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Planet Fitness 12 Days of Fitness

Planet Fitness 12 Days of Fitness12 Dec. 2018
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On Connecticut Style Planet Fitness 12 Days of Fitness

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Why My Outrageous Gym Membership is Worth it.

Why My Outrageous Gym Membership is Worth it.8 Dec. 2019

Are gym memberships worth

Are gym memberships worth the money? If you're new to joining a gym and you're not sure if it's worth your hard earned money, I have the insight for you. I have had memberships to gyms that cost $20 per month and ones that cost $200 per month. Ask the following questions below and you will have the correct answer in no time.

Here are the main questions to ask yourself…

What is everything you are looking to gain from a gym?

Equipment you can’t get elsewhere, a place to meet people, classes like yoga or spinning, etc.

Can you gain these things without a gym?

If you’re primarily a runner, are you just going to use the treadmill and stretch? That’s dumb.

How often will you realistically go?

The more often you go, the better value. If the gym is farther away, will you really have time or energy or patience to go? Is there a friend that you are planning to workout with?

What are the different gyms to consider and write down their pros and cons…

Divide their costs by the amount of times you will go per month. That’s a good way to evaluate the value. $200 divided by 10 trips per month = $20 per visit. $10 per month divided by 10 visits = $1 per visit. Consider gas and parking costs as well as how valuable your time is.

If this is your first time joining a gym, I highly recommend you get a 3-7 day pass. Some gyms will give you a single day pass, but really push for multiple days because you want to see what the gym is like at different times and on different days.

Also, check for month by month memberships so you won’t have to be stuck at a gym you don’t like.

To me, a nice gym is a necessity because I look for far more than the equipment. When I lived in LA, I joined Equinox, which is known for being a high end gym where a lot of big names go. The membership is roughly $200 per month. This sounds crazy, but I made it worthwhile because I made sure to derive $200+ value from the gym per month. How?

The nearest gym was Crunch which costs $80/month

Unlike Crunch, Equinox had amazing showers and Kiehl's products. Because showering was enjoyable, I made sure to shower and use as much product as I wanted. Maybe with all the shampoo, conditioner, water, soap, etc, I recouped $20 per month.

Because Equinox was walking distance, I didn’t have to drive so I saved about $25 per month on gas and parking. Plus, it was so close, I saved a lot of time. At least 20 minutes per day closer that the other gym. That adds up to 5 hours per month. If you can work and make $50/hour, that’s $250 per month. Well worth the cost.

What really matters is the energy and the people that were there.

Because the gym was expensive, it attracted a higher end crowd. Not everyone there was a good person or successful, but as a whole, I felt like it attracted more successful people, and because the environment was so clean and classy, I wanted to stay longer. I wanted to meet people, network, and build relationships. A gym that is dirty and grimy makes me want to leave, but if you know that the other members are like minded and could be potential business partners or future clients and the environment is positive, it makes you want to stay.

I ended up having meetings at Equinox because it was such a beautiful place. I would set dates to workout with people and made it a goal to talk to people in the sauna. Instead of the $120+ difference in price, I knew that one connection could be worth 20k+ and a clean environment with a beautiful view and with successful people would make me want to stay there and work there longer.

I would end up going in the morning, working next door at the cafe with a coffee, work out, have my smoothie, go to the tanning deck and work some more and come home around 5pm.

It became my office. Not a bad office for $200 per month. However, I made sure it was well worth the $200.

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The Millennial's Guide to Money

How much is a gym membership worth for you?

cardio at planet fitness & build my wife a surprise gift!

cardio at planet fitness & build my wife a surprise gift!3 Apr. 2019
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▶had such a busy day went to the batting cages did cardio and abs at the gym and build my wife a big surprise! i appreciate the support i hape my content is getting better for you guys, I'm just trying to get better in vlogging to bring everyone better content have a great week family.




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