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Keto Simplified | Dr. Eric Westman and Amy Berger

Keto Simplified | Dr. Eric Westman and Amy Berger14 Dec. 2020
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End Your Carb Confusion: https://amzn.to/3nk1Jj0

Amy Berger: http://www.tuitnutrition.com/p/about-tuit-nutrition.html

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Katie Tucker

Hey Matt & Megha. I love you guys I’m so interested in getting my eating under control I have tried keto for some time I have your book and. Few of your ebooks and fat bomb but I was watching this particular show and I was wondering if you guys think this particular book is the one book that one need to get to the bottom of the yo-yo chain. Happy holidays to you guys and your family ?

Elfi Schuster

Thank you so much for this interview. I am a cardiac rehab nurse and cringe everything the dietician comes to teach our cardiac patients about low fat diets. I feel our patients are being short changed by not having updated dietary information presented to them.

Susan Priano

I’d like to understand how to combine intermittent fasting with keto. It seems the belief is extremely low carbs are less important if fasting.

Word Warrior

Keto IS Atkins perfected! Credit where credit is due. I have no doubt that Dr. Atkins would have arrived where we are today on keto if he were still with us. I believe he would be thrilled to see how ketosis has taken off as a way of life.

Ramona Herner

I thought if you eat too much protein you won't reach ketosis or too much protein will kick you out of ketosis. Dr Westman is saying eat as much protein you want. I'm confused.


Due to the process of gluconeogenesis a state of ketosis is inhibited with protein consumption and not just carbohydrate consumption which is why the original ketogenic diet was roughly a 5/10/85 macronutrient ratio. The only restriction discussed in the video so far (still watching) is carbohydrates. Are you suggesting significant ketone production occurs without any protein restriction? Are the details discussing gluconeogenesis in the book? Or am I jumping the gun and going to find this discussion later in the video?

Susan Priano

I’m an RN who put my 93 year old mom on keto for 3 months. Her persistent fatigue disappeared, her mini mental state test improved from 18-22/30. Her bladder incontinence improved signifying improved autonomic nervous system. Sadly, I had to move away for work and she reverted to her old self because my siblings removed and rejected everything I did to keep her healthy.

Lili Robin

Amy Berger is great. Her book, The Alzheimer's Antidote, is so good. She said to prevent Alzheimers you need to start in your 20s.


Your wife looks sooo bored..

Cynthia West

Dr. Ken Berry’s “ketorade “ takes care of cramps and keto flu.


Fantastic interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love from Vermont


Interesting video, not completely what Dr Berg ascribes to, but I learned a lot from these folks. ?☮️


Love Love Love Doc Westman's sense of humor! :) End Your Carb Confusion is great - Spot on for identifying issues I was having even though most of my health markers were in normal range and how eating keto can help.

Ross Todd

Great interview - you guys always do a good job and ya'll are so fun to look at - beautiful people! I have to say something about the micro biome - you guys and even the Dr & Amy are so young (compared to me 70 yo) and I hope ya'll never have any gut problems. I have been on Keto about as long as you guys - I have been following almost since the beginning. Your recipes have been super helpful - Thanks!! Back to the gut - I know you are familiar Dr Gundry & Mercola with but you should check out Dr Zach Bush - a triple board certified MD - the smartest guy I have seen - anyway those guys would disagree. I hope ya'll never have problems like me but when you get older things may change! Check out Dr Bush - I think Matt would like him - you may disagree but he has some out of the box ideas!


One of the latest theories on CVD with causal evidence is linked to homocysteine and the metabolism of Omega-6 fatty acids into arachidonic acid. Since most applications of low-carb dieting includes increased fat intake do you have any warnings on Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio intake? Or any specific recommendations on ensuring adequate folic acid intake? Or do you prescribe to other theories on the causes of CVD, and if so which theory?

Robert Cullum

I loved this video and I just ordered the book! Great work guys!!

David Owen Flores

I was loosing.. my.. mind..
with all of the keto confusion !
this information.. is a GIFT!!!

Jack Santel

If Keto works so well, why does the black wife look so fat and wear heavy red sweaters?

sandra evans

im removing sugars and lowering carbs, eating meat, eggs, low starch vegi. i dont want to have an app, just want to live and enjoy food. in 10 days im down 6 lbs and feeling like im finally going in the right direction with hope to see my goal weight at 66! learning lots from dr westman, dr fung, dr becky, making it logical and simple


Just ordered the book, can’t wait to End my carb confusion ?

Pam Buck

Thank You Guys for Sharing this with us! Very Informative and Simple to Follow!! :)

Marcia Horn

I never got Keto flu at all. I made sure my electrolytes are up. Salt intake etc. no diarrhea either.
I don’t have a gall bladder so I back off on the fat ( plus I’m fat so I don’t need so much) and I do intermittent fasting which certainly helps my digestion giving my gut more time to digest the food I eat. If I do eat a higher protein/fat meal I have taken bile salts to help things along or swig down some disgusting apple cider vinegar with the “ mother” helps immensely. I haven’t had heartburn since I started keto in October and my snoring completely stopped ( clearly I was allergic to something I had been eating- I think it was gluten related).
I feel fantastic.

Михаил Михайлович

I tried eating keto for a week and my liver hurts like hell.

Aashiq Wamzandi

Great interview. Only two words, “IT WORKS’. Get the famous “page 4” and follow it. Period. Been on it on for week and am down 6 pounds


Nice to hear this discussion. I should be getting my copy of their book this week. Looking forward to reading it!

Carri Foote

I've heard fermented foods are lower in carbs than what the nutrition labels state because they don't take into consideration the affects of the fermentation process on food. Yogurt is one of them. But I've often wondered if real SOUR DOUGH bread would be considered the same? Anyone know?

Kayla Konzal

I have always been thin, could outeat most people I knew, but my cholesterol is genetically pre-dispositioned to have low hdl(which I know I have from blood labs). Thin does NOT equal healthy. My hdl has gone up 10 since 3 years ago starting keto. I think the s.a.d. is borderline criminal what they teach and put in foods. Weight and health I do not feel are proportional, something VERY important in my opinion.

We Love Knowledge

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I’m an emotional eater, since I can remember. Having BPD, anxiety and depression, it’s a struggle but Keto has helped me. Even if I over eat, Lily’s chocolate or bulletproof coffee or cheese or pork grinds, I feel better than eating chips or cake.

Miguel Ortiz

you can use face 3 just for indulging ones in a while.

Miguel Ortiz

when you change diets you need to retrain your brain

Joy Loving Yeshua

How many carbs can we have a day?

Silvia Andrews

I'm so excited about this book. I pre-ordered on amazon and mine arrives today.


I think Indonesian Ketofastosis should read the book and follow dr Westman more religiously, if they know what I mean ....

Kashi Rokosa


Melly Mel

I needed a shot of Dr. westman to bring me back to the basics. So many spins on what keto and is and isn't out there, my head was about to explode.

kaitlyn young

I don’t know about the microbiome issue, but I’m pretty sure that sweeteners are not good for us based on the gastrointestinal effects. I often what kind of damage they are doing besides giving me stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Cindy Watson

Hey guys. You are the best. I have a medical question. I have e.b.v do you know medically if keto is good for that. I keep having recurring mono.

Miguel Ortiz

watch fat-fiction movie on amazon prime

Peter Mason

Sharing this one....


I'm such a fan of Dr. Westman and his work. SO grateful ! 43 years of diets and this is the easiest thing I've done ! You apply the diet based on what your goals are .... there are no quick answers ... Buy the book ! 10 bucks on kindle. I just bought a paperback of this book and sent it to my personal physician as a gift. All my cravings are gone ...what worries me now is being hungry enough to eat something so I can take my medications ... and soon, that won't be a problem because I'm convinced I won't need them much longer

Robin Thornhill

Excellent session! Thanks for hosting this live stream.


Thank you for bringing Dr. Eric Westman and Amy Berger to us so we can relearn how to get back to basics of keto. No extras; it is all so simple. Limit Total carbs at 20 grams consisting of non starchy carbs. Just real foods - forget the keto friendly junk foods. They just sabotage and slow or even stall your weight loss. Don't get caught up in the having to get a Keto blood monitor ($50), keto products touting electrolytes, androgynous ketones, sugar substitutes, (each costing $30-100 for a months supply, etc.)

As a side note: I am NOT attacking either of you and this is not a hate comment, but please, stop fidgeting, scratching or rubbing any part of the body, twisting rings, flipping pages back and forth, drinking from containers, etc in front of the camera, as it is very distracting.

Lisa DeAngelo

So simple!y put! I would add though, to really help with inflammation, avoid crappy oils. Use the good stuff, it will make a difference.

Louise Clarke

Great video except OILS matter.

Carrie Robinson

Carrie from Milwaukee Wi !!!!!


Hey guys I’ve been mostly carnivore for 4-5 months. My ketones pre carnivore were 1.5-2.5. 2 weeks ago started including a lot more fiber (for stomach) and ketones r up from .3-.6 last week to 2-3 now.

Maybe a challenge in there for u, to see if fiber increases ketones...

Mary-Beth Smith

Dr Westman is the BEST! Met him in Raleigh, NC a few year's ago with my Keto Guru, who I've been following for the past five years. Having said that, I found you both a few years ago and see you following Dr Westman and my Guru. And yes, Dr Westman is extremely approachable, warm and funny.

zeke cheng

The abashed cabinet respectively stain because water peripherally moan through a immense baritone. temporary, square question


Got to the end of the video and it's incredibly concerning that the risks of a Type I diabetic on a ketogenic diet are not highlighted. Yes, a ketogenic diet can work for a Type I diabetic; however, it can also be incredibly dangerous for a Type I diabetic to be on a ketogenic diet and it's only recommended with medical guidance.

Kim Leon-Guerrero

Great video and such important info. Thanks so much. ❤️?❤️

erica bostrom

As a 30-year old Type One Diabetic I stand behind keto 100% for controlling my disease. With an A1C of ~9.5 for 18yrs+ I’ve been able to bring it down to 6.9 with the almost complete elimination of carbs from my diet. I will continue to live eating clean keto because it is what is optimal for my body and as long as there is no cure for T1D.

Silvia M

Awesome book! Doesn’t appear you guys read it though. There was so many questions that could have been asked that weren’t and that’s a shame.

Heather Thornton

Dr Westman/page 4 has saved my life. I was on my way to heart disease and diabetes. I lost 65 lbs off my 5 ft frame over a year ago and feel so much better. From the beginning, I experienced mental clarity and appetite control.

Jen Robinson

I love Dr Westman

deepika patri

Is keto suitable & just as effective for those without gall bladder?

sam sam

"Wait. They still make Oreos?" - Dr. Westman is hilarious!!

Purple Kat

Thanks so much for sharing with us!??

the beautiful good

I don’t say “keto” anymore because of the knee-jerk rejection among the “all that fat will kill you” crowd (including my primary care “you could have a stroke” doc even though my A1C triglycerides HDL VLDL BMI visceral fat all in great range or going in the right direction). ??‍♀️??‍♀️

After last blood lipid test in July I started walking and Pilates and did more clean keto (less saturated fat more olive oil avocado OMAD more veggies) and started the statins my doc prescribed. I’m still losing weight but my LDL fricking increased! I’m 25 lbs away from a healthy body weight so there’s no way I’m giving up keto but I hate the gloom and doom lectures


Best video ever. I’ve already sent it to some friends.

Janine Anderson

Wow! Thank you so much Matt and Megha for having Dr’s Eric Westman and Amy Berger on your channel for a discussion on the ketogenic Diet and for their very valuable information on the right way to do the Ketogenic Diet. Sometimes we hear ? so many different opinions from experts about Keto (Yep! Everybody has different opinions), but I find that the both of them gave very simple, easy, and helpful information. By the way, I love your channel. ❤️❤️❤️

Val Brenneman

Sorry Matt but I giggled when you asked Dr. Westman what book he had written.

Nanc Hallford

I love your videos you have helped me so much. Love the content.


Full blown ketosis can be really nasty - body odor, bad breath, fatigue, etc. Although the majority of people on keto diets are eating enough protein to facilitate gluconeogenesis and produce only moderate ketone levels at best avoiding the aforementioned effects, do you recommend or advocate a particular level of ketone production for optimal health? What ketone level production do you recommend to target as a minimum for health benefits?

Candice Teeter

He has been doing research since 1998.

Suzanne Kazmiruk

Dr Westman seems like such a lovely man.

Marianne Browne

Thanks for sharing this information

Carrie Robinson

Hi guys !!!!!

Lorraine Pfaff

What about cauliflower ?

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Comments (100)
Steeve Thibodeau

You should avoid zero stuff or adding stevia and stuff. Your body is like "cool, sugar". A bit later after taking it he is like"I got sugar but still no effect, I WANT MORE".

Glenn Taylor

Do you take meta mucil? At 23g of carbs with 6g of dietary fiber still leaves you with 17g of carbs for 2 spoon full. Is this why you take magnesium For constipation. Not sure why so many recommend this on keto. Thanks for taking the time to put this video together.

Wendy Covill

Have you researched Sole` Water?

rocco goldenera

how about cellulose in supplements you take is that ok for ketogenic diet is friendly for keto or not because Cellulose is formed when the plant links the glucose together to form long chains of glucose. The chains are called polysaccharides (poly = many, saccharine = sugar or glucose). By forming these polysaccharides, plants can build their cell walls and strengthen plant parts like stems, roots, and leaves!

Catherine Seguin Hanson

Do you still take the Mag Calm or something different now? Thanks

Glammed by Natalia

What about wheatgrass powder?

Don Obadencio

Thank you. Your videos are a big help to me

Diana Carrillo

The vitamin D3 I have says the main ingredient is safflower oil...... is that bad?

Denise Spurlock

I use wheatgrass tablets, coconut oil and apple vinegar cider as well as my daily multivitamins.

Fiona Fay

I love Natural Calm!

Carlos Alberto Laurencio Milián

0:33 let start with the big dogs
0:34 Megha thinking about it


You two can not stay on this diet forever!!! They talk shit about vegans needing to supplement and look at this

Rob Xsiq

You might check out the collagen powder. it tastes like nothing. a scoop a day in your coffee or tea first thing. Your joints will feel great, your skin...your skin after a few months loses all the weird microwrinkles and crap...great for the older folks (30+) when you start noticing changes in your skin...basically once your body slows down the collagen production. Nothing to do with keto, but everything to do with looking good (both men and women...although you will most likely find it in the womens aisle..creams and powders...the cream of course helps the surface skin...meh...the real deal is going to the source.

Ribota Sajambre

Wwhat's the URL that proves fish oil, please

Bryan Stark

you check to make sure you're not taking too much potassium??? that's not a problem on ketosis. The problem when you take multi-vits is the iron, because you eat so much meat you will have extra iron. Potassium is flushed out with the salt, i.e. water-soluble.

Sinthu Siva

Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m from a medical background, the only thing I didn’t understand was the sodium bicarbonate. Meha mentioned she takes this for low carbon dioxide, which is not possible. There is probably another reason for this supplement. This is given (in much higher doses) for patients with acidosis in their blood (which is a very serious condition usually secondary to metabolic acidosis related to kidney issue).

Patricia Sheehan

Magnesium and potassium! Ive been keto for almost 5 years. Lost over 100lbs. keto became a lifestyle for me. Felt great until I started exercising 2 years in. Dizzy, blurred vision, tingling toes, headaches, extremely tired, heart palpitations. Saw a Dr Berg vid and started taking magnesium, potassium then added multi vitamin, krill omega3s and folic acid and all symptoms went away. I feel great. Wish I or the dr.(lol) would have figured this out years ago. Just started hearing about the K2 and D3. Put in an amazon order last night.


1000 IU of Vitamin D is NOT ENOUGH for anyone in the US/Europe, please don't tell people that they should get started with 1000. 5000/day is great.

mary harvold

If you are d deficient 10mg or more.

Ashley Jordan

why do some supplements come with maltodextrin in the ingredients (I'm talking about the pills)??? I've found that many of my natures made vitamins have this as an ingredient


LMAO at that Vitamin D wink haha

Sabrina Neckle

How is it possible to get 3500 to 4700 in potassium a day, when supplements are only 99mgs ?

Sharlita Jones

Idk if this is a dumb question but I take one a day daily vitamins so should I take more supplements?

Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

Anyone really know about getting cartilage to my knees, after a X-Ray due to swollen knees the doctor said most of the cartilage is gone, not sure if it's osteoarthritis yet as I need to see other doctors in a new province so I'm just wanting to gain back some cartilage fast and as soon as possible. Thanks everyone, I tried collagen and glucosamine w\ magnesium for a couple months now, not sure how well it's working or if I'm on the right path. Thank again. REALLY appreciative for feedback.

Linda Elinor

Hey, I juice celery....lots of celery juice for electrolytes! Google it

Leah Avila

Can I take prenatals as a multi vitamin?

ludieliz silaya

Megha what type of multivitamin do you use to potassium magnesium and sodium ? I can’t see it in the video

A_B_C Easy_as_123

Staying within the 30g or less for carbs daily has really made it difficult for maintaining bowel regularity. I recently rediscovered "Calm" the magnesium citrate supplement and am hoping to help reestablish regular movements again. I hope it helps me.

If I'm not mistaken, a man needs 38g of fiber a day. I haven't figured out a way to get this either through food or fiber supplementation without going over the 30g limit of carbs on a keto diet. Right now I eat 10 oz of fresh avocado daily and that gives me 20g of fiber but also accounts for 26g of my fiber intake daily.

jackie ocegueda

did she just say her name was mega? clicks off video

Taylor Zalewski

For electrolytes I use Ultima with my water every day. Good way to get in electrolytes in an easy way...doesn't taste like crystal light..i find best flavor is raspberry and grape..orange has a super weird taste. I take at least 3 scoops a day. No sugar

Cyndy Fisher

What cranberry supplement & dosage please?

Van Gogh's Ear

sucrose acetate isobutyrate, is it sucrose? Just noticed my Lemonade MIO has that in it. Is this bad?

Thriving Rockstar

Love you guys... You’re like my friends who actually try useful shit and talk about it! ?

Oscar Lopez

What about vitamin B? 12

Chad Howarth

Thank you for this. I immediately went out to get a Powerade Zero. I'm 6 days in, I've been perfectly strict and continue to learn as I go. I'm definitely transitioning and struggling with electrolyte balance. I almost cried when that first sip of Powerade hit my lips lol. So good!

hale azeez

Please I would love to know how much of these you take a day, thanks .

William Penn jr.

I use nu-salt. Its just potassium. Much cheaper than buying a suppliment.

Alyssa Pollock

Since vitamin d is fat soluble, it’s important they are gel caps in an oil. I thought that Nature’s Made brand was made with soybean oil, which spikes insulin?? If I’m wrong, I want to know so I can get it from Costco ?

Alex Villa

Do a review on gatorade zero

Billrs4 m

Iodine sea kelp I just started taking

Gee Bee

Does anyone know if increasing your sodium intake on keto will or can give u high blood pressure??

Brenda Perez

How many grams of Potassium and Magnesium?


I see. But, a plant-based diet is not natural because you have to supplement B12. Got it.

Artfully Gifted

Magnesium glycinate is a great one to take.


Love your channel. Thanks for talking about the cranberry. I wanted to use it but I couldn't find a definite answer on whether it was carb friendly. Now I feel more comfortable taking them. I am "prone" to UTI since pregnancy.

Laurie Bradbury


Pea Pie 2000

You would have to take 47 of those potassium pills to get the recommended 4,700 mls a day. The magnesium needs to be in a different form, for example, magnesium citrate, so it is able to be metabolized by the body. The other one is just a waste of time and money.

Serenity Now

I read Sunlight will give you all the vitamin D you need ?

Cameron Boswell

powerade is extremely sweet


I don't know why guys wear their hats like this.


What about pre/probiotics? :)

Josh Er

5:54 Not 85% Sodium, more like 38% sodium. NaCl = 39% Na, 61% Cl

Celine Yeung

Doesn't the need for all these supplements show that the diet is unnatural? I never had to spend $$$ on supplements when I was enjoying all my carbs

Patricia Beetschen

What is your view on Sole water?


what is the 99mg potassium pill is good for when RDA for this mineral is in 3-4k range? you'd have to take 30 pills of those, aren't this supplement is useless?

Eric Powell

Youngevity has a product called rebound to replace the Powerade and has less sugar and I take 15,000 iu d3 a day


Nobody needs suppliments, all you need is in food, especialy sodium potassium and magnesium, just eat spinich advocado and meat, put a pinch of salt on them, most suppliments are pissed out. Have a mug of marmite.

Danielle Roof

What about probiotics? I take those everyday is this okay with keto ?

Jewel Atkins

Take a whole lot more D3.

Kathy Malone

I had calves pain this morning, fixed it with 2 avocados and 2 handfuls of peanuts, lots of water, Ill have wheatgrass with lunch ?


Great vid! On that potassium topic, yes double up on it. No one gets enough potassium daily. We need 4,600 mg a day. Keep up the good work with your vids.


Damn she's sexy.

Jean Stuart

I buy boulion powder instead of cubes

Susan Lett

I was deficient in D3 and my doctor had me on 50,000 once a week. Then my levels went up and I was put on 5,000 twice a week.


can i use l arginine as preworkout on keto

Sabine Olofsson

What about MSM? I started taking it before going keto and it made my joints better. I just continued it and even give it to my fourlegged carnivour and we love it

mariana cruz

Hey guys you should do an updated version of supplements, maybe the ones you use currently, the ones you used in the pass but not anymore and whats your take in cla, l-carnitine, bcaas and those stuff!


Matt and Megha - I notice that you have two different videos on supplements. Both kind of have similar supplements listed, but many appear to be different Brands in each of the videos. Is that due to finding better supplements, personal preferences, changes, better prices etc? I was going to start supplementing (all I really supplement now is fish oil and bouillon cubes) and wanted to go with the best balance of price, effectiveness etc. Thanks....you guys are da' bomb!

Glammed by Natalia

99mg of potassium is not enough on keto diet unless you like to drink 40’pills a day

B Melt

If you use the Natural calm plus it has D3 and potassium in it as well. Killing two birds with one stone.


Natural Calm wouldn’t be my choice when I’m strictly on a keto diet because the organic flavor they use in their flavored products is actually maltodextrin ( derived from corn ) which is even worse than refined sugar as far as GI in concerned. I don’t trust people who call maltodextrin organic flavor.


Maybe somebody can help. I remember seeing a national news segment on ketogenic supplements that help you get into ketosis fast, it was a factory tour. I can't remember what network or the name of the product. I think the packaging was orange. This was maybe 5 years or more ago

Serenity Now

❤️ Natural Calm it really is the only thing that helps me sleep through the night


Can you use iodine instead of salt

Jan Kowalski

Best keto supplement is... FOOD
Dont take supplements, just eat the right amount of food. I would recommend to eat a lot of meat which is nutrition dense. And forget about fibre which you dont need (I dont eat any and I feel great). If you want to know about why fibre is scheme read Gary Taubes - "Good calories, bad calories".

Amy Lynn

The Lite Salt has dextrose in it though????? Wouldn't Nu Salt or No Salt be better?

Keto Robert

dr. berg,,, electrolyte doesnt mix well.... not sitting at the bottom of a 24 oz glass.. i have 2 extra tubs,, gonna put them on ebay


Just read the ingredients on my women’s multi vitamin by nature made, it has Red 40. Should i be worried even tho the dose is low? :/

Missy Anne

Very surprised you didn't have MCTs

Caelidh Goode

SOmeone told me about Powerade zero and i have been doing that and it helps. I was worried, however that it would be considered a NO NO i have the MIO drops too. I get ya.. drinking bland water day after day can get old. I am glad that Powerade zero is still OK on KETO. I will try and water it down. I get the larger bottles for 79 cents at Krogers and I have to remember to take them to work because the cafeteria at the Hosp has the Powerade Zero but they are the small bottles and those are 1.79!!! Twice as much for less product. Ridiculous how cafeterias gouge you!.

Eric Powell

Have you tried youngevity supplements it helps and it dosaged by weight for better results

Jude S. Ontario

Thanks for the information Matt!


Great information??❤️ thank you, i need to consider the magnesium and fish oil lol I take most of this along with probiotic, amino acids, nutritional yeast, & MCT. I feel reassured thank you again for all the great info??❤️


Hey keto connect! I was wondering can I have propel grape on keto?

Jenni Brown

Speaking of caffeine (i have not started keto yet, i think i might start in a week just trying to get more knowledge...thanks for your courses) I currently drink tea not coffee. I like to take 1/2 a tea back and herbal tea. Can i still drink that on keto? or should all black tea regardless of serving should be avoided? i can't get a good answer on this, any help would be appreciated.



Audrey Moore

Bouillon Cubes by RAPUNZEL no sugar


For potassium try "No Salt" 640mg per 1/4 tsp. I put it in an empty veggie capsule.


Lol the way they talked about Calm ??? they really love that. They both had ??’s lol

Yo Mama

Do you guys think that back in the day human beings had these supplements ? I mean it can’t be a natural way of eating if you need those supplements

Chury Guevara

I have a question please

BorhamThe Freelancer

Keto diet is the best Way Ever To Lose Weight
To Make It Faster For You We Want To Help You By Keto pills Which will Make It Faster Process For You And It Will Help You With Your Diet .
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Glenda Hawkins

I’m Keto and keep a tiny jar of pink Himalayan rock salt on my desk at work and occasionally place one on my tongue for minerals.

Faye Booth

What kind of potassium do you take? All I can find is a  3% of daily which is way short of daily needs.

Kimberly Herring

You are a cute couple.When is the wedding date?

Nudel holz

Isn't it kinda dumb taking all these supplements not knowing how they were made or where they came from, instead of just eating enough vegetables to fill up your vitamin & mineral household? no offense


Go Birds!

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I saw in Thomas DeLauer's video to put cream of tartar into your water for a good source of potassium.

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Have you tried zipfizz? It gives me that good midday pick up.

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You need k2 with d3.

Is Your Doctor Lying to You? - Interview with Dr. Ken Berry!

Is Your Doctor Lying to You? - Interview with Dr. Ken Berry!25 Mar. 2020
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You guys sound like you’re in another room~mic issues ?

Toni Jurkones



Please reach out to Dr. James Dinicolantinio for an interview. He is the author of "The Salt Fix" and is also a pharmacy doctor who's published ~100 clinical research papers. Thx

Terri Powers

This was great, great information. Thank you for doing these videos. I even enjoyed the video from A.D Keto keep up the good work!

Michelle Bequeaith

Two of my favs all in the same place!!!!??

Rho Z

I learned more here tonight than in the hundreds of videos I’ve watched previously. Thanks!
Gonna take your name off those bars now? ?

Maura Regan

Paul Saladino

Fred R

A "sound check" on both sides would be helpful. Sound: distant and tinny.

what what

I think it's time to stop the doctors are lying to you stuff. Doctors and hospital workers are on the front lines risking themselves and their families. You are sitting at home.

Sarrah Hoosh

Great interview - Love Dr. Berry - he just makes good sense to me when he talks. Thanks for posting!


He points out that grains are cheap... but thats exactly why they're appealing? its darn near impossible to live on a dollar a day on carnivore or keto without doing inhuman stuff like drinking olive oil.

Ekondig G

On Milk, around 1hr 5min, the idea that milk proteins, are problematic came up. While there's no doubt that allergies can and do occur with different proteins, my problem is this: When we eat anything (real food, at least), we're ingesting literally 100s of different proteins. They go into the stomach with a high acidity where they are denatured, prior to digestion. So why single out milk proteins? Sea food proteins, for example, are going to be more foreign to our bodies than mammalian ones. Some people can be allergic to all kinds of things, including milk: Some people, by no means all people. So if you're allergic to a certain food, then don't eat it. But don't tell everyone else not to eat it...
I am actually more concerned about the growth hormones in milk than any proteins, they are obviously able to survive the digestion process, otherwise they wouldn't be in there.
One more thing: It would be good to point out to anyone who decides to cut out all dairy for several months to a year, and thinks they have the option of going back to milk products if they desire, that it's a one-way street because they will lose the ability to digest lactose. People are only able to digest lactose by continuing to ingest milk into adulthood. If you stop for a significant length of time, you will lose that ability for the rest of your life. This is very common in Asian countries because there's not a tradition of dairy in many areas there.

Lauren Ayers

appreciate the extra videos during this time. thanks KC.

Bryan Ketler

OMG Megha's faces. Cracking me up!

Rebekah Low

Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love from Vermont

Sunny Life Crochet

Triple like: Dr Berry, Megha, Matt ???

Edith Elbourn

Keto 7 months now, when I changed to keto I did it hard and fast all at once. I was sick for first 4 weeks! I stuck to it and waited it out. I will not eat all that crap anymore. I give away all my food that was not keto.


Please interview Dr. Sten Ekberg. Thank you!


Paleolithic ancestor diet isn't the ideal human diet - it's what joe caveman could scrounge up to eat any given day. It was all natural and organic of course but the average age of death was mid 20's. Some lived longer but they were not the norm.

Samantha Burgess

Dr. Ken is great and informative. Thanks for having him on. He talked about whole milk being bad for you. What about Almond/Cashew milks?

Erika B

Please write the best sources of electrolytes. There is so much out there and expensive too. Many companies take advantage.


Low Carb does NOT work with a diabetic. I ate some low carb bread made with almond flower and it raised my blood sugar by 50points NOT Good!!!

Rita Hall

I thought this was about lies your Dr tells you ?

Wa Tong

Fantastic content. This is the kind of continuing education that will add years of healthful vitality to my remaining years. Thanks to you all. <3<3<3

Christine Solazzo

Dr. Berry is the most amazing


ACV not important? Think again!!!

RedTillimdead Smith

Great video guys ?

Debra Martinez


Maxi Bake

Excellent. Thank you for sharing this important information with us all, & take care of yourselves too. ❤??

Michael Santoriello

You don’t think ACV keeps your blood sugars in check at all?

Pamela B

What if someone is NOT trying to lose weight and are type 2 diabetic and trying to manage blood sugar? My mom is 78 yrs old and doesn’t need to lose weight but is having trouble keeping her blood sugar levels under control without meds. Ranging from 165-210 daily. Her dr advises a standard diabetic diet. ?‍♀️

Yayi K

This guy is full of “it” ancestors ancestors...well ancestors were cannibals, that means we should eat humans? ? by the way human flesh is more complete than anything else


Dr. Ken is my fav.. he covered more of what I was looking for then anyone else. I found him researching when I started Keto 2 years ago.. thanks for promoting him cheers.. be safe and well


Happy haircut Day


where can I find advice on the optimal amounts of magnesium and potassium to take for good heath? Or, is there a reliable book or product that I could look at. I looked at the govt's rdas yesterday and they didn't seem right. I am a 78 yo woman with an autoimmune disease that has resulted in low K in the past. thank you and I hope I can be pointed in the right direction.

William Dona

I live in VA but I call Dr. Berry my TN doctor. Love everything he says and take all his advice to heart.

Samantha Burgess

10 weeks on Keto , blood work came back with high cholesterol 253. Shouldn't be over 200. Glucose and A1C was. GREAT!!! So Thankful for that. Any suggestions on the cholesterol?

Sheila G

Excellent !

Children's Bedtime Stories

I've heard that 23 and Me and other DNA test are not really accurate....???


Thanks so much for having me on guys! Was a blast!

Amy R

I really appreciate dr. Barry is wide scope of knowledge about the keto diet. I'm 50 days into carnivore and absolutely loving it down 10 lb. Ty for the interview!

Jackie Werder

Hi from Char;otte North Carolina! keto since August of last year! You and Dr. Berry were my Mentors! Thank you.

Geo Her

"Is Your Dr. Lying To You".
A healthy patient makes me no money.


Berry is a clown

Lili Robin

Matt and this doctor don't understand ACV. It doesn't matter how heathy you eat if you have low stomach acid and don't break down your food. Everyone would benefit doing a shot of ACV before consuming meat.

Hey Girl

I use these drops. They are really great. The magnesium drops really help!!

NappingDolphin HA

Dr. Ken is the best.

That last live, can't stand that guy and that is my opinion.

Manny's Book Bag

Dr. Berry’s a rockstar.


I've done daily ACV for a month multiple times now and I either gained weight or stalled.

Frances Knighton

Very interesting. Thank you. I have been doing Keto for 10 months and am off all diabetes and blood pressure meds. I find that the lower I can go with the carbs, the better I do. I will go a few days and eat just meat, eggs, avocado and olives and do well. But, I miss the variety of nuts, cheese, cream, berries, veggies... Trying to find that balance. I still have 60 more pounds to lose, but no big rush. This is how I am eating from now on. It is so worth it to keep the blood glucose under control without drugs.


on point with the dairy comments. Causes so much inflammation and side effects yucky
Great interview


Weak sauce. That sort of headline during these uncertain times is irresponsible. Unsubscribed.