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‘Flipping’ Chinese kids work insanely hard at gymnastics training

‘Flipping’ Chinese kids work insanely hard at gymnastics training3 Dec. 2018
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Chinese children are showcasing their gymnastic skills by flipping back and forth at the Red Kids Martial Arts School in Yantai, in China’s eastern Shandong province. The school headmaster says the tough and intensive training provided helps students cope now as well as when they grow up.

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wilson marasigan

These Kids are Fidget Spinners

Nur Najmuddin



I bet they all can dodge bullets

Scalper Monkey

Weird looking fidget spinner

Crystal Phan

When my mom doesn’t get me fidget spinner
Fine then mom spins for an hour

Salmon Ella

He took fidget spinners to a whole new level

Marvin Tan

I assume this will cause serious brain damage

It's Jon Lam

It's very common in East Asian countries for parents to push their kids just that bit harder in hopes that they can have a good future. Although this does come at the cost of having a "fun" childhood!

Leonard Lan

Meanwhile in America, children are facing obesity issues....

Salmon Ella

I expect that kid to meet an accident at least once since the stuff there are "made in china"

Niamh Hughes



Flipping insane.....


I needed a coach.


Even Nadia Comaneci became perplexed by this unbearable training...


I do the same flipping with my donuts

eermjrjr enjebfbjfu2uf

When Someone Shoots U In Fortnite

Ray Mak

This will look very nice on slow motion cameras

Aishve Torah

People might not like it ,but I like how Chinese train their children like strict af. just look at them. all of them has experts on any field.

Maja Kiraga

Early mehhhhhhhhh lol

Unknown User



As a kid I attended martial arts classes several times a week. Tough training. But your body becomes fit. People criticising this video are folk who were lazy bums during their childhood and never had tough physical training. Dumbasses know zero.

Fredrich Pablo

You spin me right round babe right round like a record babe right round like round

Dragon 100

This is insanely incredible ! That little girl ????☝???

Mia Bourke

Wait I think those two girls flipping are YouTubers called Kate and Janet when they were little kids

Jade Cummings

This is awesome!!!!!

Greetje Timmer

Totally crazy;(

Wolf Boi

When your fan malfunctions

William Alexander


Deus von Krieg

Is this child abuse?

norman fucking rockwell

Imagine them dodging bullets, so cool.

Lay Tee Lim

Stop whining in the comments. I'd rather send my kids for this than let them rot at home playing fortnite or some type of shit. Man up wussies


I cam barely manange to do 1


so why chinese still buy fidget spinner then?


Are there guidelines on the maximum duration of each intense training session allowed for young children? The health of these children should be evaluated frequently by experts on sports kinetics & child development; & the recommendations made should be implemented properly.
Excessive stress & strain on the premature body may cause hidden damages that would accumulate over time, & may result in further harm in the long run.
As a long time educator of children ( age 6 to 19 ), I feel extremely concerned for the children's well being & long term health. I hope this training school's programs will be evaluated to ensure thorough safety & health for the children.

sasha and angelica butakova

I just died because I do gymnastics

Rauan Zhamangarin

I am sorry for this kids

Agus Sururi

Child abuse



Tanmay Singh

This is cruelty.

peekaboo peekaboo

Typical bias of SCMP --- by calling it "insanely". This word is similar to CRAZY --- a word with negative connotion.


Those wrist will be fucked

Delilah Davis

like, what?

satria amiluhur

Imagine if she just had a pizza and a bottle of cola

Tashi Tobgay

me flipping the pages of my notebook during the last minute.

Richard Teh

It's against united states human rights for using kid to do this kind of thing


am I watching a CGI?


looks like me trying to make some spaghetti ...

Hussain Bharmal

Wow this is something I don't have words for weather to appreciate it or its kind of insane on this kids

Erin Mak

I'll probably get sent to the hospital after trying.

Darcey McFarlane

I do gymnastics ?‍♂️ but this is way to cruel .

Team Normandy

I guess spin quota pushed the to do so to make a living


I can sleep on a bed too.

Mr Panda

some say the kid is still flipping to this day

Nightcor EDM

America: this is against human rights...

ilona popa



Some people flip burgers for a living, some flip houses, and some others flip kids...

Jason Chow

who needs windmill when u got this kid

Julio Duan


crazy pikachu

I dream to do this, but no coach on earth have a hand strong enough to make a fat guy like me turn.?

Sophia Su

I feel so bad for the girl even though she has talent I feel bad that her parents are forcing her to do this and not letting her have fun

arthantar pujari

Nothing is hard with out practice

Miles Chan

Westernised be like ‘Omg this is torture blah blah’ yeah stfu


That's insane. I've never seen basically toddlers flip so many times and so rapidly.




If this is no longer a culture that knowingly puts incredible pressures on kids to do well so much so that their stress levels are too high and thoughts of suicide for fear of disappointment are common... i approve. Because if that were the case, those kids are there 100% voluntarily.

Not everyone has the body for everything. Just ask the Bolshoi. You can get hurt if you don't think holistically.

Gabriela Wesolowska

Wow,they are amazing and talented but also have been put through a lot of hard training

Phoumythana Survinkhamthong

Fucking child abuse or what?

Ddesignator Spirit

Le me enrolling...
Do I still have a chance? ...

Ann H

When your tortilla is too hot


sir, what do you do for a living?

”i flip kids” lol


Holy moly! Thats was really fast.


I can’t even do a single cartwheel??

moi même

Ninja skills??




that going to cause her brain injuries

buddy man

This is much better than play gadgets/game day n night

roblox maniac danceand shake

Thats why Chinese gymnasts are the best.... Send my kid to go to that school......It's beneficial....


I wouldn't like this. For me or a child.

jhan gaviola

Naruto song please.


Sounds very wrong ¶¶



Angel Cruz

dam helicopter

Haziq Najwan

no comment

Christopher Sun

Wow.... Insane

Ziqian Li

when i was a young boy i was so happy to see my country winning so many olympic metals, as i grow up i dont see any point.

Soon Choi

This is amazing but also sad at the same time.....


They are flipping awesome

Someone’s gotta so it

Georgia Craddock

This is not what the kids wanna do so it’s MEANNNNNNNNN


I cannot do even one back handspring


Kids can endure. Don’t underestimate them. Plus it’s fun and challenging for them.

Sandy Fung

I feel dizzy ??

think vision

My head turned upside down

cookie monster

now i am not surprised why china always achieve gold medal on gymnastics at Olympics...

Wartadana Blog

I can't believe it's a child who spin, not a puppet or something.


This is flipping insane! Almost looks fake! She was flipping so fast, it was quite funny!

Chinese gymnast : a champion's school

Chinese gymnast : a champion's school18 Oct. 2019
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We filmed the way future

We filmed the way future gymnastics champions, « made in China” are made in specialized schools where are gathered the most gifted children.Selected since the nursery school, they train every day. 3 to 4 hours of limbering up exercises, of musculation, of endurance, which come to be added to Chinese and maths classes. -

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Lift Pizzas

I do this on the railings of my stairway. :) Also hanging from a pullup bar, holding a pike as high and as long as possible. Doing it on the floor is hardest on my triceps because my legs are so long.

Street Beast TV

I have a love hate relationship with core training. Love how strong it makes me feel, but hate actually doing the workouts ?Great Vid as always bro!


Do more bar videos!!!

Sara2208 Beauty


The Strong-Willed Ninja

Saw you post that on insta but didn’t know what it was

Cole V

Love your videos bro!

georgie b

Nass butss! Translation: nice ass

Quality Bro

I wish I had the same strength and fisic lime u Bro

Dogew00f owo

I am late I am a disappointment.

Kalanit Taub

Thanks! Will add this to my core routine!

Mason Barnes

Lucas!! Great content as always brother! How much do you weigh man? I’m an aspiring Aussie ninja and am 6’6” and about 90kg and am struggling with some moves am I too heavy? Front leaver and planche are gonna be a struggle I think lol!

Zachary Wilson

I can’t do a L sit but I am starting to work on it, and I have a question. Is it better to do L sits on the floor or on push up bars?

Austin Shand

I love your vids

Rodrigo Alves

Tem que ter muita força e equilíbrio pra fazer isso...

Sara2208 Beauty

1st like


I got a pair of rings and I love'm so much.Also I have to ask have you ever tested the cliffhanger on anw?

Amir Bernad shah

Thank you Broh?

Susal Say-Rest

Nice video useful ❤️❤️??

Andrea Garcia

My core stinks! I may try this, thanks for the tips!

Joseph Goldberg

Your so cool bro

Exclusive Mega

Lucas they have some ANW jr commercials out! Also great work on this training! Cya bro!

Angie Pellerin

Thanks for posting, Lucas! I've been looking into core workouts so I'm definitely going to try this! Also I can't wait to see vegas testing vid.

Potomak Meadows

I just tried this routine @ the gym tonight. I have no balance so had to modify it. Your channel is good keep up the good work


Looks like fun!!! I think I'm going to add this into my workout routine!!!

Austin Shand

Liked all comments

1 like l million subscribers

Людмил Стаменов

what is the size of the parallettes that you use?

Sara2208 Beauty

Love you. You’ve expired me to start working out!!! Your the best bud


Will have to try this routine! Definitely great for core and as you said developing strong core is critical!

Trey Hitchcock

I'm gonna have to try this because my dad took my pull up bar down because it was breaking my door frame!

Everything Ninja

Nice video dude! Helpful :)

jasmine eguavoen

Lucas you should actually see my reaction when I saw you uploaded:))) you would think I won the lottery. Thank you so much❤❤

Luke Helm


DeAndre Williams

It would be cool to see you do a live Q and A or something although I don't really use social media lol. Great vid as always! Maybe you could do a full body workout routine one day?

(are you still interested in the obstacle design challenge stuff, Luke? I can understand if you're not, but the deadline is coming up in like 4 or so days)

Real Life Roasters

and I thought sit ups were hard...dang...


You know what Lucas, one day I’m actually going to be having an amazing day and when I do you’ll be the first person I tell.

Cole V

Yo also what's your day job? I wanna break into the fitness and YouTube game sorta similar to you but not quite sure how I would make money. At least at the start lol

jasmine eguavoen

Oh.. And please go live?<--


I love this channel!






good job on one million views on the part 2 thingy

The Strong-Willed Ninja

Good work bro!????