Pyramid workouts routines

Pyramid Workout Routine | Full Body Workout Mass and Power

Pyramid Workout Routine | Full Body Workout Mass and Power23 Jul. 2020


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Raw, Uncensored, Unrehearsed, This is Hungry Season, every rep counts!

Filmed in Brooklyn, NY


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pyramid 10-1 reps




4 sets 10 reps

shoulder press


hand stand/walk out on hands 5 reps


lateral raises


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Mashallah u strong bro with weights and Cali ??

Scott Burnhard

Never stop uploading lets go MAT!!!

Carlton, James Esquire

Square Bizz I can't thank you guys enough for this content. Everyday you and ur crew take my fitness journey to the next level.
Strong body- Stronger Mind!

Scott Burnhard

Young Queen my sis!!!


red shot black star spotted!!!!!

chilly chill

every day puttin in work ! Great content. working hard yall. good money.

Joey Dump

yoYoYO Money Matt waddup big brudda ????‍♂️
If u having problems with ur gainz get at Matt for low fee $50.00 a month #PERSONAL #TRAINER ????‍♂️??

B Money

Thats excellent work 2 bosses and a queen putting in that work

Mystical Reality

Wao. Glad to see the 2 Kings and my favorite Empress. I can't do any exercise because of my eye surgery, but always with you all in Spirit.
As Always Blessed Love and Protections for all Ahyo.

Machizmo RipRight

That's work right there bro.

Carlton, James Esquire

Why yall do my guy bam like that

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Anne Hoffman

Wow, TFR 65! Way to go, Stew et al! Another great video :)

Lively Big Boi

So what do you think of an elevation training mask for hypoxic workouts?

Pyramid Workout Fat Burn–Quick & Easy At-Home Workout Routine–SELF’s Burn 100 Calories

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Celebrity trainer Brett

Celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel shows you a 10-minute routine called the pyramid workout, which will have you stacking one exercise on top of another to really turn up the burn! Think you can handle these lunges, jumps and planks? Then grab a dumbbell and Burn 100 with Brett!

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Pyramid Workout Fat Burn–Quick & Easy At-Home Workout Routine–SELF’s Burn 100 Calories

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Burn 100 calories in 10-minutes. The secret? @Brett Hoebel says it's stacking moves on top of another. The Pyramid workout that will melt fat. VIDEO: http://bit.ly/Qg3uON


When I first did this, I was dripping sweat. Thank you soooooo much! Love these. :)


Asiyah Shaikh

can we do it without the weights and get the same amount of calories burnt? I don't have my weights here....


Super pyramid, great modifications, fast and very effective workout, thank you!

Sanaya Crystel

Wow nice ??