How to do a squat thrust


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Squat Thrust Lesson

Squat Thrust Lesson18 Dec. 2014
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Today’s video is a quick

Today’s video is a quick lesson on the squat thrusts. Squat thrusts are an excellent body weighted exercise that will develop power, stability, and test your cardio. Make sure to develop excellent technique in this exercise by keeping your head in line with your shoulders, hips, and ankle. The squat thrust is an excellent exercise to use in your workouts because they don’t overtrain one muscle group. We will be using this exercise in Friday’s workout so make sure to practice and perfect your form.

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no mate thats a burpee...

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No stand in a squat thrust

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How to do a Real Squat Thrust 101

How to do a Real Squat Thrust 10116 Dec. 2010
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If you want a way to get in shape fast, try the squat thrust. This calisthenic exercise uses fast and efficient body movements to get your heart rate rocking. In addition, squat thrusts can be done anywhere and require no additional equipment making them the perfect exercise for people on the go. Read on and learn how to perform this total body exercise.

Difficulty: Moderate



Consult with your doctor before beginning any routine to see what type of exercise program is advisable for you.


Find a small area to begin practicing the general mechanics of the squat thrust. Squat down with your arms outside your legs and your hands on the floor. Slowly walk your legs back until you are in a standard push up position. Then, with your hands still touching the ground, return to the squat position by walking your legs forward and standing up.

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Bernie Jelinek

Mike, thanks for the variation of the squat thrust exercise. I'm currently training for the Masters Boxing Nationals on April 24, 25. My trainer is old school and told me about the importance of squat thrusts for boxing conditioning. I tried them using your method, and man, these aren't easy by any means. He told me to do as many as I can and try to pass the previous day's total. This is almost a forgotten exercise, but my trainer says it beats jogging 2 miles daily. I'll let you know how everything works out in the fights. Thanks again for showing people the best way to do it.