Kate upton and verlander

Justin Verlander Reveals How Kate Upton Affected His Career

Justin Verlander Reveals How Kate Upton Affected His Career10 Aug. 2018
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Kate Upton saved Justin

Kate Upton saved Justin Verlander's career. Rick Strom and Francis Maxwell break it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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“Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander, in the midst of another All-Star season, credits wife Kate Upton with saving his career.

"She was instrumental in me not ... like, jumping off a bridge," Verlander told Bleacher Report. "I was depressed and kind of just upset at the world and trying to hide my own s---."

It was 2014, and Verlander thought his career was over. Pitching for the Detroit Tigers, his ERA was up and win totals were way down, and he had given up more runs than any pitcher in the American League. In August, a Tigers coach pulled him aside and told him to get an MRI.

Verlander, then 31, stopped on some stairs and cried.

"I really thought it was the end," he said.

Verlander had been dating Upton for two years at that point. He says that as a model who had lived her life in the public eye, Upton understood the pressure of stardom and the cruelty of critics. She also knew all about physical issues that can derail a career.

"She obviously had dealt with more than me in her life," Verlander says. "I mean, being a woman? Being in that industry? Being that famous? That was a level I hadn't dealt with."

Upton helped him realize, he said, that he needed help, physically and emotionally."

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T. Hamm

I wish I had a supermodel girlfriend by my side when I was about to kill myself


Kate Upton affects my pants!


People need to realize his representatives put this story together to distract from the hypocrisy of him not putting his money where his mouth is in regards to his team acquiring a wife beater and excepting him into their club house, when months ago his tweets would have said other wise.

Don Creamy

Being Married to Kate Upton cures depression...I bet it does...


Plus, he's totally hitting that..... that would help anyone ?


So he had the Yips (involuntary wrist spasms) from ✊?? and when she came along, they were gone?

Michael Baseball

He probably has much better endurance now

book nerd

obviously, it was those damn titties

Harry Cojones

Well he had a longtime girlfriend who he dumped for Kate and her boobs

Kate Upton Goes Wild Cheering On Husband Justin Verlander And The Houston Astros

Kate Upton Goes Wild Cheering On Husband Justin Verlander And The Houston Astros14 Oct. 2019
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No surprise here, Kate

No surprise here, Kate Upton is her husband's biggest fan! The 27-year-old supermodel was caught going wild and crazy in the stands as her man, Justin Verlander, and the Houston Astros battled the New York Yankees in a tough home game at Minute Maid Park. Cameras panned to Kate cheering excitedly during the sixth inning after the Astros stopped the Yankees from taking the lead with a big play. Kate has always taken pride in showing her team spirit, even going to bat for Justin on Twitter after he was passed over for the Cy Young Award in 2016.

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Comments (5)



She looks beautiful.

Ed EllMaxx

I love you your family and all you do for dogs but please stay humble till we wrap it up

Dave Mindach

I saw a video of upton eating once
I think I saw her bite her hand.LOL


delete your channel,. high school kids make better shit than this what the fucking fuck

Justin Verlander charms Kate Upton

Justin Verlander charms Kate Upton5 Aug. 2014
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8/4/14: Kate Upton is

8/4/14: Kate Upton is given a baseball at the Yankee game by Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander

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Comments (6)

he's trying to hit it

Camron Davis


Mexicanus Rex

Ella quiere la Ver...lander. ;D

D.B. Cooper

I would have brought her into the Dugout if I were Justin lol

Collin Caruthers

One of three balls she got from him that night

Josh Hsu

Then they get married 3 years later