How to fart in public

FART part 2 | Bae Fart | How to hide FARTS in public - Indian Girl Fart - #Bae | Bae |

FART part 2 | Bae Fart | How to hide FARTS in public - Indian Girl Fart - #Bae | Bae |22 Jan. 2016
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Finally... The most

Finally... The most requested video... :D

We hope you guys enjoy it and get some laugh..

Don't laugh alone, share it with your friends.. :P

We'll see you next week.. ;)


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Teresa Daniel

fart loud

Eunice Sherman


ඇය මොහොතකට නිහ ව සිටියාය ඔයා හරිම මිහිරිඇය කීවාය මම දැන් යන්න ඕනි

Sujan Sujan

very nice


You look more beautiful while farting. So keep farting from time to time to make me happy.???

Trade Chennai

dont u know anything other than farting ?

Nikhil Sukumar

i feel most Indians fart discreetly by avoiding sound and attacking enemies with good dal farts.

Sarah Anderson


මම දන්නවා තවමත්යමක් සිදුවෙමින් පවතින බව මම සිතමි මම සියල්ලම අනුගමනය කරමි

Maja 6lat Golba

Fart oops i farted sorry

seenu. mn

U both very pretty and nasty girls.

Anik Sazzad


Eloise Andrews

Mj was a great time to get you some good news for me


I want more Indian girl farts ? I love it ?❤️?❤️


The kid is so so cute

Rene Cuvos

Bae is so crazy she is funny her friend is crazy to...???????????

Teresa Gurrola

pppppppppppppppppp fart

Ahsas Boss

Make a another video

Willow Five

I liked the blame sister one! LOL

Dahlia McKinney

Nice video

Itzyg_ She

Make more please!!!


Love this video subscribed

Dhruv Kumar

I like women's fart and smell


You're so rotten

Bollywood Rockers

aap ek survey show kijiye girl se puchiye ki girl one day mein kitni baar fart karti hai

Bushra khan



I love your vide
Your cart video?

stephen veigas

Sugars are sweet , lemons are tart , i love you more than unicorn fart.

ninja style 78

Cool and funny video


nice!!!!! hahaha

Magdalen Austin


ඔහුගේ උරහිස් නැමීය වයර් ටිකක් චලනය වීලිස්සා යාම සහ පොකුර දැමීම

dance of B boy


Ashish k

paad paad k kohram macha di tmne yaar???

Vijay Palaparty

i farted too loud while watching this video

Gaabinubat Rafinulifilit

In danish "Bae" means "Turd"

Shalina Robert


Aradhana Kumari


Rahul Saha

girls never agree when they farts .they blame on others . but this video is making me so laugh. that i cannot control my laugh


Pura gand machadi??

swapna gupta

awesome funny

Snehal yende

???? lots of pollution no

Avid Ansari


Dashthepan 64


Vitoria The Wolfy :3

AM love yous chaneel

LAFANDAR production

https://youtu.be/Vy2OiTCwDcc #dhinchak_pooja death side effects...... Best funny video ever ..... ???? Guyzz tag & share your all frnds✌


very nice

Simone Case

i love it

it s ganesh padti

pad nice

Sunny Lee

Before AnythinG Else
yOu aR sO QT ?

susheel ranahandola

can I sniff urs

Clifton M

u stupid girls ur coping nigahigas videos bloody fuck

nikki willis

I saw the first one it was so funny

Brian Crowley

the Indian accent and farts, what a combination... where is Russell Peter's when you need him

Happy Print

Can you please domore

Mxn D3lvin

i commented on your other edit video

Michael Hobbs


Two Pro Brothers i n fortnite

Cool and funny girls

steven johnson


Courtney Johnson

she's lying

Andleeb kanwal

Fart on etch other

Aryan Sameer

girls fart and try to hide, Boys Fart and becomes happy as they have won Gold medal.

Dionne Clarke


Jay Gaokar

Bae Team Want a Fart Video, its been Long Time.Bae team your specialisation .Thanks

Dashthepan 64

It's so funny

Religious 7

0:52 iss moti ne sachme paada tha kya ... yaha tak badbu aayi h

jeorge james

It was so funny

Dhanraj Pai

please make part 4

Shatakshi Bhardwaj

1 i love this video mko bhout acha lga ke ap log is type ka video bnaya

lrko ko lgta hai 2 4 gndi bte kre g or lrkiya rone lge gi

to unko hm sb mil ke bta de ke hm h or hmare sham ne to chaye h

pni isliye nhi kyo ke pni ke bina hm nhi zi shakte

so hm hai paani

Sakeel Mama


Rohan Rhamesh


biggest fan of justin true blieber

So funny????

Julianto Raharjo

more plz

Ольга Насыриева



The Lille kid was so cute like if you agree

J.M.L slaying

the one with the straight.hair is pretty

Ryan Hernandez

Please make a part 3 by the way you're really pretty!


Question -how do you handle Indian Curry?


Tolerate each of their gassiness and stinkiness.

seenu. mn

U both of nasty girls.but i lk v.much wt u guys makeing video..and wts ur both name.

Ämît Dās Ãmït


Son Jungcheon

im following u in insta my name is Orcaryplayz

Antony wildon

I have passed gas at school,college,mall etc.Any one else?


nyc hahahahaha??????

Abhay Raichand

He Ladki padti haiii

Walter Timmons

??lol i told you after the king rise it just takes a minute for indians to catch on life is not so serious these things are apart of life and need to explain even goody two shoes fart you are my wives and some of you will fart and ill still be your husband and blow up the bathroom and your still a queen enjoy life make more videos i am watching i love you because your beautiful and well protected and i will come to you no matter what im all yours ok so this is what i like to see funny ok?

Annice Lester


එයට තවත් කුඩාකුඩා තාරකා සුන්බුන් කැබැල්ලකින් පහර දී ඇත

Nihal Jaiswal

I like it fart smell nice

Muhammad Sajid

pad ke bare me to ham log baat bhi nahi karna? chahate par aap log to Sach me good video q ki sab padte hai yaar khal ke pado mil ke pado koi saram nahi????

Puspa Mahatara

pls poblice area no fart

Jinesh Jinesh swamiyesaranamayyappa

Draft of the most popular

Two Pro Brothers i n fortnite

Fun girls


This fart video was extremely funny and well edited. You must really like farts.

sandy tiwari

very gud video diffrent types of farts

barlen marian

good video keep it on

kush kumar

maja nehi aaya, bakwas tha yar.

Ash ish

cringe is on another level!!!

Happy Pillz



Viky Meena

Nice vidio

Sri Charan Reddy


Nirmal Chauhan

Why girls do this

David Boylan

Hi from Ireland


TOP 10 WAYS TO FART3 Nov. 2017
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Allow me to demonstrate

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Comments (100)
Laura Bora

The most amazing bloody thing I've watched on youtube since Charlie bit my finger!

Bom Achilles

Pass the blame is the best?

Eqbal Eqbal

Very very nice ??
Thanks because I very laugh


Best videos out there by far. T

Aswin Thayyil



1:43 blue shirt was so skilled in art of fart smelling that he wasn’t even phased by bagels mediocre display

Stephen Lallana

Cough for cover ?

Jarred McCleese

The squat and toss looks like a religious ritual, but instead of purification it is doing the opposite ?

Michael Fisk

You dont want to do the cough for cover one now, people will think you have COVID


Need part 2 of this

Karandeep Singh

You are a legend bro ??

Lourdes Stark

I'm dead ? my stomach hurts so much right now ????

Richie Rich

Oh this is to funny! you've gotta keep doing these forever lol

Philip Nielsen

Loved this video. I think I am still a kid at heart. I turned up the volume for max entertainment

Gustavo Saavedra

4:39 se relaja uno dice jajajaja
Bien sincronizado ese pdo xd


Feathering had me done


That Feathering has catched my breath...! ??

India Talent

Subscribed ...nice to see u??☺️?

Ladislav Som

I just farted during 6th point :D

Dulce Fernandes

This guy is the master of "farthology" haahahahahaha amazing impersonations of each type of fart

Richard Coben

How do you keep a straight face doing this! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Funniest videos ever!


Pass the blame???


4:38 " se relaja uno" puffff " haa¡¡"


My eyes are watering. No joke.

And the eye contact is the best one lmao. It already makes people uncomfortable and the eye contact just multiplies it haha.

Dee Kaye

Some of these people act as if they've seen a UFO....an Unidentified Farting Object!! ???

When Mountains Move

Always looks like he’s playing pocket pool ?

Patrick Garry Clarke

Wheres the cough fart ??

Daniel Engel

You sir are a genius, thanks for bringing joy to our lives :)


How did he fart so easy?


You are a true "Fartist". My sides hurt from laughing, keep posting videos.

CC Chan

Makes for a good 'how I met your mother story' ???



D Jordan

What version of fart machine do you use???? Love your videos hilarious

NIZARR wawannizar



Feathering was hillarious and my fave ?

Ela Dumitru

Did you ever got punched?? ????

Dis is Truth

? Thanks for the laughs ?


I wish other pranksters online would adapt Taylor’s flamboyance when on camera.

Hingle McCringleberry

The last guy was the best???

Mauro Brunello

Pure class ahahha

Elver Green

Oh my gosh hahaha you are so funny

Trump Is a fraud

Better than Jack vale

mraow yang

No.7 @ 2:02 is just like ppl ik LOL and not even with fart & no.2 @ 4:08 LMAO!


Watched these soma many times, and I still cry laughing..!???

Jay Green

Feathering and shaking it out are the best

Stormtrooper 24

Feathering is so hilarious!!!

David Abogado

There's a bad news in 5:01


Drive by farting hahahahahah this is the best ???????


If that was me I would so embarrassed.

Cindy falam

Feathering is my favorite, ???


Man you should more of those
passing those blames ??

Rashid Yunus


Corrin Huddleston

The eye contact and Squat and toss is sniffabulous!

Firdaus Mollah

Voted for airborn

Misaki Inuko

Loving the Shake it out ???


This may have been uploaded 3 years ago but I've only just found it and it's both hilarious and educational.

Jarred Woolis

And now we fart to cover a cough!

haithem moualdi

Fart and furious when he run

Rajkumar Samanta

Running fart is the best

Michael Curtis

Dude eye contact and squat and toss are my favorite lmao


XD so embarrassing

Jayson Pelecio

Pass the blame?

Kenny Lewis

Shake it out and air bourn are my favorites! LMAO

Lauren Escobar

Pass the blame ?

Luiz Carlos


Vikas Singh



4:40 big reaction?????

Ashley Gibson

Omg rolling!! ??


This channel is legit funny the problem is the reaction time is only 2seconds


4:27 the best

Igor Haitovich

I've got a new set of skills


Last haa perfect

Rosey Williams

OMG my sides hurt!



V chaang chaa Rai


Looking For Love

Feathering and Shake It Out are my favourites


Wtf? cant stop laughing!

jared ritton

The women's reactions are so much better

Freddy Zambrano


rene cabuhan

1:38 that reaction ?????

Shantanu Singh

Eye contact is such a confident and dominant fart

Nobody Guy

Ohh my gosh,,, im having a headache by laughing at your video.... N its 3am

ananda das



I probably have commented some time ago but what the heck. I'll say this is the true fart video masterpiece. A virtuoso performance. I don't think anyone does it better. I can't pick my favorite out of the 10 ways, but eye contact and feathering are just ballsy and fun. I cherish this video.

Boy47 Ayun


Robert Sweet

the feathering and toss up were by far the funniest!!!!

Dj Güven Özqür Psytrance Psychedelic Planet

fıstık ya


Always LOVE the Classical choices.

Not WHO THE F GETS AIRBORNE for a Fart!? Haha

Tanner Adams

When the timing of the hand is just right feathering is the way to go

David Abogado

You laughtrip bro u made my day

Jacobo Fanegas

The first song name?

Aaron Willey

Eye contact and drive-by are easily the best. ?


Drive by or airborn all the way


I love feathering and eye contact!! Thank you Taylor. Wish you could make more of these

The Human Journey

The blatant deep inhale of your own farts is the most disgusting hilarious thing

Juan C. Ayala González

Que puerco,cerdo,marrano,cochino.....jajajajajajajajaja......

Tiffany S

Disclaimer! Don't have a mouth full of coffee while watching!

Deven Dabholkar

This is called a real prank.. Short and simple...People not get aggressive..... I can't even breath bro????????Nice?I subscribed your channel

cccp eua

does anyone know the name of this classical song?

Julanda Clark

Eye contact and the blame are the funniest. But i laugh harder at the first.?????

How to fart in public without getting caught by Raisin Production | 9GAGFunOff

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Rendy Rangers

no bodoh ?

Mario Rui

"How to fart in public without getting caught by Raisin" ahahah

jack rose

damn.i would not take this.it is so fucking risk!???


My "kim jung un."