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LA Fitness | Now Hiring | Apply Today2 Feb. 2021
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LA Fitness Reopening During Pandemic!

LA Fitness Reopening During Pandemic!28 May. 2020
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Rich Celenza - www.richcelenza.com

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RICH CELENZA gives you an inside look at what LA Fitness Signature Gym in Windermere Florida looks like during Phase 2 of Florida's Plan to reopen. opening. Rich not only shows you exactly what the workout center area looks like he also shows you what the locker room, sauna, and pool area as well.


Located in: Cascades at Isleworth

Address: 4768 The Grove Dr, Windermere, FL 34786

Comments (20)
Ginger Anenberg

Ill wait until July

The True DarkJedi23

Did you have to schedule a time to come in and workout?

Kenny Fit

Where is this? In my city i feel like everyone will be lining out the door. We don't have a date for reopening yet

Jessica Smith

Y’all have wayyy more squat racks than we do?


What if you only got the membership to swim or play basketball?


Can you just walk in or do you need to schedule an appointment for 1 hour


Hi Rich, thanks for the video. I will have to wait for a few more months before i go back to the gym...lol.

bradley small

do not feel sorry for workers at front desk of gyms as most KNOW ABSOLUTELY nothing aboutn the gym and answer questions. They only know whgere to get there paychecks.

d jones

ok so the consensus is you don't have to wear a mask while entering the gym ? I don't wanna look like an idiot walking in without a mask if it's required .. I'm not wearing it to squat though .. if I look like an idiot doing that then so be it lol


I need the got dam sauna room

Travis Andrews

Where is this gym located at??

Pac Man5000

Not sure but I am 14 years old but can I go to la fitness? I’m trying to lose weight at this age and I’m hoping I can

Kris Johnson

I’m a gym rat myself man..I live in Dallas and I want to go to the gym super bad but the cases here are too high yesterday we had 413 in one day and my uncle died of covid 19 I think I’m just going to wait until late July or August

Houston & Cali P.M.

Big time gym freak but im also a big type germaphobe and that looks sooo DISGUSTING! I will be canceling my membership and continue to workout at home. Home workouts are just healthier mentally, you get to enjoy the fresh air and best part all the equipment to yourself no sharing germs!!


Is it worth your life? I’m the biggest gym rat but I ain’t goin back, I’ll buy my own stuff to get by. Stay safe my man

Fake Japanese Gamer

It looks like nobody in that gym is social distancing

Will Dill

Damn I picked the wrong time to start going to the gym.

J. Jackson

I plan on changing my schedule for a bit. Might try going later on the weekends when it’s less crowded for a couple weeks first. I work during the day and no comfortable yet going during the weekday evenings. I certainly plan to go back though. I feel like if you have fitness goals you will be back. I’d like to invest in home equipment because having no options for a couple months was awful.

Double ii Miike

Rich Piana

bradley small

anyone encountered a line at end of aqua aerobics class when all the old women head to the hot tub after class for a while- even though they move slow they are ahead of you.. They arrive very early and stake out a spot near the exit to get in hot tub early. My comical solution is:
If ever you wait in a line to enter a jacuzzi or pool like after a class just say..

LA Fitness Review During A Pandemic (THERES NO ONE HERE!)

LA Fitness Review During A Pandemic (THERES NO ONE HERE!)26 Nov. 2020
Nathan JaworskiSubscribe 438 721

La fitness has taken a

La fitness has taken a hit just like every other other gym from this pandemic. The ramifications of this pandemic has rippled all across the world, and as we. can see with the effects of LA fitness, it’s clear we have see a decline in overall in person gym goers. The hone gym scene has taken over, and its pretty simple and straight forward to see this progression. While we can see the progress of this juncture with the gyms still struggling and overall having a rough time, it’s still time that gyms get involved with their recovery. This video shows the effects of LA fitness during a pandemic and how it effects everyone as well as their members. It exposes the detrimental effects LA fitness has been effected by, and how it truly is an issue in our society today.Who knows how it will change, but for right now, it doesn't seems as if it will or anyone has any idea how it will. This is an LA fitness review during the coronavirus pandemic.


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Empty Canvas - Laxcity


Empty Canvas - Laxcity

Comments (9)
Sisk Byrd

3:22 Hello!, great, just in case you need more followers on your Insta profile, watch this video ? #Instasuccessgrowth -It helped me grow 2k followers a month?

Glory Andy

Wow hope everyone stay healthy and safe ?


I wish ny gym was like that. It gonna get packed because they are paying fines to stay open during the lock down.

DetCarGuy Michigan

I went back to LA Fitness the day they reopened. Attendance is variable, I go between 10am and 1pm. There has been as few as 8 people to maybe 25 a couple times, generally around 10 to 12 spread out in cardio, free weights, pool, and weight machines. I feel safe there with the social distancing with the equipment and locker room. There are sometimes 1 or 2 people who go to the back of the free weight area and then remove their masks, but not everyday, and not among the regulars. I also like the spray cleaner they provide, it does add about 30 minutes to my workout.

Dank Wolf

Empty gym means the world is your oyster. I would superset using 5 different pieces of equipment, grunt to my heart's content and clank some plates with no complaints.


you're lucky bro! I go to an XSport fitness in chicago and it's pretty much full everyday. Stay safe!

Anton Gjonaj

I love your videos bro , especially the studder video because I am dealing with it too somewhat when I try to explain something or when I am upset I studder from anxiety or being too hyper when trying to explain. Keep making motivational videos, your the man Nathan , God bless my brother.

Shay Allday

This is my vision, a huge gym all to yourself, now I would pay for that convenience


But there is a woman that I love to see every weekend.