Exercise to make breast bigger

Are there any exercises that lift, prevent sagging or make breasts bigger?

Are there any exercises that lift, prevent sagging or make breasts bigger?31 Dec. 2014
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"What are some exercises to lift the boobs or keep them from sagging?" - sfptiu, YouTube

Before we get started here, it's important to note that breast tissue is made of fat, so there is no way to make your actual "breasts" bigger through exercise. The chest muscles (pectoralis minor and pectoralis major) underneath the breast tissue however can respond to exercise and may in turn help reduce the appearance sagging in the breast tissue area.

Since breast tissue is composed of fat, you may also notice that your breast size reduces if you reduce your overall body fat. Sadly, there is no way to keep fat in one area of your body (like your breasts) while losing it in others (like your belly), so reducing your chest size may be one outcome of successful body fat reduction.

Let's talk anatomy for a second:

The pectoralis major is a fan shaped muscle that lies under the breast tissue in women.

The pectoralis minor, like it sounds, is smaller and shaped like a triangle. It's located at the upper part of the chest, beneath the pectoralis major muscle.

Push ups, chest presses and flyes are all great exercises that target this pair of muscles.

It's important to not just focus on training the chest however. You'll want to incorporate these types of exercises into a complete program that works your entire body to ensure all over muscle development in order to avoid imbalances and injury in the body.

It's a great idea to strengthen the back with the chest by alternating pushing and pulling exercises, for example. Many of our strength workouts here on JESSICASMITHTV feature this type of balanced training.

Here are a few upper body workouts that we recommend that effectively target the chest area (along with other muscle groups) for maximum results:

20-Minute Armed and Dangerous http://youtu.be/4fXLwqwxrY0

30-Minute Weight Loss Sculpt http://youtu.be/dzZTHkJWeKc

30-Minute Strength Training for Women http://youtu.be/Ugu9XF3p-oI

Thanks for your great question... hope that helps answer it!

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Sophia Ching

Hi Jessica, thanks so much for featuring my question on the #QandA. Sfptiu is my handle on social media. I feel so priviledge to have my question picked by you. I'm going to make a playlist of these videos to keep rhem handy. I'm on cloud 9!!! Sophia Palomino

Kelli Juan

This was my first Q&A Wed video; I REALLY liked it! Informative, and the suggested/related workouts helpful! I was looking for more jessicasmithtv workouts for the back. Thank you!

Amanda Hartwick

good advice! I'm wondering how can I tone up my bra overhang?? TIA!


thank you for this video tip.

question; if we already lost 5 pounds but keep working out how much breast reduction will happen? i am trying to avoid the breast reduction because i already see a difference and i like how my breast look but just want to tone and loose belly fat . i am doing HIIT workouts and home with weights

Aman Deep

I don't want to be big I just want them to be toned up


Excellent video! Clear,to the point and at the same time informative.

Aman Deep

Hey Jessica im mom of 2 kids 3 and 4 years. My breast is sagging so is there any way that I can lift it up again doing any breast exersice

maria Maria

Jessica i saw an article online from shapemagazine called 15 unexpected abs exercises.Did u make a video with those exercise?

Aman Deep

Like doing weight training R so

Eve Ogden

My order has shipped from Amazon and I am looking forward to working it. I do your alternative moves but don't' feel as worked as when I could go harder. Maybe I have to accept this reality.

Mickey Mouse

Are there any exercises that lift, prevent sagging or make breasts bigger in this video is very informative and helpful. I recommend everyone to engage in knewreck bigger bust guide. I suggest everyone to search the phrase how to lift breast tissue in google to know more.

Eve Ogden

I have been working out with you on YouTube and DVD For over a year and love the variety and your leadership. I am one of those with knee issues that prevent me from participating in the high impact moves. My question is: how do I get my sweat on without the pounding.

Eve Ogden

Completed Cardio Core Walk and Low Impact HIIT today and liked both. My endorphins really came out to play during HIIT. This is just what I was looking for and thank you for helping me stay in shape in my 63 year old body.

Maria Del Mar Mota

Thanks for your advice and information. May i ask for more specific chest workouts ?xxx

Zunaed Biswas

I see this video.This was my first Q&A Wed video; I REALLY liked it! Informative, and the suggested/related workouts helpful! I was looking for more jessicasmithtv workouts for the back. Thank you!

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definitely doing this tommorow!

Aabroo Bhat

Would u plz translate it in hindi language

Pamela Ramos

is it normal that my legs are in pain? i've been doing this in 2 days

Puja Kumari

hi i have thin body. please help me in improving my body so that i feel confident. I want to improve my body with healthy plan. please help

Asma Shaikh

For only breast growth which exercise can i do mam


doing this since i’m quarantine in my house from the coronavirus and wanna look good when i come back to school?

Aabroo Bhat

Yes I m very thin I want to get fat plz help me

Makavelli Young

lumowell can u please add up hourglass figure exercise app at playstore coz I can download d app

HRM 9528 SwetaRajbhar

But results kab tak dhikega

gwiyeo noona

Im gonna start today January 31 2019. I'll update u guys

HRM 9528 SwetaRajbhar

I'm gonna start this for tomorrow...... Thanks mam

Garima rai

Will it be helpful if I am very thin and I want to gain weight nd beautiful figure

Isabella Silk

notification squad where ya at?!??

jagdeep singh

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mary grace oracoy

i try this so nice i feel im improve my butt bigger little

Ma. Methuselah Loreto


Tanvi Paul

Hello, madam Plz tell me the exact timing to do these accessories!

Sonu Patel

Wow nice

Tyra Smith

What is your meal routine?

Deepika Rao

Very useful

Ronda Sullivan

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists in 2020."

kpk o

Will I loose weight doing this? Since I'm alreday thin I don't want to become thin..please answer

Harvider Kaur


Anum Zeeshan

Plz tell me ye exercise khane k for an bd krskty yaa krne k bd agr bhuk lgy to kch kha skty

Malaika Khan

Breast will also improve bigger?


definitely doing this tommorow!

Allyssa Mhay Añonuevo

#100 please sub back thank you? Godbless to your channel

win champ

I am a 18 years old girl I do this my boobs and booty is big


So which goes first the butt or the breast

Michelle Henry

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

iitz mayy

"If you cannot do it, try doing a regular pushup"
Me: I cant even do a push up-

foxy factions 1987

My butt is bigger

Pragya Sharma

Is this helps your butt & breast to grow & tight


Thank you so much! I've been doing these workouts for just about over a week everyday, i've tried to eat healthier too, and i just feel alot more happier in myself, knowing that i'm doing what's best for me.

Alfra Elixa

wow thank for this video. I really like it

sweet nayla

If i jst want this exercise for boosting bust thn which one to use?

Satnam Singh

Mam kya ye exercise 17 saal ki ladki kar sakti hai pls tell me?

HRM 9528 SwetaRajbhar

I'm gonna start this for tomorrow...... Thanks mam


I was sweating to this ?


hey lumowell can you please do exercises to reduce breast size thank you


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