Get abs after 40 scam

Get Your Six Pack Abs: Target All 4 Ab Areas

Get Your Six Pack Abs: Target All 4 Ab Areas20 Jul. 2011
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http://GL12Fitness.com Shaun explains why most people don't get 6 pack abs - even if their body fat is low. There are really 4 different abs areas and you need to hit them all with resistance if you ever want to see ripped abs in the mirror.

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Mark Viking

@ALPHAandOMEGA44 I was wondering the same thing. How do you target the obliques without twisting?

CB Fall

Cool video!


Hey! Clearly, this is the most informational video I've ever watched. I'm 15 Years old, going to be 16. Do you have like any Exercises that you suggests for Teenagers Boy Like me? Good Videos Sir, Keep the videos coming.


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Sunny K.

Sure is right. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen to this do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. have a look here bit.ly/17ZUi5u?=ijvrd


@markymarkuss777 I have heard of people not doing a full crunch with abs or a full twist. Other than that not sure. The hardest part is diet.


How often should I train abs? Some people go everyday? I have heard some people do 2x month.


You should definitely start putting annotations in your videos that link us to the videos you mention! I just stumbled upon your videos and have been watching them for the last hour but I notice you keep saying to check the next video or a previous video but there's no way to get to it :/


Another question lol... What exercises do you recommend? NO twisting eh? hmmm


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How to AVOID these little-known protein powder scams…

How to AVOID these little-known protein powder scams…22 Feb. 2018

This 12 Minute Metabolic

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let me tell you at this link up above, at the end of this video, you're going to be able to find something that's going to go great with your protein to maximize fat loss and get the body that you desire.

cold filtered helps with the process in how the body absorbs the protein. So you're getting more for your money per ounce. That is key.

So now, what I want to do is I want to go over a couple of things here with you. 1, I want to show you here, "time-released, 4-protein blend, hormone RBGH and RBST-free proteins. Only 4 grams of net carbs per serving made with natural ingredients." Important. OK? All natural ingredients. If you cannot pronounce what's on that label, it is not good for you. And then you also want to look for, "no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. Non-GMO. Soy and gluten-free."

So if you consume the protein, not only does it help you burn more fat, but it also helps keep you full. OK? So one of the shakes, as a matter of fact, you know what? I'm going to go ahead and make my shake for you right now, because this is how simple it is for me. A lot of people like to make their shake with soy. They make it with almond milk.

There's all different kinds of ways you can make a shake, OK? I'm one of those guys that's simplicity most of time. And I'm on the go. And I don't have a lot of time. So what I do is, you can always tell I got an 8-ounce right here. So in my mug here, I pour my 8 ounces of water in, very simple, just like so, get to 8-ounce mark.

Then I open my protein. Then all I do, because I'm trying to consume a minimum of about 30 grams of protein in my shake. And I don't want it to be too extra thick. And by the way, this stuff, when you open it up, it smells like a chocolate factory, And it tastes amazing, which most proteins do not.

Now, they call this the 30-second trick, the 2-minute shake, whatever you want to call it. You know what? In the end, this is going to give me what 1 portion of sitting and having a steak dinner or a chicken breast, or a piece of fish. This is going to give me that protein that I need and also keep me from being hungry to solve my cravings so that I can lose weight and also feed the muscle what it needs to maintain lean muscle, right?

Oh, and by the way, with this particular protein, remember I was talking, it had something inside that was actually patent. Well, let me tell you, if you don't consume it right away, I'm going to read this for you, there is a patent on something called ProHydrolase. And inside this, "its research-backed blend of specialized enzymes designed to dramatically enhance the ability of the body to break down, absorb, and utilize whey protein. The latest research shows that ProHydrolase is substantially more effective at delivering whey protein to muscles than any other enzyme used in other protein products."

Now, either way is both fine. I highly recommend that you do it after you work out, because that's when your muscles need the protein the most, because they go into repair mode. OK? Now, high-intensity training is what you should be doing to be able to get the flat stomach, right? The 6-pack abs that you're looking for. And then you come back and give it the protein that it needs so you can burn more belly fat.

That protocol that you need is specifically designed. And I know of 1 that is specifically designed that we created that's called Over 40 Ab Solution that goes perfect hand-in-hand with your fat-burning shake that you're going to find at this link up above.

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Make your comments down below. Click the link up above right now and keep going strong.

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Dave N Japan

Did you see the price on that stuff? and it has cheap concentrate

LASER LIPOSUCTION! IS THIS A SCAM? Answering your questions

LASER LIPOSUCTION! IS THIS A SCAM? Answering your questions15 Jun. 2020
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BeautyCutrightSubscribe 438 721

In this video I am giving

In this video I am giving you my honest opinion of the 6 in 1 Slimming Machine that is suppose to help you get rid stubborn body fat. Laser Liposuction is a non-invasive procedure that you can do at home now to save $100 of dollars. Im answering such questions as:

1. My results

2. How it works

3. is this sponsored

4. where did I get it (note: due to videos on this product, the price has increased since I purchased it)


5. what products to use with it

6. what not to do to see results

7. My routine when using the device

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*Some affiliate links are used, which means I may receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. My content is 100% not influenced by brands, PR products received, usage of affiliate links, or brand partnerships.

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Darlene Gibson

Thank u I was using oil

Tiffany Moses

She's pretty reminds me of Ledisi

Xpress Labrish News

Thanks for the review, umm?,I'll just save up my money and get a lipo done ..sigh?

Narcos Zay

great video bro

Mary Wells-Peppers

hey there.... I'm very appreciative for your review vid... i purchased from the link that was in that vid... that was ok ..right?

Sheila E. Ternity

Answer is at 2:40!

kesha day

This is for small fat loss, recommended for ppl who are 15lbs within their weight goal, you must drink a lot of water &/or do a lymphatic cleanse after each treatment. This is why you often see ppl who have flat stomachs use this because it helps to maintain. It’s not a scam, it’s just not for everyone.

Joseph Cooper

Beautiful look, looking good

Kiia bath & body

I was going to buy this because saw you bought it a couple of videos ago but the reviews were not great .

Stacy Shiflet Stetz

I know you said not to have caffeine or food before using. How long do you need to wait to use it after eating or drinking caffeine?


If your like me watch at 1.5× (:

Hsp Intercessor

Laser Lipo does work you just have to buy the real machine ALSO doctors say it's a combination of diet exercise and the machine. It does work ppl just can't keep eatinf bad foods and can't expect invasive liposuction results

Fan Bernie

I have seen people who demonstrate how to use this, but I have not seen many showing results on YouTube. Most people demonstrating on their stomach already have flat stomachs. I won't buy it until I see some results.

Panzer Garcia

The frequency of the machine is the most important thing- if it's over 30kz (most off brands are in the 45-50khz range) you won't see results. You have to research machines carefully.

Rose Chapman

Dose it work for women over 60

cora kokkaina

Hello, i like your century, can u say me please the name of this and where I can to buy? Where do u buy it? Thnk ?

G. Casey

So many words spoken, so little was said-typical.

Angel Sim

@ BeautyCutright did this work for you? I am curious to know before getting this or something similar. Please let me know. Many blessings!

Just tt Hall

I tried it and I lost inch in one week however I have better eating habits and work out drink plenty water so guess that helps as well

Chantelle Francis

Thank you ! It's so hard to find an honest and candid review.


I bought it last year. I was very consistent but didn't see a difference. I started again two weeks ago using gelv and will see what happens. I'm doing a detox so I'm eating correctly.

Alicja Rogalsky

Thank you for your honest❤️

Paloma Healing

Those EMS little attachments are for skin/muscle tightening? So it can be used for your double chin, abs area & to remove sagging, etc.?

Michie K

Thanks for sharing! Quick question....how long should I wait to use this after drinking coffee or eating?

Summer ADS

Thank you for sharing your story, and for the warnings! Wow! I had no idea?‍♀️ people steal content from other YouTuber's for themselves. God Bless

A1 Martinez

How do you use on legs? Little circles? Straight up and down? Side to side?

Toni Smith

I have the exact same one that you have in the video. Just used it for the first time. It felt cool to the touch but now that I'm done my tummy feels really hot. It definitely did something...?

hi peolle

What particular product is this one


Yes it is a scam

Nicole R.

Thanks so much for such an honest review! It's very hard to find honest reviews these days. I like how thorough your video was and appreciate all the details you provided to us. Thank you so very much and God bless❣