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What Career Path Did You Choose That You Strongly Advise Against? - AskReddit

What Career Path Did You Choose That You Strongly Advise Against? - AskReddit10 Feb. 2021
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What career path did you

What career path did you choose that you strongly advise against?

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Comments (100)

The psychology one depends on the country. Where I live (Lithuania), there's a constant shortage of psychologists, so there are plenty of jobs. I'm also not in it for the money because psychology is a field that I'm genuinely interested in. I'm ready to start working as soon as I graduate because I want to help people.

meehoy meenoy

Johnny Depp and Nick Cage are close? Awesome

Julian The Apostate

Pick an important and growing industry first. Then decide what job you want within it

Andrew Ramos

The first guy sucks at his job. How hard is it to just bring them pictures of spiderman?

Will Scrudato

plays tiny violin for the cops


The pilot comment sounds accurate for regional airlines. They don’t pay much at all, and are mainly used for getting flight hours and making yourself look good for what’s called “mainline,” which is where you fly larger distances and go international. That’s where you start making substantially more money, and it keeps going up from there depending on the company.

I could have a part wrong about the specification between regional and mainline airlines since it’s not my desired path, but my dad is an airline pilot and has frequently explained to me the benefits and money to be made.

Nothing against the video or anything. Just felt like the pilot comment was far too critical of the profession. (Not to mention that the disagreeable person used as an example in the comment is someone you’re not even going to interact with for likely the entire duration of the flight. You’re not trapped with them, they’re just a passenger and you are just the guy flying the plane. You hang inside the cockpit, not the cabin.)


I like this channel at least i can cross things off my potential carrer that would be hge mistake


OH MY GOSH, YES THE PHOTOGRAPHY MARKET IS SO CROWDED. I'm a great photographer but there's sooo much competition with people that don't even know what the hell they are doing


Trynna make it out here in teaching and professional gaming : )

Richy Hu

I'm surprised that game dev isn't on this list. Contrary to what people think, being a game dev means that you have to crunch, your creative ideas are passed up for more monetization because the game needs to make money first, you're under constant stress about having to preform well because your boss knows that there's a hundred other wide-eye naïve gamers who think it'll be an awesome job just like you starting out.

Also to the high school kids out there, UNIVERSITY ISN'T YOUR ONLY GOAL. IT SHOULDN'T BE A PIPELINE. Do what the guy said, look into trade schools and trade jobs. If you are sure you want to go into higher ed though, look at going into community colleges for non-major classes. CC's are much cheaper and college algebra is the same wither at Yale or your local liberal arts school. Just make sure you can transfer your credits.

Ahmad Solehyn

Noo i am currently learning aviation to be a pilot. Hopefully the company i going for is better than what i see from this reddit thread.

P.S. I'm a singaporean so i trying to get into SIA. Thus, I'll be flying overseas almost all the time.


Is computer science good

Undyla - Chan

Me looking through the video trying to find the career path I chose


Nursing sucks. I wish I would have went into engineering

Chadx M

informative... but needs more research

Camryn Murawski

I'm getting a degree in music business, am I fucked?

Jeffrey Foreman

Don't go into customer service in any way.. unless you like to be treated like trash and work 20 (or less) hours a week for little money.

Bryson Wiley

I’m surprised Paramedic wasn’t on here. If you want the responsibility of a Dr. on your shoulders minus their entire supporting cast (other than your 1 partner), half the pay of a nurse of your lucky, working enough hours to never see your family (24 and even 48 hour shifts) and still barely pay your bills, bring respected as much as a taxi driver, being deemed a “hero” instead of receiving decent pay and retirement like the rest of the healthcare workers, getting woke up every night to go see the same frequent fliers who abuse the 911 system for the simple fact they are board or want pain medication, and being disrespected by nurses and Dr. who don’t care that you spent 2 years of your life studying your ass of while going to school full time learning medicine, then this is the job for you. Welcome to EMS. I’ve only been here 2 years and I’m already over it.

Mark O'Donnell

Nursing/Health work. Don't do it unless you are willing to basically give up your whole life for a thankless career. Where you WILL be quite literally, spat on, shat on, bled on. Threatened. Slapped, kicked, bitten, too many times to count.
You will cry, at least a couple of times a month. And mostly feel hopeless for the rest of it.
There are moments where you WILL be proud of all you do, but unfortunately, those moments are very few and far in-between.
Especially the NHS here in the UK. The British government needs all the ex nurses and health workers it can get right now (For obvious reasons) Yet they conveniently forget how they treated us like shit. Underfunding us one year after another. until we had to count every single penny we made.
The applause in the streets doesn't mean shit. I personally find it to be patronising . Not when The Public does it. But when I see Politicians do it, I just want to scream and/or puke.

Heather Ann

I think lawyers deal with alot drama. Multiple lives with multiple scenarios. Timelines and paperwork and emergency phone calls from clients. But i bet it's rewarding to win and settle a case. Good money too.


Get a trade mate way better then a office job

iAM Teddy

Why wouldn't you have fun in an office???

The Noch

So happy not to see STEM jobs here especially as a computer science student

Garrett Boyd


Charlie Foxtrot

yo wtf, I've never heard a Text-to-speech actually audibly inhale after long sentences before.

Also I think the cop's main problem is the wife. why tf would you keep harassing your husband every 10 minutes if you know what he does for work? That's some stay-at-home wife energy

Irina Tavera

Political campaigner and government aide jobs.


There's a pilot making only 24k/yr in this day and age?
I was making 18k/yr back in early 90s (not as a pilot) but I had tough time getting by.

Ervin M.

F*ck, when pilot was mentioned as a bad career choice I chuckeld bacuse that's exactly the career I want to reach and I already started saving money for it

Julia B

As a graphic designer, I totally disagree. It’s highly desirable right now. If you’re good at it, and stand out, you’ll do well. That being said, I work for myself and find my clients. I can’t speak to graphic designers that work for corporations though.

Beer Da costa

As a construction worker this makes me happy!

cookies n cream

Glad that mechanical engineering technologist is not here

Jessica Rich

There were Aladdin sequels?

hey daddy

Law enforcement I would say its quite enjoyable for corrupt one, i have known and deal with some of corrupt cops who actually enjoy the work, Infact they want more work and would even do off duty work just to earn some bribe, i guess it suck for hard working people who work by rules

Warren Jauregui

I own a rock shop. The dumbest new agers on earth. Honestly i dont know how they tie their own shoes.

Aquablue 125

Photography is serious. I worked in the retail aspect , started from the bottom and turned out I’m very very good. Became company trainers for horrible pay , built up clientele on the side for events and such , watched kids grow from birth to teenage years, then the economy fell, and All phones came with cameras. Ruined the industry. Almost all retail photography companies went under , and so many people think they are photographers because they can use filters and such. I used to pose groups of up to 75 , had the eye for it, can make any child listen and anyone smile , and now for nothing . All of my old coworkers and photography friends do nothing in the field anymore. And we worked 15 years in the field. It is quite heartbreaking


Any kind of artist. Just don't waste your money and time. You will earn nothing and hate everything that was once your hobby


Don't be a tow truck driver unless you are ready to be in the same position, with the same hrs with the same pay for years.

hoolie gunn

People hate cops because cops refuse to dissavow and attack the nazis in their own department.

Aramis Washington_

I hate when people act like trades are so perfect those jobs are very labor intense and will destroy your body at some point. Everything has a down side.

Stevie Wolfe

Judging by the thumbnail it would appear painting Joe Rogans face is a gig

John Weedon

message all jobs are shit... lesson OMG

Hitler's Pimp

Yeesh, I hope firefighting isn't as bad as these jobs.

Radio TTS

Underrated Careers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn795pqC9P4

Ariane Bolt

Airline mechanic, in December of 2019. Nope.


Be mindfull that it really depends where you are in the world, not everyone is from the US yknow. And other factors are important too, like the current market.
This is basically nothing more than anecdotal evidence.


Basically, do you enjoy doing something? Are you passionate about it? DO NOT MAKE IT YOUR JOB. It is Hell on Earth.

Romes Republic

My advice, figure out what you're good at, then narrow it down to what you enjoy. If you're good at something you'll excel, if you enjoy it, you'll excel faster.

Curt Dawg

Child and Youth Care....can only work in this field for so long.

Someone Someone

All of them. Work sucks.

Otis Blue

The cop guy is a whiney baby. What do ppl expect when they become a cop? Everything he described sounds like what u should expect. U gotta be tough and understand how terrified ppl are of u. Cops need to realize that we are afraid because u can legally fucking murder us for just about any reason and get away with it. That got sounds like he deserved better. Ppl deserve better cops.

mary v

bro what about architecture?? its horrible


Doctor... not worth the stress, effort and debt. People think they earn a lot but that just really isnt the case.


If I was gonna be a cop, it would be game warden or forest ranger or something where I'm not dealing with an urban area

Last name First

Anything in occupational health and safety, especially consulting. Nobody respects you. Everyone is always annoyed you’re on the job site. Nobody gives a shit that they’re supposed to shave before putting on a respirator.

You end up with a firm full of jaded, self-obsessed people who are desperate to not admit to themselves their degree in enviro studies was pointless. Or worse, the same but with a masters. Management always disagrees on how to approach each project and it constantly changes. Constant micro-exposure to hazmat because budgets are always tighter than what’s needed to get the job done safely. Then you’re called back to that same project for additional sampling that you fully saw coming but ‘we didn’t have it in the budget’ on the first visit.

Makes you wanna pull your hair out daily.

Thank god I quit, I’d rather cook fries and I’m not even joking. Do anything else.

Raleigh Amelia

I know someone who got a PhD in psychology. She hasn’t had a job for years and when trying to look for a job, there’s nothing that they like. I feel like it is a waste of time to get a PhD in something that won’t get u anywhere


L A W.

Otto Von Valentine

I'm happy that no one said historian :3

Ryan Adams

No job is a piece of cake you want a piece of cake job? Born rich and you wont have to worry much just know where to put your money to invest and sit back and do your hobbies


"I'm surprised I didn't see any plumbers, electricians, welders, (blue collar)."

Allow me to enlighten you. No, you don't have to deal with office drama but rest assured there is a hierarchy and you'll have to be prepared to be screamed at if you mess up.
Imagine a job where being lazy about safety can get you killed, so you aren't, but your coworkers are...and their actions can result in your injury or death.
"Reddit jokes" yeah, but then you got Bill. Bill has been a carpenter for 25 years and hates all these "liberal n-words" going into the career. Wanna back talk Bill? Congrats he'll report you to the superintendent, who are they keeping on the job. You or Bill?
Good pay, good pension, definitely a ceiling unless you try and start your own company or....you guessed it, GET A DEGREE.
Body wear and tear will leave you feeling 80 at 60, college jobs don't take the same toll unless you never ever exercise.

Overall it can be an awesome and rewarding career, my Grandad and Dad both did it and I have done some myself, but I see why they said "Learn my skills don't walk in my shoes."
So ill continue working on my degree.

odd maner

Heavy equipment repair...especially feild service...80k in tools...long hours...dangerous dirty work...work most Saturdays...trying to get along with all your neighbors so they don't call the city for your overweight service truck in the driveway..."unstable" co-workers...and always a race against the clock...everyone needs everything now type of aditude...started at 19 got out of the game last year at 30...couldn't be happier farming trout and raising honey bees

homie senate p

Yup, I always thought a nice, low competitive blue collar job is perfect. It's straightforward, gives you mental and physical exercise, and it pays enough

Brindle Chihuahua

I absolutely advise people to stay away from being a car mechanic it doesn't pay well and shops abuse their workers to get on TV just look at OCC Paul. Sr is an jerk.


Art degrees only mater if you major in animation and work for big companies such as Cartoon Network

Emily Treu

I know people happy and successful in all of these niches... these people are just complaining .

A Dog with a gun

Well artist can get a pretty good job making "explicit art" for people


This kinda reminds me my mom always said if you wanted to be paid, "Just be a plumber in California, you'll always be paid"


Phew, thank goodness IT is not here, im a bit relieved. Ik its not easy to get a job in IT but i have a dad who has been working in the industry for decades and knows what i'll need to get employment. Cross my fingers and hope i'll have a smoother sailing than what i imagine ??

alex hernandez

The first handful all pretty much summed up my time in broadcasting. It's all of them put together, you wanted to be a journalist, a real writer, instead you became the guy who writes every single ad for every goofy local that comes across the station managers desk, the clients ARE usually dumb and you will be busting your ass selling advertising packages and Doing client work all while recycling the news, script for script directly from ACTUAL journalists all over the world haha this is why people think journalists are idiots now a days, it's because we're all more busy being fucking salesman basically and 9/10 the mistakes come from juggling so much shit and asshole "if it bleeds it leads" mentalities abound

David Reynolds

All jobs suck. Get used to it. There is no magical job that is fun and it pays six figures. If the job is fun to do, everyone would want to do it and the competition would drive down wages. Young people need to get it through their thick skulls that the jobs that pay the most are jobs that people want to do the least and are commercially in demand. Work is nothing more than exchanging your time for money.


Good didn't see A. I. Development.

Currently in degree. It's hard asf. So I guess that's why. But I love it.
Was either this or Aerospace engineering.
Just do more brainy degrees people. Stop getting humanities studies/art degrees.

NotToo Obvious

Anything in Special Operations. Special Forces, Rangers, Delta, SEALS, SWCCS, Raiders, FBI HRT, CIA SAD, you name it. Military, Agency, contractor, its all the same. You will have no family life, spend all but a week or two out of a year bouncing from one AO crap-hole country to another, watch your marriages crumble, your kids will grow up without you, you will be ordered to do things that are often highly illegal and unethical, you will bury more friends than you can count, and have nothing but some photos and medals to show for it when you are done.

When you are done, the memories will haunt you - the people you hurt, the people you tried to save but couldn’t, and the people you ordered to do the thing that got them killed. You think about it everyday, driving to work, eating dinner, walking your dog, going to sleep, it’s all you think about. You think about all of those you leave behind in the fight when you retire. You think about how you never thought retiring would be so difficult. You never felt so useless when you retire. The constant Guilt plagues your mind everyday.

Young guys ask constantly “What’s your advice for someone wanting to join special ops?”

The best answer? Leave it for the next guy. Do something that allows you to live a life you can be proud of because It’s not like the movies or video games. The soldier bleeding out next to you isn’t some random NPC, he is the guy who told you about how he wants to retire and start a restaurant or finally have a family.

I wonder what it was all for. Did we really save more lives than we ruined? Did we stop terrorists or did we just allow them to recruit more?

Meaty Lenguini

Nit seeing a single engineer in there makes me very happy

Lillo B

Most of them are very USA- specific


I would recommend Security work, management is particularly horrible at my company but getting paid $24 an hour to look at your phone and jiggle doorknobs every hour isn't too bad, plus it can be a lot of fun with the other gaurds you meet. The very hilarious and underrated movie "Observe and Report" is disturbingly accurate to some sites/people I've worked lol

Aquablue 125

And ! You need a damn bachelors degree to do anything now..to be a dept manager in Macy’s ...to be a secretary or admin . It’s ridiculous

Malcolm Pagett

What superhero is called KJ?

Its_Matty95 BOI

I really don’t understand why someone wants to go to college for a useless degree just to work at McDonald’s. Go to a trade school, become a welder, or a diesel mechanic. Don’t waste money or time for college for an arts degree ??‍♂️??‍♂️

Jav v

Social services....low pay...clients can treat you like crap..... you will begin to hate people

Ocarina girl And the stories

Now I’m scared. Me and my cousin are writing a book with another planned after that one. Trough out our lives we have made little sketches and parodies. I was hoping that when we grow up that we would either be writing books together or have a film company similar to Monthy Python. My “I’ll settle for this job” is actor at a theater, doing shows for school kids. I just want to tell stories, and possibly have fun with my cousin/ best friend. Storytelling is my purpose in life. I don’t care about getting famous, I just want storytelling to be my job when I grow up.


lmao yaaaa i feeel so bad mr officer, if only police literally wasnt founded on racial grounds, and if only more "good" cops like you stood up for people in brutality cases. Its no coincedence that we have never seen a video of a cop rescuing a person from the aggression of another cop

Meredith Grey

Can you do scariest animal attacks please?

Hope June

Maybe the reason traders aren't complaining is because their jobs aren't glamourized so they consciously choose the trade rather than do it because people think its the coolest or best way to make money


Im glad i never pursued graphic design after high school (Not that i can afford college or anything).

June Chevalier

A lot of ppl conclude that they shouldn't get their hobbies as a career, but my dad loves teaching and he is a teacher and he loves his job even after 30+ years

Milo Aukerman

12:51 "absolute fantastic" in first world country


Restaurant industry. It's food slavery pls just stay away

Yggdrasil Ynternational

So weird that people are suspicious of cops, I mean why wouldn't you blindly trust someone who has a gun?

Karen Spelman

Im in an under appreciated job field. Environmental Specialist in a Long Term Care Facility. Im a trifecta. Basically, Im a housekeeper, laundress, floor care tech in a nursing home. 23 yrs on the job. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing/making my ressies smile. The hardest part... Watching them die... Seeing them go from robust individuals to frail shells.... Contrary to popular belief, not all ressies are old, feeble, & needy. Some are young. They are here as they need extra care they cant get at home.


Except the analyst thing ( that doesnt apply to me ), I also didn’t see any programmers or accountants. Yay! We good


My generation was pushed SO hard to go to college and get a 'real' job. I think many were not even told about trade school. The only reason I was even aware of trade school was because one was in the same building as my high school. But even at my high school they pushed that you needed to go to college, not some stinky old trade school if you wanted to be successful.

Ami Flex

?????????? ???????? ?????????? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ???? ??? ? ?????


Damn, I like how 90% of these are complaints about bad conditions, and bad pay. Idk, maybe it's time we unionize and fight for more from these rich jerks that sit around doing nothing.

Aquablue 125

Veterinarians and vet assistants. DVMs are lucky if they make $60,000 , but being $300k in debt, they make peanuts. I was a vet assistant for some years, and unless you work in a private hospital, you’ll be in corporate chains, that only care about making money.

Taylor Neil, Psy.D.

The psychology one is BS unless you plan on going into academia, and that’s the case for any academic field. I, and most of my class, had multiple job offers before graduation.


People nowadays work bcuz of money and not bcuz of interest

Sarah gt

Childrens homes, it's a brutal business, daily beatings, spitting, hair being ripped out, black eyes, false accusations and no support from management. Its all about profit and shutting the children up by giving them what they want so it looks good.

Asmodius Jones

11:35 being a lawyer is terrible and I would advise everyone not to do it. Like the poster, I am a litigator and I hate it. The pay is not very good (you don’t get paid at all if you lose), I routinely work 24 or 36 hour stretches, and nothing you do is actually real. Cases could be determined by farting matches and they would end up about as fair as they are now.


The poster says they actually like it. They are crazy, but there are people who do actually like it. My own theory is that people who like it are so disconnected from actual reality that they can’t tell that the whole thing is a farce compared to actual factual determination (like even the most basic science). In any case, I guess if you like it you might as well go into it, but know that you are nuts.

Amber Tiffany

Is there anything that's even a good job anymore?

TheReal BFunke

Being a cook I can testify it’s completely accurate.


Correctional officer you'll be hate as much as regular police if not more you'll receive threats more often its incredibly stressful physically demanding dangerous and mentally draining most COs end up with alcohol abuse issues that being said its not for everyone some people can prosper i enjoyed my time as a CO and left due to political reasons within my Sheriffs Office not due to the job

Beginners Guide to Reddit - Webinar Wednesday

Beginners Guide to Reddit - Webinar Wednesday10 Feb. 2021
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Reddit calls itself "The

Reddit calls itself "The front page of the Internet"

It has thrived as a discussion forum. with millions of users sharing thoughts and opinions.

It is a bit "rough around the edges" as Reddit takes a more hands-off approach than Facebook.

It is the model for "crowdsourcing opinion" as each post can be voted up or down by the community in general.

This past few weeks Reddit has been in the eye of the storm around Well Street Invests, a Reddit forum at the heart of the Game Stop story. We will talk a bit about that, but primarily. this week we take a look at getting started in Reddit.

00:00 Introduction

09:00 Why we decided to talk about Reddit

10:53 What is Reddit?

14:42 Reddit basics

16:30 Reddit homepage

17:48 The look of the old Reddit

20:57 Interests vs Algorithm

24:10 The new Reddit interface

25:50 Why Reddit isn't a promotional tool

27:40 Doing a search on Reddit

32:10 Steve advice for new Reddit users

35:43 Q and A

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Bill Peterson Galleries

Looking for the twice mentioned link to " a great article about using Reddit for business" ? Thanks for the video.


Watching replay. Thanks for covering this VIP topic.

Dennis G. Diede

Take a subject and get a thousand different ways to lie about it. The more 'lies' I see the more I can figure out the truth.

Geeks on Tour

I might just have a different way of saying the same thing, but I don't see anonymity as the defining characteristic of Reddit. I actually would not even call it a "social network." Both Facebook and Twitter are organized around people, Reddit is organized around topics/forums. Every forum/subreddit has one or more moderators who have no problem kicking people out of their subreddit if they don't like their attitude. They also have the power to take down posts and enforce rules. Moderators are volunteers so some are more active than others, but I think that structure is more of a defining characteristic than anonymity. I enjoy learning from Redditors with similar interests, I generally find the conversations more intelligent than elsewhere.

How to

A quick question, not on Reddit but Google Photos, which I have watched all your videos on. Is there a way to rearrange people on photos. On a number of my photos, Google has stated one person as someone else. Not a major issue, but I have photos of my family, and when they were young, they obviously looked a little the same. And their school friend, in group photos can look a bit like them. So Google has people I don't know, listed as people on my photos. for example, my son, who was 2 in the photo, has been listed as someone from a school photo from my other child, years before. Or my daughters baby photo is listed as my son. Would be great if it is possible, but just can't work out how to change them around correctly

Rahul Dhongadi

I saw replay now. Thanks for detailed information about Reddit

Skip Morgan

Hello from Seguin Texas

Harry Orenstein

Steve, thanks for this WW.
What about Quora?
Will Quora disappoint?

Landon Praught

Thanks Steve for the replay I love the show .

Laura Belgrave

Catching up on the replay, Steve, and thanks for posting those. I've never really explored Reddit, but . . . I just may.

Bob E.

Thank you. This was a great overview for someone not familiar with Reddit. Yes, I could see my self going down a rabbit hole with this. OK quick question. I love your reading chair and need to buy one. What brand and make is the one in your office?


Just curious, I'm sure some may have asked already, wondering why you upload to YouTube at 720P rather than 1080P

Sutapa Mazumdar

I liked your analysis of the platform ?

Dennis G. Diede

There is NO free speech on Facebook or Twitter or Google. All TV news is biased. I will explore Reddit looking for various opinions on important subjects.