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Richard Madden's revealing costume - The Graham Norton Show: Episode 5 - BBC

Richard Madden's revealing costume - The Graham Norton Show: Episode 5 - BBC22 Apr. 2016
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Programme website: http://bbc.in/1QsBP3G Richard Madden talks about his revealing Prince Charming costume


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Comments (100)

Poor Richard

Nayops 20

Lily’s so talented and stunning like always❗️♥️

Idun Rudemo

His accent is so cutest!!❤????????

Tish Smiddy

Thank you
Bravo Bravo ?

Mansoor Ahmed



Richard Madden as Cyclops in MCU X-Men. Just saying.

Daniel Kane

The way Miss Collins looked at him as he went on about his costume changes made me giddy! I just remember Alexis Carrington while doing my best to not typecast her in my own mind... I couldn't figure out if she was amused, if she was intrigued, or if she wanted to eat him! I adore that woman! Such fabulousness, all these people talking about knee weakness, men whose ovaries vibrate ... thumbs up for Richard and Disney!

Justin X.

all hail king robb??

Nafissa Toure

God he’s hot?????

babu dxb

3.01 to 3.38 stole the whole clip. look at richard madden. replay button broken ?

Blake Rowe

Hi, this is your regular reminder that properly fitted corsets are meant for back and bust support and should not be uncomfortable or restrictive to wear in the majority of ways. Besides the obvious of bending the spine. It is perfectly possible (and HAS HAPPENED) to do various amounts of manual labour wearing a corset. So long as it fits properly and is not tight-laced (a VERY rare and grossly over exaggerated phenomena in modern day 'historical' film) - in other words as long as it is worn accurately to how it would've been worn by real women of the time period. Cinderella is generally agreed to be set in the 19th century, so a corset is accurate. However if one were retelling the story of beauty and the beast for example (which is set in pre-revolutionary France, ie the 18th century) one would instead wear a pair of stays, a precursor to the corset, as the corset did not exist yet at this time period.

Murat Celik

The young wolf

laney orchard


Katy Jones

You could just pull a drag queen 'tuck and tape'

stephen fermoyle

he is Prince Charming !!

luckymoon 97

Hey! Sorry i m not english someone can write me what he said at 1.50-2.20?


Disable Resample plz

Morgan Maguire

She literally gets to kiss the most beautiful men ( James Norton & Richard Madden ) ?

Suchitra Sherpa

what accent is that??


Robb? whats with that accent?


Collins is great.. She is been a nice surprise after all these wicked woman in films. Fun and smart ?

The Rare Blackentity

The way he said "dirty" must have burst my ovaries.


richard madden is so fucking gorgeous it physically hurts to look at him

Amy Marie Armitage

Whos the girl?


Holy crotch, Batman!

Margarita M.

"Your shape is close to it"

Al inae

Oh god look how red his head turns, I'm honesty worried ^^'

Maritza Veliz

No hay en español por la cresta

Christiana Lagudas

over eagerly eat

Gerard Collins

I love how Graham's not even joking and has a face of genuine curiosity when asking about the corsets and Disney's modesty policies.


richard madden has such.... Marvel character looks lol. he and sebastian stan look so much alike

Aegon Targaryen

The North remembers!

Kerri Lamothe

my question though: why not just get a drag queen to teach them how to tuck?

Percival Jarin

Lily James is my new crush ?❤️

ali 2414

King Of The North!!!!


아 귀여워;;


she was so shy, she's so cute

Gerard Collins

I love how Graham's expression when he asks Lilly about eating with the corset on is 'like I'm not even joking tell me how." lol


gosh Richard's accent

Dawn DiPierro

Look at my Queen, Lily James. God, I just love her!! ??❤️

Andres orcas R

LOL His laugh at 1:47 is hilarious!!

SH Wheat

Lily James is one of the most beautiful woman in the world

helena leechiu


depressed aizawa

Richard Madden's voice and accent make me feel things

Leon Kane

They're playing Romeo and Juliet in their golden years or what ?

VD Roy

Sometimes I feel that Richard Madden should be the new Wolverine.

Lei Yu

Gentleman's gentleman. It's like one reads from a romance book.

darren king

Richard Madden for James Bond!!!!

dilly di dont

Is it just me or whenever she laughs , she resembles pia wurtchback

Lulu Peto

Richard Madden is a real life Prince Charming ?

Ananas Boy

1:48 dat laugh though

Katja Sjoberg

What did the tablets do? Shrunk his "thing".

Jade Shinymist



Madden for Wolverine in the MCU.


1:49 ???? wtf


I just finished watching The Bodyguard with Richard Madden and he is fantastic in it, mind you he is gorgeous and there is one very revealing scene. He would make a perfect 007, another Scot playing him would be awesome.


I suppose that if Disney was to make a Steven Spielberg movie reboot, we ought to expect something like this: No Close Encounter Of Male Genitals Of Any Kind.


shut deuwn the set


Holy shit she's beautiful

Goldie Lock-Down

I just want to grab Lily and Richard's heads and make them kiss! ?❤

Marianne Molina

half of the time i dont even understand what he says i just stare at him and think oh god hes beautiful

Bianca Hotca

Lily James is neither pretty nor beautiful, she's got these huge buck teeth, wider jaw.

Gergana Margaritova

Can someone please tell me what does Richard say while talking about his costume after "maybe some people would say leggings..."? Thank you ?

Rebecca Sikes

Idk why but he's always reminded me of Sebastian Stan

Sarah Simone Åbacka

I just can't stop hysterically laughing at 1:47-1:49 when Richard Joan are making those stiffled giggle fits xD aaah, bless you Richard!


I have a crush on him

Sue Savage

My god he is so handsome and sexy.

Shivangi Rai



Am I the only one on this planet who can see Madden is perfect for the next Jame Bond? Yet everyone keeps naming Tom Hardy, Idris Elba and Henry Cavill. People... please do your research and make it known that Madden is the man!

Niamh Speirs

Richard madden is so beautiful ?


1:45 their giggles made me smile soooo big it’s so cute

Luc Krause

trial round fence aumtfdu artist queen garden organic abroad float whatever.


Doesn't Richard look like Micheal Fassbender from side pose?

Hendrik Vanger

Robb Stark was my favorite character of GOT. Why did they kill him???

christine maddy

They make a beautiful couple?They both so pretty?

Thanh Trúc Vũ Đình

looking at him make me pregnant

Dinesh Sriranganathan

The King in the North!

depressed aizawa

So many humans on Earth and only one will get to marry Richard Madden ?


I'm here because of Richard but I can't help noticing the girl's dirty hair. Such a pity

Dr Parvati Singh

King in the NORTH!!!

Dirlewanger FIN

Steeeeeveee Maddeeeeennnn..

valen octavianty

that someone who marries richard madden wins in life

fernando jose cabezas mejia

RIP Adam West

Taharqa King of Kings

Ooh bless Lily she is nervous.

M White

Bond? Come on. He's not charismatic enough for that. Cillian Murphy is a different story.

neşe tanış

richard,marry me :))

Anukul Kedia

His accent is so Disney and face so heavenly.

Alfred Chuah

I’ll never tire of hearing/watching Richard talk about his bulge.

Jay Pay

Why are people so shocked that men have organs? We all have them.


I absolutely love his laugh

Shameen Faridi

Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, Richard Madden... I love me some Scottish men and accents??

Belaloui zahra

I feel like she's the shy type of girl , she doesn't say much at all

Горец Кавказа

Лили ?????


The King in the North ? ? ❄️

Mauricio Berlanga

This guy is hot and everything but what's wrong with his laugh hahahaha

Connie T

The person who goes “uck you’re gorgeous” to lily is me af


Hey! Sorry i m not english someone can write me what Richard madden said??

Manon Sobaga

3:08 the face of Richard?

Ha Ter

Shame he’s gay

Neil Weston

Look at Richards difference from this show and him on bodyguard HIS FACE AND HAIR!

James Marsden and his model son Jack Marsden at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall Winter 2018 Show

James Marsden and his model son Jack Marsden at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall Winter 2018 Show4 May. 2018
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James Marsden and his

James Marsden and his model son Jack Marsden at the Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall Winter 2018 Fashion Show in Paris

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Comments (3)

He is so cute !

HS 0505

his son doesnt look like a model at all... marsden looks like it lol


This video has me stressed out lol

Dead to Me 1x10 - Jen Kill Steve - Ending Scene (1080p)

Dead to Me 1x10 - Jen Kill Steve - Ending Scene (1080p)7 May. 2019
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The Final Scene of Jen (Christina Applegate) conversation with Steve (James Marsden) in her house scene from the comedy-drama tv show called "DEAD TO ME" Created by Liz Feldman

i'm EDGAR RENTON ,the channel of action scenes from blockbuster movies and indie-underrated movie from Hollywood & Asia.

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Comments (52)
felicia Hill

Everyone saying yea steve dead fuck out here both woman should be in jail for years

Coco Flower

omg she is an adult, she didnt stop , that her choice too. so he wasn't driving the car but he is the one who died. And what she keep a little life. Im mad with this ending


The only people I had sympathy for in this show were Judy and Jen

Kendal Montgomery

“Judy? I need you to come home.”

Ceikaiyia Cheeks The Director

Judy reminds me of my Film teacher lol

Camilo Mahecha

I just loved this season finale!

Nai Slimmy

Steve is the worst

Meosha Felton

Since Steve is dead who is Ben I’m confused in season 2

Kevin Casey

Steve was an asshole! Right from the start. Jen had every right to shoot him. He didn’t tell Judy to stop. She could’ve called 911, but of course his little pussy ass told her to keep going. So in turn it was really his fault, not hers. I can’t wait for season 2! This show is perfection!


Amazin show LOVE it ?


Steve didn't deserve to die, Yes he was an Asshole but I liked him

Thomas McNeilly

I wanted to see Judy tell Steve to go F himself. He was such a sleeze bag and felt like he could have had her anytime he wanted. Ugh horrible man.

Joe Goldberg / Will Bettelheim

Steve didn't deserve to die.

Jamir Baker V

So this is what happened to tom wachowski


Great show! Christina Applegate rocks!

Roman Kucher

Thanks for spoiler in the video title, damn?

Dre Newman

I'm confused as to why people are giving Judy a pass for the hit and run just because Steve told her to drive. She could've said no, right? She could've confessed to Jen much sooner, right? I thought she said she loved her and her family. But because Steve said leave all is forgiven..???‍♂️

Naraya Starks

imagine what direction the show would have taken if judy did get hit with the car and was in the hospital. that would have been a bit more interesting to see bc of how Jen might react

Miillie Mesh

Well now her & Judy are even lol

Mocha Latte

Velma our here wildin

User Name

Best ending scene

Internet Girl

Anyone knows what’s the name of the metal song on episode 8 when she is crying in the car? I can’t find it ?

twixgocrazy 1

it’s crazy that steve was the crazy person this entire time not judy.


I legit screamed when she said "Judy would've stopped"

Monique Quirino

Omg can you post scene packs of Judy and Jen 1080p? I’m trying to make an edit??

E1r13 0n3

When Judy tried to kill herself, I got so scared. I didn’t want her to die. I know she would’ve stopped (like Jen assumes she would have) but she didn’t because of Steve. But the ending of this episode was unexpected but I can’t wait for season two! Maybe they’ll work together to hide the body (even though what Jen did wasn’t illegal).

At 1:04-1:07, Jen says “Judy would’ve stopped.”


I see Prince Edward turned into a dickhead after Giselle pied him

Alex Harbula

I have thoughts about Jen and judy

just pandora

I absolutely love this show!!! Ted got what he deserved!

Kevin Byrnes

Cyclops keeps getting disrespected and I don't know why

Liza Garcia

The fact they have now killed each other's husband. Superior women, we stan!

Victoria Haunter

Judy would have stopped but her goddam boyfriend was so controlling and manipulating she felt she couldn’t . That is why she made friends with Jen while they were broken up because he couldn’t control her.

Shelby Koenig

ITS BEEN RENEWED!!!!!! Yaaasss sooo excited!!! ?


I love this show so much...
Can't wait for season 2


"judy would have stopped" and "Judy? I need you to come home" chef's kiss


They could've at least showed Jen taking the shot.

Excalibur Mason

Unpopular opinion; Steve didn't deserve to die. Was he an asshole? Yess. Did he commit a crime? Yes.
But still all the above doesn't give you to right to take his life. Jen is definitely guilty of murdering him.


Toxic Femininity


Steve has a point... I stopped watching after this season because Judy didn’t have to listen to Steve which she did and then how is Jen and Judy best buddies after all of that ?completely unrealistic and stupid I’m done!

xd rvse

I love that Steve is dead??


Amazin show LOVE it ?

that one girl without milk

I'm happy that Judy didn't die and that her boyfriend did

Jackie Mcelveen

I love that Jen didn’t let Steve manipulate her because she had known Judy well enough by that point to trust she had a good heart even though she was the one driving. And that he may as well have been driving for what happened.


"Drive the car, Stupid!" God, Steve sucks.

jay lee

Started off good and fizzed out. It would have been alot better if Jen killed Steve and Judy had no idea who did it


Idk why but I wished steve did not die


Ok, maybe it's just me but the ringtone makes me think of Blade Runner.


This was such an amazing twist. POWER OF FRIENDSHIP


We don't know Jen killed Steve...I think Charlie may have intervened...

Hair4dayz Frlikefr

Bruh guys this is not the end I’m watching Netflix he has a twin ? oh and he was not shot he was beat to death ? this shit got my head twisted with the bird he was beat and pushed in the pool he was talking shi so she got mad and pushed him and put him in the freezer after dat the twin bro came and ppl thought it was him oh Judy ended up sleeping with a girl not gonna say who ?? oh DONT READ IF U DONT WANT SPOILERS

mysteryCat MM

I died when he said "DRIVE THE CAR, STUPID!" ??


The only thing that’s disappointing about this scene, is that Judy should have stood up to Steve, not Jen Judy should have been the one to push the trigger. Not Jen (Everybody seems to say that Jen might not have kill him) makes it seem like Judy can’t stand up for herself.. ugh still love this show!