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Treadmill console buttons not working.

Treadmill console buttons not working.26 Sep. 2018
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This treadmill proform 420

This treadmill proform 420 trainer just suddenly stopped working; most of the console display buttons no longer worked. The fix is unexplained but here we are.

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Leslie Collins

Awesome! Thanks!

Alex Leone

My Gold's Gym 480 work again, thanks


I have an older nordictrack 1000. I ran on it saturday. It rained on monday, but I had a cover over the treadmill. When I took the cover off and plugged in the treadmill, none of the buttons beeped or responded. I will put in my key, you hear an initial beep and the lights come on for speed, miles, calories etc... but I hit any button and nothing. I just took apart the console, and reconnected the ribbons cables, still the buttons don't respond, I'm thinking about trying this in the future.

Vernon Moorer


sashoe95 95

Great solution but did not work on my Golds gym treadmill. Thought I'd post another solution I found on a forum in case of a problem like mine. The person said to unscrew the control pad and disconnect the control pad ribbon from where it connects to the circuit board. Then clean the ribbon with alcohol and reconnect it. I did this but it did not work. I tried a few times more in case I did not clean it well or maybe the ribbon had a contact issue . All buttons work now.

Kisha Fowler

Bless you for posting this. Thank you.

Roger T

BLUF: Procedure worked on a NordicTrack Commercial 1500. Thanks for taking the time to provide.

Background: I called the NordicTrack Technical Support to get repair guidance. My model number sticker was destroyed from moving, I guess. Without the model number, they could not help me. They did inform me that the "three beeps" when a key was pressed is likely a stuck key. I contacted FitnessRepairParts.com and they would not help without the model number. They had four display console part numbers for all the Commercial 1500 models. The display console cost varied between $600 and $900. I guessed mine was the $900 one based on the console picture. Neither technical support suggested the fix provided in the video.

The hardest part for me was describing the problem for the search engine. Keys, key board, etc did not work. When I asked, "how to repair treadmill buttons?", I was directed to this video.

Conclusion: This repair process saved me from spending $900, however I was looking not to repair with the unknown console part. Mostly likely would have junked and replaced with another treadmill. Thanks J La.


You saved me from almost buying a new treadmill. Thank you very much

Shafeeq Mohammed

awesome!!!!!!!! it worked!!!

Deborah Brown

Unbelievable! I just peeled back one corner of the button console cover of my Healthrider s500xi treadmill, and all the buttons worked again. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. Genius!

Pat Paullus

Omg it worked for me, I thought I would have to get a new one thank you so much


I am so grateful, Mahalo!!! Worked on my Proform 550.

Felicity Elder

Thank you so so much. I have had the exact same problem with the 705 ZLT after moving home and was ready to pay a load of money to fix it. However thank god for this video! You have saved my sanity. I am so grateful I found this YouTube you posted!

Philip Sanderson

This worked for me too on a nordic trac c220i - I had been putting up with only the speed numbers on one side working without being able to do anything else for some time.
I was nervous to do this but then I got to the point where I needed to replace the belt at around £80 so thought i'd try it - as it wasn't work spending this money on a partially working machine.
You don't need to cut the pad just peels back if you lift it away with a thin blunt knife - just be careful not to break any of the connectors to the control unit - - i.e. just don't pull it away too hard go slow
Mine now works fine - and with a quick wipe underneath I have put the sticker back in place as it remains sticky after.
I'll update again later to see how it goes long term with the sticker back in place looking immaculate.

Thanks so much I was ready to buy a new treadmill but now can get a bit more life out of this one...

Abel Valeriano

Oooooh snap can’t wait to get home Nd try this on mine. Hopefully it works ?????


Thank you for posting this video.

Jamie Hutchinson

It worked! Thank you so much for sharing ??❤️

Corey Gloudeman

You are the best!! It worked!!

My Big Fat Hairy One

My treadmill was not responding to anything I was trying. All I did was watch this video and my treadmill miraculously started working again! "HOLY BANANA'S!!!" Thanks.


Saved me some $$$ sir Thank YouA

Deepspace 4

I just tried this on my Pro-Form XP 590s. Worked like a charm. I so amazed, thank you so much!

Sean Nelson

I had water stuck behind panel buttons

kourosh tari

Why did'nt you show how and where you installed the tapes?!!!!!!!!!

Jose Baez

Thank you so much for this video, after i took apart my wifes treadmill i could not find anything wrong. i wish i watched this video first lol thank you again!

Kurt myers

I had a later model ONLY FEW YEAR OLD iFit Nordictrack, where none of the buttons worked, in 4 different sections.
Had to remove all 4 sets of giant stickers, BUT IT WORKED!
Assume maybe the stickers warp or shift, and essentially are "pushing two buttons at once" or something.
Anyway big thanks for making my fix so easy!!!!!!!

C Penister

Worked for me thanks

Pedro Cruz

My epic 550 show number and beep wirh ff on screen what i can do to fix it please help me its been my nightmare all ready


Damn it, I got so excited but it didn’t work for mine only the stop button works

Ryan Kraidich

Thank you this worked for a Nordic Track C600 too!


Holy SH**& that worked!!! You're a genius!!!! :) I was going to throw it out!!!!!

Andrea McKinney

This worked for my treadmill too! Thank you!

nathan six

I have a Weslo Cadence G-40 treadmill and some of my buttons weren't working either. I took the whole thing apart just like you did, but still couldn't fix the problem. I'm soooo glad I found this video because I was about to throw the thing away and get a new one. To my surprise, I peeled back the button label, just like you did in the video, and every single button now works! Thank you very much for your help! Mystery Solved! Downfall is I have to remember what all the buttons were labeled, but on the plus side, they all work. When I went to take the label off, mine cracked and peeled in to a mess, so it was salvageable. Just keep that in mind when you go to peel it off as not all button labels come up easy, at least not my Weslo...

Niamh and Aidan Boland


Ross Whiteford

The control switches are called “membrane switches”:

- They have two sides - top and bottom
- Over time the membrane weakens and the problem you’ve has is due to the two sides being in contact the whole time.
- removing the sticker relieved some of the pressure so working again now :)

Veronica H

WOW! It works i am so thankful to you for the info...was about to throw out this $2000 machine. Thank you again!

Tony Gu

Thanks! I got the exactly same problem and it works now.

Johnny Rocket

Thanks for this! I had to do two steps. 1st was remove the top layer with all numbers because just that didn't work. So 2ndi removed the electrical ribbon in the same way (very carefully). IT WORKED! I would not have done this without your video, saved me many $$$$$.



David Schapiro

Absolutely worked for our Nordictrack Treadmill. I wonder if it's many buttons activating at the same time. Our error happened after a really warm day in the equipment room - buttons must have been stuck! Thanks for your help!!!!!

Ousama Kadri

I can't believe this actually worked on a Freemotion treadmill. Screen was showing "SB" as an error. Peeled off the plastic cover and it solved the problem immediately.

Brandy Simmons

Awesome! Tried your trick and it worked!!!!! Thanks!

Dominique Megesi

I tried this on my Reebok treadmill and it worked! Thanks.

Kuntal Shah

I was so hopeful it would work like every one posted here but it didn’t :(

Steve Cappleman

Thanks for this post, fixed my Nordictrac 9.1 saved me loads of time and money, good old YouTube!

Eyad Jaamour

Thank you very very much, this worked on my Proform treadmill, I was going crazy looking for the cause of this problem


Honestly i had trouble believing that just lifting off the panel would fix the issue, however a neighbor thew out a Profrom ZT3 so i grabbed it and sure enough this did the trick and it functions perfectly now. Thanks for sharing this!

Licelismc mc

This really works for me thanks!!!!

Lorna Flask Camenzuli

It worked for me on Proform 750 Model!!!!! Can't believe it! Thank you for posting this!

Tore Mitchell

It WORKED!! Thanks!

Shane C

Dude, this worked for me on a Livestrong 10.0T as well. Spent an hour ripping my hair out. What a ridiculous fix for an even more ridiculous problem.


I have the same problem. Thanks

Jason Tryon

I went too deep, there's 3 layers, only take off top layer "keybad", I messed mine up, my fault though, was already not working so no lose

Dragoon Jefy

WORKED!!!!! I had read manuals, online articles, "Perform the reset / calibration" tips.. ETC..
Before the fix, ONLY the 'incline -' worked. Now, EVERYTHING works.


my buttons don't work start stop and numbers everything else works

Joseph Reyes

Please help the fan is the only thing working idk what’s wrong with it

Ross Chain

Man, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!. I dealt with pro form customer service and they were awful. I will never buy another product from them again. They wanted to sell me a new console for 200.00 plus or a service tech to come out for 180.00 who would have told me I needed a new console.

I was about to ditch the treadmill but went to YouTube for a last stab at it and lucked into finding your video. It worked perfectly. Mine had 3 sticky panels and removing and replacing the middle one did the trick. You just saved me from buying a new treadmill

Thank you once again!!!!!!!!


It worked for me too, thanks!!!

Maximiliano Alvarez

My Freemotin Treadmill 750 screen is Half normal but the other half blue. Help, please

Laura Lea

Well I'll be dang! Worth a try:)

Reuben Richardson

I wonder if it’s a swings in humidity / temp thing... I had the same issue on my Nordictrack I just brought we have it right under an aircon that is only on when required.

Richard Chandler

Thanks, fixed mine .I have Been dealing with this for years on my pro form 600.

thiscabwasrare beats

Thanks! This worked for me, appreciate the help!

Josh Ouellette

Thanks. This worked for my wife’s treadmill and saved me a ton of time and $


sad, not working for me... mine only got a few buttons working, other all dead.

william fletcher

this worked perfectly on my x11i nordy many thanks everyone else said i needed a new console

Brian Lalumiere

This worked perfect for my proform 505cst. Thank you!

Julie Imig

worked on our machine! thank you!!!


Wow I can’t believe this actually worked, I had nothing to loose by trying it and it saved me money and time many thanks ?

Jason Tryon

I just pulled up the corner, not the whole thing, going to try taking the whole pad off now

Anne Mangahis

Omg!!!! I was about to get a new treadmill and I didn’t want to spend the money. Man you saved me $$$$!!! My NordicTrack now works again!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Susie Castro

Oh my goodnesss thank uuu soooooo much. You are amazing

Samarth Shah

That worked for me dude! Thanks a lot.


Awesome! I was at the point of giving up (because it still worked mostly well enough to use, though couldn't access certain speeds). I was hesitant to peel back that top plastic for fear of ruining it completely, but your video gave me the confidence that it would be okay. It's working great now, thanks to your suggestion. I would only add that using a heat gun or a hair dryer to soften the glue makes it a bit easier to peel back. Just go slowly so you don't crease it. Thanks again!


had same issue and your solution worked ?% thank you!

Larry D

Thanks a lot for this video. It just save me a lot of $$$$.This fixed my Proform500i. ????

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If Rhett had kept reading... "..and one of the nicest qualities is they don't talk back".


Nelson e Cesare?

David Davids

at 18:14, it's a, somewhat crass, novelty trophy. cheers googletranslate



NiNi Na

"SON! Get over here and shock your daddy!" ??? I can't...!

jas araya

I'm just watching this like, how exactly did I start getting so involved in this program. How did Rhett putting pb on celery hook me and here I am, watching feet.

Eta yes I realize that's not English and yes it hurts me too


Just what you need when the Star Trek transporter goes wrong. 11:00 Word of advice, even if you're a dog, don't wear red on Star Trek - or on GMM.

Peter Vega

"rubbin' gums" lmfao.

Brandy bubs

They ant using that for their mouths??

Ryker Sharp

This was a great episode but I have to leave to go acquire some noggin.

Hannah Potter

Wow... the girls head was so weird lol

Baki Hanma

Damn! Rhett is goin' Sherlock Holmes on em' !


Rhett and Link Critique Their Employee's Photoshop Skills

Laura Walsh

Link putting his foot to his face like an infant... ?❤️ I can do it too. My hip flexer muscles are super loose.

Charles Manswoon


Raggle Taggle

Sped up the playback because everyone spoke so damn slow

Psi Fly

"gum massager" lol

Alemon 88

“Gum massager”


Rhetts toe could be a finger.

Patrick Williams

Dog De-Shredder. Not a sponsor.

Eli Duran

I’ve also been experiencing that a lot lately ? I look in my closet and I don’t know what to do with my clothes haha. I suddenly have no sense of my style ?


Link doesn’t walk. He slaps the floor.


Yahooooo! I finally became a Mythical Society Member 3rd Degree!

Stephanie Walk

Way too many feet on this episode

OG Curly

"Honey I would like to acquire some noggin"

James Harmon

if toe scratchers was a band that would be the coolest album art



Like this so GMM can see!!!

Amanda Maul

Wikifeet is upset that there were no close-up shots on this GMMore.


Y'all should NOT put your feet on the internet like this

Levi Curiel

I will continue with this until the end of times!!!

Day #87 of asking Rhett and Link to do this idea - What if you guys got all of the BEST dishes from previous episodes (e.i. Animal Style mac& cheese, sweet nashville chicken, etc.) and put them head-to-head on a tournament-style competition in order to determine which creation is the BEST of the BEST? That would be AWESOME!!!

Jacob Villafuerte

16:25 hahaha lol "when you aqquire some noggin" Rhett "yes"


Conquesting the mail ?

Maggie McCauslin

I did NOT read "gum messager" WHAT. SO. EVER

William Spain

"I wish everybody knew all the words to Mama Tried"

Mental Patient

I would like to purchase the vibra-finger.

Christy Taylor

My friend was having leg lengthening surgery on his right femur the morning this episode aired. What an oddly specific coincidence. He's recovering well so far.

Mike Smith

remember the movie sincity the heads on the wall lol

Mark Hollas

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Mich Ly

pov: youre looking for the foot fetish comments

Bogdan Bogdan

6:11 This is a sight


Guys, you have to monetize your feet if you're posting them online, you're tanking the market for everyone else.


If people were buying those toe stretchers, I’m betting they weren’t using em on their toes. ?

Cloud Queen

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Jussi Jalkanen

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Ac Kelpie

Hat with a slinky.. anyone else thinking of rolling down the stairs.

Enrique Fuentebella

Rhett and Link doesn't realise the fetish fuel they're setting fire to right now.

Incongruous Nerd

@Good Mythical Morning !!!
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Baki Hanma

bro this is like the third day seein Link get startled! lol

Hannah Potter

That de-shredder lol


Did the gum massager also cure hysteria?

Joseph Neider

Were you guys on wikifeet already? cause you are now..

ishmael arc

9:47 neither do healing crystals or anything Gwyneth Paltrow promotes and yet here we are


Link really didn’t have to roast Rhetts toes like that ?

Madison Tran


Alex Park

..Link's coming for Ethan's title ?


"get dressed up and go play with your slinky hat"

Robbie Gee

“Gum massager”, right…..

Hayden Valle

I’d 100% buy that shirt

Chris Moon

Rhett Rinklefoot ??

michelle fuhrer

I have been watching y’all since I was 7 and I’m still here at 21


17:00 The last product would make the perfect gift for a Proud Boys member

Keith Knechg

Human hamster wheel.i,d buy one.

Shane Hudson420

How they do heighten surgery is they break your knees and then it grows back taller using braces

Happi's World

The foot fetishers are gonna LOVE this

Nick Underwood

Please make a toe stretchers shirt that would be amazing and a great conversation starter!

Joy B

6:15 seems I’ve hit THAT side of the internet again..


Link's disgust about the heads... Thank you, Link. It is disgusting.


Too much foot stuff today...ewwww.... I need a brain cleanse.

Hannah Sears

"When you aquire some noggin"

Obert Brinley

The mounted women's head was crazy.?


"your foot looks waterlogged" OMG

Atalia Lakes

You're welcome, wikifeet


Is "acquiring some noggin" when a girl gives you head?


Serious Flash Paradox in excercise machine


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Ken Richner

Why are they fixated on babies???

Jessica Demers

Im definitely getting that mug ?



Thomas Chicka

6:08 Wikifeet

Ellie Foulkes

Missed a perfect meme opportunity here ‘that was LeGiTnEsS’

Mike Woodson

am I the only one who could totally see the mounted women's heads being in a frat house

Cailin Oliver

That was great! can’t wait for another Richard and Damnyell appearance?

Noah Porter

Rhett’s utter disgust with the last product made my heart happy

Jenna Tull

I would buy the toe stretcher tshirt!! Give me a link!!!

Ashley Page

“Acquire some noggin” ???

Benjamin Brady

cartographer chase should measure the toes!!!!

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tracy thornton

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It's weird to see Link wear a t-shirt I have.

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Sam Hand

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TL Young

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Ayo Rhett, I need that jacket homie

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?Interested in the 1st product?


Judging by the criticisms, you two have been playing too much shuffleboard...

Jason & Max

Yes Link. They do still make the Vibra-Finger...only it may not be called that..and it's probably not for gums.??

this is not a username

I used to not be able to wear jeans until about a year ago and now this happens

Lenna Lux

The foot fetish people are in for a surprise

Kris Jai

Yeah that vibra-finger is definitely still a thing. Repurposed product.

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Haha that toe stretcher for that time would not be 14 bucks lol coulda bought a toaster ?

Emory MSK E-Lecture Series - Dr. Courtney Gleason!!!

Emory MSK E-Lecture Series - Dr. Courtney Gleason!!!12 Oct. 2020

Emory MSK E-Lecture Series

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- Practical review of the problems associated RED-S in the setting of competitive sports

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This video is for educational purposes only and should not be used to make medical decisions. If you have a medical concern, please consult your provider.

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