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Foot Locker Eastbay Cross Country West Regional Championships

Foot Locker Eastbay Cross Country West Regional Championships8 Dec. 2019
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Foot Locker Eastbay Cross

Foot Locker Eastbay Cross Country West Regional Championships held in rainy conditions which called for the alternate course at the famed Mt. SAC course.

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Dhruv Purohit

11:27 Mans really said Nike's "Finish on Empty" at Footlocker regionals


I don’t think people realize that it was probably cold as hell at these meets.

Swagger McJagger

How is this race so fast? 11 people under 15:00 and most of them usually run mid-low 15:00s.

Billy da Baller

Like the second place guy


Great vid! They were fun races to watch

Steve Haley

Anyone know how to get those New Balance xc5ks in that colorway? I thought they were only given to the people at nationals but they're in this video lol.

Parker Massey

1st comment lets go!!!


That’s not cross country they should come over to Ireland and see what our courses are like

Philip Le

Wanted to see an interview with the bell boys

peninsula p

I disagree

mads baird

i was supposed to run at that meet :((( im sad

Greg Kenney

Only in Cali would they cancel a cross country race because of rain.Lame

Joel Mumaw

So stupid half the top finishers were wearing 4%’s

Hugo XC21

Anyone know the song name at 5:04

Caleb Bliss

3:29 69th? Nice.

Chris Katon

Looked more like road race than cross country


Wait how are there only 12 comments

Travis Leslie - 2011 NBA Combine - Eastbay

Travis Leslie - 2011 NBA Combine - Eastbay28 Jun. 2011
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Travis Leslie - Georgia -

Travis Leslie - Georgia - SG - Height: 6'4

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Hooping At LA Fitness Ft. Austin Dunk Session

Hooping At LA Fitness Ft. Austin Dunk Session25 Sep. 2019
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Wooooooo!! Crazy dunk sesh

Wooooooo!! Crazy dunk sesh videos coming soon ?

Comments (42)
Once a bust Always a bust

7:15 some say the dude is still standing there today


Austin jumps higher than Steven


:50 peep the nascar aloe ?

Grape Ape

He probably still standing there now. Other than that nice session, your boy getting higher every time. Keep up the good work...

Eunice Ekanem

Nice video

Spanish BBall athlete

Bro you should have posterized that guy

Steven Celi

All I kno is I want to dunk so badly.... I can’t wait to go NUTS!!! ???

Farhan Ismaeel

Nice video dude? Btw how tall is Autin?
5'9 with/without shoes?

Used Burrito

You’re like the sneako of basketball


One of y’all should’ve dunked on bull he made me wish I was there playing just to dunk on him ??‍♂️

Gaurav Sharma

Why does Austin look like a typical bully?

Kid Tyson

I fuckin wish you were dunking today dude i wanted that guy to get postered ? i was mad for no reason

Phuk Kieu

How do ya’ll train forever and Miss easy east bays and 360’s??‍♂️

Andy Nicholson

that guy has the biggest dunker envy I've ever seen! So mad he can't dunk wants to keep others from living the dunk life! unreal!!!


This dude kinda seems high?

Cam - G

I feel like Austin is a leo

swirl dude

How tall are you?

Matt Turner

Wow what a hater


Are la fitness rims actually 10ft

Leonidas G003

2:18 i would do that in a good day while hyped and it would be super hard. And for u its a "light dunk" .....

May NF


Tyran the Visionary

Good video Isaiah,
I’m 5’6 starting my junior and year and I’m so close to dunking off an oop. How do I transition to dunking by myself? (I jump off 2 btw)

Lil Dooder

That boy good

Ahmaad Paige


Ellie and simba

OMG!!! Yooo Isaiah why you didn’t dunk on that guy ? although y’all were giving him mad buckets

ArisiLitted / squad

Nets are 9’11 in LA fitness

Mike W

that dude so lame lol. would've paid money to see Isaiah put in one max effort jump on his head.

matt martn

2:03 effortlessly


Don’t know where you’re from but that dude would’ve gotten checked real quick you guys are too kind

Leland wilson

y'all high as hell

Daniel Kevin

How tall are you

CJ Champion

My bad, my shoes were 11s, not 11.5


what's that guy staying under the rim ? he's jealous ? he didn't want you to dunk or what ?

B 4L

I’m a one foot jumper and often get pain right below my knee after too many jumps. Any tips


What’s Austin’s standing reach? Dat boi flying either way tho


I'm so confused like it can't even be fun playing like that

David Kelly

Lmao I woulda loved isaiah to be playing properly to just destroy that dude hanging under the rim ?

Him being there mighta stopped the average dunker but it woulda been perfect poster practise for isaiah lmfao

Tom Dunks

if Isaiah was jumping that day I think the dude under the rim would have had to retire

Ryan Feo

Where is this La? Orlando? Come to Clearwater and let’s have a session !


Why was there a salt grain under the basket?

Peter Mannion

7:15 I really wanted Austin to just dunk on the guy standing in the middle he acc pissed me off just looking at him

Nathanael Pyron

2:28 the dunk hater is filming em thooo