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jim jefferies daycare

jim jefferies daycare27 Aug. 2017
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jim jefferies daycare

jim jefferies daycare audio

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So many views... so little subscribers.

Nada Real

One of his smartest speeches

Linda Ward

So inappropriate but sooooo very very funny!

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coin disc

this is awesome!! i hope business is going well since covid and all. i dream to open my own women’s only gym someday. have an amazing day and God Bless.

Freddie Pennington

Nice equality, I mean that’s what you want right


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We run a daycare to learn

We run a daycare to learn just how challenging it is to become parents for a day!

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Shayne Topp


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Tenice Nguyen

i think the kids we actually scared of Shayne like no joke???

Naruto Uzumaki

I noticed this Blonde kid that would hang out with Courtney more and he looked like if She and Shayne had a child. Also, Olivia is extra adorable in this one ?

Skylee Jewel

It would have been hilarious if one of the kids watched Smosh

Roman Simi

Keith legitimately makes me angry.


Im just gonna point out that making a kid laugh, smile or make their day, trust me its the most heart warming thing that will ever happen to you

Jean Jacket

I watch this video just so I can laugh hysterically at kids absolutely wiping out with sheer joy

Jessica Morrison

The baby professionaly died


5:57 set 8 kids during gym class

Lisa_ thesimp

Olivia saying don’t do that to her was so cute ❤️

Elida Roskamp

It was so cute to see how they all interacted with the kids. It made my heart very happy


We love to see kids face planting on the floor :)

Hannah Hodges

Stop it this is so cute

queer kid

god how much would i have to pay to just have this place to myself for the day

Emry Egan

When Olivia fell in the beginning on the ninja warrior course I died?

ABX_ Maine

Did anyone else laugh when the kids fell or was sit just me?


I used to go to that gymnastics 0.0

hello world

Why do Olivia look like she secretly has a crush on Coach D lol

Butter sock.

6:00- that little girl… I can’t lmao ?

Blue Treble

Olivia has definitely found her calling. It's that obvious.

Ali The Owl

Ooh!! Please do Janitor next!!

Abigail Way

Okay but tbh they'd all be amazing parents

cecep chaerudin

Love ❤️

Kei Tsukishma

I think Keith got a lil to exited that there was finnaly another fellow black man

Josh And Friends

At 5:44 Olivia Went To Hug Him But Got Rejected XD

Ashley Colombani

Hi hi ?????wow

Addison Sternhagen

Aww this video is so cute. All of them are going to be great parents.


Coach D is so good with kids to be able to handle the Smosh crew

Katie Houston

Olivia and Shane are gonna be the best parents. They have no competition


This makes my heart so freakin' happy!

Alyssa Calloway

yall need to keeping doing this series

Webster Miguelle

This should be titled:Being children for the first half of the video then babysiting children for the second half

Salty cookiez ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Olivia is so sweet with the kids it’s so cute

M Belle

in the end on 9:15 when olivia pickes a child just walkin by then she held his hand and the child looked terrified ?


Me happy That i dont Sound like a spray bolte wen i laughe but now it was so funny i did it

Rana Mukhtar


lakyn dillon

so no ones gonna talk about how olivia and courtney are going to be great mothers!!

Rachel Phillips



This is so wholesome

SpongeTitan 99

It’s for kids but for some reason it looks super fun


Now that's what I call F U N
Throwing balls at eachother is the best❗

Elsa Johnson

the SNL of youtube

Sher With An A

In a alternate universe


isaac marquez benito

You should do a butcher as a day job

Mary_ Willis


Maria Requejo

Shayne, Courtney and Phoenix: a great family

Sam Barnett


Me:The sky...

Peyton Gillies

the girl that just yeeted herself off the zipline is literally me

Gi Rocha

Noah is so beautiful


Olivia: YOU!!
Kid: laughs while panicking


I'm pretty sure they were all screamin at the kids

Jasmine Brooke

New Challenge!!!! 1 demonetization pass one your favorite videos that have been demonetized for everytime smosh says Job in this series

Absurd Artist


Johnathan Segelhorst

I used to train at mygym. It was amazing

Payton OMG

oliva when there all hiting cortney with the balles:guys dont do that to her!!!

Obi-wan Kenobi

I used to go to my gym

Culter 34

Can you post some more day jobs


Did y’all see the way the coach looked at Olivia at the beginning

phone guy

This is just adorable


I wanna have Shaynes babies... why was I born a man!?!?!

Jacob Short

"That is the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen in my entire life."

Arturo Bonilla

Everyone hitting Courtney

Victor Evans

Olivia would make a great mom

Layla Alsharif

5:59 her face was priceless ???


Dude I was laughing my ass off while seeing everyone bully Courtney

Leia S

They should do a show called night jobs and they do jobs that are usually done at night


Hello my name is Dodo I work behind the scenes and I confirm that they kicked every child after the filming


Low key blown away by how awesome they were with kids


3:13 Shanes gonna be the perfect dad XD

Cheyenne Klein

Im 14 wks pregnant and right now this is my most favorite video ???

The Wolf Pack

I went to My Gyn when I was a kid... It brings back so many memories!

Just Roach Tings

I wonder how those kids are doing

Crumpet Supreme

I think all the smosh members were louder than the actual children

Sheamus Gaming

Yes Keith that’s a baby congrats on identifying that


Olivia would be such a great parent.


It's wierd to think that most of those kids are quite a bit older now.....

I feel old.

Holly Black

My favorite person in smosh and smosh pit. Is Keith

Mari Rainbow

At first, I thought they had to spin around on the trapeez and then whilst spinning move the wring and I was like dang that seems hard and then I was like oh ok...

Emma Cushard

did anyone else see that no one liked Courtney when she was doing the spinning challenge

Gracie Gillaspy

Coach D: Olivia Wins!
Olivia: Immediately screams in a childs face*


i was really surprised
to see there all really good with kids

Nusaiba Islam

pretty sure keith and courtney have been dating or dated

Chaitanya Ahuja

Yeet the child

Ryze ツ

Shane: “Keep going, I believe in you”
My brain: why does he sound like All Might??

yk.. juss thonking....


As someone who did this for 8 years, you all didn't do bad for rookies.

Malta firechild

Smosh ...as teachers

Holly-Ann Robinson

i agree

Dairy Queen

I feel like I have never seen Shane so gentle and happy!!!


Olivia should actually work there because she has the energy of a kid and tbh idk


When they bullied Courtney I've watched this before but I still laugh so hard to that part

tea sis

olivia is nice

For all the simper’s For ANIME

Olivia wins Courtney spinning a child on her back

fortnite fishy and peely

I just wanted Keith after he didn't get the job just grab a kid and throw him

Ava E.

Keith running from the kids in the beginning sent me ?

Shafiul Mahmud Partho

Shayne is killing me by laughing...hahhahaha

Keeping up with the Jones’s

Hi you. guys your are so cool I love you, so muc(

Leon The Gamer

Yo can you guys do working at Walmart or a mall :)

Zara Blue

This was so wholesome?

Elena Ivanoska

Oh no the kids are so cute

Bxbbly_Sxda YT

Shane The Entire Time Tho Lol.
Kid Falls In Hole


this is such a sweet video wowowo <3