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20 Years Later: Wayne Gretzky's Last Game | SN Presents

20 Years Later: Wayne Gretzky's Last Game | SN Presents18 Apr. 2019
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Re-live Wayne Gretzky's

Re-live Wayne Gretzky's last game 20 years later with appearances by The Great One himself, Gary Bettman and Mark Messier.


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Comments (100)
Алмаз Анваров

Ovi догонит его скоро!!

Matthew Nuke

I was 20 years old now I’m 40 years old I been a fan too long I might stop

Ze Bunker

Insert pandering to gretzy fan comment here.

Levi Moore


Dan Playz

I searched wayne glensky?????

The Continents are Giants Stuck in Dried Mud

60 year old Gretzky would still be in the 90th percentile in offensive awareness and passing on the newest NHL game.


I don't know ice hockey, but I know Wayne Gretzky.

Marcus Levis

Shut up...your crying

Jordan Perepolkin

I love this! To bad I wasn’t around to be able to witness The Great One Play. He is such a great hockey player and an even better person.


is he a live?

Shane Murphy

Does anyone know why gretz always wore jerseys 3x too big?

Char Char


Simo-Pekka Sunila


Dalton Skelton

He is the best and I love hockey my goal is to be as good as him ?❤️

Kraken Playz

Four letters G.O.A.T.

Hayden Rector

this is what it will be like for Crosby and mcdavid and ovi

Demon SportsGames

Wayne gretzky is the great one for many reasons. Just look at his stats. By the way, gretzky and myself share the same birthday. January 26th. Gretzky was born January 26th 1961. I was born January 26th 1995. I find it a great honor to share a birthday with the great one.

Serg G

Hi from Ternopil. Motherland you grandmother

Jake Kaufman

He’s not one of the greats, he is the greatest


If you have all of his cards you would be rich


truly is the Great One

Basti K.

I wish Netflix would do a Series about Wayne Gretzky. Just like they did with Michael AIR Jordan ;)

Darth Chill

“The Great One”, dam he was great

Kid Poker

mario would have beaten all of his records if he played longer wait no he wouldnt have beaten any of them

Chris Bauman

Why tho? How can you not play one more year. Bro if I was in the nhl I'd stay till they wouldn't let me

Vic Planespotting

Ah now this is when Wayne Glensky steps in

Bruinsfan 63

I never got to see him play but the way my dad talks about him, he seems like the best

Гравицапа Кц

Ovi better

Max L.

Go Devils.


Life goes on.....wow what a way to mark the end of such a fantastic story .

John J

Wayne was a goof

Robert Hatch

His dad was so kind to me. I was a 10yr old in BC and lost in the finals of the Vancouver cup and his dad went out of his way to come and encourage me and take a photo with me. I'm 30 now and I still remember that. It's amazing the impact we can have on each other. Be good be kind

Dat cat

2 days later a tradgy thats sad

eugeny 1113

При всем уважении, они ему форму не могли подобрать по размеру? А так -один из лучших спортсменов мира, здоровья ему и долгих лет


99 retired in 99

Сергей Лавринец

Молодец мужик?


Hockey is one of my favorite things now. And learning about how good Gretzky really was made me like the game a lot.


Number 99 Retires 20 Years after his debut to retire in 1999 And then 20 years later Still with the hockey community
Gretzky will always be the great one

Tornado Hockey!



My brother and me had his rookie poster between our beds as hockey playing kids dreaming of greatness

Danny Devito


The greatest ever.

Климов максим

Почему у Гредски... Майка такая огромная???, он в ней как в мешке!!!!

Gabriel Moore

His last game was on my bday

Sam Chiu

He did it right.

Joshua James olson

❤Thank u Wayne Gretzky for being part of my childhood Growing up ?????it's been a Great year seeing u acomplish your Goals to win the champtionship

Duncan McDougall

Who even let Bettman sit down and speak for this interview.

Ricky Guadarrama




Emerald Dimension

This is the saddest video to watch, but at the same time continuously entertained. ?

Mick B

You Canadians really are a cool bunch of people lol. Much love from England!


Watching this feb. 29. 2020, and it has 99 dislikes

Eric DosCinco

My Dad brought me to see Kings/Hawks in 1993 at the old Chicago Stadium. Forever thankful to have seen #99.

Chris Carrow

His numbers never will be touched honestly speaking he was a talent of today back then, and he should have ran the numbers up for the hell of it for a couple more seasons.

Sunrit Roy Karmakar

Michael scott

Swag Juice

Wayne is the Micheal Jordan of hockey. Neither of those men will ever have an equal.


Wayne might not have had the championships he deserved, but GOAT. It wasn't just his fitness level, it was his hockey smarts which is why he lasted so long, and did so well.

Александр Новиков

Ему как будто господь бог помогал, хотя я атеист))

Roberto Luongo

Michael Jordan
Wayne Gretzky..

The Earths Gem's.


Big Respect ! Legend !

A Campo

Gretzky is overrated not better than a mcdavid or kucherov, oveckin or crosby in any facet of the game. I respect him and his amazing stat sheet but he was just ahead of his time and had an AMAZING mind for the game but played in a time with very unskilled players and goaltenders all around. Even he says it. Selanne has said it best in interviews talking about how the game changed from when he himself started to end. He really really said guys weren't skilled you had maybe 3 or 4 guys on a team that were actually skilled and could play in todays game. ...
This is also coming from someone who played and watched hockey all their life. Up to junior hockey and being highly scouted. I use to be with sergei samsonov all the time in boston on the ice too did all camps with him. I quit the game because .. not to toot my horn or sound conceded but quit because i had extreme talent as a musician chose that. I am now a professional touring musician drumming all over this world and making a living. You can find all my stats and stuff online elite prospects etc. And my drumming career. Just noting this so you understand i have an idea what im talking about.


not one, the greatest hockey ever played the game. can anybody can get close to 212 points in one season.

Poke Master

Wayne Glensky!

King Frezno

Should had finished his career in Edmonton

Vips Vipsa

Peter Forsberg was better

Quitsmouse Jr

Did you know Gretzky’s idle was Bobby Orr and Gretzky wanted to play number 9 but that number was taken so his coach suggested number 99


Their gloves and jersey look two sizes too big. But still a greatest player in his era. Glad I got to witness this growing up.


That was awesome how he used multiple sticks, and wore multiple jerseys, then at the end of the game he gives each one of them to his teammates and the team staff.


Even as a Brantford native, I still think its an arrogant thing to say that Gretzky was the best player ever. Yes he was great, ONE of the greatest. But there has been too much talent in the NHL over the years for people to be labeling a person as the best ever, its just too ambiguous. Also dont forget Gretzky always had protection and never went into the corners. Your chances of scoring are a lot higher when nobody on the ice wants to touch you, and the puck is constantly coming to your stick. Also dont forget that my boy Ovi is only like 190 goals away from passing Gretzky.... I could write a book on my opinion and go on and on, so dont @ me. Lets just all enjoy the game, and stop worrying about whos better then who.

Caleb’s Volges

Wayne Gretzky the best and only 99 in the NHL


I still hate how they changed the anthem for him

Jordan Nunez

Wayne glensky

James Epstein


Tornado Hockey!

Yo Wayne is not even that old. (59-60)

Jakub Doseděl

God of Hockey forever???????????????????

Samuel Zavala

Micheal Jordan of Hockey

xsheeesh x

What a great role model. 99

Alex D

Sad his final 2 seasons were on garbage teams.

Milan Škarvada

very sad when at the end Wayne hangs the skates after the last match so I had a tear in my eyes I'm very happy that I was born at such a time in 1978 that I could see him play and that I could stick his photos and records in a notebook in elementary school .


He still owes ovechkin a signed stick..


He should have played two more seasons get 3 k points then hang up the mitts

Craig Theis

I watch that video it’s sad to see someone go Astor doing so well

Cameron R.

One of my favorite moments not shown was a photo of him and jagr embracing each other. i feel as though that was a "passing the torch" moment.


Wayne Glensky

Maxime Libéreau

i research the music at 3:43



Ryan Lee

and of course the famous diet coke

Joshua James olson

i waitched Wayne play hockey when I was a Toddler toddler and now I return as an adult to react to him again


Doesn't matter what team or what country. You have to admire Gretzky. He left a permanent mark on the sport, and did it with such class and humility. I don't know if we'll ever see that caliber of player in my lifetime again.

Andrew Wilkinson

Best that’s ever lived from the United Kingdom we show are respect to a great athlete




Gretzky and Jordan retired in the same year

Ogreman /emisoccer •

Why were the rangers wearing blue at home?

Venomous Soup

Lebron: it’s all about me

Gretzky: it’s about my teammates

yes, um actually no

Could Gretzky have played in today's NHL?
Totally. His strength was his smarts. He could see the players and puck 5 - 10 seconds ahead of everyone else. So many of his goals were simple shots, short backhands and many rebounds because he seemed to always be at the right place at the right time.
Until Gretzky no one knew the game could even be played at that level. There had been great players like Beliveau Esposito Bossi...but Gretzky just took the game to another level.
So realistically, if Gretzky played today, we'd also have to accept him having made his way up the jr leagues of 'today', it's not like he would be unaccustomed to the faster play and larger player size. He might not have established 60+ league records but he still would have been a dominating force and probably a top scorer too...if not the leader.

Brayden Cosey

Anyone else wish he was still playing?


Legend! Respect from Russia!)

AB - 04MB 829782 Edenrose PS

Amazing him getting older hope he has as long as he want his life to be

Tyson Whelen


Rob Ingram

I wish he retired as an Oiler. ??


Wayne Glensky Wayne Glensky


NHL/Goalies That NEED To RETIRE27 Sep. 2020
11 664
Alyssa HopeSubscribe 438 721

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Comments (48)

Don't worry, Jimmy Howard is gonna bounce back and win the Vezina next season.

Andrew Stump

Jake Allen may want to retire soon


Good video. Work on your VO cadence. Best of luck with the channel.


Rinne: has one bad season
Absolutely ridiculous

Charlie M

Wow I forgot Ryan Miller was still playing

issy loves the lightning

Great video alyssa. Its like the pause ruined some goalies, eh but smith rinne should retire happy, i mean they both scored a goal and i made it the finals.

William Davis

put carey price on the list


2021 video: “Marc Andre Fleury needs to retire”

Peter Jeffery

Your logic is impeccable regarding this flock of aging star goalies, however in the Hockey World there is a two word precedent that may blow your argument clean out of the water. The name of the 2 legged, mostly mask-less, poke checking marvel was Johnny Bower. He played FIFTEEN seasons in the AHL before becoming the regular Goalie in Toronto at 34 years old in 1958.He won 4 Cups with the Leafs and retired from the NHL at age 45 (we think) with a GA of 2.51 and a Save % of .922. Speaking of the Leafs, the biggest mistake the Front Office made in the last few years was turning Curtis McKileney loose. That move cost the leafs 6-8 games in the L column. This was especially when Sparks and Hutchinson were number 2. All that did was keep the Leafs out of 2nd place in the standings. Younger isn't always better.

Methodical Martin

Howard -> TBL?
Rinne -> Hurricanes or Wild?
Anderson -> Ducks?

But I agree on Smith and Miller.

Ryan Baez

Imagine Jimmy Howard comes from being one of the worst goalies in the NHL last year to the best goalie of the NHL next year and even winning the Vezina trophy. That would be the best story the NHL would ever have, am I right?

Binnington 92


Andrew Stump

next season... Craig Anderson and the Ottawa Senators shock the world winning the stanley cup

Bg Du qc

Howard is gonna get signed

Nick Sojka

Surprised you didn't include Lundqvist.

man from the mud pit

Why the fuck is Luongo not in here

Ken Poole

I think instead of peka you do deven

Harible Meister

Lundqvist wasn't on the list?? Wow


If Pekka is on this list then Lundvist should also be

Andrew Stump

I hope Miller doesn't retire. I think he deserves a cup.


Really thought Lundqvist would be on here.

David Y

First View and first comment.


Just hope bobrovsky isn't shitty next seas


no lundqvist? of course, if the rags buy him out, he becomes an attractive option to back up somewhere. if he wants to.

if i'm the jets, i might approach smith or anderson with a cheap one year deal. brossoit did not fill me with confidence. rinne plays out his contract year. howard will be lucky to find a job, and miller hangs them up.


What do you mean Rinne should retire? He’s TOO GOOD!

shane walsh

Miller looks like he is 50.

Riley kazama

Andy still has one more year in him

Éric Duhamel

All agree except Rinne and I would say Hank sadly

Tate Eriksen Vlogs




Austin Wingett

I really would hate to see Pekka go he honestly deserved to win a cup with us it's too bad we couldn't make anynore runs for the cup with him go Preds

Commander Shepard

If any of you think Howard can bounce back, you didn’t watch him this year at all. Not only does he lack the same movement, reflexes, and flexibility he once had, his positioning is god awful and his anticipation for where a play is headed is non existent. He gives up goals you don’t see nhl goalies give up. And I’m not talking about weird bounces or bad angle shots, I’m talking about just normal shots that go in because he either flat out misses it even tho it should be a routine save or he has no clue where he’s at in the net and the shooter has about 8 inches of space to put it anywhere short side

Joshua Gaming


Simon Hackenberg

what about hank


Lundqvist too, he has been overshadowed by both Georgiev and Shesterkin

C a d e

I just really want to see Pekka win a cup before he retires

Jayden Luff



Loui Eriksson isn’t a goalie but should’ve retired years ago

Emil Johansson

Who is Pekke Rinne? His name is Pekka Rinne.Also expected to see king hank?❤??

Joshua Orlian

Grammatical error in the title: goals WHO need to retire

Joshua Ivicak

Why should smitty retire he’s still a great starter and a amazing backup


Melnyk's Senator wannabee goalie Anderson should of retired 2 years ago.

James Pfluger

Blues could sign him for a very low cost 1 yr contract if they dont think husso is ready for a full time spot yet


weres corey crawford


Tad bit stupid to put Pekka on the thumbnail, I understand what you mean, but I disagree.


Henrik Lundqvist needs to retire

LillStar BubbleBean

Your videos are always wonderfully made



Mario Lemieux - Last NHL game and goal before 1997 retirement

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