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Broken - Gymnastics Heartbreaks

Broken - Gymnastics Heartbreaks17 Feb. 2007
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A montage focusing on

A montage focusing on gymnasts who didn't make the olympic team over the years. Namely Morgan White, Marie Fjordholm, Hollie Vise, and Vanessa Atler.

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Alex Andreeva

yes broken... i know it very well... after 3 month i had to stop with the gymnastics because i fall and i broke my leg in one competition. And the most painful was that the gymnastics were my all life

Mariana Cunha

@gymnastgirl245 that´s morgan white I believe.


Found it out.. Hollie Vise

Matthew Willcoxon

marie fjordholm

simone mudde

The girls are very pretty and it makes me sad to see them cry they need to have funn and not pain. I hope that some will make it for the next olympics. They are very good.

Rayanna G

carly patterson and terin humphry both made the olympic team 1:04 - 1:09


Nastia Liukin (Anastasia) She won all-around gold at the olympics this year!! :)


LOL i know, right? Thats what i was wonderin...her and the girl in the chinese uniform lolol

Natalie Rose

These girls are amazing. They have so much to deal with after their dreams are crushed. All those years training for a minute on the mat or bar or beam, to mess up is the worst thing imaginable.


@gymchick3345 the one crying in light blue is marie fjordholm and the one at the very end is morgan white

Oscar Benitez

Hollie Vise is awesome.. :( Excellent montage.. :)

Hannah Stites

Does anyone know what happened to Morgan White after the 2000 Olympics? I loved her style and what she was able to do.


The Song is called Broken by Lindsey Haun


Pain for hours Thrill for life


At 2:54, I remember watching them announce the '04 team, and my heart just broke for Hollie Vise. she should have been there instead of that Mohini Bhardwaj.

Aisling Toal

@xolexixo100 im a swimmer and thats exactly the same as me...its soo weird tho :)

Happiny Bounce

i thought they said theyd retire a couple of times already but always returns? or am i getting confused. hollie did fine at the trials tho right? i only saw her on beam and bars but maybe those 2 r the only events she did :S


@GymnasticsChickk97 Probably the bravest as well!

ghislain vallée

We were children....the coaches were adults...

Aysha Rodriguez

i thought it was about heart breaks?caz in 3 25 the girl smiling happy not cring saddly


@Missbottlenose Probably because she had to quit before she wanted to? It doesn't fit the description.

Gymnastics Cool Videos

Who is that at 1:20 that was a scary fall from the uneven bars, and 2:23? Beautiful, it really captivates the essence of a broken heart! Nice job!

Caked up

isn't 1:03 Terin Humphrey ???

Mariana Cunha

it's marie fjordholm... she broke some ribs on that fall...


ouch !!!

carolyn wheeler

vanessa atler didnt make it because she choked. Charter oak gymnastics is at fault they dont compete their girls until the are level 10+ she didnt make it into collage either because she took a sponser. making her uneligible for scolarship. she made her bead.


beautiful montage - nearly made me cry

Alex Andreeva

and do you know the name of the song? pls help me ;[[ *_*


That wasn't Morgan White it was Marie Fjordholm, an American Gymnast, she broke a couple of ribs when that happened. And it isn't/wasn't URSS, the Soviet's were known as the USSR when translated to English, and the CCCP in their Native Russian.

Shannon Crozier-Rankin

its not just a medal its there lyf

Kelly Mazur

The girl at 0:53 that really had to hurt not only how she hit and how hard but the way she hit too. :(


09 is Morgan White and 210 is Carly Patterson


Because she had those 2 falls on balance beam at the Olympic Trials which gave them good footage for a gymnastics heartbreaks montage.

Brina Suligoj

so was i and I quit. don't even know why. I regret it so much.


Her name is Marie Fjordholm


@ivonne1508 yes it was my life for over 10 years. I really miss it. ans just because I did this f*cking mistake an didn´t took my arm´s down early just to get a few points more. damn (!)


i'm glad i'm a pianist... at least going wrong in practice isn't so risky!!!

Sara Delgado

who is that girl at :30


0:55...do you understand how much that would hurt! shit!!!


At 04 her name is Maeie Fjordholm

Andie Bunker

Morgan White made the 00 Olympic team, but she got injured and couldn't go to Sydney

Yuk yu Lee

no matter whether they acieved success.they're stars!!they put all their effort in gymnastics!


look her up on YT she broke ribs when she did that

Yuk yu Lee

all of them are admirable!!


i am very impressed by this vid. i too was a gymnast but was injured severely at level 9 -- fell and tore a ligament in my knee and had to have surgery, etc, and after all the bills, no money left anyway. so either way, no more gymnastics for me. :( i have to wear a brace for ANY exercise i do now. fun.


who is on 3.48????

miah love

I totally understand what you are going through because I am a dancer and gymnast myself.


they didn't pick her b/c she was having trouble at the Karyoli "boot camp" that week, and Marta felt she wouldn't do well @ the Olympics if she couldn't cut it at the camp. Honestly, i've never had much respect for the Karyoli's, and it'll be a happy day when Marta announces she's retiring. Party at my place!

Viktoria Celeste G.

so sad

Daniel Arroyo

Lindsey Haun-Broken


Vanessa Atler has actually stated that she was relieved when she didn't make the Olympic team. She had expressed wishes to quit gymnastics years before that, but she was pushed to continue by her parents and her coaches.


Its so sad how bad they push these girls

Olivia Roach

whats the song? x

Steffanie Dolch

Actually that is not correct. Morgan did make the olympic team. Unfortunately, she suffered a fracture in her foot and had to give up her position on the team.


@jen1JSDDB Are you kidding?

Alex Andreeva

i don't know but this video is very special for me. When I watched it for the first time i felt broken like them! I love it !!


sometimes u just need someone to be there..but no one ever seems to be there..


Why is carly patterson in here? she made the olympic team?

Devon Turner

those girls are really good its sad to see them cry i hope they make it to the olympics

mizz ben

why is carly patterson in this video? it does not make any sense i don't get.


Forgot her name and found her again her name is Marie Fjordholm.


Its called Broken by Lindsay Haun

Raegan Gunderson

my coach, was one of Morgan Whites coaches (: and she did make it but she couldnt compete cause of an injury.


who is on 3.48


It is really dissapointing what happened to Morgan White, she made the Olympics, and could have really helped the team possibly get bronze.

Matthew Willcoxon

yeah she broke some ribs onn it


Every sport is like that though.. Every sport has a physical and mental side to it.. Every sport is just as hard as each other, just in different ways..


codyluv3...its not funny!!!! it hurts like fuck!!!!

Shelby Schnabel

the song is the title of this video. Its called Broken

Aysha Rodriguez

i thought it was about heart breaks?caz in 3 25 the girl smiling happy not cring saddly


no.. Look at 0:45 then.. Whats HER name?

Rachel Pollard

who is the gymnast at 0:56?


Morgan White did make the 2000 Olympic team, but she was injured before the games and had to be replaced.


@GymnasticsChickk97 Right...

Jennifer Murray

@katherine0127 dance is the same, depending on what level you do it on

Kat M

this video is amazing . no one really understands how hard it is to be a gymnast


why is carly patterson in there


co za asy


yes it hurted a lot..... I had to stop doing gymnastics....... I will never be able to do it again.... =´(

Daniel Arroyo

Your welcome!

Ivonne Johnson

@TheLollifreak OMG! =(

nazir rim

you need an insane amount of strength to control your body like you want to...so these girls aren't girls...they are men in disguise...i am sure of it...they could freakin break me into little pieces


@1ShawnJohnson1 haha i know what u mean. are u a gymnat?

vive libre

they are still kick ass gymnists <3


morgan white has taken part in urss gymnastic?

Kim Rayment

This is a really well made vidio but its so sd and so true xx i no i woz a gymnast x



Marie B

broken by lindsey haun


Why are they doing this? I mean so many work for a medal...

Mariana Cunha

Who is the gymnast at 2:16 to 2:22??


something like in 0.55 happened to me one time, too. I broke 3 ribs. It´s sometimes too hard.


What's happening at 0:20? Why is Elise Ray crying?

Olivia Gautier

OMG! thats me on 1:19-1:21! I remember that moment!

Kira G



@pqninamari I thought it was Marie Fjordholm. I could be wrong...

Happiny Bounce

how come they didnt pick hollie vise didnt she win the all around in the american cup the yr b4?


I've never been a gymnast, but I also love this great sport. Itself, in a few minutes, whenever the term encompasses all of the sacrifices of the lives of those who practice it. I believe that there is no other sport so hard and difficult both physically and mentally. At the same time is incredibly beautiful and human, so much so that I am surprised to see him so rarely on TV. A warm heartfelt thanks to everyone in the world has taken both with and lived with joy and suffering this way.

Laura O'Briain

I think that the saddest thing is really, that in that second when they step out of the boundary or miss the beam or slip off the bar, it's not the pain that they care about- that comes later- it's those points lost and medal missed and they just know that's it.

Mariana Cunha

Thanks!! =]


why is carly in this so much? she won the AA that doesnt sound like a heart break and a few falls is something every gymnast goes through

morgan white 2000 us olympic trials day 2 floor exercise

morgan white 2000 us olympic trials day 2 floor exercise21 Nov. 2009



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Morgan White Vault - 2000 US Olympic Trials Day 2

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Morgan White on vault on

Morgan White on vault on day 2 of the 2000 US Olympic Trials in gymnastics.

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