Fat curls


FAT CURLS7 Jan. 2011

http://www.youtube.com/rebello4610 http://www.youtube.com/cardboardunderwear

http://www.youtube.com/thebreadmeat http://www.youtube.com/worldwidecheesecake

Jim Morrisons Cousin "Guy" Talkin Bout Bad Curls...LOL "Really, Real Bad, But Cool Girls."

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LMAO this really made my Sunday morning xD Thx for the comment on my channel too ;)

★ BIG FAT Voluminous CURLS HAIRSTYLE | How To Soft Curl | Ombre Hairstyles

★ BIG FAT Voluminous CURLS HAIRSTYLE | How To Soft Curl | Ombre Hairstyles5 Aug. 2016
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Products mentioned- NUME

Products mentioned- NUME Curl Jam Set

VPFashion Ombre Extensions! Get $10-OFF with CODE: tinalee ( open this for more info) Hair tutorial; how to curl your hair to create big, .

Everything you want to know is right here. 143 & if I don't get back on here before Thursday Happy Thanksgiving to YOU. I'm so thankful for every single on of .

Here's a hair tutorial on how I achieved Big Soft Voluminous Curls on my Natural Hair. I also included a quick makeup tutorial for those that requested the purple .

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Get Fat Curls!

Get Fat Curls!6 Jun. 2013
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I received these products from NaturallyCurly.com and Samy. I was not paid to review them.


Dear Elizabeth Advice: http://youtu.be/uqzIIDiFxHM

Dead Sea Mud Mask: http://youtu.be/YfkrG6XbVUE

Olive Eyes Tutorial: http://youtu.be/wDujcIpTOf8

Big Curly Hair: http://youtu.be/4COiw_-SFH8

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Berry Beautiful

Thank you Honey =)

Berry Beautiful

Thank you sweetie!

Berry Beautiful

Thanks! I was trying a new bb cream from avon but I honestly think the MAC loose iridescent powder in golden bronze is what gives off the golden blushy glow. Hmmmmm...maybe ;)


You are so stunning!!

Maria Sol Cadungog

Love your curls!! Is that available in Asia?

Berry Beautiful

Thank you! It's pretty good but also like the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam but that one is a little pricier.

Mckayla B

Oh my gosh your hair looks beautiful! This is the best I've ever seen your hair.

Theresa A

Oh regardless love how your hair came out !


Your hair looks amazing Liz! And I love the makeup, your skin is glowing. Tutorial? ;)

The Blissful Elefante by Tara Creel

It's not even fair how gorgeous your hair is! We should totally do a collab video :-P

Berry Beautiful

Thank you, but the storm was too much for me to go out so I'm just chillin lol. This was my first time trying Samy, I don't think I have seen them for sale but once or twice before.

Sharita Allen

Your hair looks amazing!! I might have to try that mousse!

Berry Beautiful

Thank you Tara! I would love to do one if you are ever in town!

Berry Beautiful

Thank you I really liked it too =)

Theresa A

Yes I also have tried this product and it dried out my hair ! Where the problem comes in is they add chemicals to the Argan oil , which then defeat the purpose !

Berry Beautiful

Thank you =) Yeah I like when there are more natural ingredients. The more natural the better for my hair.

Berry Beautiful

Thank you =)

Nicole Lue Quee

Loved the review Liz

Theresa A

I agree :)

Nadia Nadou

Wow your hair looks gorgeous!!!

Berry Beautiful

Thanks! Idk why but I hardly ever film when I use mousse or other stuff to define my curls. I guess I'll have to start getting ready earlier so I'll have time lol

Berry Beautiful

Thank you =)