Jacked forearms

How to build thick, strong, and jacked forearms!

How to build thick, strong, and jacked forearms!19 Apr. 2019
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My thoughts on how to

My thoughts on how to build thick and strong forearms:)

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If there's any part of my body that is genetically gifted its my forearms. Bigger than the rest of my arm. 14.9 inch arms at 5'6

Justdoingsomething :

Okay im going start this now and lets see how my forearms look then.

Jhonny Ruizz

How come my dad has huge forearms but I don’t ?


subbing just cuz I love Goku ^_^

nismo armada

How many times a day should I do it


How are you not getting sued for using a DBZ character?

Chris Williams

His voice threw me all the way off ?

Michael Reyes

too much movement with his dumb bell curls



Ranjan Debnath

u r huge bro


oh please dude I played FAR more baseball then you did growing up in South Florida so plz stop with "I did a lot of forearm development when I was a kid playing baseball" you sound DUMB bro! Baseball does NOTHING to develop forerms!

Simon Luo

Did it hit the biceps also?

Andy G

I’d like arms like yours man,big and pretty shredded but not freakish looking.


How to get big forearms is in the title

Thangavel Murthy

hi! thank you very much, the first workout is a killer one, I could really fell the effect. thanks once again for this video.

Mark Vargas

standing barbell twist.

zachary nash

zottman curls were something I was looking for, for a long time. I'd read in one of Bruce lees books that he used to do them frequently for his forearms. I just started doing that movement randomly for fun, not fully-knowing what they were called. thank you for the clarity, I can go at it full force!!


You are a Super Saiyan! Nice work Fam.

Pepe Garcia

he has no China lol

Gio Albarran

overhand grip gives a massive pump!


What's that 2pac instrumental song?

Max Moreno

i like that shirt. where you get it?

Jhonny Ruizz

I’m 15 and my forearms are shit! Really small and deadlift 315. It’s not true what u said about small forearms and heavy lifting

Sangram Kesari

Dafaq what?
Zottman curls are meant for Triceps!!!
Hammer curls are for Biceps!!!
Where the hell are Forearms?
I just wasted 5 minutes of my life
Asians are pathetic.

Tyrique Christains

Lift heavy but slow and control that makes no sense


I saw the title and I just started laughing bro

Benjamin Beattie

I do 180lbs behind the back wrist curls for about 14 × 5 then burn in with a lighter weight when i cant do as many works good go heavy finish light

Anne Geddes

u don't drop tp fingers that's dumb just curl

Fahd Ajmi

Genetic = Juice

UnleaSh AniMs

Turn ssj????


Nucleus overload thats why, your past determines your developing in the gym. If you danced for years then lift weights you'll get big legs, if you swim for years then lift weights you'll get a big back. It's not genetics it's muscle adaptation.

Javier Saucedo

forearm juicer!


..be short.

Larry Bailey

Great video man! Hey when you do hammers have you tried pausing for 3 seconds before you go all the down?

DJ Watson

dbz bodybuilder hell yeah

Alexander Vouzenthal

Keep it pronated to work the brachioradialis harder

prince ENKI

Yo where can I buy a Saiyan army shirt! ?

Or Barak

Tips for calves please

Ankit Jaiswal

help me please sir help me I am 21 year old my height 5.2 inch please help your big fan please trained me gain bicep and tricep please

Byron Lee

Where did you get the shirt?

Ricardo Ribeiro

This body is all steroids. It s easy to advice. But this arms are nota built only by this "little exercices"

Mason Brooks


lee GymRoyalty

I feel I can lift more when im sat down great video goku

Pat B

The first one is called a Zottman Curl. great exercise.

DJ Watson

OMG don't kill krillin infront of him....damn


What steroids do you take ?


wat a voice

Palak Patel

3:46 did he just say "right behind ass"? ?


Nice forearms

Patrick Kelly

Guys getten those Phil Heath forearms.

El Barbas

i feel like all this hateful comments towards this guy all come down to hate that they cannot grow at all and aleays point out the legs lmao
some people have small legs but cannot grow them selves


The farmer's walk works much better for me. Thanks for sharing :P

Alex T

You are huge, you couldnt run 50m without being out of breath.


How to get big fappin forearms? Android 18 Oppai

Daniel Z

Aight my chinees

ahmet taştan

bilader biceps ve triceps cok bicimsiz duruyor :)


i watched your shit - I think U don't know shit ....


Farmers walk with atleast 75% of your body weight is the best forearm workout u can do without injuring your wrists.

Rajith Jayawardhane

Is this Forearm set can do Curl Excerices?

Art Vein

So..do it from behind and stay away from straps... Am I lesbian yet?

Chad Waldron

You got some branches on your tree!


Fucking hell the first exercise came from Vince Gironda years ago seen his videos so don’t make out your cane up wth it

D Swavey

I'm 15, can i do this workout everyday or should I give my arms a rest and do it every other day?


what earphones are those?

Osian Jones

That intro earned you a subscriber

Antinis Kyriakou

Your arms are too big and it's not nice mate. You need to get ripped. And you need to do more leg exercises and glutes.

Robert Amon

Wowww. Subject is very good..
and video plus sound is also
good the quility of hd is really
high. amazing thanks.


Brian Alexson

guy looks bored doing those curls. focus on that form, squeeze on the positive and release slow on the negative son!

Mark Vargas

well curls

Video Memes

Natty or not?

Charin Hasitha

What the fuck man

arshad sodawala

U’ve got awesome videos what device do you use to shoot those videos brother? +gokuflex

Jimmy Galvan

cool shirt can I get one with vegeta


this is Rich Piana's routine...

Mang Gusting!

that curl is totally bullshit:-) fucking instructor:-)

SevenX Gaming

Thank yu... I have always wanted forearms like Popeye but wasn't sure exactly how 2 get em'....spoilers, spinach does not work XD ....I'm gunna play some epic music N try out ur methods now...thanks again.

Azog - The Defiler

This guy skips leg day

Tom Tollefson

Thank you.

Houston Butler

fair fight
1:48 ??


I'm having lower back problems can I still lift weights?
I want to have bigger forearms and at least be toned.

dr phill

i dont respect anyone on steroids. they are pussys.


dude you have some big forearms


Dude, can you even do 10 pull ups correctly??


Go as heavy as you can without straps.. then add them to weight your hands slip out. Do not let your grip be the gate to an exercise as important daedlifts. From my experience adding straps and doing 500+ on deads have gotten me stronger even without straps... because deadlift is a comppund movement that makes the body cteate testasterome making you stronger. Also the stronger your back gets the easier youll be able the lift without straps making it less likely for the weight to slip out since your bringing it up and down quicker and easier. BUT USE STRAPS ONLY WHEN NEEDED! ALWAYS PULLING AS HEAVY AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT THEM! Heavy deadlifts straps or no straps help you get stronger in even squats.

Hoodie y

The first exercise is good but if you really want big forearms attach a weight to a string to a stick and roll the weight up and down both ways. As many times that you can with little rest

Aaron Geraldo

I'm fucking dead???

fred straf

family guy - classic! lol :)

meaty cabbage

I'd like to get rid of the straps but the weight and volume that my program calls for just rips my hands the fuck up :(

Steve Higgins

I realize this is an instructional video but this guy talks so much & so fast with all the hand/arm gestures he doesn't even stop to catch a breath. Had to mute him & just observe.

azure strike

he has such as soft voice for such a powerful looking body.

Mark Vargas

nutrition is key

Roy Postema

Lol turns out im already doing those


3:36 Lmao ??


yeah I worked my forearms when I was 13 too lol mostly the right one


Video starts with Goku, next shot of work out with a PAC instrumental.

? You got a sub

Lone wolf

Dragon ball z is the reason I started hitting the gym☺

Ethan Warren

@Gokuflex how big are your arms?

Cesar Hernandez

Great Video. helps a lot

Juliette Ahraribas

share your cycle bro

Sanal Pk

This is the best forearms work out which I have seen on YouTube.From where u are getting this types of Ideas great ???

These Workouts Will Get Your Forearms JACKED!

These Workouts Will Get Your Forearms JACKED!8 Nov. 2019
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