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Meet the News Team!

Meet the News Team!22 Jan. 2019
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Anchorman Movie

Anchorman Movie scenes.

Meet the News Team!

Yes, these fellas

were a real news team.

Burgundy, of course,

was the foundation, the rock.

But each member brought their own

special something to the equation.

People call me the Bri-man.

I'm the stylish one of the group.

I know what you're asking yourself,

and the answer is yes,

I have a nickname for my penis.

It's called the Octagon.

But I also nicknamed my testes.

My left one is James Westfall,

and my right one

is Dr. Kenneth Noisewater.

You ladies play your cards right,

you might get to meet the whole gang.

Bang, boom, they were showing lasers

every Friday night.

Champ here. I'm all about having fun.

You know,

get a couple of cocktails in me,

start a fire in someone's kitchen.

Maybe go to SeaWorld,

take my pants off.

Anyway, I've become kind of famous

for my signature catchphrase,


As in, "Gene Tenace at the plate

and whammy!"


I'm Brick Tamland.

People seem to like me

because I am polite and I'm rarely late.

I like to eat ice cream,

and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.

Years later, a doctor will tell me

that I have an IQ of 48

and am what

some people call "mentally retarded."

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Collin Morris

As in Gene Tenace at the plate annnndd BLAMMY! Huuhhhhhwwwhhhaammmyyyyhaaaahaha

Mission : Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol (2011) Catfight, Blonde Villainess killed, Kicked out window

Mission : Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol (2011) Catfight, Blonde Villainess killed, Kicked out window7 Dec. 2020
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Paula Patton as Jane

Paula Patton as Jane Carter

Léa Seydoux as Sabine Moreau

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

Jeremy Renner as William Brandt

Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn

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The Worst TikTok Prank Of All Time

The Worst TikTok Prank Of All Time11 May. 2020
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Watch the Full Episode

Watch the Full Episode here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysfYhhM1c0U

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Comments (100)
Gabriel Cabrera

RIP king dave


They think everything is real lmao

Thomas '4six9'

You put the coffee down beat his ass then finish the coffee like an alpha tf

Christ Pot Leaf

Wirst? More like the best. It ended with anger. Amazing.

Barry Ross

Wonder if Ethan ever watched a Colin Flaherty video.



Daniels Mardones

Fake cause the black guy no matter how white they act will respond to the push with a nasty nigga moment.


This is Soo gross. It's literally just cringe. Not even a good prank

Table 37

Ethan needs a new hat

nik storella

True story: My junior year of hs I started dating this girl that just broke up with her boyfriend... Long story short he caught me slippin one day while I was walking home and blew my chest out with a Venti caramel frap while passing by me at 50 mph in his mom's car... So yes... Ppl DO throw coffee lmao

Kemmy Boi

Why does she seem like shes on drugs. All the time.

Maris Lox

I only just received the notification for this like 6 hours ago...


If it’s real, dude had it lucky. If that were me, he ain’t being shoved, he’ll be losing teeth

Brandon C

It’s not fake, it’s not real. It’s camp!


i think the biggest thing the shows the first video is fake is because is says “what the heck” in any true situation like that, i’ve never met anyone that would use heck


Plot twist: tik tok is the prank

Jake Crane

Tik tok: ordered to delete all data stored and collected on 13 years of age or younger

Never had a tik tok, but new dipshits to the platform should make their age 13 or younger

James Patrick Rabbitt

I like it

Michael Hall

The camera work makes me know it's fake

William Bennett

aaay this vid was on my b day ???

Mike Keenan

why Hila have dong on her shirt

Christopher Maldonado

Throwing coffee is like the upgrade to pocket sand.

Michael Beleznay

main mommy has a good curation on IG.

Ian Craven


Not James

Your boy needs to figure out how a green screen works. Everything's getting key'd out, I'm sure his lighting is shit..


TikTok itself is a mistake.

Johnny Tsunami

Ethan: "people just consume it without thinking." ???
Should I point out the irony of Ethan saying that? Okay! Ethan quite literally consumes garbage through his facehole (he eats poorly). Shouldnt he think about what he consumes as food?


My foot would’ve been in this guys chin way before he could get something out of his bag


Dude it's fake, what are we even talking about lol. This is gossipy nothingness about a video that isn't even a real prank anyway


Check out gageslife

Llama Arlington

If it was fake they wouldn’t have still been mad after he gave them the new phone don’t you think if he was paying for their reaction they’d be HAPPY to receive the new phone, no instead the guy takes the new phone and storms off.


No one cares about your opinion Ethan just shut the fuck up and quit criticizing people, all you upload is videos of you complaining about other people and just acting like a total bitch. Your content is trash and so is your fanbase which just bitches at whoever you bitch at because they’re petty and pathetic like you


I wouldve beat his ass my phone is 5 years old i wanna keep this shit as long as possible

Jeff Sims


Thats It

You know what's even worse? Is the fact you're reviewing fake content




Why aren’t you showing the video while you look it over?

Trollin Bastard

Meh this shit is getting outdated.


any publicity with social media is good publicity. gets them their views. if it is a real prank, it actually really sucks. losing all your photos and information is irreplaceable.


Let me be rose’s lost brother from big ed tlc lol

Max Locher

What u fuckers think of cheese?


The coffee point is 100%true lol unless your simp bets, than coffe is the first thing you use


Wow Ethan cool Team Fortress hat keep it up proud of you


Everyone with that TikTok Zoomer haircut is a piece of shit, change my mind.


To get the real Tik Tok experience you have to watch the Indian videos where they spit out the poison and walk all cool and they act surprise

Darren Rathbone

100% fake if your gonna throw coffee over someone your not gonna take lid of it n splash em your gonna do it with intent to intimidate em you don’t know how crazy that guy is so your gonna try n make them think your more nuts than them

Susanna Hill

How is he sure when he walks up that it's an iPhone??? . Just sayin

L0v3 izzZEvol

It’s fake. No one gets there phone smashed and says “yo what the heck?”

R2-D2 with a Tophat

This is why I've never brought my phone to school.

Skinny Buddha

Ethan's eyebrows actually beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a weight lifting contest once.


This is turning into like a gossipy meme channel :(

thimo ten hoeve



And what if you don't want a iphone?

Aesthetics and Anti-Depressants

Your cancer


IT'S REAL. They back up when he pulls out the backpack, implying they think he might have a weapon. Way too clever for these guys to write, rehearse, and act that good.


Just like the place it came from, Tik Tok is just a giant knock off... It only makes sense that all the trash ends up here. Bunch of fucking puppets letting the CCP gather all their info. Morons....


4:32 This is exactly how I expected Zach's room to look haha

james baker

If you use toktok you are


Zero personality zero humor from host. I listened because they had guest I liked. But wife has zero contribution or personality. And then host is similar.


That was fake the second that dude walked away without a broken nose. Fuck you and your prank video if you BREAK MY PHONE!!

Helmet Boy

Late night shows now are terrible?


It’s time to make another magnus opus Ethan, ITS TIME TO STOP: TIK TOK

Christopher Novick

Love your content & Agree with you 99% of the time on any topic. But what in the world is with your eyes twitching! I don’t know if this is just adding to your character or an honest nervous twitch

Alex Eagan

Nigga i don’t understand how throwing coffee on someone makes this 100% fake


Do a video about Fckjoshy lol

pootie tang

These two were made for quarantine.

Covey Carter

Vine was a great app but it’s gone now, then when I saw tik tok was out I thought it was like the same thing. Not at all, it’s just a bunch of kids lip singing and dancing. Horrible app

Liam Static

I don't even want a pos iPhone

Jonathan Lalois

Ha ha. Ha


The "you're a weird bro" bit is real because he really is a weirdo

Chantal Glanzmann

I don’t get that prank (fake or not)... the new i phone doesn’t justify breaking someones property... you never know what gets lost by breaking that... it just isn’t funny

Kaykie Harpur

the hot coffee thing works, burn the shit outta anyone who ya think is a threat,


i’d be so upset if it happened to me though like you can’t replace a jailbreak so i’d be irate actually

Birch Tree

Hey man I destroyed your phone!
What the fuck bro.
No worries man, I got you a new one.
What about my data that I can’t retrieve now?

Joshua B

Not to mention how did the tik tokker know the dude had an iPhone. And also, I'm not convinced it was real based on the coffee throw. It woulda been more realistic to just throw the whole coffee, cup and all.

Von Miguel Millora

if someone did this to me i would beat the living shit out of him AND take his phone

Ave. Original

Every tik tok video is the worst shit ever made..

Charlotte Moffat


Marina Balko

ethan had the chance to say “spread like corona” and didn’t take it..

Khaliq Rahman

Yo bro... what’s the print on hila’s tshirt? One symbol looks like a penis looking up tbh... Big fan of both of you!! ❤️ from ??

ToXicJuiceBoX 07

I disagree that’s the first thing I’d do is throw the coffee only if it was hot

Aces Granted

4:26 honestly I had a similar experience and kinda wanted to spill coffee on the people next to me due to their behavior


seemed real u can hear the dude in the yellow shirts voice kinda shaking. The coffee throwing it looks like he was going for the dudes phone in his pocket. U guys are bad at telling if internet videos are real, ive seen some poor judgement so far.....


I think if this was real, they would have reacted more violently or possibly called the cops for this stranger stealing and breaking their property. Either way, this was wrong. It was wrong to do if it was real because it's unethical and a literal crime (theft and vandalism), and still wrong if it was fake because it is trivializing and promoting this crime as an entertainment exploit without the disclosure that it's scripted so copycats are likely not to script it themselves. Offering another phone does not alleviate the crime. This is illegal and dangerous, and a very poor model for the young impressionable audience of TikTok where copycat culture is fundamental to how the app functions.


I love Ethan's reenactment of the coffee throwing is priceless


Fake and gay


You try to give me a piece of shit iphone as a replacement and I'm still kicking your ass. Or at least suing it lol.

Mr Tentacles


Joe M

Anyone feel like h3 jumped the shark?

Флок Флоук


danny D

I don't know if this is real or not. But if someone broke my android and tried to give me an iPhone that would only make it worse


What a fucking moron


Who the fuck watches these two tweekers? And who finds prank videos entertaining?


All my photos would be gone!


I think hilas high or something

Nathan Coletta

Definitely fake

camden janda

Try that in the midwest lol


If the camera man isnt acknowledged then its fake*

ha ha

Hey ya old fogies, weirdo is back ‘in’

Niño Malo

Idk what is worst. This shit of video or the fact that this guy cant tell its fake