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Steph Curry On Who He'd Rather Guard Russell Westbrook or James Harden. HoopJab NBA

Steph Curry On Who He'd Rather Guard Russell Westbrook or James Harden. HoopJab NBA14 Mar. 2017
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Ricc Flair

Stephen curry is the best in the NBA fuck lebron your time is up

monta ellis

He said it doesn't matter but he can't guard either of them. That's why Westbrook said : "who is he ?"....


curry doesn't know because he can't guard neither one lmfaooooo , FACTS

Quan Cook

Why they try to make it beef

Ice Tre 21

Now let's be clear, between all point guards Russ & Wall are the hardest mfs to guard and Harden as well I just put the traditional point guards first

Jeremy Lin

Its a lose lose situation for Curry. He will get his ankles broken by Harden. Followed by Russell Westbrook dunks.

Brian GP

Lol ppl in the comment section, are either defending curry or making fun of him. Yeah he doesn't guard but he doesn't need to. Also he isn't that great of a defender like most make him seem like it

Amon Sanders

Steph needs a pick to Westbrook off his ass. Westbrook would punish Steph

Blooming Rose

Would get crossed either way

Gang Gang

Why do reporters constantly target curry, he never says anything wrong about players... I'm no curry dickrider I just don't understand why he gets so much shit in general

Jaylen Crump

Who's watching this after west brook won the MVP over harden


currys overrated as fuck lol


People love to talk about Curry can't defend his position but if you actually pay attention most of the elite guards can't guard each other because they're so offensively talented. Like honestly you can't make fun of Curru for not guarding Kyrie he can light anyone up.


"It don't matter." Steph doesn't even guard them. They always have Klay guard the elite point guard. I saw a video where Curry was in a situation where he had to guard Bradley Beal in an ISO at the top of the key for the end of the 2nd quarter. He looks back and calls Iguodala to come switch with him so he doesn't have to guard Beal. Smh...


i don't know why they asking him he don't guard them anyway so he wouldn't know


lol Stephen Curry doesn't guard point guards why y'all ask his opinion

Randy Holliday

lol people say Curry can't guard his position yet he always lights up the opposing guard

洪Seanny Smarro

This BoingVert Ad just got me

Alan Scc

This pussy even scare to guard kyrie in the finals are you really gonna ask that dumbass question

Angel Rendon

boy no it is Russell westbrook mpv

MusiKinG 101

wat if he was tlkn bout lebron James and not James harden lol

Randy Holliday

westbrick only drops 30 because he shoots 30 times a night

De'Angelo Hickman

The bitch doesn't guard either one when they play so why value his opinion


Neither of them, he doesn't Guard his position

Jermaine J

Smart answer I thought they were posting this to try and trigger people.

Patrick Mcfadden

rus is just about dat action boss

bostero y boliviano

He can't gurd, not even riley...

Golden Screen Warriors

He can't guard either

Justin Jones

doesn't matter. there'd never be a situation where he guards either of them. soft ass bitch


"ahhh ill defer that question to klay, he's a better all around player anyway"


Better team record is why James ?? SMH Westbrook deserves it hands down !!!

Kawhi Leonard_ BallerOG

I'll guard both of this suckers.

Ooh get money

Nigga lying "it don't matter" nigga you don't guard star players. Look what happened in the 2016 finals. Got to ass rocked and busted for the game winner ?

Qa Qa



I believe doesn't deserve Mvp mainly because of the turnover he has set 2 years in the row and it is clear that he doesn't play defense..... Remind you of A dark skin bearded short Carmelo Anthony that like to pass the ball...


Don't they mean "who would he rather Klay guard" because Curry doesn't guard anyone

Conner Gentry Vlogs

Curry just said James because he knows Westbrook is better than him.


Everybody wondering why he said Harden.
Check it me and you both know without a doubt in our minds that no matter what record someone averaging a trip dub more than deserves that MVP award. The reason he ain't saying that tho is because they don't like each other at all like no respect

Chris Baron

lol he was tryna force them weird questions onto Steph Curry. Asking a player who would they rather guard? What makes these two players so different ? I would've being wondering what's up with this weird ass interview, too.

aji syms

Trick Question.. Klay, Who would YOU rather guard?

John Jean

it's funny how before the season began no one had the Rockets making the playoffs even with the team he has now and everyone had okc making the playoffs and having a decent seed. then all of a sudden james lead a team that no one believed to the 3rd seed in the west and having a all time great season and mostly everyone is discrediting him and saying he doesn't deserve the mvp because he has a so called better team but let's be real take harden out of the Rockets they would probably be the 12 seed in the west. James harden deserves the mvp way more then russell westbrook

carlos villarreal

Kawhi leanord

Udig entertainment

First is and will be Russell Westbrook he's been through so much this season and still make the playoffs without Durant is nothing short of amazing plus Russ make history the first player in history to record a perfect triple double and averaging triple double 26-6 with Russell's triple double without Oklahoma wouldn't make the playoffs MVP Westbrook


I don't get giving the MVP to the better record team. Like because harden has a better team he deserves a person award? That's bullshit. If it's most valuable to their team than it's Westbrook, cuz the thunder would be ass without him. Without harden the rockets would be good, without kawhi the Spurs would be good, without lebron the cavs would be good, without curry or klay or Durant or draymond the Warriors would be good. But without Westbrook the thunder would be nothing

Stalwart Duct Cleaning

they would both shit on curry

Danny boy

Curry don't guard his man cuz he soft, and thinks record is the most important thing and that's why you blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals vs a team with a worse record

Michael Benzyl Jurada

I think he can guard both. But how about uncle drew?. Can he??

Casey Ribaric

Steph can't play defense, soooo...

Stephen Mvpurry

who ever says Curry don't guard the PG's yes he does, he might not do it all the time but he still does it

Randy Holliday

when Steph dropped 12 threes on OKC last year who was guarding Curry??


It is the Most Valuable PLAYER not the Most Valuable TEAM


So many haters on a gsw warrior video ??

Anderson Bastien

Steph doesn't even guard those guys Klay is always guarding them

David Erber

the interviewer has it all wrong, he should be asking Steph who deserves the MVP Lebron James or Kawhi Leonard?

Angel Rendon

boy no it is Russell westbrook mpv

Kim Talbot

Russell Westbrook should get it

Micheal Bell

The day kd left people said ( who I know ) "okc not even making the playoffs, maybe just maybe 7th seed" Westbrook deserves it hands down


great execution


But he can't guard neither??‍♂️

Crawford Hamill

hmmmm.... I wonder why they didn't include Kyrie.

Tim Uhlenkott

bull westbrook is my boy

Mlg Bantz

He definatly meant lebron

Alfredo Castro

On ball defense is just one facet of the defensive end. Where Steph lacks in ISO D, he makes up for in smart team defense, intercepting passing lanes which lead to easy buckets. Hence, why he leads the team and league in steals. Why should Steph guard the best points if his team has great on ball defenders like Klay, Draymond, and Iggy? Pride? Foh. He ain't got nothing to prove to you homers. He winning and doing exceptionally well at it.


Westbrook is way too strong


why u guys hateing

Rikesh Patel

curry soft ass can't defend a tree talkin bout westbrook and harden foh

KENNEDY's SHOOTA #iwillslapEssence

neither he can't play D

Conner Gentry Vlogs

Nobody plays defense anymore it's sad.

OMG ItsPeak


Randy Holliday

Steph has beaten Russell 6 straight times he ain't worried about that nigga lol

Simran Lallian

They should be asking Klay? Klay defends all these amazing guards, not curry

Jakob Lozano

lmao Klay is the one who guards them

stewie griffin

LOL foh..

Dunk of the Night: James Harden SICK Windmill Dunk after a "Basic" One-Handed Jam

Dunk of the Night: James Harden SICK Windmill Dunk after a "Basic" One-Handed Jam19 Feb. 2011
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Comments (81)

new ways? he posted that comment 10 months ago lol


they play 2 halfs


they play 2 halves

Oscar Cabral

No dude. 2nd Half lol

John Lansing

actually they are playing 2 halves as opposed to 4 quarters... like college

Anthony Parker

@3787811 i think james harden has more style and flair with his dunks than lebron imo


There's only two halves in rookie challenges. 20 minutes halves. in this video, they have played for 30 minutes already, on top of bad defense, not unusual.




is it jus me or does james harden miss the second dunk?


lmao carmelos face

Samuel Hong

they played college time. 2 quarters, 20 mins. each.


omg his beard was tiny back then LOL

Rahul a

no second half

Jackson Bush

in the rookie challenge they play two halfs 20 minutes long

Josh Fleming

anybody else hear "Ibaka he should have replace You"? It was prophesied.


how do you score over 100 pts by the just the beginning of the 2nd quarter? even if they wernt playing D. wow...


its second half, the rising starts challenge is like college basketball in that its only 2 halfs, except since its an expedition game no one really plays any defense, which is why its so high scoring


It's college rules I believe. Two twenty minute halves


its in halves


That nigga James dunked the ball so hard the fucking rim started getting emotional. .damn

trisha calderon

Its 2nd Half dumbass....

Tqetgdg Tydsgfas

half not a quater

O-T -M

He loves he side tomahawk 

Kolten Meyers

So does harden play for the rockets or thunder


You got Kevin Durant and Westbrook but honestly Harden is so much more fun to watch. The first dunk was the sickest. Thats how you throw that shit down folks


Rookie games are a bit longer


James harden should really do athletic one handlers off one instead of the basic ones. Tomahawk dunks are ok but still

Leo Erlind

its 2 quarters with 15 minutes each


Get the stupid text box off the screen...

Cameron Alston

They play two halves


He dont dunk like that now

George Garza

0:42 2nd half.

John Brock

Man, that tomahawk looks just like lbjs!

Dan Lenoir

sick dunks but i dont like this new Lebron-like style of dunking, very stiff movements in the air and once the dunk goes down their body freezes, they need to take a lesson out of dominique wilkins, michael jordan and vince carter books, once u make the dunk, follow it through no matter how hard u slam it, the dunk isnt over till u land...


2 halves make a game not 2 quarters.

tristan Mcknight

he missed the windmill


They play 2 halves in this game


James Harden and his beard was the only good thing about the last few years


they play 4 quarters you idiot


those were 2 serious dunks!

Golden Sperm

Damn he gained weight and loss his bounce ?


they played 2 halves

GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

CLUNK!!! lol :) james goes harden the paint lol :)


wtf is with the score? 200 points in total and it's not even half time yet? O_O

Leo Erlind

think i care?

Lori Stallworth-Smith

every time he dunks they say they didnt know he could dunk!

Fa Ad

pause at 0:33, that is a poster right there. He has such good form


whats the name of that song @0:35

Dan Lenoir

No I'm just saying Lebron's style is power, stiff in the air, while the players I mentioned are smooth and graceful, which is what I prefer... No hate on Lebron at all... Get your head out of Lebron's ass....


you're right to a point. no1 played defense, but in the rookie challenge its 2 halfs not quarters


its 2nd half not quarter i guess

Ethan Prytherch

2nd half not quarter


0:08 Melo just Farted then at 0:43 stephen curry shat himself


@3787811 Totally agree with you!


Lol love the commentary


he makes it look so easy


melo funny hahaha

Payton G

That "Basic" One Handed Jam Was Better Than The Windmill


I had a damn big noisy laughter after I red this one


that’s a future mvp


@3787811 agreed i also think dunk contest r getting weak.

Hussain Tariq

@JohnB318 fear the beard...lol and westbrook can throw down some sick dunks too


I think it is just you trying to find new ways to hate on lebron

Dan Lenoir

Have you seen dominique dunk? Dude was powerful but he was graceful, full extension on his windmills, follow through, full body rotation with any dunk and once he touches the rim the fact that he grabs onto it meant his body didn't do this ugly jerking back motion once they contact the ring, instead his body swung forward or stayed in motion, that's grace, power and grace can go hand in hand

Call Me Tae



Dominique was smooth and graceful? Hate.

Zack Rasooli

@AwesomestKeith 20 minute half


they played like 20 min halves or something

RIP Rasual Butler

0:08 carmelo anthony has to take a deep shit

Ricky Cruzval


Hussain Tariq

damn...fear the beard

Leo Erlind

thats more maths than basketball! :)


Carmelo was like "who the hell is this nigga?"


@AwesomestKeith It's the Rookie Challenge, so nobody played defense ;) The rookies beat the sophomores 148-140 at the end...

Keith Wong

2nd quater 100 points?

Bob Kasandran

it looked like he missed at 0:37

Big Game

Basic?!? thaw was a vicious and ferroucious dunk!

NBA Reacts

Lebron taught him well


give thumbs up if yu agree dat it look like he miss the second dunk!!!

Abid Choudhury

in the rookie challenge they play with modified college rules- so two halves. so it was the second half.

makaveli shakur

melo`s face :D :D :D


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Aden Yuan

Cook time!