Marcy pro weights bench

Marcy Standard Weight Bench + 80lb Weight Set | MKB-2081

Marcy Standard Weight Bench + 80lb Weight Set | MKB-20815 Dec. 2016
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With the Marcy Club

With the Marcy Club MKB-2081 Weight Bench, achieving an invigorating full body workout in the comfort of your own home has never been easier. Work your upper body to the max with the five-position back pad, which allows for multiple chest press exercises so you can work major muscle groups from all angles. This all-in-one exercise bench also comes equipped with a total leg developer with comfortable foam roller pads so you can tone and strengthen your lower body with ease. Steel bar catches accepts the included standard size bar, which also comes with two 25lb and two 15lb weight plates. Deluxe rolled upholstery constructed from top-grade high density foam makes for an optimal strength training session while a heavy duty steel tube frame with a durable powder coated finish ensures years of use.

Comments (15)
Jacob Johnston

What should we do on the bench and legs

Quincy Elder

Mine seems to be a little wobbly and the back seat cushion doesn’t stay in place any tips how how to improve this

Niran Swamy

Can I use my other 1inch plates on this bar?


can i use 7 ft olympic bar with this bench and rack

Hartaj Johal

How much does the bar weight

Ken fitness

I just put this together but how do I strap the part where I lay my back down??? Its very unstable without being strapped down


What size bar?

James Glover

what is the max weight for it?


how much weight can the bar itself hold and if you were to buy a new bar how much could the bench hold with everything.


Do it comes with clips


I'm short 1, 55cm or 5,1ft, would I be able of doing bench presses, or is it too tall for me ?

Nick Fazz

Hi, how much does the bar weigh without the weights on?

jeager jeager

How much does the bar weigh?

Emery Neeley

does it work fine with people who’s arms longer? what is the ideal height of using this?

James Nelson

Any tutorials for the tightening up the legs on this bench?

Marcy Pro Weight Bench with 100 lb Set - Review (Part 2)

Marcy Pro Weight Bench with 100 lb Set - Review (Part 2)22 May. 2020
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Comments (3)

It look too cheap 4 me.

: /

Dope ??

Jadin Starks

Were did you order it from Bc I got mine from so Chinese website and I wanna know ho long it will take to ship

Marcy diamond elite bench set (review)

Marcy diamond elite bench set (review)19 Aug. 2020
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Hey everyone hope you

Hey everyone hope you enjoy my review on the Marcy bench set. Catch you next time.

Comments (8)
One Ofakind

Thank you for this review ?

Cayden Morelli

Are the benches supposed to be a little bit wiggily

Taste Of Haze

Yay happy you’re uploading again!

Hayden Petty

How much does the bar weigh

Ellenor Johnson

I just hate the fact that it moves way to much even when you tighten the nails strongly... but great vid

Danny Luong

I got a similar bench. Thinking about getting another bar

Steven Herrera

I have the same one it’s just when I bench I feel it more in my arms then my chest


It doesn't look comfortable.