Leg squeezers

Leg Squeeze Standing

Leg Squeeze Standing25 Aug. 2016

• In a standing position,

• In a standing position, start squeezing your leg muscles (see photo below).

• Work up to squeezing for 30 seconds/direction. Be sure to breathe and not be overly vigorous.


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GoldenEye (5/8) Movie CLIP - A Good Squeeze (1995) HD

GoldenEye (5/8) Movie CLIP - A Good Squeeze (1995) HD2 Nov. 2015
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Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) rappels down to squeeze the life out of Bond (Pierce Brosnan).


1. Spectre https://goo.gl/5mIVzM

2. Skyfall http://j.mp/1POiFdB

3. Quantum of Solace http://j.mp/1NeBQHx

4. Casino Royale http://j.mp/1k5YoTv

5. Die Another Day http://j.mp/1POdMkD

6. The World Is Not Enough http://j.mp/1POfJgY

7. Tomorrow Never Dies http://j.mp/1k6ehsX

8. GoldenEye http://j.mp/1POf2o5

9. Licence to Kill http://j.mp/1kOgryc

10. The Living Daylights http://j.mp/1kONO3R

11. A View to a Kill http://j.mp/1PRjJxl

12. Never Say Never Again http://j.mp/1HuWb9A

13. Octopussy http://j.mp/1OVs9Dy

14. For Your Eyes Only http://j.mp/1PRsxU1

15. Moonraker http://j.mp/1OVrrGw

16. The Spy Who Loved Me http://j.mp/1H9kr0T

17. The Man with the Golden Gun http://j.mp/1H9dTPR

18. Live and Let Die http://j.mp/1kOvjws

19. Diamonds Are Forever http://j.mp/1OrXg9U

20. On Her Majesty's Secret Service http://j.mp/1kesPHg

21. You Only Live Twice http://j.mp/1Os3nv2

22. Thunderball http://j.mp/1O8BaJn

23. Goldfinger http://j.mp/1PmXr4X

24. From Russia with Love http://j.mp/1PmO7y3

25. Dr. No http://j.mp/1k6jC3x


Pierce Brosnan made his first appearance as James Bond in this action thriller, the 17th in the series (excluding the 1967 Casino Royale and the 1983 Never Say Never Again) featuring the suave British super-agent. As the story begins, Agent 007 and his partner, Agent 006 (Sean Bean), pull a daring raid on a chemical weapons plant in the Soviet Union; however, they are captured by Russian troops, and while Bond is able to escape, 006 is not so lucky. Several years later, the Soviet Union and the Cold War are a thing of the past, but Bond is still at work ferreting out evildoers everywhere. Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), a beautiful but vicious villain working with the Russian Mafia, spearheads the theft of the controls to GoldenEye, a high-tech satellite weapons system, and with her gunmen, she kills most of the soldiers and guards at a top-secret military facility in the process. Bond joins forces with Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), one of the base's few survivors, to help track down Onatopp's minions and the controls to GoldenEye, which can destroy all electronic circuits in a given area in a matter of seconds; however, in time, Bond discovers the true identity of the criminal mastermind who is behind this bid for unholy power and world domination -- none other than Alec Trevelyan, the man Bond once knew as 006. In addition to Brosnan, GoldenEye also marked another significant cast change for the Bond series -- Judi Dench made her debut as M, Bond's superior. Minnie Driver also has a cameo as a nightclub singer. Sadly, this was the last film in the Bond series for special-effects supervisor Derek Meddings, who died in the midst of production; the film was dedicated to him.


TM & © MGM (1995)

Cast: Famke Janssen, Izabella Scorupco, Pierce Brosnan

Director: Martin Campbell

Producers: Barbara Broccoli, Tom Pevsner, Anthony Waye, Michael G. Wilson, Albert R. Broccoli

Screenwriters: Ian Fleming, Michael France, Jeffrey Caine, Bruce Feirstein


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Comments (100)
Erica Jackal

What is she doing to him exactly? The thing where she straddles him and pulls his torso up? It clearly causes him pain, but I can’t tell what’s actually happening there. Anyone know?

Christopher Walker



It's obvious Xenia is combat trained and has had some sort of martial arts training which subsequently strengthened her legs to superhuman levels. My guess would be Judo. That scissor lock she uses to asphyxiate her victims isn't Hollywood fiction, it's very real. In professional Judo competitions it's an illegal move because it's extremely dangerous. With enough pressure, someone with this skill could rupture internal organs.


So why didn’t he just shoot her with the AK?


This is the dumbest sequence I've seen in a long time.

Shining Silvally

So that's where that line of "This time...Mr. Bond....the pleasure will be all mine." came from. Disturbing.


24 years I still waiting for Natayla's turn unless it was going be a threesome

Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert

James don't need to shoot Xenia the only to kill her and eliminate her is while Natalya is busy distracting her this is your chance is to clip her belt loop on to the helicopter and use her rifle to shoot down to helicopter and once you get rid of the helicopter it will pull her away and her back to the tree squeeze the life out of her back giving her a taste of her own medicine, and problem solve and also awarding you a bond move and using one stone to kill at the same time and good quote She always did enjoy a good squeeze. Lol. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Hajime Zero

I guess he did get the chance to blow her back out


Bond and Xenia actors after the licking part: *Spits intensively.*


And she remains hung to this very day...

karl eichholtz

Jean Grey seems to enjoy a good squeeze.

David Reisinger

I always wanted to see Natalya's "turn".


Best line ever ???




Bond gave Xenia a taste of her own medicine.

Mr. Problem solver 89

I love how Xenia says wait for your turn. Because let’s face it you got to hate interface. However you would expect that in a movie like this, plus it’s too bad this fight was so short.

Matt McEwan

He shouldve said "I'd say the juice was worth the squeeze"

Keith Springston

Xenia is such a creep in this!

Arin Adams

Xenia always a had a intense sexual appeal just oozing out of her.


She came down On-a-top of them (that will be the last pun I ever make).

Southwest 001

That’s one way to kill someone.....

Where Da Stimmy's At

0:49 that sounds like one of the female screams whem u kill her in the game

Lemon Trends

And then she became Jean Grey

hunter hamm

This part was always so dark on the n64

James L. Anderson

1:20 1:21 1:22

Grant Wheeler

1:18 “Wait for your turn”

Chris Peplinski

Xenia using pleasure as a weapon.


You just got kicked in yo chest


IF there is ever a remake of this movie. Kortney Olson NEEDS to be Xenia.


I dunno why, but for me, this stands out as one of Bond's best one-liners.

savage _dumce


Brandon Robichaux

She can squeeze me to death anytime.

Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert

Put a James Bond theme on 1:28 on that part Xenia's death, Bond move awarded.

Raymond Frankwick

One hundred and ninth yesternight, since, ?75th ?new calendar year anniversaries of Bad Penny, crossing Equator, at midnight stroke of the new calendar year-1945.
"007" occured instantly in my mind, as I see my father's WWII Air Navigator's signature with his U.S. Army serial number: 0-807177

David Dean the human Juggernaut

I threw my back out at work come home to sleep and couldn't I was in pain sounded just like Bond at 1:06

Skymarshall Marz

Thing is, a simple strike to the throat would have done Xenia in. However, for the drama....

Jamie Olberding

"She's a pure murderess psychopath!I would get out my Klingon D'k tahg (dagger) and stab her in the heart and then cut her ugly head off with a Klingon Bat'Leth (curved Sword)! And then vaporize her miserable body with a Klingon disruptor pistol to make sure she stays dead! Assassin P'tach!" (P'tach means bastard in Klingon).

Seamus McKenna

Bet she does kegels.

Electric Gemini

First several seconds reminded me of the intro to Apocalypse Now

Ethan Blair

She always enjoyed a good squeeze

Jamie Olberding

Xenia Onatopp is a monster, a murderer, and a complete sociopath. She's as good as DEAD!!! If I encountered he I would kill her on site with a Dalek Death Ray Gun set to kill.

OCD Stig

Quick Secret: Xenia was played by a Victoria Secret model...

Drew Dickerson

How would that kill you?

ronald ferreira

hot strangler

definitely safe

Is she squeezing the nipples ?


The pleasure will all be mine.

Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert

1:21 that's an good Bond points move. James clipping Xenia on to the helicopter and shooting the helicopter so the helicopter with pull her away to tree have her back to tree so it can squeeze her while the helicopter. Killing two with one stone.

Brimestone Lewis

This is a case of enjoying your job too much.

Slick Vic

Whenever I watch this scene, that music from the N64 game always comes to mind.


In addition to being one of the most entertaining action movies of the 90s, it was also a great comedy!

D- Q.

Why did she have to scream as she died?

Alex Caruso

Was this supposed to be erotic?


This is why I think it's stupid that people demand a female James Bond or a female 007. Strong women have always existed in the Bond universe. Xenia was about to literally screw James to death and, while it ultimately didn't do much, Natalya distracting Xenia is what allowed him to beat her. A woman saved Bond from another woman, and people really want to say that the Bond universe has never had strong women in it.

Greek Millenial

I'm sure she has killer kegels as well


Thought this was a fight between my x and I last week..

James L. Anderson

0:58 0:59

GuyOnAChair ​​

1:20 Wow she went down dabbing.

Jamie Olberding

"Xenia Onatopp is a monster! KILL HEEEEEEEEEEER!"
Predator: "With pleasure!"


1:28, Hypocrite.

will m

My friends dogs name is xenya.

Jhon Sepulvedo

god xena was sexy though

Mr. Problem solver 89

Ya know what’s really smart about this scene? It’s a two birds one stone kind of thing. Because Bond shot down a helicopter and took care of Xenia all in one swoop. Brilliant Mr. Bond. Bloody brilliant. :)

Greg Wise

She always did enjoy a good squeeze. Such a classic one-liner.

Chuck Alexander

She got it worse in the N64 game. She was shot to shit lmao!

The Aspie Gamer

Dark Phoenix stop trying to kill Bond

Eduardo Cuellar

Did she died?

Quincy Croft

James Bond just killed Jean Grey, Wolverine's gonna be pissed.

Dee Nice

Bond: She Always Did Enjoy A Good Squeeze!!!

Sylvester Williams

The way she says "wait for your turn" is so vicious and full of insanity.

Diet Bleach

Would of been hotter if she laughed when she died

Ann Fotlyan

I wish Timothy Dalton had played Bond....he's far superior to Brosnon

Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert

1:30 Cyka always did enjoy a good squeeze.

Chris Peplinski

Xenia sure did get a good squeeze.


Man, Famke Janssen's character in this would have made a HELL of a BJJ specialist.

Chris Peplinski

Happy 25 years to goldeneye

Cbr 3

1:20 wait, did she just dab?

Noah Talley

Anyone else noticed when she said, “Wait for your turn?”

Dustin Mahan

She was a bad egg.

Jackson Rushing

Damn, that accent is just too goofy.

Brothers Productions YouTube Movies

Pierce Brosnan Killed Famke Janeeen

C. Dawg Knight

Xenia is the best female baddie of all time


Pause at 1:28.

James L. Anderson

1:27 1:28 1:29 1:30 1:31

Mr. Problem solver 89

1:28 bye bye Lol ?


19 people don't enjoy a good squeeze...

Justin Bel

God bless you. Oh I’m sorry I thought it said “A Good Sneeze”

Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert

1:30 Cyka always did enjoy a good squeeze.


Probably pooped and peed herself getting squeezed so hard before she died ?

Scott Frank

Bond should pick up her rc-p90 and Grenade launcher.

Christopher Howell

1:30 OOH! Baby! That has gotta hurt.

Pinoy / Fil - Am Simple Living


Cinematic Studios

Love this scene/movie!?

omar alamilla

She make a good porn star

James L. Anderson


savage _dumce


Kenneth Wilburn

Did James really just shoot a full auto AK with one hand at 1:20... what a boss

radiohead tv

She freaks me out

Steven Zumbrun

Didn't he have about ten minutes to shoot her as she descended on the rope?


The best way to die

She always did enjoy a good squeeze

She always did enjoy a good squeeze8 Aug. 2008
177 902
Uzi JacuzziSubscribe 438 721

Xenias death in

Xenias death in Goldeneye...

Sorry about the audio. Nothing I can do to fix it since it's copyrighted now.

Comments (46)
Kage Reactions

0:31is the peek

Isaac Mayorquin

"Wait for your turn" sounds hot


R.I.P. Xenia Onatopp "She squeezed for living and life squeezed her"

Carlos agius

Audio is shit

Asuka Graham

I hate James Bond, he killed the Xenia。 Such a beautiful assassin


sound is awesome...

Jarrett Smith

Could've been worse. Without that Y-shaped tree, those propellers would have chopped her into sushi!

Of course, that wouldn't have been as painful a death.


Rest in Peace Headphone users and also Rest in Squeeze Xenia Onatopp


It's funny how arousing it is for some people to watch Xenia... look how many YT videos are there

Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert

Well, miss onnatop she always did enjoyed and like a good squeeze.


The cow jumped over the moon...

izzy Honey

haha best bond girl ever.she was so bad and epic bitch <3


@anaconda371 bullshit try it....see how long you live....better yet watch girls vs guys wrestling....

Jarrett Smith

Yeah, but a Sonya Blade she'll never be...


I wish we could have seen "Natalya's turn" :(

remsensor TM

You need to turn up the volume I cant hear it.


@NewYorkS4U xenia's death is a little more brutal in the wii version...


...Jean Grey?

Secret Guy

She's a woman you'd love to fuck, hate and kill! Men need women this.


@DewittDude989 Hitting a solid object like that, and at that speed would shatter your spine. Though it is far more likely the tree would of bent out of the way and she would of gone soaring.

Derek Wall



hahaha thank you for uploading!


She was my main squeeze


Oooooooooooooooo! runs off camera


to bad there was no girl squeezing a girl


someone tell me how hitting a tree would kill her

Rob Humm



Why did Bond just stand there for so long and let her jump out of the helicopter and land on him? He had plenty of time to see it coming a mile away and move.

definitely safe

What body part is she squeezing


Her ribcage was crushed by the force of the helicopter pulling her against the tree. Death could be by punctured heart or lung from a broken rib.


HAHAHAHHA hillarius xD




Natalya may be weak in hand-to-hand, but she really saved Bond's life. But she looked really discouraged right at 0:43 when Xenia disarmed her and grabbed her head.

LongLiveEvolution 170

This is way too funny!


But instead of shooting the pilot, Bond could not simply shoot her?


"ela gostava de um bom aperto"

Jylene Brynn

You know her death is understated, The helicopter might have pulled her nearly to death but think about how much Bond has survived threw things like that. I believe it is possible that it didn't kill her but dang nearly killed her to the point of passing out. Bond just accepted that it ment her death. It would be nice to see her in a new Bond picture which actually keeping her role alive. 'Only way you can be sure of death is a gunshot to the head- oh wait, The World is Not Enough is proof that's not entirely true' LOL ^-^ Bring back Xenia 


My biggest regret is that none of this scene was in the N64 game. The only good thing they did was stage the scene at night instead. I wonder if this version is found on the Wii game.

Rubic Cube

Famke Janssen was always my celebrity crush until she got plastic surgery

Rob Humm

1:02... there's no pilot in the chopper):


In my opinion this is the best James Bond movie death ever.

Anorexic Beats

"She always did enjoy a good squeeze" best quote in the movie considering the setting


Xenia was a total realistic lady because many people that looks perfect is evil and she had what every women dreams of BUT  her death is whats dissapoint me 

its not realistic to flang into  a three like that and stay there 

and the helicopter would exploed long before she flys upp 

Brian Cline

This scene is so hot, the ferocious expressions of sadistic sexual pleasure in her face that she gets from squeezing Bond to death, she would be very dangerous to me because I would be so tempted to submit to her and just let her keep squeezing...

Every Year in Music Playlists

maybe a stupid question, but how exactly does she die? what is the physical reason? if one can call it such

Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert

I Always Did Like Miss Onnatop And I Enjoy Her Famous Squeeze And It's Too Bad In The Goldeneye N64 Game That I Shot Her To Death And I Wish That They Made The Goldeneye N64 Game Where Miss Onnatop's Death Would Be Alot Different Where She Was Hooked Up To A Heilicopper With A Cable And I Could use Her Gun To Her Her Heilicopper Polit So She Can Get Squeeze and caught Between The Trees And Squeeze To Death.