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12 Insane DESCENDANTS of Famous People

12 Insane DESCENDANTS of Famous People18 Sep. 2019
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Famous People's

Famous People's Descendants and Their Lifestyles

Hi everyone! Many of us are fascinated with celebrities and their lifestyles. Through interviews, social media posts, and biographies, we learn much about what they believe, how they handle fame, and even how they dress. But what about their descendants? There are some famous people who have descendants as interesting as themselves! So, What about the Curse Kids of Famous Godfather Marlon Brando, The Red Army Father, Stalin and his Granddaughter, Oh, Forgot About Hitler’s Son. Some live weird lives. Others do crazy things. And even a few are involved in creepy goings on – so today, let's find it out. So, interesting facts about famous people's descendant.

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drillz yt

Watch my stream rn drillz yt

Rob Maxwell

I'd slap my mother if she sold letters that were written to me by my dead father. What a fucking harpy she is.


talentless losers.

Hot Tub Mobile Nils

Angela Merkel said to be Hitler daughter .


wait i got a question if Elvis daughter couldn't have kids with micheal then did she have a sister or sum-

Invinso FF

Me- My grandfather bought me ice cream
Hitler’s grandson- my grandfather bought Poland

Pyretta Blaze

Tony Castro= brother to Justin Trudeau. rofl

Raquel Ferrer

I am related to Eve who is Adam’s wife

Tiffany E

I was watching a world war 2 documentary left to get some cereal and this


I would slap hitler son so hard hoping his pop will feel it

Ty Slow



I'm related to Noah...for realsies

Juan Gabriel Lopez

If adolf hilter's son turned evil
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Adolf hitler's Son


Charlie Chaplin was not the most famous person on the planet lol. But he was very famous.

Seamus Kavanagh

Grey Wolf


That man doesn't look like Hitler. Also have hard time believing Stalin's granddaughter lives in Portland, except in the Bizzaro World. And, Sigmund Freud once said " most people are garbage" (sic).


hitler is not “famous” he’s infamous

k r

Sean Lennon is a fantastic musician, in his own right..
Really like the live concert, where he teams up with the dude from Primus..

Carshin daddy

DudE mY gRanDpA was GeOergE wasHingTon


Jean marie Lorerret , was a liar , DNA OF hitler late nephews in USA didn't match'd with the Hitler late Nephews ...

Codebreaker 453

I'm related to Benjamin Franklin.

Ryan Davidson

I dont think hitler was that famous

Jeremy Fung

To those fans of the 39 clues franchise,My ancestors are George Washington,John Adams,Abraham Lincoln,JFK,MLK,Marie Antoinette,Queen Victoria,Puyi,Al Capone,Lenin,Shaka Zulu,Ludwig Van Beethoven,Napoleon,Benjamin Franklin,etc.

James Corden

Sorry but Grace Kelly's granddaughters hair ain't blonde.


Im pretty sure that dude claiming to be Hitler's grandson is just out to make a quick buck.

Gio. G

My great great grandfather was jimmy hoffa

난ᄃ래녀덠 ][ Nan draenyeo

I expected gengghis khaan and 12 million people to be here on the list.

Seagull Livingstone

Ted Bundy the infamous murderer has a daughter. We should hope violent psychopaths dont pass on their behaviors.we can only hope

Emperor Envi

When he said Sean Lennon I thought he meant John Lennin from the soviet union...

R E Malm

... its ALL an illusion ...

Gla ZeD

That's last thing about Hitler's ruling the world was really crying good and done in poor taste

Raptor Gaming

10:08 I died laughing


The fish eye filter you keep adding on these close ups doesn’t look good at all honestly

Name Surname

9:03 You forgot Einstein's abandoned son Ludek Zakl. He was a Czech physicist.

ima piledriver

am my own gandpaw

jerry the wolf

dio brando

Lori A

There are relatives of Hitler though. They should check that. He does kinda look like hitler

Rosa Scarlet

Philippe Loret claimed to be Hitler's grandson in 2018 and provided samples for DNA test too. So where are the results because all I see is "the results are going to confirm the truth". Obviously it does not take for a DNA report that long to arrive. From 2018 to 2020 the report is still "arriving"?

D&D Music

The warp over the pictures makes brain go brrrrr

negative sandwich

1:13 life well lived

Lorrie Miller

Nobody is inherently evil based on DNA you have to do something evil to actually be considered evil it is not genetic and automatic and every person has the capacity to be good or evil based on their attitudes and their actions so it really is all in what you do with it.


Brando? Why do I hear boss music.

Sean Keenan

Hold up.Elvis Presley died on a toilet eminem parodies that on a without me.maddd

Llalassu Skry

In the recent epoch, we've seen a phenomenon of some, of unusual or minority ethnicity, achieving popularity, as for example in pop music, arts, religion, etc.- they have perhaps increased the generally popularity and facilitated acceptance of otherwise less popular types... Many or most of these, who have stood out, have actually been Step-Ins- only Appearing as someone of that ethnicity; their soul karma that of a Chosen; caucasian, originally. This is forbidden, by higher law, for such attained or highly developed to appear as someone not of a chosen ethnicity, the consequences being consignment to purgatory, or to damnation. The Toltecs and Mayans aren't capable of election to sacred Teachings, but there have in fact been among them great, Illuminated shamen, skalds, or men of knowledge- this is a good example of what I'm saying!

J Morlar

In Italy Mussolini's grandaughter is still around and hard at it, she's in politics too...

Jordan Jiang


Positive Perfect

She has his jaw

Jasper De clercq

1:11 its never been proven?

Rustic grizzly

I’m related to Abe Lincoln

hauke powers

why the title "insane"?? makes no sense...get real and grow up with your titles..

T Movies

Steve Mcqueen's grandson Steven R. Mcqueen.

Ahmed abubaker a10

Who else didn't know hitler had a son


The Beatles were before my so I heard very little about Yoko Ono but damn she sounds like a horrible person


9:33 hitler's son

Ash Space08

Hitler didnt have a son!!!


Regarding the Hitlers son thing, If his mother told him his fathers name BEFORE Hitler was "infamous". I might buy it.

YMCA Steven Ogg

uhh hitler didnt have a son,he married his fiance in the Fuher Bunker
Click Baiters

Meoc Mystic


Jasper De clercq

9:55 look at the background??

Belinda Lilac

If Hitler had a grandson, I thought it would be Clause Swab [sic].

james smith

Yoko Ono is just a bitch.

Mustafa Mujezinovic

What with Mao zedong he killed 45mil stalin only 20


You say Stalin’s granddaughter eschews violence and is a Buddhist but @ 4:12 is shown with sub machine gun on her shoulder.

Katrine Uche

what are you talkig?hitler never had children..

SiewHei Lou

How many children did Brando have?


I’m William Wallace’s (from Braveheart) great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandson. So yeah. Cool I guess.
(If you look it up, it says he has no recorded children doesn’t mean he never had any. If you are wondering how I know this I saw the direct results from my grandfathers DNA tests showing that my family was, somewhere along the way, related to William Wallace. I’m not sure how many greats I should have put there but judging by my calculations, it should be close to correct)

Woo Bicha

According to history: Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda was the one that killed roughly 20 millions people. Yagoda was arrested in 1937 and sentenced to death.


this is interesting bruh

James Corden

Stalin's granddaughters a Buddhist against violence then why has she got a gun in 1 of the pictures.

Americo Hagim


Jo Gut

Why do you put famous people in the title and as a pic you pick hitler

Jacob Covert

3:11 uhhh... Genghis Khan??


I'm the great, great, great ,great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandson of..................................................................some dude


Shocking!!! Stalins all kids should have been executed!!!


Hitler's grandson looks so much like John Cleese though?

hi hi

Princess of Monaco got a forehead on her could collect solar power



Billy Bergendahl

Tennis player Rosemary Casals is the great niece of cellist Pau Casals.


9:36 thank me later


Narrator. Stalin killed one off the most people ever
Genghis Khan. Am I a joke to you

Rob Joe

"america put all it's efforts into making sure that stalin didn't become the strongest man on the planet" accept for, you know, when they waged war on the man who invaded him...

Natalie Meenakshi The Great

Stalin wasn't that evil since he ended ww2


Not all of the Hitlers were bad, adolf Hitler had a Half-nephew named William Patrick Hitler. He hated Adolf Hitler and the Nazis so much that he joined the US Army to fight against the Nazis. After the war ended, he had 4 sons and demanded none of them have children so that the Hitler name may perish. When he was 18 he went to Germany to meet his father and his father took him to a Nazi Rally. He hated seeing his uncle leading them. He also recieved a purple Heart.

Jakub Grzegorski

Who in the hell is Idolf Hitler ?! I have heard about Adolf but I-dolf Hitler ? Never heard of him...

mossy art

Don't reject his art work

Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen

What about al Capone and John Wayne gacey?


Stalins grand daughter was dressed as tank girl. Thats what her punk rock look was..

Marian Lincoln

Elvis' granddaughter is gorgeous and TALENTED. I'm GLAD she at least seems to be handling her fame better than he did. Don't get me wrong I ADORED Elvis .... The day he died was one of the worst days of my life and not BECAUSE he died.

HAITI pap dòmi. HT

Why would you be proud to be Hitler grandson? That's scared just mentioned his name ?????

Lem On

Roses are red violets are blue the moment your looking for is 9:42

Evelyn Ruth

Should have included Lucien Freud, he's a famous artist.


Time to get sad cause my family said im a descendant of a great Spanish general who i dont even know the name even im good at history

Grea Blood

Wow but why does he have three pictures of his grandpa right behind him? That’s more than a homage lmao

Matthew Daphne

He does quite abit like Hitler, the head-shape, the eye size....


I thought it was John cleeses at first


You have B roll of Portland, Maine.

Anka H

Everybody gangsta till hitlers son comes to the school.


So Stalins granddaughter is a degenerate? :(


i like how 90% of people clicked here for hitler


9:37 is fro all the ppl who came for Hitler's son

"Austin Powers" actor accused of murder

"Austin Powers" actor accused of murder12 Oct. 2011
27 416
CBSSubscribe 438 721

Joseph Son, a

Joseph Son, a mixed-martial artist and actor best known for his performance as the evil assassin Random Task in the first "Austin Powers" film, is suspected of killing his cellmate in a Calif. prison. CBSNews.com's Ken Lombardi reports.

Comments (30)

he was doing his job.....an odd job

-Glass Caskets-

As if it matters

Handsome Boy

you know what's funny? i saw this guy in austin powers when i was a kid and used to have nightmares him bc i guess i thought he was scary... turns out he really was something to be afraid of

Thomas Marco

He should have been the one to throw his shoes at George Bush instead of the Iraqi reporter! lol


1 st


The dead cellmate was found next to a shoe and was discovered to have a mark on his head as if he'd been struck by a fast travelling object .. very suspicious indeed

Adam Harris

The “Leave OJ Alone” guy said OJ Simpson was accused of murder.

Luis Mendoza

Joe Son back to Prison is 409 Hours

Cait Chan

The woman they raped lived


Something is slightly weird....Im not saying he didnt do it but. There is a video where the police say that the victim picked his picture out immediately as the face of the man who assaulted her in 1990....but she picked it out in the early 2000s....did she somehow not recognize the face that she "sees every night before she goes to sleep" when she saw it in the film. Or was she one of maybe 3 people who didnt see austin powers, or even a trailer for austin powers....or any of the posters for austin powers cause random task was in all of those. Its weird that she wouldnt have recognized him. Not doubting exactly just questioning


He killed his cellmate... what a surpriseeee

Thomas Marco

@dbontheair Remember the Iraqi Reporter who threw his shoes at George Bush as he ducked behind the podium? Too bad it wasn't Joseph Son who threw his shoes at Bush!

D.B. Nyce

Who throws a shoe? Really man? You fight like a woman!

Rapmagic Deleon

Stiky feet


Joe Son's MMA record is now 1-4

Vam The Anomaly

Yes. Just look up "Joe Son Highlights" or "UFC 4 Legal Groin Shots"


he punched Keith Hackney in the nuts

Rochelle Johnson

He raped a woman and then he murdered his cell mate? OMG.


Polanski is a convicted Rapist and still gets standing ovations in Hollywood so i guess at least his work wont be derailed by that

Yung Sorrow

Look in prison crimes against children are the lowest of the low he was probably put in a situation where he had to take care of his cellie or he would have been taken care of instead so he had to do what he had to do and I don’t blame him for killing the chomo


@CheetoSantana Of course..lol


Convicted of gang rape?---I hope he now enjoys the wonderful world of prison sex...




don't worry if his parents are rich he will get out in notime

lYnn waldrop

I know this guy from a film I worked in in 1992 ..I was a costumer and had to buy a 54” chest Chinese gunman suit. He was a supposedly born again & had weird vibes and I barley remember him in my trailer getting his costume. Really weird dude. This film was made in 29 palms staring Dolphin Lundgren and George seagal ~ “the army of one” aka “Joshua Tree”

Jon Doe

Wow thats Odd......Ah thank yuuu


Three cheers for Keith Hackney, who in UFC 6 (I believe) hit Son with repeated groin strikes while they were on the mat. This Joe Son guy was a class-A scumbag. He invented his own martial arts called Joe-Son-Do and claimed he was fighting in the Octagon for Jesus. He also walked to the Octagon strapped to a giant wooden cross. Fucking shitbag.


he looks like a creep in the movie


He got upset when his cellmate turned to him and said: "do I make you horny?"


my question is did he kill him with a kung fu shoe?

"Modern Family" Star Jeremy Maguire Offers His Take on Series End | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

"Modern Family" Star Jeremy Maguire Offers His Take on Series End | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows7 Aug. 2019
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The actor who plays Jay

The actor who plays Jay and Gloria's son, Joe Pritchett, reveals what would be an awesome ending for the final season. Watch the adorable pint-sized actor dish!

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"Modern Family" Star Jeremy Maguire Offers His Take on Series End | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows



Comments (45)
Holly Surlis

God Bless Him And Everyone Amen ?? ??????????❤️??✝️???????✝️✝️✝️✝️

Haikyuu Anime

I saw him with Aubrey on Instagram dancing, my reaction was so priceless.

The Bocaj

Please don’t do drugs and get addicted to alcohol


Alguien que me lo traduzca al español? XD

Kris Lei

He's the cutest thing ever and so incredibly well spoken! It's absolutely incredible for someone so young to be so articulate and have such a sharp perception of social behavior. I', going to miss seeing him on the show, but I hope he continues to have jobs on television because he's such a natural and seems to really love doing it! ♥️

Sky Triner

He’s such a good actress at a young age ?

Ana Soto


Jemilla Suleman GH


Sincere Mimi

How old is he? He’s very intelligent and adorable


He’s a little Leo decaprio


he’s adorable ??

Paayal Sridhar

What a sweet and smart boy! I wish him nothing but success in his acting career! What a cutie pie :)

Joey Van Logan

You can tell he is quite intelligent for his age

Cassie Santa Maria

He's so smart... Sound really articulate for his age. ?



SidneyZ z

Such a special little dude :)

Diana Lee

So adorable!


Dang. He's so well-spoken at such young age.

Burky Poo

You already know his fav cast member is either Sofia Vergara, Nolan Gould or Ed O'neil

Vincent Padovano



He is really smart and amazing at acting

Julie Bickerton

I love him like I would do anything for him

Nabeelah Ismail

OMG he's too cute

Happy Lady

May God protect you , please god keep him away from drugs , alcohol and bad people


It’s sad he’s smarter then me

Super Niall Richardson ManCityfan

Wow, he’s gonna be a star

IceCube1235 :D

wait who dies

Julie Catlette

I mainly watch stories that include Joe because he is just so darned adorable. I would love to see him in more things. My heart just melts every time I see him in an episode. I look forward to seeing him in lots of other shows with bigger parts.



Cloudy Grande

soooooo CUTE

Uzochukwu Chinedu

So smart!!!


he so cute and adorable ughh so precious!!


Gosh, he's the cutest!

las aventuras de guchi

Yes :D beri good jou


everyone flexing their legs behind joe

Oluwadamilola Sowemimo

He is sooooo adorbs. Favorite character. Big fan


love they way he talks..like he takes himself so seriously it's adorable!


He is adorable

Aks KR

Ohmygod he is so little but already so well spoken and smart. Adorable. :D

Aoibhin Deasy

He's actually really clever and he is learning Greek like wow

SunLatina 44

He is half hispanic like his character.


lil cutie

Matthew Strycharz

Awww so cute

Dalia Nosseir

Next leonardo di caprio