find this kind of set up in India........lol

Master Chief

Remember overhand grip when doing front-lever pull ups


This guy is ripped


Herias lookin swole!


He forgot to tell us to do weighted pull ups as well

Marouane Mouloue

great workout

zolta -

i never get this, when i want to try something like this, do i have to give up my regular workout plan? because i dont have the energy to do everything + implement one of this.

Bogdan M

If you're looking for pull up bands, here you go - thank me later:


3 years later and this pops up in my recommended

Maicon Sergio

What the brand ?

Bastian Rexhäuser

* I‘ll


Ehm...those are front lever Rows not pull ups.

Also gratz on bulking your chest.


You were dropping too fast with the one arm pull ups


You guys are awesome. If I didn't get inspired by this channel I'd be another dweeb at the gym. For me calisthenics has been therapeutic. Its so much fun. I cant wait to add the one arm pullup and front lever to my bag of tricks. Its ironic because I am working on them right now. Thanks for the great videos


Awesome!! Man I need to go visit his academy! Figure out why I can do the human flag & can't do a front lever Lol wired huh, but I only been in calisthenics for 5mths now ??????

Prime Matt


Radim M

I actually never seen Chris to do one arm pull, always with band or without legs in the frame, which makes it little bit suspicious to me xD


??????Thanks Bro!!!

Jonathan Bromet

Thanks for the quality info ??

Twice BangTang

Hi, Awesome tutorial ! 
Maybe can you do a tutorial on planche?


I would be interested in your personal fitness/health regimen. Specifically, more about your nutrition?


This guys got killer abbs

ob z

wow nice video~~

Kenny Nam

Bros got some sick tats


Thanks Chris. Any chance of a tutorial explaining how do do a typewriter pull-up into muscle up. That would be awesome.

Alexis Lemons

Mmmmmm ???

wassim dk

song name please!!!!

Rohitk Kureel

hi sir ...if i do front lever how much time will take to do that properl sir ...please reply ..have a nice day!!!!?

Blue Ben

I can do pistol squats now :)

Forsaken Lands Fantasy Music

Synyster gates's cousin (btw did he gain more muscular mass right?

AlexKout Music

Shit!!Chris looks so shredded now!

Marius Schröter


tareq dia


I'm practicing my levers right now I can't jump ahead


i find all the people that can do a one arm pull up can do a front lever because of that  core streght they have


Just ordered some Rubberbanditz :) not sure how long will take to come as I am from Scotland...

JB Gua

Damn this guy is freaking hot! also love his tattoos...


I did a full one arm pull up out of no where. I was so damn happy!


Mine just came yesterday :D happy minus the bloody customs tax -_-


Thanks man I really like the tutorials , def going to try these

Massimiliano Quintiliani


LH Calistenia & Fitness

how long have u been trainning calisthenics ?

Ryan Tsukamoto

man those tattoos are dust

Барометр Атмосферный

The best yakyza couch

Florian Eggert

How you got so explosive


Looks challenging!

Pattarasai Tangvijitsakul

That's fucking Awesome tutorial. Keep up good work Bro !!!!

iSpe Arctik

,  I had a cancer and now 1 year after, I'm 17 years and do workout with your videos <3instagram ispearctik only workout for who want

Roberto Quimada

Thanks for the tutorial video. Gonna try these techniques. By the way awesome tats!

Prana Khan

Very technical transitions with good instruction. Well done! Thanks

Chili Bu Revolution

excellent tool/tutorial for progressive training!

Evan Lewis

Another great video. Thanks, Chris!


Amazing Footage

Grandmaster SAINT

Tnx a lot !!!!


His right arm? Surgery?

Veronica Perez

hey chris

Dr Mannyhattan

I genuinely think, if you are able to do a one arm chin up, you are a fricking super human 

Nikos Siafakas

What dimensions and how many lbs should be the resistance for band-assisted that should i i use for front lever raises one arm pull ups push ups dips and others...??

James Quimby

Good one!!

Bastian Rexhäuser

Very nice training idea. I‘LOL definitives try ist out in my next backworkout. ??

Diego Llumigusin

Cool vid. Do you just do calisthenics or also do weights to build strength?

Sophainara Long

This is the type of tutorials I need. Thanks!


Chris pussyboi Heria.

Slade KF

Awesome stuff bro. Well explained and demonstrated. Being 230 makes it challenging for me but I'm working through similar progressions and appreciate the new ideas. Keep the videos coming!

Anis Toumi

nice tutoriel
follow me :)

Pietro Fuga


the kingfisher

Is that your body or newspaper???
Cause of that bad tatto I'll unsubscribe.


U guys need to use a mic

TruckerRochelle- RachelRolandaHarrisBoyd

Love your bands also stretches and builds tones muscles all at same time! Awesome training!


those tattoos look hideous

Marko Catovic

More bands videos!!!


You can use the band to practise muscle ups as well 

Jose Angel Velasco

Great Video :D

Nate Chun

This guy was in Don Omar's music video. http://youtu.be/6GyqS-BtmRw


Hey sensei does the purple band is good for newbie? I can’t do some damn pull fuckin ups

Marijan Piano

Thumbs up!

Seun Olajide

Hi. If I have a red and purple band, is it ok to combine them to have more resistance for a pull up?


thanks for the instruction video:). Im going to try the resistence band front lever pullups  today:).


Can you make a muscle up progression video?


Whoa! I've never seen the progressions for these moves properly demonstrated before. Awesome.

irv gentry

Great exercise


Do a tutorial for air walk variation. Also the type writer to muscle up

Solomon Feinberg

Chris, bad ass as usual, and reasonable looking progressions (as if two arm pull ups aren't hard enough).  Anyway, I'm really curious about the physique of various calisthenics you tube experts.  I certainly wouldn't want you to talk about anyone else, unless you chose to, but I see a lot of people that are really well defined and big and I'm wondering how extensive is the steroid usage?  Like, you look lean and not too big - by the way you are completely big enough - and maybe the steroids don't just help people get bigger but help people to do harder feats and progressions.  I for one don't care if you're the best, you know, you could just be okay or good and it'll be interesting.  So curious, if you can even comment (I know it has such a negative stigma, it may be something you can't even talk about), but was wondering what you see, what your experience is or was.  And what results you think are achievable with and without steroids.

Stiven Aliaj

Chris has made some gainz 

Shubham Gurung

Sir how to make an Australian pull up bar at home

BEGINNERS TUTORIAL TO PULL UPS | with and without resistant bands

BEGINNERS TUTORIAL TO PULL UPS | with and without resistant bands4 Aug. 2019
Andrea AntoniouSubscribe 438 721

Hey guys, I've created a

Hey guys, I've created a beginners tutorial to pull-ups with and without resistant bands. Screenshot the free program below to use for future use and also be sure to tag me in your progress on Instagram with #AAGurrrls :)



( warm-up)

Scapula pulls:

3 sets of 10 reps

Negative resistant band pull-ups:

5 second down, 3 sets of 10 reps

Resistant band pull ups:

3 sets of 10 reps.

Negative pull ups without band:

5 second down, 3 sets of 10 reps.

Pull ups:

3 sets of 10 reps.

If you would like a personalised program please email me at

[email protected]

or if you would like one on one training sessions.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andreaantoniou_/

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Woohoo, well done strong girl ?


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Resistance Bands Training Video

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Meet Gravy

your website is so fucking spammy. why not just print the youtube channel name on the paper inside the product. you're soo fucking desperate for my email address it's pitiful. makes me hate the product before I've even started using it

Belle Johnston

Where the feck are the pull-ups?? Only reason we bought it... rip offs


What about pull ups?



SOLA Duggy

Thank you?