How to pop a jammed finger

Popping Fingers! Dr. ER Pops Finger Into Place!

Popping Fingers! Dr. ER Pops Finger Into Place!6 Feb. 2017
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Once patients arrive, an ER doctor is responsible for a number of duties, such as assessing their conditions and beginning treatment, ordering tests or X-rays, and/or providing medication. ER doctors stabilize a trauma patient or treat injuries like lacerations, broken bones, and sprains.

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Comments (60)
Omar Estrada

Now Is this after it heals from already being broken cause that’s how my middle finger is but worse it seems lol cause I have a pin in mine I just want to know cause I’m scared of doing that to myself since they said I have to ???


I knew this was trigger finger. I have two in my right hand and have snapped my finger back into place twice. Without freezing lol.

I'm getting them injected at the end of the month

Stephen Hlobik

0:42. The guy with the blue gloves. Is. Flipping. Us. Off.

Dixie Rae

Dr. My middle finger on my left hand, I know it could be funny but it locks like that all the time. I just grit my teeth and pull it back myself. It happens constantly. Can this be fixed permanently. Does it have a name . If this is on the video I'm sorry I had trouble hearing it. Thank you.

Captain America

If a doctor tried to do that to me I would hit him

Bhumika Chauhan Boom Chicka Boom

Subscribe my channel follow @1darsishbhumika please thank you ?

Mary Catherine Ann

Yes you can be my doctor! You are so kind to your patients!

Kimberly Mnikolaicik

yes I would like him as my primary care doctor :)

Wanda Morgan

I know it hurt popping the finger back into place. I have the same problem, but I put my own back in place


My big toe is infected and it comes out everyday pus. Is there any type of home treatment that does not hurt and really works ?


Can I ask if there's a specific reason for finger locks or if the tip of a finger slopes down? I have that problem with my pinky and yes I used to have rheumatoid arthritis but that's long gone now. Is it a tendon problem? I also can't make a normal fist cause the tips won't curve in to look like a normal fist shape.

Ann Bowen

Was that a trigger finger? I've had 2 surgeries on my right hand fingers for it. Helped immensely.


Why is his fingers yellow

Gary Manuel

Spider-Man is that you?


Dang was deku here from my hero academia

Deanna Goodson

I would love to have Dr. Er as my doc for what ever reason, ER visits, reg doc visits, he is truly a great doctor! In my opinion.

Moonlight Sweets


sara cook

yes can he be my Dr cuz I can't get anywhere with mine and am frustrated!! where is ur very facility so I can move there??? Not kidding I need some compassionate help.

Jennifer Mann

I would love to have you as my ER doctor

The Podcaster

That doctors office looks hella sketch


Although I could do without the creepy slow-motion voice ???


I had this and so I became a Operation of my fingers and its good


My middle finger is dislocated and I have to go to the hospital tomorrow in just here to see what it'll be like

elaine reed


Landon henderson

Put your headphones on max lmao

Evan Parent

I enjoy the videos, but think the snake oil advertisements are very trashy. Especially from an MD.


In my ER yes! Anyday!


YES I would love for him to be my ER Dr but it would be even better if he was my General Physician

Ghado Faleh123

great job Dr ?


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr O as my ER doc! Anytime!!! ??????

Matthew Hoyland

How much resistance are you applying? Is it a relatively easy thing to pop back in or is it really stiff?


Lack of magnesium causes muscles to just contract and pull


Who else has a dislocated finger trying to fix it?

Jeff The Ripper

One of the most satisfying videos I've ever saw :)

NayNay W.

That did look like it hurt, seemed like an awful lot of Lidocaine!


Okay whos becoming a psycho slowly

Bhumika Chauhan Boom Chicka Boom

Awesome video

Donshea Beamon

Top 10 anime injuries


When injecting any medication it is common practice to see the practitioner pull back before injecting. What exactly would happen if the lidocaine was injected into a vein or artery?

A FantastiK 4

God I’m scared

None of Your business

I had this in both hands had surgery then got trigger thumb in both thumbs had those fixed and now I have it in a finger in both hands soon a I will run out of fingers to fix I wonder what causes a person to have so many trigger fingers in a year. I massage the area where the tendon Is and do finger stretching exercises it has helped but they still stick numerous times a day.

Jen R

I would absolutely like Dr. Oller as my ER doc! You are so caring and knowledgeable!


Look at the doctors hand at 1:13 ( RUDE )


Doc: ok that'll be $50,000.

Silence Wench

Ahh The Satisfaction

Matthew Parsons

this was not as satisfying as i thought it would be

Fran Dermody


Not HereAnymore

Is it just mr or is his hand a lil orange where the finger was bent

Stephen Johnson

This is trigger finger 101. This usually happens when the tendon flexor tendon gets caught in its covering (or tendon sheath). I usually injected with 0.5ml of lidocaine and 0.5ml of betamethasone. Fixes them up no problem.

Steve Choinski

that was to easy lol


He seemed like he really wanted the doctor's blessing for the next day off... ?


Why it's popping?

Stephanie McPherson

I would LOVE to study under Dr. O!!! I'd learn so much.? pleeeez

Cecilia Palacios

This is me almost every morning, for some reason my middle fingers in both hands decide to get stuck like this n it hurts like a mother 'efer to pull it out. I have neuropathy because of chemo n I developed a lot of cramps in my muscles so I think this has to do a lot with it but not even my oncologist can figure why it happens. Story of my life!


2:06 :)


Is that known as trigger finger?

Andrea Newville

Not that I'm crazy about being first or anything, but I've never been the first one to view a vid!
Oh, and needles into fingers or toes make me cringe! But that looks like it hurt!

Aaron Cummings

I once had my hand squished in a door and that happened and I did nothing about it other then just letting it heal. Should I have done something else?

Terri Gaskey

Dr O you can be my ER doc anytime!

Cokes Better than Pepsi

Dr er I have a pencil puncture on my foot it didn’t go through but I dnt want that huge anesthetic needle I’m going to the doctors today