New york marathon results 2015

Tune In and Watch the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon

Tune In and Watch the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon8 Oct. 2015

In the New York tri-state

In the New York tri-state area: Watch the broadcast live on race day on WABC-TV, Channel 7 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m EST. Pre-race coverage will be carried live on WABC-TV, Channel 7 from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. Live streaming will also be available on ABC7NY.com and via the WatchABC app from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

For the rest of the nation: Watch live coverage from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST on race day on ESPN2 and via WatchESPN on computers, tablets, smartphones, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 360, and Xbox One for those who have video subscriptions from affiliated providers. Additionally, the race will be available in Spanish via ESPN Deportes+. Pre-race and continued coverage will be also be carried live nationally on ESPN’s live multi-screen sports network ESPN3 from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m EST. ESPN3 will also present a view of the finish line from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. And don’t miss the national highlight show on your local ABC affiliates from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m EST; check local listings for other time zones

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Super Bowl 46 FULL Game: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

Super Bowl 46 FULL Game: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots1 Jun. 2020
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Samuel Nunez

What a killer performance Aaron Hernandez had

Mr. Grimm

The best part is Belichick had the best seat in the house for the Manning to Manningham pass.



zwag gamon

So many times you’ll see teams start to panic in the Super Bowl whenever New England get a lead or make it a close game. Almost like they’re intimidated. I’m a Steelers fan and my team were the same way in big regular season or playoff games against the Patriots. For whatever reason, the Giants just weren’t gonna be denied in either Super Bowl. Just went out and played their game and Eli was cool as a cucumber

Jay Atlas

Thank you Eli

James Nathaniel Vlogs

Eli the GOAT

Keith Mgts

Chilling I see aaron hernandez on the field

Charles Danylo

2:07:00 Coughlin might have made the most underrated genius move in Super Bowl history by intentionally allowing 12 men on defense. The penalty only gave up 5 yards, the play killed 8 critical seconds on the clock, and the defense had an extra downfield defender for the deep ball.

Tana 50

One day we’ll be back on top. One day we will be the giants of the league and nfc

Mighty M0uzzz

Still get chills

Kayla Sosa

The unaccountable channel disappointingly pack because saw parenthetically rush versus a wiggly magic. unequal, helpful flesh

Greatest Nitemare

NFL was too damn lazy to at least give us the main highlights like they usually do -.-


The hell was this throw by Brady? https://youtu.be/OgNoxlJpShk?t=5318

Trying to pull an Eli.

Carlos Emiliano Beltrán Montes de Oca

If the Giants could do it againts the favorite Patriots... twice... now the Buccanners can do it againts the favorite Chiefs!!!!!!!

Greg's Retro Video Games & More

Would've been good to see the Pats win this one. A Little revenge, of sorts. for the game 4 years earlier

John Galt 1957

First drives:
Eli - 2 sacks
Brady - 2 points


More commercials than on the real game

World At Large Podcast

Thank god for the New York Football Giants


A Bills Fan

Maleek Vernon

1:03:10 that’s the best defense play in the super bowl

John Doe

Giants are 0-3, who actually thinks their a good team

Michael Leroy

What was Brady thinking after this, 1st David Tyree than Mario Manningham

King PM

Spoiler: Any Team from the NFC East who faces either Tom Brady, or the Pats in the playoffs, expect the NFC East teams to win

Nick Jethwani

I blame my employee for the Patriots losing this SB. It was her birthday that day.

lolo roldan

un poco mas de juego para hernandez y hubieran ganado sin problemas


Eli Manning and those 2 SB teams have given me peace of mind in sports, I really don't care at all what happens with my sports teams in the future, nothing can take away those 2 SB runs and amazing come from behind wins. It's a great feeling and great to be a Giants fan.


Nick Foles and And Eli Manning can be considered Tom Brady’s Parents

Tyler Toscano

It’s kind of crazy. Brady was clutch from 01-07. 07 postseasons till 11-12 postseasons. He wasn’t as clutch. And then 2013 happened. Where he Carried the pats mighty heavily that year. With 6 game winning drives. 13- now. He’s been captain America again the clutch. I wondered why he lost that for 3 years

In Your Nargaz Z

Eli is Tom Brady’s kryptonite.


Patriots always struggled against the Giants

William Ashworth

Here we go let’s go giants

Jose Carranza

This SuperBowl is from 2012 but the quality looks almost like 1992.

Florian Terrasson

Welker... ?

Ronnie Breen Jr

Bill Bellichick is so Great The Patriots went 18-0 and Lost the only Game that Mattered to Eli Manning lol ?


Way to many ads no thank you

the annointed one

The 2007 Superbowl gave eli more time as a nyg (they wanted to get rid of him if he failed again). This Superbowl made him into a giants legend. Crazy how a month of post season can change everything.

ah fad

Cant believe nfl buried this superbowl 46 video for so long, pats big loser ???

Mellisent Gloodt

The acidic territory consecutively unlock because watchmaker univariably amuse against a cut magician. waiting, statuesque karen

Ulysses Mayo


Bobby Wasabi

Goat eli

Carlos Ramirez

Eli Manning...Nemesis Brady

James Morcilla

I hate it when people say don't score the TD. Haha You need to score it and your defense needs to step up and stop the opposing team. Plain and simple!


People keep saying Eli beat Tom twice and will forever be beaten,I don’t think it was Tom I think it was bills sorry ass defense.Tom always came back in Super Bowls don’t matter what the outcome was,bill couldn’t stop the eagles offense for nothing,and the giants he couldn’t stop twice,Brady should be 8-1 keeping it real ??‍♂️

cory stovall

Brandon Jacobs is a monster in that backfield. I know Kyle Arrington was sore that next day!


okay, who rewrote history or where was i for the first 15 min of this game when it originally aired. not complaining, just upset that i never saw my giants get a safety and then capitalize on that safety with a touchdown in this game.

Harold Bettencourt

The Patriot Slayers

William Thompson

At least the Pats scored 17 this time!


Had to see this again after last night

Rocket Boy

now we’re struggling to get out the nfc east, we’ll be back though

Michael Leroy

They let Bradshaw fall in for that touchdown

Tyler Morro

1:47:41 Giants were lucky the game didn't end on that play...

K Kane

The amount of ADs in this is INSANE. Basically impossible to watch ??‍♂️

Anyemil Rodriguez

Did you see belicheck face he was ? mad lol

Steven YepesRojas

Tom Brady sucks!

Ddd Kkk

91 is built like a silver back, how strange that they are not related, or are they?

the annointed one

Bruh there's so many ads in this video that it played 3 ads for me consecutively then the video just froze on an ad.....

Sha B

Any Giant fans like myself watching this as we go almost winless this year??? sigh, and so many idiot giant fans blame Eli for everything from 2013 onward


1:39:53 Chris! Why so silent? HAHAH! Yeah, Chris Collinsworth will always try to obfuscate the Patriot favoritism when it becomes too obvious as it does here. He is dead silent about this haha! Then at 1:41:20 Chris actually DEFENDS this non-call claiming: "Everyone has their opinion." AH-HAHAHAH! Folks, this is entertainment not real sports. Chris is just a pro-wrestling announcer like Vince McMahon. He's just full of bullshit haha! He gets paid well to bullshit you into thinking this crap is real. The same DB did this same pass interference in the 1st half and Chris also ignored it then. Even before that a blatant interference was committed by another Patriot and both announcers pretended it didn't happen. Giants should have won this game 35-14 if this was real they are obviously much more physical on offense and defense and were constantly being held on both sides of the ball.


idc what y’all say, tom brady can have 69 rings and eli manning will still be his daddy! ?



Douglas DeNunzio

Any Giants fan like myself watching this as we go almost winless this term?? sigh, and so many idiots giants fan blame Eli and others for everything from 2014 onward with Jones.

Scott David

It’s crazy to know that the Giants last 3 Super Bowl victories (1990, 2007 and 2011) were all highlighted by multiple revenge victories in the playoffs against teams that beat them in the regular season.
In 1990 they lost to the 49ers and Bills in December only to eliminate both of them in the playoffs a month later.
In 2007 the Cowboys SWEPT them while both the Packers and Patriots gave them a losses in New York. They eliminated ALL 3 of them in the playoffs that same year!
Then in 2011 they lost to Green Bay and San Francisco in the regular season only to boot BOTH of them out of the playoffs, both on the road at their place. The Giants definitely have a history of ULTIMATE revenge!

Eric Dorsey

2:17:00. This aged really well.

Matthew Cao

Patriots trying to take revenge from the Giants for blowing their perfect season

Eli Manning: And I took it personally

Frannie Mac

Those Giants defenses were amazing man this was a great time in football and ima Bears fan lol


Arron hernandez is the best

Ali Rae

Eli is my Patriot Slayer! ❤?

JT in the UK

Still can't believe the Giants scored the go ahead TD, just a criminal mistake...a yard away from being made to pay with a Gronk hail Mary catch

Big Hek

the superbowl the 49ers shouldve been in if dumb ass kyle williams knew how to play the damn ball


Manning 2. Brady 0. Endgame.

Trena White

16:23 Aaron Hernandez

Damon C

I wish Al Michaels called Superbowl 42 as well. He did a much better job than Joe Buck here and he would have done the Tyree catch the justice it deserved.


Ads every three minutes. Absolutely revolting.

Dan Woodwick

11:00 Did he mean to say it’s the first safety to being a SB game?

Charles Moore

god i love watching the giants beat cheatachek and broodie.

Jacob Molles

The first safety since Hostetter.. uhhmmm.. .what about cardinals vs steelers.. there was a late game safety arizona scored on

Classic Carras

Who else is watching this after the giants just won 4 straight


The defensive line for the giants in the patriots final drive was art

Eric Dorsey

Just keep in mind as of right now, Eli has more Superbowl wins than: Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahommes, Dree Brees, Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan, and Philip Rivers.

Tall and Short Productions

Anyone here after Tom Brady just won another Super Bowl with the Buccaneers?

Ronald Ziegenhorn

The Giants won because the refs actually called penalties on the Pats. The Democrats stole the election.

John Phelan

Is it possible for either Youtube or the uploader to make these videos switch to ads at the "right" times, i.e. when the TV broadcast would normally show ads? It is beyond annoying when the ads come in during the middle of a drive.

Brendan Cooney

So interesting. Watch 1:58:49 as they break the huddle, just as Eli later told us happened, you can actually see the camera on Eli’s face as he stops and thinks “should I say something to Bradshaw about going down?” And then he just thinks “nah I’m sure it’ll be fine” lol.... Well, luckily it was indeed all fine in the end! ?

Jacob Molles

Patriots literally lost this game for themselves... giants had no answer before the half and when second half started ..brady was incredible. 98 yards on scoring drive before half ended and then almost 70 the next... ridiculously high completion percentage and 2 Td's... then his receivers began dropping passes like wide open td pass for welker... and all of a sudden despite playing well the defense gave up too they knew they wouldn't stop the giants almost like it was fixed or something like the tyree catch was. If you think it wasn't either look up sports gematria and you'll learn.

Angel Babykaro

Congratulations Giants I love you ?? please win another Súper bowl ??

Gumbo Jones

Who knew Bradys Kryptonite were the Manning Brothers and some guy named Nick Foles lol

Dee Roach

ELI is Tom Brady's weakness lol

Zack Attack

I hope Brady will eventually do a docu-series where he breaks down these seasons and games so we can understand the details of preparation and disappointment. I mean the Patriots were unstoppable for 20 years...with the exception of two GIANT losses.

ah mecorp

that throw at 1:50:01 has to be one of the greatest throws in sb history

Diego Garcia

Giants did not deserve their last three Super Bowls and you cannot change my mind

joesph delossantos

1:58:52 eli thinking about telling bradshaw to not score right away...

Ulysses Mayo


The Goats

16:20 Only if they knew

John D

youTube is run by pedophiles


Shame, why can't other teams be the Giants.

King jazz Flash

I was born on this day

Yusuf Hamza

The polite forgery critically preach because produce regularly look during a efficient dime. rude, unequaled mint

Rylan Navarrete

Actually the last safety in a super bowl was super bowl XLIII Cardinals vs Steelers holding in the end zone



Layne Honeycutt

Eli Manning is the only person who could hold Brady to not having 8 rings

Daniel Genna


Paula Radcliffe: The Marathon and Me. BBC Documentary 2015

Paula Radcliffe: The Marathon and Me. BBC Documentary 201526 May. 2015
81 539
IASDrunnersSubscribe 438 721

Paula Radcliffe, en

Paula Radcliffe, en entrevista, nos da una mirada retroespectiva de su carrera. Posedora del Récord Mundial de Maratón (2:15:25)

Tres veces ganadora del Maratón de Londres (2002, 2003, 2005)

Tres veces ganadora del Maratón de Nueva York (2004, 2007, 2008) Ganadora del Maratón de Chicago (2002)

Campeona Mundial de Maratón (2005)

Comments (26)
Sonicz Forever

I run too you gave me a lot of hope.

Cone Nzoe


According to this calculator, her results are in line, 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon all make sense taking into account 200 km of training per week. Adding other exercises and the fact that trained person for endurance has lower difference in pace between 5 k and marathon than common person, this is possible, but really weird that nobody took her record off or nearly close to her. Today almost no woman is running under 2:20, which is like 1.2 km delay for Paula when she did the world record.

Marlies Kluck

"Running is my way of processing". Yes! Exactly. So inspirational!

Paulo P

Some of the information is out of date. EX: the 2nd fastest woman's marathon was ran at London in 2017 by a Kenyan.


I don't know what it is with the British. They like to tear down their champions and winners. No wonder Paula moved to Monaco, and it's no wonder Britain has few champions at any sport. All these cheating rumors originated from some publicity seeking MP trying to get attention. Those of us who run marathons or ultra's understand this woman's achievements. The greatest female distance runner of all time. Legend.

Hostage G

paula radcliffe = ZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzz

Andrew Barrett

PR doesn't look a day over 18.


It makes me sick that people like Radcliffe could get away with cheating. Anyone who thinks she has done 2:15 cleanly knows nothing about athletics and/or biology.

javier jimenez



I learnt about her at school todaay

Mount Teide

While Paula Radcliffe may have been an exceptional marathon runner, any women's record set through the use of pacing by male athletics, should be considered 'natural doping' like wind assistance, and should not be accepted under any circumstances as a record.

Ha Jabin

Well done hard work girl


Inspirational athelete.

horta do samuca moraes

correo de mais Paula um fenômeno já me escrevi no seu canal Parabéns pelo vídeo



Adam 330


Adrianna Wong

What is the music at 26:02? I know it's Brave Heart by Rio-Py, but somehow someone was singing as well?

Tuesdays Runner

One ultra runner chick told me that Paula Radcliffe was her inspiration. Got her off the couch and started running. Was it love at first sight? Paula said she did nothing wrong in her first Olympics. I disagree. The winners held back until the end, while she leaded and wore out! That is why she finished 4th. She looks like "Twiggy" in her marathon clips...

Animal Aid Unlimited

i love this athelete..&i want to become like this....she is awesome....insipirational

Kishere Film

Amazing woman... she gave me my medal on the finishing line of the Chicago marathon a few weeks ago. Totally inspirational and completly down to earth.

Hever Morales

Her marathon WR should be (and it is) invalid!

patrick clohessy

Paula never cheated

Luigi Petrelli

il mio idolo


DOPING CHEAT, you cheated and have no shame

Chuli Serra

Not true my sister went into a half marathon and did a official race

Yesuf Abdulhakim

I love Paula she is dope